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Religious Intelligence.

1054 where he spent the wbole of the sum | Mohawk tribe, dressed in the full mer. During the course of these toil costume of his country, and, by his some peregrinations, the duties of his side, a brother Chieftain, in the dress office compelled Leonardo to accom- of an English gentleman, who, by pany his master. *

their singular, though contrasted apIn the season of his distress John pearance, excited a considerable share had earnestly entreated Sigismund, of public attention. On this occasion, the king of the Romans, to concur David Bevan, Esq. on being called to with him in the prosecution of two the chair, stated, in a pleasing and objects, namely, the enforcement of a animated manner, the object of the decree of the council of Pisa, which meeting. The Rey. J. Owen, J. W. had fulminated against Ladislaus a Freshfield, Esq. Rev. Joseph Hughes, sentence of excommunication and de- Mr. Garratt, Rev. Dr. Wardlaw, Rev. position; and, the direction of the uni- E. S. Marsh, Rev. Peter Treschow, ted efforts of the most powerful states Luke Howard, Esq. Rev. J. Clayton, of Christendom to put an end to the Colonel Brandt, Rev. Wm. Henry, schism. Sigismund, who regarded Rev. G. Clayton, Rev. J. P. Wehlen, the successes of the king of Hungary and the Rev. J. Townsend, severally with a jealous eye, lent a willing ear addressed the audience, each taking to the proposals of the Pontiff, but a distinct view of the grand work in gave it as his decided opinion, that which they were about to engage, entheir views could only be effected by forcing its necessity, and expatiating the summoning of a general council. on its beneficial tendency, and holding From this suggestion, the Pontiff out encouragements to a patient conshrunk with instinctive dread, but the tinuance in well doing. necessity of his affairs at length com- Of this society, her Royal Highness pelled him to comply with it; and after the Duchess of Kent has condescended various discussions, the city of Con- to become the President. The Vicestance was fixed upon as the place Presidents are, Lady Inglis, Lady for the assembling of the council. Mackworth, Mrs. D. Beyan, Mrs. * Mehi Vita Leon. Aret. p. 41, 42. Fowell Buxton, Mrs. Gillman, Mrs. (To be continued.)

Mills, Mrs. Macauley, Mrs. Shaw,
Mrs, J. Thornton, and Miss Vansittart.
The latter of these ladies not being

able to attend, forwarded a letter enThis month has been distinguished by Mrs. Fry and Mrs. Deacon are joiąt

closing a donation of ten guineaş. several religious meetings of a very Treasurers. interesting nature, both in and out of

This meeting excited a considerable the metropolis. Of some of these, the particulars have already been detailed degree of interest, and received the

most flattering prospect of support. in the public papers, on which account an epitome will comprise all that it British and Foreign Seaman's Friend will be necessary for us to record.

Society, and Bethel Union. City of London Auxiliary Bible The third anniversary of this beneSociety

volent society was held at the City of On Monday the 8th, a public meet- London Tavern, on the evening of ing was held in the great room of the Wednesday, October the 10th. PreCity of London Tavern, for the express paratory to this anniversary, a sermon purpose of instituting_“A Ladies was preached on the Monday precedBranch Society, and ten Female Bible ing, by the Rev. G. C. Smith, of PenAssociations,” in connection with the zance, Cornwall, in a spacious chapel “ City of London Auxiliary Bible belonging to the Wesleyan Methodists, Society."

in Great Queen-street. On Tuesday, About half-past twelve a great num- the 9th, a sermon was preached in faber of ladies had assembled, who vour of the same institution, by the were afterwards addressed by various Rev. R. Marks, Vicar of Great speakers from an elevated platform, Missenden, Buckinghamshire, in St. erected for their reception, and that Bride's Church, in the morning, and of the President, Secretary, and Com- in the evening, another at Zion Chamittee. On this platform were also pel, by the Rev. T. Roberts, of Bristol. seated an Indian Chieftain, of the During these different services, the



Religious Intelligence.


room were,


congregations were large, and deeply bility, and supported by the pious of attentive to the subjects discussed by almost every denomination. the respective preachers. The collec- The principal speakers in the upper tions amounted to nearly £100.

the Rev. Mr. Smith, Rer. Although the hour appointed for the Mr. Marks, Rev. Mr. Irons, Rev. Mr. commencement of the general meeting Brown, of South Oakenden, Rev. €. on Wednesday, was six, so early as Hyat, R. H. Marten, Esq. the Amefour in the afternoon a considerable rican Chief, Rev. T. Roberts, Mr. number began to assemble. Soon Stephenson, Rev. Mr. Sharp, Mr. after five, the great room was crowded Phillips, and several others, whose to excess, and a general cry was rais- names we do not recollect. ed that no more could be admitted ; During the animated speeches which but on the arrival of many very re- were delivered by the above gentlespectable gentlemen and ladies, this men, many pleasing anecdotes were resolution was abandoned, and both introduced ; and the reiterated plauthe orchestra and the committee-room dits which followed the statement of were completely filled.

