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Tals, five of whom were wounded, fell as if he had been defeated, took a good into the hands of the French. The position three leagues in the rear, and Princes Repnin, Gallitzin, and Sibirsky, laboured with much ostentation in formade prisoners, had none of them at- tifying it.--To secure his object, he tained the rank of General. The first proposed an interview to tlie Emperor had only the rank of Captain; the se. of Russia. The latter sent him his cond commanded a squadron of the im. aid-de-camp, Prince Dolgorucki, who perial guard; and the latter was at the is described as one of Alexander's young head of a battalion of infantry. The Counsellors, equally distinguished by French, after the battle of Austerlitz, his ignorance and impertinence.—This did not attempt to pursue the retreat. young man, we are told, readily fell army; but on the following day they to the soare. Every thing, to him, attacked the Russian rear-guard in the breathed reserve and fear in the appearneighbourhood of Ukeschutz; but after ance of the French army. In all the af. a partial action, which lasted till the fairs of posts previous to the 2d, the al. close of the day, they were obliged to lies were successful, and the appa. relinquish their object. It is also posi- rent timidity and dismay of their ene. tively stated, that the Russian Imperial my converted the natural valour and im. Guards did not lose their colours, but petuosity of the Russians into absolute on the contrary, took the standard of indiscretion and temerity. Their only one of the French regiments of infantry. object was to prevent the escape of the When the Russians withdrew from the French army ; it was no longer a quesAustrian provinces, they carried with tion with them whether they could dethem, according to this official report,, feat it. Ilence their anxiety to turn two hundred pieces of cannon. The the right wing of the French ; a fatal loss of only six stand of colours is ad. manæuvre, of which their skilful advermitted.

şary quickly took advantage. The following curious particulars res- On the 3d. Dec. at day-break, Prince pecting this battle, are published both John of Lichtenstein, commanding the in the French and German papers; and Austrian army, repaired to Bonaparte's though they may appear frivolous, and head-quarters, and had a long audience, are certainly much exaggerated, yet as

which seems to have been preparatory they strikingly illustrate the character, to a visit which Bonaparte received and mode of warfare, adopted by the from the Emperor the same day. The artful hero of Marengo and Austerlitz, conference of the two Monarchs, we are we cannot withhold their insertion. told, was long and amicable.--" Francis

On the 27th of Nov. Bonaparte, on looking at the wretched hut (a mill) in receiving the communication of the full which Napoleon received him, could powers of the Austrian negociators, pro- not avoid expressing some surprise ;posed an armistice. We are not told You see, said Napoleon, laughing, these whether it was accepted or rejected by are the palaces which you have made the allies, but we are told in the same me inhabit for two months. “ You em. breath, that Bonaparte considered the ploy your time too' well in them, replied negociations as a ruse de guerre, and the Austrian Monarch, to have cause to took his measures accordingly. He reproach me." The conversation then sent his aid-de-camp, General Savary, turned upon England, and the Emperor professedly to compliment the Emperor Francis is made to inveigh in the bitter. of Russia, on his arrival in the army, est terms against the infamous policy of but in reality as a spy. Savary, on his those vile shop-keepers, who set fire to return, reported that he had experien- the Continent for the sake of their trade, ced a distinguished reception from Alex. and whose alliance he renounces for ander and his brother, but that they were surrounded by an host of cox- Encouraged by the marvellous condecombs, and that rashness and presump- scension of Napoleon, Francis asked that tion were the distinguished features of Russia should be included in the artheir military councils.

mistice which he had come to negotiate. Upon this report, Bonaparte, to for- Bonaparte replied, that the Russian artify them in their ill-judged confidence, my was surrounded, that it would be ro. ordered his army to retreat in the night, morrow in his power, and that besides



he had no guarantee for the paciác in- tion took place. The former declined tentions of Alexander. Francis assured having any thing to do with the armis. him that Alexander shared in his ha- tice, and took his leave. Having contred and contempt of the British Go. sulted with his General Officers, upon vernment, and that he wished to with- the proper routes to be taken for the draw. Bonaparte, upon the faith of march oi the Russian army homewards, this assurance, consented to open a re- he set out on the evening of the 6th for treat for the Russian army, and an ar- Petersburgh, where he arrived at five mistice was concluded between Francis o'clock in the morning of the 21st Dec. and Napoleon, upon conditions in sub. in good health, and amidst the acclamaştance as follows:

