Results of Spirit-leveling, Fiscal Year 1900-'01, Ausgaben 185-187


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Seite 50 - Reconnaissances in the Cape Nome and Norton Bay regions, Alaska, in 1900,
Seite 47 - As it is desirable that uniform usage in regard to geographic nomenclature and orthography obtain throughout the Executive Departments of the Government, and particularly upon the maps and charts issued by the various Departments and bureaus, I hereby constitute a Board on Geographic Names...
Seite 47 - Marcus Baker, United States Geological Survey. To this board shall be referred all unsettled questions concerning geographic names which arise in the Departments, and the decisions of the board are to be accepted by these Departments as the standard authority in such matters. Department officers are instructed to afford such assistance as may be proper to carry on the work of this board.
Seite 50 - AC The geology and mineral resources of a portion of the Copper River district, Alaska.
Seite 269 - Entrance, be, and the same is hereby, set apart as a reservation for the use of the Metlakahtla Indians, and those people known as Metlakahtlans who have recently emigrated from British Columbia to Alaska, and such other Alaskan natives as may join them...
Seite 119 - The elevations published in the following list are based on a bronze tablet set in the foundation wall of the Normal School at Brockport and stamped "B 538.
Seite 32 - The elevation of this bench mark above mean sea level is derived from the nearest bench mark of the State engineer.
Seite 111 - CIII" of the Coast and Geodetic Survey at Carthage, at the southwest corner of Main and Limestone streets. The bench mark is a cross cut on the rounded top of a 6 by 6 inch limestone post buried in the ground 2.3 feet west of intersection of inside lines of sidewalk. The elevation of this bench mark, as corrected by the 1907 adjustment of that Survey, is accepted as 942.000 feet above mean sea level.
Seite 50 - Klias region in 1890. In the latter year he explored Malaspina glacier and Yakutat bay under the auspices of the National Geographic Society and the United States Geological Survey. This work he continued in 1891. For an account of the work of 1890, see National Geographic Magazine, Vol. Ill, pp. 53-203 ; and for that of 1891 se« Thirteenth Annual Report of the United States Geological Survey, Part II, pp.
Seite 50 - PLAN AND SCOPE. The plan of this dictionary is to show in one alphabetical list all the published names which have been applied to geographic features in Alaska. This includes obsolete as well as current names, and also a few not previously published. It aims to show the origin, history, modes of spelling, and application of each name, and in the cases of Indian, Eskimo, and foreign names, their meaning also. And finally it shows, in bold-faced type, the forms approved by the United States Board...