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longed for through ages-seen dimly through the tears of faith and prayer-seen clearly and brightly only in the vision of prophecy—the day of the second coming of Christ; the reign for a thousand years, of truth and mercy on earth! Come that day, when “ the rich and the poor shall meet together," and God shall be acknowledged as “the Maker of them all !” Come the day, when cities shall be purged from their iniquities, and nations shall dwell in peace and happiness!

Brethren, are not some harbingers of that coming day—some stars in the east, shining before the pathway of nations? In that great school of virtue and knowledge which has been opened on earth for six thousand years, hath not something been already learned ? Is not the world growing wiser, and will it not yet become too wise to bear the unnecessary miseries of war, and oppression, and vice ? Hath not the nation come into being on these very shores, which shall fulfil some of the hopes of long-suffering humanity? Are not ours the communities--are not ours the cities, that shall perform this glorious work? Alas! that it should be a question, when it is in our own power to make it a sublime certainty. Men of our cities and of our communities ! to you I put that question. Young men and old men ! matrons and maidens! I put the question to you. Young men! whose virtues or vices are rolling the mighty burden of consequences on future times—men of prosperous fortune and abounding wealth! to whom God has intrusted the most glorious stewardship ever committed to mortals

—and ye of the softer sex! to whom modern philanthropy hath opened a sphere of exertion, fair as your noblest sentiments and most beautiful virtues could

desire-I put the question to you; I put it to you all. And remember, that futurity-yes, the future welfare or wo of your children, shall answer it, in joy and gladness, or shall answer it in tears and blood !


The preceding Discourse was delivered on Sunday, the 5th of June; and the congregation was invited to remain after service, to deliberate on the proposition contained in it. The meeting being organized by the appointment of a chairman and secretary, the following resolutions were unanimously adopted:

Resolved, -That the Second Congregational Unitarian Church, worshipping in Mercer street, will support a “minister at large.”

Resolved, -That a subscription for the support of a “minister at large,” be opened forthwith; and that a committee, consisting of five persons, with the pastor, be appointed, for the purpose of soliciting further subscriptions, and of carrying that object into effect with all convenient despatch.

The committee consists of Messrs. Pell, Beals, Felt, Higginson, Emerson, Dewey.

Resolved,- That Rev. Mr. Dewey be requested to furnish a copy of his Discourse delivered this morning, for the press; and that the above committee of five be authorized to wait upon him with this request.

In pursuance of the second resolution, a subscription was immediately opened, and $2310 per annum were subscribed by the persons present; since which the sum has been in_creased to $2850.








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