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1865, freley 10.

Henry G. Denny, Er

keinse 34852.)


The substance of the following pages has already appeared at intervals, in the shape of short communications, in the Christian Reg. ister. There was at first no design it should appear in any other way. But as the various parts presented seem bound together in unity of purpose, it has been thought well they should have a wholeness of form. Slight additions have been made in some places, pot by way of correcting error, but presenting more fully, and securing right apprehensions of the truth.

C. A. B. Boston, Oct. 1st, 1836.





The Ministr; at Large is a new and striking development of the spirit of our religion. And its influence is strengthening,-its operations are enlarging. The idea has taken root in a neighboring city,-our commercial Emporium. And a single society in New York (Rev. Mr Dewey's) has contributed $3000 per annum for the support of a Ministry at large.

There is surely, then, some strength in the seminal thought from which springs out the living plant in such fresh and vigorous growth.

But just in proportion to the strength of this new agency is the importance of thoroughly understanding its character, rightly estimating its claims, checking any tendencies to error it may manifest, and guiding it in the way in which it may work out the glory of God and the good of his children.

Every one, then, interested in the great causes affecting the religious welfare of society, must earnestly seek right answers to such inquiries as the following, respecting the particular charity of which I am speaking, namely, the Ministry to the Poor.

Upon whom does it operate? What objects does it propose, and what does it accomplish? Does it give new

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