tions of all classes of his people. From * The arinistise shall exist until the an article published in the Petersburgh conclusion of a detinitive peace, or un. Gazette, on the same day, it is clear til the rupture of the negociations. In that his Majesty was no party to the the latter case, hostilities shall not com- armistice, and that the conversation beinence until 14 days after. France tween him and General Savary was fashall retain v!l the teritory in her pos

bricated. His Majesty says-session unul a separate peace is con- “ The exhausted powers of the Court cluded. dhe Russians shall evacuate of Vienna, the misfortunes it has sus. the Austrian States within 15 days, and tained, together with a want of proviGallicia within a moi and to march sions, have compelled the Roman Emhome by a route prescribed by Bona- pe:or, notwithstanding the strong and parte. There shall be no levy in mass vigorous support he has experienced in Hungary, no ext:aordinary recruiting from the Russian troops, to conclude in Bohemia, nor shall any foreign army a convention with France, to which albe permitted to enter the Austrian tera so a peace must soon succeed. His sitory. Negociations for peace shall Imperial Majesty having come to his immediately commence at Nicolsburg." assistance as an Ally, had no other ob

General Savary was now agam sent ject in view than his defence, and the to the Emperor Alexander, to announce averting of those dangers which threat. the armistice, and to intimate the con- ened his Empire; and since his Majes. ditions upon which the retreat of his ty the Emperor, under the present cirarmy would be guaranteed. He was cumstances, has deemed the presence of graciously received, and Alexander is the Russian troops no longer necessary said to have expressed the highest ad. in Austria, his Majesty has been pleamiration of Napoleon. Upon being in- sed to order them to leave Austria and formed of the terms of the armistice, he to return to Russia," is said to have used the following ex- The Austrian official Gazette gives a pressions :-" I shall return to my ca- short account of the battle of the 2d pital; I came here to assist the Empe. Dec. but it is vague and unsatisfacsor of Germany-he sends me word he tory. It merely states that the battle is satisfied-so am I.” Upon asking Sa- was fought with great obstinacy, and vary what guaranteee Napoleon requi. with great loss on both sides ; that late red of him, Savary replied—“Only your in the evening the Austrian left wing word, Sire.--I give it,' returned the was compelled to yield to a superior Emperor.

force ; that the army resumed its poSuch are the French accounts of these sition before Austerlitz; that the comimportant events. We learn, however, bined army was 85,000 strong on the 3d,, that several of the facts stated are en- and that it was joined on the 4th by tirely factitious, The Emperor of Russia 12,000 Russians under General Essen. never had a second interview with Gen. If all this be corect, it must indeed Savary, and peremptorily declined it seem extraordinary that the Emperor after he heard of the armistice, which, of Austria should have judged it neceswe are told, struck his Imperial Majes- sary to solicit an armistice, and to subty with astonishment.

scribe to terms so humiliating. It is On the oth of December, at ten in the more extraordinary, and the more the morning, the Emperor Alexander to be regretted, as, nearly about the had his last interview with the Emperor time that Francis was ratifying the meFrancis, when a very aficcting conversa- lancholy act of his disgrace and subju-,


gation, his gallant brothers were dis at Presburg, about 32 miles east of that tinguishing themselves at the two ex- capiial. At the request of the Archtremities of his dominions.

duke, the negociators removed to Pres. The Archduke Ferdinand, on the 5th burg about tee 18th Dec. where a finiDec. attacked, with nine batalions of shing hand was put to a treaty, wiich infantry and eight squadrons of cavalry, completely annihilates the ancient the Bavarian forces under General and famous Germanic constitution, and Wrede, consisting of 14 battalions of reduces the once great Emperor of infantry, and sixteen squadrons of caval- Germany to the humiliating situariou of ry, advantageously posted upon the a second-rate power on the continent heights of Stecken, with such impetue of Europe. We learn that the Aich. wsity, that they were defeated, and com- duke could obtain no other modificapelled to abandon Iglau with precipita- tion of the hard terms of this treaty, tion. The Archduke entered it at the but a reduction of the contribution head of twenty thousand men.-Iglau (stipulated by some secret articles to is about fifty miles in the rear of the be paid by Austria) of 100,000,000 of left wing of the French army. The francs to one half of that sum, (about Archduke Charles, who continued his 2,000,000l. sterling.)-The treaty was retreat in the most masterly manner, de. signed at Presburg, on the 26th of Dec. feated General Marmont at Fustenfeld, and ratified by the Emperor of the seven leagues from Gratz, taking 4000 French at four o'clock in the morning prisoners, and killing or wounding 2000. of the 27th. We consider it of imporHe afterwards advanced to Vienna, tance to give this treaty at length. which he summoned to surrender, but

TREATY OF PEACE BETWEEN AUSTRIA was answered, that an armistice had been concluded.

