The novels and miscellaneous works of Daniel De Foe, with prefaces and notes, Band 4


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Seite 142 - I would willingly have given ten thousand pounds of my money to have been rid of the burthen I had iu my belly, as above ; but it could not be, so I was obliged to bear with that part, and get rid of it by the ordinary method of patience and a hard travail.
Seite 3 - living comfortably with a husband; any hope of preserving your fortunes, or restoring them after any disaster, never, ladies, marry a fool; any husband rather than a fool; with some other husbands you may be unhappy, but with a fool you will be miserable ; with another husband you may, I say, be
Seite 22 - madam, says Amy, I'd do anything to get you out of this sad condition ; as to honesty, I think honesty is out of the question when starving is the case: are not we almost starved to death ? 1 am indeed, said I, and thou art for my sake; but to be a whore, Amy ! and there I
Seite 255 - madam ! says she, we that were servants, stood by ourselves in a corner, but so as we could see more than some strangers ; besides, says she, it was all our conversation for several days in the family, and what one did not observe another did. Why, says I to her, this was no Persian dress;
Seite 13 - This was what these good women proposed, and bade me leave the rest to them. I was at first sadly afflicted at the thoughts of parting with my children, and especially at that terrible thing, their being taken into the parish keeping; and then a hundred terrible things came into my thoughts,

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