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the neighbouring nations by the ap- at the distance of twenty yards; and pellation of wild men.

in the use of the broad sword, they The Bijugas are above the mid- are more active and expert than any dle size, muscular, boney, and well people whom I have ever seen. proportioned ; they have the ap- When they attack, they first dispearance of great strength and acti- charge their guns kneeling and supvity ; their noses are more elevated, porting the left elbow on the left and their lips less thick than their knee ; they then throw it down), and neighbours ; their teeth good, which advancing to a proper distance, coare sometimes filed to a sharp point vering themselves with their shield, like the teeth of a saw; their hair they launch their assagaye, and then woolly, and shaved into every fanci. have recourse to their sword. They ful form, or shape, which can be ima- approach squatting, with their shield gined, from wearing the whole of it nearly covering their whole body; its to none; what they do wear is ge- convex form is admirably adapted to nerally dressed with red ochre and turn off the enemy's shot, indeed a palm oil, as ours is with powder and musquet ball will not penetrate it. pomatum.

Unconnected by any ties with the Every. Bijuga is a warrior ; his neighbouring nations, whom they amusement the chace, his delight generally hold in contempt, they war. Not so far advanced in civili- consider the world as their own ; and zation as their neighbours, they are that what it contains they have a yet ignorant of weaving the cotton right to plunder. If they can be into cloth; a deer, or a goat-skin, compared to any State known in is therefore the only dress of the Europe, it must be to the Algerines : men. In their arms they are the they war with every body, and almore splendid. A long buccaneer ways plunder the weak; but there is gun, kept in the most perfect order, one nation against which they are is carried in the right hand ; a so. particularly inveterate, no living perlingen sword, about four feet long, son in either remembering even iraand as sharp as a razor, not figura, ditionary peace between them, this tively speaking, for it is sometimes nation, mild and inoffensive, as the employed as one, is slung on the left Bijugas are the reverse, is held in shoulder, the hilt of it coming close such sovereign contempt by them, under his arm. In his left hand he that, regardless of number, wherever holds a round convex shield, formed they meet, they attack them, of interlaced withes, covered with This nation is the Biafara. Bulabuffaloe's hide. The same hand ma was for a long time the chief obgrasps a spear.

ject of contention between these hosExcept a few days in the year, tile nations, till at length the Biafa. when he prepares the ground for, ras, tired and worn out with the and sows rice, war and the chace is tinual attacks of their martial neighhis sole occupation; and he is bours, evacuated the island, and re. never without his arms; to keep tired to Ghinala, up the Rio Grande. which in the most perfect order is Here, however, they would not be his greatest pride. No people un- safe, if, happily for them, the Bijugas derstand the use of them better than were not far behind all their neiglia they do : with their gun they seldom bours in their knowledge of the admiss their object; and with their jacent shores, and the management of spear or assagaye, I have seen them boats. This is the more extraordi. strike a reed about ten inches long, nary, as an insular situation has ali and not thicker than a tobacco pipe, ways been supposed favourable to

earls fort


early improvement in the navigation out of the same calabash with any of
and management of boats and small bis people.
vessels ; yet these people, although As to their confined notions of
all their predatory incursions are religion, I believe that they are the
made on the water, have not yet same as those of their neighbours ;
learned to use a sail, not withstanding but they have one peculiarity ; and
all the boats, that visit their islands, that is, of sacrificing a cock, prior to
or are navigated by the neighbouring their undertaking any thing serious,
nations, use sails as well as oars ; or sanctioning any weighty measure;
and they have never yet ventured such as the undertaking an expedi-
as far up the Rio Grande as Ghinala. tion for plunder, selling one of their
This one fact is, I think, sufficient to islands, or even entering into trade
shew how far they are behind their with a person whom they have not
neighbours in their progress from known. Should a white stranger go
absolute barbarism.

to their island, with a view to make
The nearest of the inhabited Bi-

a treaty or the forming of any con-
juga islands to us at Bulama, was nection with them, they would pre-
that of Canabac, the inhabitants of viously sacrifice one or more cocks;
which had, (besides Bulama, till we and from the examination of the
purchased it from them,) the islands gizzard (I was given to understand,)
of Galenas, so named from the quan. they pretend to ascertain whetber
ty of Guinea fowls upon it; los dos the motives of his visit are good or
Porcos, or Hogs Island, and those evil.
of Mayo, Jamber, and Honey, all When in Jalorem's house, I ob-
uninhabited, for hunting islands; on served a little round place made of
the last two they annually cultivate clay somewhat resembling an oven,

in one corner, and I asked Gillion,
It did not appear to me that the my interpreter, what it was, and said
Bijugas of Canabac had any slaves in that I should like to look inside of
their island; those of their own na- it. He desired me not to look at it
tion are probably never reduced to too much, for Jalorem's people would
that state, unless for the crimes of not like it, it was “ his gris-gris
witchcraft and adultery; and then, house :” now in this place, I believe,
most likely, instantly sold to the but am not certain, their sacrifices
Portuguese, as well as all those who take place.
might have fallen into their hands by It is singular, that the presents
the chance of war.

