Maryland, Its Resources, Industries and Institutions: Prepared for the Board of World's Fair Managers of Maryland

Sun job printing office, 1893 - 504 Seiten

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Seite 386 - Government ; but every person in the State, or person holding property therein, ought to contribute his proportion of public taxes for the support of the Government, according to his actual worth in real or personal property...
Seite 244 - And the fear of you and the dread of you shall be upon every beast of the earth, and upon every fowl of the air, upon all that moveth upon the earth, and upon all the fishes of the sea; into your hand are they delivered.
Seite 14 - Bay shore, which is gradually increased westward, until, near the border of Charles county, it slightly exceeds 180 feet. In southern Calvert county an elevation of 140 feet is found to the west of Cove Point and this gradually increases to the northward and northwestward, until near the southern border of Anne Arundel county the land rises above 180 feet.
Seite 287 - ... they differ from the ordinary cells only in being much larger and more distinct from each other ; and they have the power, when detached from the body, of growing and dividing up into cells, which shall shape themselves into a new organism like that from whose body the egg came. Most of the steps in this wonderful process may be watched under the microscope, and owing to the ease with which the eggs of the oyster may be obtained, this is a very good egg to study. About...
Seite iv - Girle, must have something more than the Tautologies of a long-winded speech to carry on his design, or else he may (for aught I know) fall under the contempt of her frown, and his own windy Oration.
Seite 417 - Its purport is not so much to impart knowledge to the pupils, as to whet the appetite, exhibit methods, develop powers, strengthen judgment, and invigorate the intellectual and moral forces. It should prepare for the service of society a class of students who will be wise, thoughtful, progressive guides in whatever department of work or thought they may be engaged.
Seite 287 - Recent investigations. tend to show that, while these changes are taking place, one of the male cells penetrates the protoplasm of the egg and unites with the germinative vesicle, which does not disappear, but divides into two parts, one of which is pushed out of the egg and becomes the polar globule, while the other remains behind and becomes the nucleus of the developing egg, but changes its appearance so that it is no longer conspicuous. The egg now becomes pear-shaped, with the...
Seite 289 - In this way that surface of the body which lines the shell becomes converted into the two lobes of the mantle, and between them a mantle cavity is formed, into which the velum can be drawn when the animal is at rest. While these changes have been going on over the outer surface of the body, other important internal modifications have taken place. We left the digestive tract at the stage shown in Fig.
Seite 66 - Ridge district and will be more fully described under that head. THE CAMBRIAN AND SILURIAN PERIODS. The western division of the Piedmont Plateau, comprising the larger part of the western slope of Parr's Ridge as far as the Monocacy river, has been described as composed mainly of semi-crystalline rocks of sedimentary origin. These rocks are almost unaltered along their western margin, and present the same characters as the sandstones, slates and limestones of the Blue Ridge and Frederick valley,...
Seite 289 - ... the rate of development being determined mainly by the temperature of the water. Soon after the mantle has become connected with the stomach this becomes united to the body wall at another point a little behind the mantle, and a second opening, the anus, is formed. The tract, which connects the anus with the stomach, lengthens and forms the intestine, and soon after the sides of the stomach become folded off to form the two halves of the liver, as shown in plate ix, fig.

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