whatever was striking and important, As multitudes still continued to evinced, in the most unequivocal manthrong, it was soon found necessary ner, how much every one present was that another room should be engaged, pleased with the success that had which was accordingly done ; but this attended the institution. In the hearts also was soon filled, and many were of all present the welfare of the sailors obliged to go away from the want of appeared to have cast anchor. Their

The assembly being thus divi- rough and boisterous manners were ded, Sir G. Keith, of the Royal Navy, lost in that open and undisguised condescended to take the chair in the frankness which associates with their lower room, where several speak- character; a character that can triers also remained; among whom were umph over danger in seasons of hostithe Rev. Mr. Norris, from Norfolk, lity, and command benevolence in Rev. Mr. Evans, from Collington, times of peace. Captain Allen, R. N. Rev. Wm. Gur- Among the various speakers who ney, Rector of St. Clement Danes, honoured the meeting with their preand several others. In addition to sence, there was not one who excited these, different speakers hastened more attention than the Indian Chief

, from one room to another, to address who appeared in the costume of the the auditors, so that the whole of this Mohawk tribe. When he rose to large assemblage was highly gratified speak, every eye was fixed upon bim, with the interesting tidings they had and every ear was listening to catch to communicate. The committee also the observations which he made. But were constantly on the alert, devoting although a breathless silence prevailed their utmost attention to the accom- throughout the whole assembly, modation of the people assembled, accents were so low, that those only whose orderly and solemn behaviour who sat near him were able distinetly did honour to their character as Chris- to understand what he delivered. On tians, and coincided with the momen- this account, his pleasing and juditous 'occasion for which they were cious remarks, couched in the followconvened.

ing language, will be the more accepAt six o'clock, the chair was taken table to our readers. in the upper room by the Right Hon. "My Lord, from the connection of Admiral Lord Gambier. The Report, my late father with this country, which was read by the Secretary, after gained in my youth a little acquaintrecognizing the grand object of the ance with the English language. We society, took a circuit round the Bri- reside on the great river Erie, and we tish shores, including Scotland and have many seamen on our lakes

. As Wales, and taking a transient glance I was coming to this country, supat Ireland. From this Report it appear-ported only by a single plank from the ed, that in the various ports, creeks, deep below us, I could not but think and inlets on the surrounding coasts, how vain and how insufficient were the Bethel Flag had been hoisted in the help of man, without the blessing noble design had been countenanced this occasion, where you are labouring nearly fourscore places ; and that the of God. I am happy to be present on by gentlemen of the highest respecta- I to promote the welfare, not only of


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Religious Intelligence.

1058 the British seamen, but of the seamen he was personally interested, and adof every country; and I sincerely hope verted to the occasion of the meeting that Almighty God will grant you in a manner that did bonour to his success.”

head and his beart. His appeals to From different ports several sums the authority of scripture were frewere brought forward, as the volun- quent and appropriate, and the evitary contributions of fishermen, of dence which his speech afforded, that boys in the same profession, of the he was actuated by the purest of morelations of seamen then navigating tives, was sufficient to remove every the deep, and of sailors, who wished doubt from the most sceptical mind. to manifest their attachment to this From Lord Gambier, nothing short of benevolent institution. In one in- manly sentiments was to be expected; stance, a small vessel was introduced but on this occasion, the manners of the on the platform, purporting to have gentleman were sweetly enlivened with one package of bullion on board; the the genuine spirit of the Christian. the terms used on similar occasions, which did not take place until nearly and the charge was committed to a lad, ten o'clock, two verses of a hymn were by whom she was presumed to be sung. Collections were made at the commanded. Several castles also doors, and we understand that the made their appearance, each contain- som was considerable, but the exact ing specific sums, deposited in these amount we have not heard. citadels of safety, in aid of the general

Manchester Bible Society. Trifling as these circumstances may On the same day with the precedappear, they naturally tended to en- ing, October 10th, the Eleventh Anliven the meeting, and to rivet the niversary of the Manchester and Salattention of all present. Even the ford Auxiliary Bible Society was held room itself was decorated in a manner in the large room of the Exchange suited to the occasion. Just over the Buildings. The Boroughreeve of Manhead of the gallant Admiral, the Bri- chester was called to the chair, which tish colours were displayed; and on was taken at half-past two o'clock, at each side was a flag, with the word which time the room was crowded to “Bethel” inscribed in large letters. excess. The Report was read by the The occasional waving of these stream- Rev. Mr. Roby. The principal speakers had an imposing effect, and it was

ers were,

Rev. T. S. Grimshaw, Rev. not without its corresponding influ- Dr. Collyer, Rev. Melville Horne,

