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Can non ier, s. the engineer that In ex pert, a. unskillful
the cannon

In se cure, a.. not safe
Cir cum fuse, v a. to pour round In ter dict, v a. to prohibit
Cir cum scribe, v a. to limit In ter fere, v n. to interpose
Cir cum spect, a. watchful In ter lace, v a, to intermis
Cir cum vent, v a. to cheat In ter lapse, s. time between two
Com plais ance, s, civility

events Com plai sant, a. civil

In ter line, v a. to write between Con tra dict, v 2. to speak a-. lines gainst

In ter link, v a. to join one to Coun ter charm, v a. to destroy another an enchantment In ter lope, vn. to run

beCoun ter scarp, s. that side of tween parties

the ditch next the camp In ter reign, s. the time a throne Coun ter sign, v a. to sign an is vacant

order of a superiour to ren- In ter rupt, v a. to hinder
der it more authentick

In ter sect, v a. to cut, v n. th:

cross each other De com pose, v a. to dissolve a In ter sert, v a. to put between mixed body

M Dis com mend, v a. to blame Ma ga zine, &, a store-house Discoin 'mode, v no to put tw Mis ap ply, v a. to use in a inconvenience

wrong manner Dis com pose, v a. to disorder, Mis as sign, v a. to assign er. Dis con cert, v a. to unsettle thé

roneously mind

Mis be come, v a. not to suit Dis content, s. Vánt of content Mis be have, v n. to act im- : His en zage, v a. to set free

properly Dis es teem, v 2. to despise, to Mis re cite, v a. to recite false. slight

ly Dis pos sess, v a. to deprive of

0 Dis re pute, s. an iil character O ver cast, v a. to darken Dis res pect, s. incivility Over cloud, v a. to cover with G

clouds Gar re teer, s. an inhabitant of Over come, v a. to subdue a garret

O ver count, v a. to rate alove. Gas co nade, s. a boast, v n. to Over do, v a. to do more than

brag, to boast Gaz et teer, s. a writer of news Over drive, v a, to drive t30. I

hard. Im por tune, v a. to tease Over.float, v na to swim In cor rect, a. not exact O ver flow, vą. to deluge In de vout, a. irreligious O ver fly, v a. to cross by flight. In di rect, a. not straight O ver freight, v a. to load too. In discreet, &. imprudente




Over glance, v a. to look hastily O ver throw, v a. to defeat

Over top, v a. to rise above Over go, v a, to surpass

O ver veil, v a. to cover ( ver grow, v a. to rise above O ver weak, a. too weak Over hear, v a. to hear those O ver weigh, v a. to preponder speaking who do not wish

rate to be heard

O ver whelm, v a. to rush ver joy, v a. to transport Over wrought, a. laboured to s. ecstacy, rapture

much O ver large, a. larger than enough

Pam phle teer, s. a writer of Over leap, v a. to jump over small books O ver load, v a. to burden with Per se vere, v n, to persist too inuch

Pre con ceit, s. a previous opis-, over long, a. too long

ion O ver look, v a. to over see

Pre e lect, v a. to choose by preOver much, ad. in too great a

vious decree degree

Pre ex ist, v n. to exist before Over night, s. night before bed

hand, time

Pre pos-sess, v a. to prejudice O ver pass, v a. to pass over

Pre ter mit, v a. to pass by Over pay, v a. to pay more than

Q the price

Quar an tain, s. space of forOver plus, s. surplus

Quar an tine, s ty days O ver poise, v a. to out weigh

R O ver press,,va, to over whelm Re ac cess, so à visit renewed O ver prise, v a. to value tco Re as cend v 2. to mount again highly

Re as sert, v a. to assert anew Over rate, v a. to rate too much Re as sume, v a. to take again ) ver reach, v a. to deceive Re bap tise, v 2. to baptise aOver roast, v 2. to roast too gain much

Re coin mence, v 2. to begin aOver rule, v a. to influence by power

Re fe ree, s. one to whom any Over run, vai to ravage

thing is referred Over see, v a. to superintend Reip spire, v. a to inspire again Over sein, a. mistaken

Re in stal, v a. to seat again O ver set, v 2. to turn up side Re in vest, v a. to vest again, down

Re or dain, v a. to ordain anew O ver sprear, v a. to cover over Re pos sess, v a: to possess 4. O ver strain, v a. to stretch too gain far

