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infilt on extravagant rates, 'will be necessary to have recourse to the usual methods that have been taken in such like cases; be it therefore enacted, &c. The Queen to appoint commissioners to survey, &c. the lands to be purchased. Any five of the commissioners appointed to treat and agree with the owners of the lands, &c. Persons refusing to treat, or uncapable, the commissioners may issue warrants to the sheriff to impanel and return a jury, who Thall enquire into the true value, &c. Farther provision for the land owners by 8 Annæ, c. 21. f. 1. and their verdict Mall be certified into the chancery by the 23d of October, 1709. The commmiflioners not to be liable to the penalties in the act of 25 Car. 2. c. 2. nor i W. & M. fest. s. c. 8. Nor 13 & 14 W. 3. c. 6. The commissioners not to be disqualified from fitting in the house of commons.

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