which I received from the women of Their women, who seemed Bellchore, Jalorem, and the king of perform all the menial domestic du- Suoga, were always cocks, and geneties, are as simple in their dress as rally perfectly white ones. the men; a thick fringe made of the On Canabac there are two towns shred of palm leaves, about six inches or villages, each governed by a sepalong, tied round their waist, formed rate king, who, when I was at Bulatheir only covering.

ma, were namned Bellchore, and JaloTheir government, like all others on the coast that I know any thing Bellchore is the dread of the about, is monarchical, but the power neighbouring people, and is reckof the sovereign seems trifling ; he oned the greatest warrior the Bijuga cannot be known from his subjects nation ever produced. He still by any external mark of dress, or boasts of having set fire to the town respect shown to him; and he eats of Bissao, notwithstanding its strong

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fort and numerous garrison; and, the prosperity, or the vices that to others, he will probably boast of would tend to the destruction of the his triumph over us on the western colony ; instead of doing this, which point of Bulama. He is old, but their situation imperiously called for, upright and active, and stands full every one was wandering about the six feet high: his large black eyes, island in pursuit of some favourite the fire of which seventy rains have amusement. not yet extinguished, are the most Some were on the shore fishing an penetrating I ever saw : his nose is mong the rocks, or seeking crabs and long, large, and projecting ; his teeth mussels ; others taking oysters from regular and white ; his limbs well the Mangrove branches, while many proportioned; bisunderstanding clear were inland, botanizii g, or hunting and acute; and in both body and after lizzards ; and others chasing, mind he stands pre-eminent among some butterflies, and some elephants ; his countrymen. But his courage, a few were sleeping by the hut where his policy, his restless activity, his the arms were kept, and some of the daring enterprizes, and his love of women were sitting in its shade : thus war, which have rendered him the were the colonists scattered at 2 o'clock admiration of his countrymen, have when the Bijugas made an attack. procured bim, at the same time, the They began by firing a volley inhatred and detestation of all those to the hut ; which rousing those who nations that lie within the reach of were asleep in it, as they rushed out, his lawless expeditions.

they were shot. Jalorem, on the contrary, is distin- Those who were near the beach, and guished from the rest of his country- ran towards it on hearing the firing men, by his mildness and peaceable of musquetry, in order to get on disposition.

board, were intercepted by another party, and met with the same fate. In short, all the men who were near

the hut, at the time of attack, were Particulars of an Attempt to form an

either killed or wounded; and all the English colony among the BIJUGAS.

women and children taken prisoners. From the same.

Some at a little distance hid them.

selves behind the rocks till the firing THE THE Calypso sailed from Goree had ceased, and by that means they

on the 19th, and on the 21st escaped to the ship; and all those anchored in Bijuga channel. On the who were distant in the woods, many 24th she got sight of the island of of whom did not return until very Bulama, and sent all the boats arm- late, escaped also. ed on shore. The next day one of On board the Calypso, during this the boats having returned, the ship dreadful scene on shore, all was disorgot under weigh, and proceeded to- der, al confusion. They indeed sent wards that island, where she anchor- two armed boats on shore as soon as ed in the evening.

they could, to receive and protect those On Sunday the 3d of June, instead who had fled to the beach for assist. of assembling the colonists at prayers, ance; but the work of deatla was and taking that opportunity of point- done ; the object of the savages acing out to them their precise situa- complished. tion, the difficulties they had to en- They had surprised and destroyed; counter, the necessity of order, regu- and then, loaded with booty, had re. larity, sobriety, and industry ; in treated to the bushes. short, the virtues that would ensure When the boats reached the shore Feb. 1806.



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the firing bad ceased, and a few co- were killed or wounded one by one. lonists, who had been alarmed at it, The Bijugas immediately after rushed having been near enough to hear, into the block house, where they without seeing its effects till they found sixty stand of arms loaded and passed the dead bodies, were standing primed, which they instantly seized, up to the neck in water, waiting and turning against the colonists, kilto be taken on board..

led them with their own weapons. Of those who were absent in the Not one Bijuga was either killed woods, some heard, and some did not or wounded; indeed a single musquet hear the firing, but they all returned, had not been discharged at ther, for although late, in safety.

those at a distance from the block. In this melancholy affair we had house were unarmed ; and those who five men and one woman killed, four were in it fell victims to their incau. men wounded, and four women and tious conduct, ere their half-opened three children taken prisoners . eyes could discover the cause of their

