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ble amount of good among the poor, are of constant occurrence. The district committees could, at once, direct him to those in most need of his assistance, and he would be able to visit them often and devote all the energies of his mind to their moral comfort and improvement.

It is very questionable whether the distribution of charity by a Minister at Large is altogether wise or proper, as the poor will naturally draw his attention to the relief of their temporal necessities, and he will have but little opportunity to interest them upon that topic which ought to engross the whole time of his visit. When the mind is occupied with the wants of the body, there is but little hope that much time will be given to the greater wants of the soul. It is understood that the Ministers at Large feel sensibly the evils of this state of things, and are very desirous of relieving themselves of the burden of distributing alms. Let then our ministers look solely after the moral and religious character of the poor, and when they can perceive that any under their charge are anxious to exert their bodily energies to the utmost; to improve their own character and that of their children and to become all which Christianity and society require, let them inform the almoners of charity of their deserts, and their recommendation would be sure to procure ample assistance ,

According to the plan which your Committee have now presented, the city would be divided into twelve or more districts for the distribution of charity. In each district there would be an agent from each of the Benevolent Societies in the city.

There would thus be about twenty persons in each

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of the twelve districts, or two hundred and forty persons in the city who would be constantly looking after the poor, and who by this union of effort, directed by fixed and uniform rules of proceeding, would, in the opinion of your Committee, afford relief and detect imposition more certainly and speedily than can possibly be done under the present system.

At all events, your Committee can perceive no other arrangement which could be adopted at the present time, so likely to produce desirable results without interfering with the privileges and prejudices of the various Benevolent Societies already established in the city ; they therefore recommend it to the consideration and favorable notice of this meeting.






It will be observed that a long time has elapsed since your Committee were directed to print the foregoing Report. The delay has arisen from an opinion expressed by some that the plan proposed, however excellent in itself, would hardly be practicable at present. Having called another meeting of the delegates of the various Societies, and learned that it was the general wish to have the report laid before your several associations, they have proceeded to the discharge of the duty assigned them.

In order however to meet any objections there may be at the present time to the plan of organization and action above proposed, and to afford grounds for deciding upon : 1 other measures that have been recommended for your adoption, they beg leave to subjoin another plan, embraced in the following Resolutions:

Resolved, That the various Societies in our city employed in relieving the poor, whether by alms, employment, or otherwise, continue to send two delegates to a regular and general meeting to be held at such time and place as they shall direct.

Resolved, That the delegates organize themselves in such way as they shall deem best calculated to secure the ends embraced in the foregoing report.

Resolved, That each Society authorize its Secretary or

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