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God there were not the most Cause of all to add, nor we ourselves) kept thy Law t.

Considering our Case in this Light then, we have small Reason to be of good Courage. And yet, considering the divine Mercies, we are far from having any Reason to despond, if we have any Heart to repent. The Cause we are engaged in, is that of Right and Truth, and God's own Honour. Defending it valiantly, is performing one Part of our Duty to him: and deserting it, would be filling up at once the Measure of our Iniquities to the utmost. Wicked as we have been, and are, yet if we will but, at least in this our Day, know the Things that belong to our Peace *, there is still abundant Room to trust in the gracious Protection, that we have so often experienced : and, provided we can but now bring our Hearts in earnest to fear God, we have no need to fear Man. What hath hitherto happened, is indeed more than enough to awaken us from that Supineness, which it is astonishing we should have indulged so long; but not at all to make us doubtful concerning the Event, were there only any Prospect, that we should render ourselves fit Objects of our Maker's + Neh. ix. 33, 34.

* Luke xix. 42.

Favour. + Pfalm lxix. 35, 36

Favour. For the sake of a few good, there may be Mercy in store for the rest. The more of us become so, the greater is the Hope. And would but this National Alarm produce, what undoubtedly Heaven hath designed it for, a National Reformation; we might boldly fay to our Enemies, in the Words of holy Writ: Asociate yourselves, 0 ye People, and ye Shall be broken in Pieces : take Counsel together, and it shall come to nought : Speak the Word, and it shall not stand: for God is with us. Sánctify therefore the Lord of Hofts, and let him be your Fear, and let him be your Dread, and be shall be for a Sanctuary * For God will save Sion, and will build the Cities of Judah. The Pofterity also of bis Saints shall inherit it; and they that love his Name fall dwell therein t. Their Children shall continue, and their Seed, shall be established before him I.

* Isaiah viii. 9, 10, 13, 14.

Psalm cii. 8.




· Parish-Church of St. James, Westminster,


The CHAPEL S belonging to it,

Oftober 20, 27. November 24, 1745.

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Phil. iv. 6, 7.. Be careful for nothing : but in every

thing by Prayer and Supplication, with Thanksgiving, let your Requests

be made known unto God. And the Peace of God, which passeth all

Understanding, shall keep your Hearts and Minds, through Christ Jesus.

T ANGERS are fo constant, and Suf-)

ferings so frequent, in human Life, that:.

behaving properly under the Apprehensions and Experience of them, constitutes al very considerable Part of our Business here. But when Providence permits a' peculiar Degree of either to be our Lot, it calls us peculiarly to think, what Methods will best preserve us from them, or carry us through them. Now these are of two Sorts : Worldly Prudence, and Religious Wisdom. The Precepts .

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