Manganese Deposits of the United States with Sections on Foreign Deposits, Chemistry, and Uses

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1910 - Manganese - 298 pages

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Page 25 - ... these metals and too low in iron and manganese to be used for the manufacture of iron-manganese alloys. This ore is sold to the smelters as flux, the iron and manganese becoming waste products, while the silver and lead content is recovered during the smelting.
Page 278 - Pa., and South Chicago, 111. Prices are based on ores containing not more than 8 per cent silica or 0.20 per cent phosphorus, and are subject to deductions as follows: For each 1 per cent in excess of 8 per cent silica there shall be deduction of 15 cents per ton; fractions in proportion.
Page 279 - The following table shows the total quantity of manganese ore imported into the United States, as far as has been recorded. The figures from 1868 to 1888 represent imports from Canada only; those from 1889 to the present time represent total imports. Imports of manganese ore into the United States, 1868-1909, in long tons.
Page 282 - PRICES. The prices of iron-manganese alloys vary with the content of these metals. However, as the alloys are generally made with a fairly definite composition, the prices vary only within small limits. The following table shows the average range of prices for various iron-manganese alloys during 1908: Prices per long ton of iron-manganese alloys during 1908.
Page 161 - The country rock is jasper, thin layered and separated by seams of shale. The jasper layers differ in thickness from a fraction of an inch to several feet thick.
Page 210 - Tchiatouri manganese ore are unfavorable in that the proportion of large pieces obtained is small, and much of the ore is quite soft, and grinds to a fine powder during the handling incidental to mining, cleaning and transportation. The loss of ore during concentration and transport is therefore considerable; and much of the fine ore shipped is considered objectionable by consumers.
Page 286 - ... October-November, 1910, pp. 599-622. HAUSMANN, FW Brown ore mining in the Russellville district: Stevens Inst. Indicator, January 1908. HAYES, CW Geological relations of the iron ores in the Cartersville district, Georgia: Trans. Am. Inst. Min. Eng., vol. 30, 1910, pp. 403-419. HAYES, CW, and ECKEL, EC Iron ores of the Cartersville district, Georgia: Bull. US Geol. Survey No. 213, 1903, pp. 233-242. HIOOINS, E. Iron operations of the Birmingham district: Eng. and Min. Jour.. Nov. 28 1908. . Iron...
Page 284 - CARPENTER, GEORGE W. On the Mineralogy of Chester County, with an account of some of the Minerals of Delaware, Maryland and other Localities.
Page 81 - ... of manganese in residual clays. In late years none of the mines have been operating, and no ore is being produced at present. The larger deposits of the district are the Chumbler Hill and Moccasin mines, east of Whites; the Dobbins mine, the Milner-Harris mine, lot 274, the Mayburn mine (lot 303), and lots 305 and 306, northeast of Cartersville; lots 460 and 465, east of Cartersville; and the Stegall property, near Emerson. The ore is of four varieties — (1) kidney ore, either amorphous blue...
Page 280 - The following tables, compiled from statistics furnished by the Bureau of Statistics, Department of Commerce and Labor, show the imports of manganese ore into the United States from different countries and by ports of entry for 1905, 1906, 1907, and 1908: Imports of manganese ores into the United States, 1905-190S, by countries, in long tons.

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