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The chain of being is complete in me;

In me is matter's last gradation lost, And the next step is spirit - Deity!

I can command the lightning, and am dust! A monarch- and a slave! a worm a god!

Whence came I here, and how so marvelously Constructed and conceived ! Unknown! This clod

Lives surely through some higher energy;
For, from itself alone, it could not be !

Creator, yes: thy wisdom and thy word

Created me! Thou Source of life and good! Thou Spirit of my spirit, and my Lord !

Thy light, thy love, in their bright plénitude, Filled me with an immortal soul, to spring

Over the abyss of death, and băde it wear
The garments of eternal day, and wing

Its heavenly flight beyond this little sphere,
Even to its Source to Thee - its Author, there!

0, thought ineffable! 0, vision blest!

Though worthless our conceptions all of thee,
Yet shall thy shadowed image fill our breast

And waft its homage to thy Deity.
God, thus alone my lowly thoughts can soar,

Thus seek thy presence, Being wise and good !
'Mid thy vast works admire, obey, adore ;
And when the tongue is eloquent no more,
The soul shall speak in tears of gratitude !

From the Russian of GABRIEL R. DERZHAVINE,


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