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Boston, FEBRUARY 7, 1834. Upon the invitation of the Ministers at Large for this city, a number of ladies and gentlemen, belonging to the Executive Committees of various Charitable Associations, assembled at the room of the Visitors of the Poor, this afternoon. Moses GRANT, Esq. was chosen Chairman, and H. B. Rogers, Secretary. Mr F. T. GRAY stated that the meeting had been called together for the purpose of considering the subject of Pauperism in Boston, with the hope that a comparison of opinions and experience upon this important subject, by those who were actively engaged in the distribution of charitable funds, might produce a greater degree of unanimity of feeling among the officers of different Societies, and lead to the adoption of measures, which would more effectually relieve the wants of the Poor and secure the rights of society.

After a general expression of the views of the meeting upon this subject, in the course of which much valuable information was obtained, the following votes were passed :

Voted - That a committee be appointed to ascertain how far the various Benevolent Societies in this city can coöperate together in the work of charity, and to report a plan for a more systematic method of distributing charitable funds." The following persons were chosen ;-,



Mrs S. W. Eustis.

An adjourned meeting was held this afternoon, which was numerously attended.

Mr Grant being absent, CHARLES TAPPAN, Esq. was chosen to preside. · The Report of the Committee was read by the Secretary, and after a full discussion of the subjects embraced therein, it was unanimously accepted, and the following votes were passed: —

Voted — That this meeting takes a deep interest in the physical and moral wants of the Poor of this city, and in the means employed by various benevolent societies and individuals for their relief.

Voted - That notwithstanding the great number of such societies, and of funds devoted to charitable uses in this city, pauperism has increased to an extent which calls for the immediate and serious investigation of all those who feel an interest in this most important subject.

Voted -- That the existing mode of dispensing public charity by societies, which act without concert and which have no knowledge of each other's doings, is wholly inadequate to relieve the real and just wants of the poor and is highly injurious to society at large by encouraging extravagance, idleness, and vice.

Voted That a committee of eight be appointed to have the Report printed, and laid before the Executive officers of the different benevolent societies in the city for their examination and approval, and that they be authorized to make any alterations therein, which they may think necessary for this purpose. The following persons were chosen :

Asa Eaton,

Mrs M. A. LEE,
Mrs L. Minot,

The meetings were attended by officers from the following Societies:

Fatherless and Widows' Society,
Ladies' Relief Society,
Mite Society,
South End Sewing Circle,
Howard Benevolent Society,
Almoners' Society,
Young Men's Benevolent Society,
Seaman's Aid Society,
West Parish Sewing Circle,
Female Benevolent Society,
Fragment Society,

Dorcas Society.
The Secretary was instructed to call another meeting
whenever he should think proper.
The meeting was then dissolved.

Henry B. Rogers, Secretary.

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The Committee, appointed at a meeting of the Officers of several Charitable Societies, held in the room of the Visitors of the Poor, on the seventh day of February last, “ To ascertain how far the various Benevolent Societies in this city can coöperate together in the work of charity, and to report a plan for a more systematic method of distributing charitable funds," have attended, so far as they have been able, to the duty assigned to them, and would now ask leave respectfully to Report :

That sensible as they are of the great importance of the subject submitted to their consideration, and of the labor and research necessary to its full investigation, they cannot but regret that so little time has been allowed them to make up their Report, and that they must present it in so imperfect a form as they are now obliged to do.

If, however, the subject of the poor requires time for its thorough investigation, your Committee are of opinion that it also requires immediate action. Whilst, therefore, your Committee trust that all due allowance will be made for the hasty manner in which this report is drawn up, they hope no apology is necessary for the suggestions they are about to make, nor for the zeal

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