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Although it is now some years since I took my trick at the wheel, my spell in the chains, or lent a hand to reef or bunt a sail : although it is a long time since I heard the thunder of Britain roll over the seas, or saw the gallant ensign of England proudly floating over that of her enemy; I am not the less anxious for the welfare of those brave fellows, who, whenever they may be called again into action, are ready to make the sea-girt shores of our island ring with their achievements. I love the Navy, ay, and so ought every Englishman ! I love to think on the glorious deeds of her heroes ! -Had it not been for the unwearied patience, the incessant toils, and the undaunted energies of her seamen, England must have tasted of the horrors of war at home. It was this arm of her power, which amid the wreck of nations, and the overthrow of mighty empires and states, brought into the ports of Great Britain the treasures of the whole world. It was the ROYAL NAVY of Great Britain that prepared the way for the glorious fields fought in the peninsula — and the laurels that adorn the brows of the great Wellington. It was the Royal Navy of Great Britain that carried the terrors of her power to every shore; displayed the ensigns of her strength to cheer desponding nations; and, amidst preponderating gloom, shed a never-failing stream of hope.


of true British Tars
Gives their country a glorious name-

So sung Charles Dibdin, and so will be sung to the end of the chapter.-_But avast, I must close haul my wind, and not be veering thus. Well, as I was saying, being anxious for the welfare of my

Brother Tars, and, knowing the many leisure hours there are on ship-board, I resolved on fitting out this little bark for their amusement; it is not a first-rate, 'tis only a pleasure boat, but it is well found with every thing calculated to enliven the soul to excite energy-to lead the mind of young aspirants to an imitation of those Heroes who have appeared in the defence of their country; as well as to excite mirth, by a merry tale, or a laughter-stirring joke.

The “Log Book” will also be found a most acceptable work to every landman who partakes of the glory acquired by his own countrymen on their own element, or experiences the security derived from their valor,

One turn more and I've done.To niy numerous patrons, and to those friends who have assisted me with their contributions, I beg to return my thanks; and when I fit out another little trim built barkey, I hope they will vot forget


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