Good-nature: or, Sensibility, and others tales

A.K. Newman and Company, 1822 - 806 Seiten

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Seite 205 - ... the foliage o'er the snowy lawn ; To guide the pencil, turn the tuneful page ; To lend new flavour to the fruitful year, And heighten Nature's dainties; in their race To rear their graces into second life ; To give society its highest taste...
Seite 274 - All Sorts of Lovers, or Indiscretion, Truth, and Perfidy, by Henry Summerset, Author of the Mad Man of the Mountains, &c. 3 vols 0 15...
Seite 268 - BorderChieftains,byMissHoughton,2dedition,3vols... 0 18 0 Barozzi, or the Venetian Sorceress, a Romance, by Mrs. Smith, Author of the Caledonian Bandit, &c. 2 vols. 0 10 6 Duncan and Peggy, a Scottish Tale, by Mrs. Helme, new edition, 3 vols ............................. 0 15 0 Discontented Man, by AF Holstein, 3 vols ........... 0 16 6 Vaga, or a View of Nature, by Mrs.
Seite 268 - Donald Monteith, the Handsomest Man of the Age, by Selina Davenport, Author of the Sons of the Viscount and the Daughters of the Earl, and the Hypocrite, 5 vols 1 50 Romantic Facts, or Which is his Wife? 4 vols 1 00 Emmeline, or the Orphan of the Castle, by Charlotte Smith, new edition, 4 vo!s ISO GOOD.
Seite 274 - The Blind Beggar, or the Fountain of St. Catherine, by the Author of Julien, or My Father's House, &c. 4 vols 1 2O Modern Times, or the World we Live in, a Posthumous Novel, by Mrs.
Seite 274 - Eva of Cambria, by Emma de Lisle, 3 vols 0 15 0 Stratagems Defeated, by Gabrielli, 3 vols 1...
Seite 263 - She looked down to blush, and she looked up to sigh, With a smile on her lip, and a tear in her eye.
Seite 158 - So oft have tripp'd in her fantastic train, With hearts as gay, and faces half as fair : For she was fair beyond your brightest bloom ; (This envy owns, since now her bloom is fled ;) Fair as the forms that, wove in Fancy's loom, Float in light vision round the poet's head.
Seite 271 - Hence, dear sad ideas ! Destroyers hence ! And dare you tempt me still, Perfidious Sirens! in that very moment When your false charms have wreck'd my peace for ever ? Oh, Nature ! wherefore, Nature, are we form'd One contradiction ? the continual sport Of fighting powers ? Oh ! wherefore hast thou sown Such war within us, such unequal conflict, Between slow reason and impetuous passion ? Passion resistless hurries us away, Ere lingering reason to our aid can come, And to upbraid us then it only serves....

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