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Lord Perulam, Viscount St Alban.
With a TABLE of the Colours

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L O N D O N :

Printed by M. clark, for Samuel Mearne, in Little Bri.
tain, john Martyn, in St.Pauls Church-yard, and Henry
Herringman, in the New Exchange. MDCLXXX.


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TO THE Right Honourablemy very good Lord, - - T H E Duke of Buckingham his Grace,

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Excellent Lord, So says, A good \ name is a precious Oyntment; and, I assure myself, such will Tour Graces Name be with Tosterity; for Tour Fortune and Merit, both have been Eminent; and You have planted things that are like to last. I do now publish my Essays; which, of all my other Works, have been most current: For that, as it seems, they come A 2. home home to Mens Business, and Bosoms. I have enlarged them both in Number and Weight; so that they are indeed a New Work. I thought it therefore agreeable to my Affection,and 0bligation to Your Grace, to prefix Tour Name before them, both in English and Latine: For Ido conceive,that the Latine Volume of them, (being in the universal Language) may last as long as Books last. My Instauration I dedicated to the King; my History of Henry the Seventh (which I have now also translated into Latine) and my Portions of Natural History to the Prince. And these 11)edicate to Your Grace, being of the best Fruits, that, by the good increase which God gives to my Pen and Labours, I could yield. God lead Your Grace by the hand.

Your Graces most obliged
- and Faithful Servant,

Fr. St. ALPAN.

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