C. Dudley, Esq. Rev. T. Selkirk, Rev. Although much animated eloquence J. Thistlethwaite, Rev. T. Rogers, was displayed in many speeches, no Rev. J. Hollist, Rev. C. Burton, Rev. speaker appeared to greater advantage J. Hawtrey, Rev. N. Gilbert, and the than the Rev. Mr. Smith, of Pen- Rev. R. Newton. From the statezance, in Cornwall. This gentleman ments given, it appeared, that the in early life had been a seaman; he sacred writings had been translated was, therefore, intimately acquainted into one hundred languages ;—that in with the manners and customs of sail- France 5000 copies had been distriors, and with those nautical terms buted by the Bible Society of that immediately connected with their pro- country;-that 90,000 New Testaments fession. To the former of these he are now preparing, under the auspices frequently referred, and the latter he of the British and Foreign Bible Sointroduced with so much ease and ciety ;-and that in Germany 400,000 familiarity, as to prevent even the copies had been distributed by a dismost careless from growing dull. His tinguished Catbolic divine. address to Lord Gambier, in a strong From Russia the most gratifying and commanding voice, when moving intelligence had been received. Fourthe last resolution, contained a fine teen new societies had been formed burst of eloquence, which at once during the past year, wbich made the appealed to the understanding, ani- total number of Bible Societies in that mated the feelings, and captivated country, amount to two hundred and the heart.

six. These were supported by all At the conclusion, his Lordship re- ranks of society, from the cottage to plied to several observations in which the throne, and not one clergyman was


Religious Intelligence.

1060 hostile to the institution. In Constan- | and happier. It appeared from the tinople the Bible was in the press, in Report, that since the commencement the Turkish language, and many of of this society, 16,917 Bibles and Tes. the Turks had expressed a strong de- taments had been thrown into circulasire to have copies. From Sierra Le- tion, that the sum of £750 bad been one, Persia, Ceylon, Serampore, Mal- transmitted to the Parent Society, and ta, the Grecian Archipelago, Hanover, that during the last year, 569 Bibles Wurtemberg, Baden, Saxony, St. and 918 Testaments had been distriHelena, and various other parts, the buted. most flattering accounts had been re- The Rev. Mr. Hughes took a tranceived. In most of these places, the sient survey of the globe, and of the same friendly disposition was percep- extending influence of Christianity tible; at home, opposition had nearly among its various inhabitants. Of hidden its diminished head ; and for what had been already done, he took England alone, an order had been a comprehensive view, and expatiated given for the printing of 183,000 copies in a pleasing manner on the readiness of the sacred scriptures.

with which even the rulers of nations

had come forward to promote the glo. Brighton Bible Society.

rious cause, Four million copies of The Eighth Anniversary of the La- the sacred writings had already been dies’Bible Association was held on the distributed, but six hundred millions of evening of Thursday, October 11th, the human race still remain destitute at the Old Ship Tavern, in the Assem- of this invaluable blessing. This bly Room; which was filled with a statement was received as a stimulus large and respectable company, of to renewed exertion, and the meeting whom the greater part were females. concluded with an assurance from the Sir David Scott, Bart, was called to noble chairman, that no effort of his the chair. The Report gave much sa should be wanting to promote the intisfaction. The business of the meet- terests of this most useful and valuable ing was conducted by the Rev. W. institution. Dealtry, Rev. Mr. Trescot, of the German Lutheran Church, in London,

Warwick Bible Society. Rev. Dr. Hooker, Rev. Mr. Edelman, On Tuesday, October the 9th, a Rev. Mr. Lord, Mr. W. Penfold, c. meeting was convened at the CourtElliott, Esq. W. Wigney, Esq. Mr. house, Warwick, for the purpose of J. Glaisyer, Dr. Abel, and Mr. W. establishing an Auxiliary Bible SociBoys. With the various speeches ety for the county, F. Lawley, Esq

. delivered by the above gentlemen, the mi. P. was called to the chair. C. audience was at once entertained and Dudley, Esq. and the Rev. Mr. Grimedified; but our limits will not permit shaw being deputed from the Parent us to enter into any detail of parti- Society, opened the business of the culars.

meeting, which was advocated by the Bedford Bible Society.

Rev. E. Burn, of Birmingham, and

the Rev. E. Percy. On Friday, the 12th, instant, the We had fondly thought, that the Tenth Anniversary of the Bedford and importance of Bible Societies was so Bedfordshire Auxiliary Bible Society generally known, and so fully apprewas held in the sessions house, his ciated, that opposition would no more Grace the Duke of Bedford in the make its public appearance in this chair. In addressing the meeting, his country. In this opinion, however, Grace observed, that he rejoiced to we have found ourselves deceived. see so numerous and respectable an as- At this meeting, the Rev. J. Boudir

; sembly;--that the object of the society Vicar of St. Mary's, recommended was, to distribute the Bible without to the members of the establishment note or comment;-that the institution rather to support the old established had outlived the calumnies with which Society for Promoting Christian Know

ledge, which had the same object in that Christians of different

views now view,' and was supported by church met together through its benign influ- men'only, whereas the British and ence, in harmonious co-operation ;and that its ultimate and glorious ten- in the hands of dissenters." On such

Foreign Bible Society was principally dency was, to make mankind better bigotry and folly it is useless to make


Queries to Correspondents.


