Bradshaw's illustrated hand-book to Spain and Portugal, Band 4


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Seite 221 - Diarrhoea, and is the only specific in Cholera and Dysentery. CHLORODYNE effectually cuts short all attacks of Epilepsy, Hysteria, Palpitation, and Spasms.
Seite 241 - IMPERIAL, AND PLACE DE LA BOURSE, LYONS. TWO HUNDRED BED-ROOMS, AND TWENTY SALOONS, in every Variety ; Large and small Apartments for families, elegantly furnished ; Saloons for Official receptions; Conversational and Reading Rooms; Coffee and Smoking Divan; Baths; Private Carriages; Omnibuses; Restaurant; Service in the Apartments, a la Carte, or at fixed prices.
Seite 165 - Maceira ; at the back, and to the westward and northward of this village is a mountain, the western point of which touches the sea, and the eastern is separated by a deep ravine from the heights, over which passes the road which leads from Lourinha and the northward to Vimiera.
Seite 219 - All the Books in circulation or on Sale at MUDIE'S SELECT LIBRARY, may also be obtained, with the least possible delay, by all Subscribers to MUDIE'S MANCHESTER LIBRARY, 74 and 76, Cross Street, Manchester.
Seite 183 - Hill's divisions collected at the point of passage and Sherbrooke's division where the boat bridge had been cut away from Villa Nova. Paget himself had passed in the third boat, and having mounted the roof of the Seminary was already struck down with a dangerous wound.
Seite 235 - L'ECU. This unrivalled and admirably conducted Hotel has long enjoyed an extensive and high reputation among Travellers. Situated in the finest part of the town, and facing the lake, it commands a beautiful view of the environs. Its accommodation...
Seite 219 - MUDIE'S SELECT LIBRARY is well known to all Readers of the Best Modern Literature. From its commencement, great care has been taken to render the Library in every way worthy of cordial and general support. While the preference has always been given to Works of the highest interest and merit, care has been taken that every department of Literature should be adequately represented, and Books of every shade of opinion on all subjects of public interest have been freely added.
Seite 242 - ... invention and plan having been employed in building and laying out the floors, rivalling for attendance, elegance, and comfort, the largest hotels of Paris and London. Besides 150 rooms, at 2, 3, 4, 5 frs. and upwards per day, there are handsome Drawing, Lounging, and Reading Rooms.
Seite 241 - FRANCS, and that the accommodation is of so comfortable and luxurious a character as to attract the notice of all visitors. Although the GRAND HOTEL DE LYON affords the most elegant...

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