Re pri mand, v a. to.reprove Over swell, v a. to rise above Re u nite, v a. to unite again. O ver take, v a. to come up to

S* Over tax, v a. to tax too high Solitaire, s. a recluse


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Su per scribe, v a. to write on Un der line, v a. to draw, a line the out side

under Su per

cede, v a. to make void Un der pin, v a to prop Su per struct, v a. to build over Un der prize, va. to under vaSu per vene, v n. to come un- lue expected

Un der prop, v a. to support Su per vise, v a. to overlook Un der rate v a. to rate too low T

Un der shot, part. 2. moved by Tam ba rine, s. a small drum water passing under it U Un der stand, v a. to coinpre?

. Unbe lief, s. infidelity,

hend Un be nign, a. malevolent

Un der take, v a. to engage

in Un be sought, do not intreated Un der' work, s. petty affairs Un com plete, a. not finished Un fore seen, a. not seen befor: Un con cern, s. indifference Un fram ed, a. not formed Un de ceive, v a. to free from Un po lité, a, not civil

V Un der bear, v a. to support

Volun teer, s.

a soldier who Un der ground, so a subterrane- enters freely ous space

W Un der hand, a. clandestine Where un to,, adu to which Un der lay, va, to lay under. Where up on, ad.- upon which



Words of four syllables, accented upon the first

Ab so lute ly, ad. completely Al le go ry, s. a figurative discourses
Ac ces sa ry, s. he who contributes A mi ca bie, a. friendly

A mi a ble; a. lovely
Acces so ry, s. he who accedes to Am pli fi er, s. who enlarges
Ac cu rate ly, ad. exactly

Ani ma tive, a. giving life
Ac cu rate ness, s. exactress Ar bi tra ry, a. despotick:
Action a ble, a. admitting an action Ar chi tec ture, s. science of buidas
in law

ding Ac tu al ly, ad, really, truly Au di to ry, s: an audience Ad jee tively, ad. like an adjective

B Ad mi ra bly; ad. in a wonderful Beau ti ful ness, s. the quality of be?

ing beautiful Ad mi ral ty, š. the court. for ad- Bur go mas ter, 3. one employed in ministering naval affairs

the government of a city Ad vo ça cy, s. vindication

с A gri cul ture, s. tillage

Ca su al ly, ad. accidentally Al a bas ter, s. soft marble a. made Ca su is try, s. the science of a casuof soft inarble

ist Al jen a ble, a. that may be trans- Ca te go ry, S. an *der of ideas Esired

Caul i flow er, se a kind of cabbage



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Cau tion a ry, a. giren as a securi

H ty

He ri ta ble, a. that may be inher: Celcba cy, s. single life

ted C'en su ra bie, a. tulpable

Hi de ous ly, ad. dreadfully Se re mo ny, s. outward rite Hos pit a bie, a. kind to strangers Chi romani cy, s. art of foretelling Hu mor ous ly, ad. jocosely by inspecting the hand

I Corri gi ble, a. which may be cor- Im i ta ble, a. worthy to be imita rected

ted Covet a ble, a. to be wished for I mi ta tive, ai inclined to copy Curet ous ly, ad eagerly

Im i ta tor, s. one who copies and D

ther De li ca cy, s. sostness

Im po ten cy, s. imbecility nespicable, a, meani

Im po tent ly, ad. without power le sul to ry, a. ansettled

luci dentis, ad. occasionally Dexter ous lv, ad. expertly In do lent ly, ad. carelessly Dii fi cul ty, s. hardness.

In 110 và tor, su vo introduces noDig ni ta ry, s. a clergy man above yelties a parochial priest

In so lent ly, ad. haughtily I ys en ta rý, s. looseness

In ven to ry, s. a catalogue of more E

ables El igible, a. preferable


Jan i za ry, s. one of the Turkish Figh ra tive, a. representir.g some

guards thing eise

Jan u a ry, s. the first month Tla tu len cy, s. fullness of wind Su di ca ture, s. power of distribul Yur mu la ry, s. a book containing

ting law prescribed models

Jus ti 5 er, s one who defends For tunc hunt er, s, a man who ens

L quires after great portions La pi da ry, s. a dealer in stones For tune tel ler, s. one who tells for- Le gen da ry, a, pertaining to a ler toucs

gend I'or tane telling, s. tlie practice of Le gis la tor, s, a maker of laws teiling fortunes