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2 vols. 4to.

Parts 9 and 12 of Clarke's Folio Bible.


any remark. Messrs. Dudley, Burn, Missionary Meeting at Chester. and Grimshaw, spoke in reply, and

This meeting was held on Monday, distinctly stated, that there was not a October 15th, at the Independent single Auxiliary Society in the king- Chapel, Queen-street, in this city. dom, which had not a clergyman at its D. F. Jones, Esq. was called to the head. The meeting was also address chair. From the Report it appeared, ed by the Rev, Messrs. Chambers, that this Auxiliary Society had remitWilliams, Jerrard, Spooner, Davies, ted to the Parent Institution £245. Low, Bromily, Wade, Johnston, and The chief speakers were Mr. Charrier, B. Greathead, Esq. but not one among of Liverpool, Mr. Cooms, of Salford, them was found to support Mr. Bou- Mr. Wilson, of Northwich, Dr. Stewdir's recommendation. The formation art, of Liverpool, Mr. Jones, of Holyof the Society accordingly took place; well, Mr. Robinson, of Middlewich, and the benevolent principles on which and Mr. Campbell, of London. This it is founded, once more triumphed latter gentleman gave a most interestover the unavailing efforts of oppo- ing account of his travels in the intesition.

rior of South Africa. The collection at On the Thursday following, another this meeting amounted to £87. 10s. 6d. meeting was held in the County-ball, at which G. F. Stratton, Esy. presided. This was convened for the pur

Literary Notices. pose of forming a Branch Society, to Just Published, part 20, of Clarke's Geogra. be placed under the fostering care of phical Dictionary, which completes the work, in ladies. Hostility having been unsuc

Part 19, of Aspin's Universal History, being cessful in its late attempts, hesitated the completion of the 2d vol. to appear on the present occasion, and

Female Instructor, in 1 vol. Svo. the Bible enjoyed its triumph without Part 4, of Towne's Farmer's Directory, molestation.

Pleasures of Home, and other Poems, by S.

Stanzas addressed to a Missionary on leaving Hants Sunday School Union.

his native country, and other Poems, hy Wm. On Wednesday, October 10th, the Marshall, of Macclesfield. 4s.

Preparing for publication, Miscellaneous Hants Sunday School Union held their works of the late Robert Willan, M.D.F.R.s. annual meeting, at the Swan-Inn, F.A.S. comprising, an Inquiry into the AntiChichester, where, about half-past fever, Reports on the Diseases in London, &c. six, nearly 200 persons, among whom in 1 vol. 8vo. Edited by Ashley Smith, M. D. were several ministers and teachers, I Licentiate of the Royal College of Physicians, sat down to breakfast. It appears T. Atkinson has just published a key to the from the statements given at this meet- Latin Language, teaching the Student how to

make Latin into English, and English into Latin, ing, that connected with the Union

J. Bosworth, of Little Horwood, Bucks, has there are at present 6,752 children and lately published “An Introduction to Latin

Construing, &c.” Also in another volume, 648 teachers, which, since the year

“ Latin Construing, or easy and progressive 1811, when this Union was formed, Lessons from Classical Authors, with Rules for is an increase of 465 teachers, and of Translating Latin into English.”.

Mr. W. M. Harvard, late Missionary in Cey5009 scholars.

lon, has just issued from the press “ An account On the same day, the associated of the captivity and Escape of Captain Robert churches held their half-yearly meet- Knox, who was treacherously detained twenty

years in the Kingdom of Candy.” ing, at the Rev. Mr. Hunt's chapel. The annual meeting of the Society for Promoting Religion was held also in the afternoon ; from the Report of

1. On Lotteries. which it appeared, that, although a balance stood against the society last

S. of Hollinwood asks, Are lotteries year, amounting to £1,409.2s. 9d. this beneficial or injurious to society, and

can the promoters of them be consihad been discharged, and there re

dered as Christians acting according to niained in the hands of the treasurer,

the scripture? the sum of £55. The ministers and

2. On Cordwainers. friends of these institutions, after partaking a frugal dinner at the Dolphin- Ignoramus asks, What gave rise to Inn, spent the remaining part of the the festival annually celebrated by the evening in devising means for the cordwainers, on the 25th of October ? promotion of the objects which were Was Crispin a real or a fictitious connected with the associations. character?


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