There can be no doubt the Biju. alarm. gas had watched the motions of our Kitchen utensils, wearing apparel, people for the two or three preceding and other European articles, highly days; and most likely from the 30th of prized by the savages, besides sixty May, when their war canoe first made stand of arms, with a quantity of amits appearance, and they had observed munition, was the rich booty obtainthem straggle into the woods in the ed by them after their daring attack; morning by twos and threes, and re- and bad as that was, it were well bad turn again in the evening, and that it been all. those who remained at the hut were The Bijugas had foreseen that our generally asleep from one to three people would endeavour to escape to during the greatest heat of the day, the beach opposite tbe ship in the and that to watch whatever was

moment of attack; they had therefore kept. They had therefore chosen

sent a party round to cut off their rethe best time for commencing their treat, which they did effectually ; attack, when those who were not ab- and the poor women and children sent were asleep.

who had fled from the hut were all
That they had watched us closely taken prisoners.
was evident from their firing at first Some degree of humane considera.
at no individual person, but into the tion seems to have regulated the con-
block-house where the people were duct of these savages, for they never
sleeping; and as they ran out, they attempted, in the attack, either to kill

or wound any of the women or chil-
dren ; though after it was over,

and * Killed.--Aaron Baker, Stephen Mol.

they were retreating through the lineaux, Edward Williamson, William

woods, they committed an act of Howard, Constantine Long, Mrs Gardiner,

cruelty on one of them, which is not Wounded.--Mr H.B. Gardiner*, Rich. to be reconciled even with the lowest ard Pool", Dol. Price, Godfrey Norman. possible degree of feeling. Women taken.--Mrs Harleyt, Mrs

Among all who suffered on this Barnwell, Mrs Mollineaux, E. Thomp- occasion, the fate of Mr and Mrs GarChildren taken.-Two of Mrs Baker's,

diner was certainly the most cruel, irs Harley's

and the most lamented. * Died of their wounds.

He had been wounded by a mus, + Died at Canabaç, just after their quet ball, and was endeavouring to Icdemption.

reach the beach, when he was inter:

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septed by one of the party of the To their Honours tbe SUPREME JUDGE
islanders that had been stationed for and SUPERINTENDANTS of the Po-
that purpose. To go back was cer. LICE of EDINBURGH,
tain deach ; to advance towards the
ship, it was necessary to pass this The Remonstrance of all the Walls of
man. Unarmed, and weakened by

that City and Suburbs,
loss of blood, Mr G. advanced, bow-
ing as he approached; but the sa-

Respectfully represents,
vage, regardless of his humiliation,
made a stroke at him with his well. THAT they have been grossly
tempered cutlass, which Mr G. at.

and unjustly accused, in a Peti. tempting to parry with his hand, it tion from the Right HAND AND was severed from the arm

at the

THE LEFT, addressed to your Howrist *. He passed on into the wa- nours in the last number of the ter, and was one of those standing Scots Magazine ; and that, impresup to his chin in it, when the boats sed with a consciousness of their from the Calypso arrived to carry inpocence, they feel it a duty incumthem on board. He died a few days bent upon them, to step forward in afterwards.

vindication of their character, by reHis wife having witnessed the fate pelling the charges brought against of her husband, was a prisoner in the ihem in said Petition, and to claim hands of the savages; these having your Honours' protection : That rifled the block house and stripped your Remonstrants humbly conceive, the dead t, began their retreat with that so far from their being the cause their prisoners and booty across the ofthe improprieties and disorder speci. island,

fied by the Petitioners, they are enMrs G. was unfortunately lame, tirely guiltless of any one of the and, unable to keep pace with their charges narrated: That they have rapid march, they therefore shot her. long and respectably maintained their

station in this ancient city, aod uni(To be continued.)

formly supported a character creditable to themselves and beneficial to

society; and that having hitherto re* Europeans can scarcely form an ceived the unqualified approbation of idea of the order in which these savages all the inhabitants of the most unblekeep their arms. Their cutlasses I ean mished reputation, and of the first compare only to razors. They try their station in public and private life, edge on the back of the nail, as we do ra- they likewise conceive is a convincing zors in Europe. They answer to them proof of their veracity: That, em. very frequently, the purpose of a knife. I have seen one of them draw his sword boldened by this conviction, and sti. and cut off a steak of venison with as

mulated by a desire to expunge every much ease as a butcher would with his stain wantonly and maliciously thrown long sharp knife in our markets. The on their character, they firmly and blades are about four feet long, and positively deny that they possess any Solingen is marked on them all.

of the qualities which it bas been as+ One of the slain had on a pair of serted they inherit: That they have what are called musquito trousers, which buttoned at the ancle ; these ignorant

no power whatever, either attractive people, not knowing how to unbutton

or repulsive in their nature, and that them, and unable to strip them off with the whole fault of irregularity, confu. out it, cut off both the feet for that sion, and interruption, originates, not purpose.

in them, but in the very Petitioners.


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