Le gis la ture, s. the power of may Fas ter fa ther, s. one who brings up

king laws
a child of another, as if it were Lei su ra ble, a. done at leisure

Li ber al ly, ad. bounteously Iras men ta ry, a. composed of Li ber tan ism, s. irreligion fragments

Li mita ry, a. belonging to the bound Frau du len cy, s. deceitfulness

Eri vo lous ness, s. Want of impor- Line al ly, ad. in a direct line

Li ne a ment, s. feature

Lit er al ly, ad. according to prim. Gentle man ly, a. becoming a man itive words of birth

Lit er a ture, s. learning Gen tie wo man, s. a women well Li ve ry man, s. who wears a liv descended

(iion ery Kien u inely, ad, without adultera- Lumi na ry, s. a body that gives Gen u ine pess, s. fredom froin adul- light teration

Gid dy head ed, a. without steadi- Ma rage å ble, a. governable

Man i fest ly, ad. clearly on man di zer, s, a voracious ea- Ma tri mo ny, s. marriage tion

Me di ta`tive, a. given to modta:

bis own



Me li o rate, v a. to better Pa tri ot ism. s. love of ones counMeni su ra blé, a. measurable

try jer ce na ry.a. vepal, hired Penetra ble, a. that may be pierMerchant a bie, a. fit for sale

ced Mer ci ful ness, s. tenderness Pe ne tra tive, a, subtile Me tal lur gist, s, a worker in' me. Per emp to ry, a. dogmatical: tals

Per ish a ble, a. liable to perish Me tal lur sy, the art of working Per ma nient ly ad. lastingly metals

Per son a ble, a. handsome Mi ser a ble, a. unhappy

Pet ti fog ger, s. a low rate lawyer Mo men ta ry, a. lasting for a mo- Pis ca to ry, a. relating to fishes ment

Pit e ous ly, ad. in a piteous manMor a liz ér, s. he who moralizes

(planets Mu tu al ly, ad. reciprocally Pla ne ta ry, a. pertaining to the. N

Pes i tive ly, ad, absolutely Na tu ra lize, 'v a. to invest with Pos ture mas ter, s. who teaches arthe priviledges of native citi

tificial contortions of the body izens

Prac tica ble, a, feasable Ne ces sa ries, s. things needful Practi cally, ad. in relation to action Ne ces sa ry, a. needful

Pre ben da ry, s. stipendiary of a Nu me ra ble, a. cabable of being cathedral numbered

Pre fer a ble, a. eligible before some0

thing else Ob du rate ly, ad. inflexibly

Pri mi tive ly, ad. originally
Ob sti nate ly, ad. stubbornly: Prin ci pal ly, ad. chiefly
Oc cu pan cy, s. possession

Pri va tive ly ad. negatively
O di ous ly, ad. abominably

Pro fi ta bie a. advantageous
O di ous ness, s. hatefulness, Pro fi ta bly, ad. gainfully
O li gar chy, s. aristocracy

Prom i so ry, a. containing a promO pe ra ble, a. practicable

ise Op er a tive, a. liaving the power Pro pa ga tor, s. a promoter of acting

Pul mo na ry, a.-belonging to the Op er a tor, s. who performs any

lungs work

Pul ve ra ble, a. possible to be redur Or di na ble, a. sucir as may be ap

ced to dust. pointed

Pun ish a ble, a. worthy be to pure Or di na ry, a. usual, mean, - S. a.

ished judge of ecclesiastical causes

Or tho doxy, s. soundness of doc- Ra di cal ly, ad. originally

Ra tion ally, ad. reasonably

Ra ven ous ly, ad. with raging voraPa ci fi er; s. one who pacifies

city Pa la ta ble, a. pleasing to the pal- Rea son a ble, a. having the faculate

ty of reason Palit a ment, s. a dress

Re me di tess, a. cureless Pa ne sy rize, v a. to praise highly. Ke pa ra ble, a. capable of being a. Par al lel ism, s. state of being par

mended aliel

Re vo cable, a. that may be recalPar si mony, s. frugality

led Par ti ple, s. a word partaking at Right e ous ness, s. justice

once of a noun and verb. Pas tu ra ble, a. fit for pasture

Sa git ta ry. s. one of the signs of the Pa tri mony, s. an estate

Sa lu tą ry, a, wholesome

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