AND FRANCE. After the conclusion of the armistice, His Majesty the Emperor of Germathe Grand Duke Constantine repaired ny and Austria and his Majesty the Emto Berlin, and is stated to have made peror of the French, King of Italy, ean offer of the whole Russian army, to quaily animated with a desire to put an be at the disposal of Prussia. The of- end to the calamities of war, have refer, report says, was declined. But the solved to proceed without delay to the Grand Duke was well received at the conclusion of a definitive treaty of peace, Court of Berlin, where he continued and have in consequence named as for several weeks, and where the birth- Plenipotentiaries, to wit: day of his brother the Emperor was His Majesty the Emperor of Germacelebrated on the 25th December, by a ny and of Austria, the Prince John grand entertainment, at which the of Lichtenstein, and Count Ignaz de whole Court were present, together Giulay, Commander of the Military with his Imperial Highness, the Duke of Order of Maria Teres; aand his Majesty Brunswick, Lord Harrowby, the Earl the Emperor of France, King of Italy, of Harrington, and ali the nobility and Charles Maurice Talleyrand Perigord, many general officers. The Russian Grand Chamberlain, Minister of Fo. army set out on the 8th of December, reign Relations, &e. who having exby different routes on its return home, changed their full powers, have agreed but on account of a scarcity of provi. as follows: sions, a considerable body has been al- Art 1. There shall be from this day lowe to remain some time in Prussian

peace and friendship between his MaSilesia.

jesty the Emperor of Germany and In the mean time, according to the Austria, and his Majesty the Emperor agreement in the armistice, negotia- of the French, King of Italy, their tions for peace were opened at Nicols. heirs and successors, their states and burgh, by M. Talleyrand on the part subjects respectively, for ever. of France, and by Prince John of Lich- 1. France shall continue to possess tenstein and Count Guay on the part in property and sovereignty the duchies, of the Emperor of Austria. The Emperor principalities, lordships, and territories Napoleon returned to the palace of beyond the Alps, which were before Schoenbrunn near Vienna, and the united with the French Empire, or goArchduke Charles had his head quarters verned by the laws of France. Feb. 1806.


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III. The Emperor of Austria recog- and Sulgaw, with their dependencies, nizes the disposi'ions made by the Emthe city of Constance excepted, that peror of France, relative to the Princic of Brisgaw which extends to the possespalities of Lucca and Piombino. sions of Wirtemberg, and situated to the

IV. The Einperor of Germany re- east of a line drawn from Schlegelberg nounces that part of the states of the to Molbach, and the towns and territorepublic of Venice, ced d to him by the ries of Willengen and Brentingen. treaties of Campo Formio and Lunc. To the Elector of Baden, the Brisgaw viile, which shall be united in perpetui: (with the exceptions of the branch and ty to the kingdom of italy.

separate portions above described;) the V. The Emperor of Germany ac. Ortenau, and their dependencies, the knowledges the Emperor of the French city of Constance, and the commandery as king of Italy'; but it is agreed, that of Meinau. in conformity with the declaration The principalities, &c. above-men. made by the Emperor of the French, tioned, shall be possessed respectively when he took the crown of Italy, that by the Kings of Bavaria and Wirtem. as soon as the parties named in the de berg, and the Elector of Baden, in pa. claration shall have fulfilled the condi. ramount property and sovereignty, in tions therein expressed, the crowns of the same manner, by the same titles, and France and Italy shall be separated for with the same rights and prerogatives, as ever, and cannot in any case be united they were possessed by the Emperor of on the same head. The Emperor of Germany, &e. Germany binds himself to acknowledge, IX. The Emperor of Austria acon the separation, the successor whom knowledges the debts contracted by the Emperor of the French shall appoint the House of Austria, for the benefit of as King of Italy.

private persons and public establishVI. The present treaty is declared to ments of the country, making at precomprehend the Electors of Bavaria, sent an integrant part of the French Wirtemberg and Baden, and the Batavi- empire. an Republic, allies of the French.

X. The county of Salzburg, and of VII. The Electors of Bavaria and Berchtolsgaden, belonging to his Royal Wirtemberg having taken the title of and Electoral Highness Prince Ferdi. King, with ut eeasing to belong to the nand, shall be incorporated with the EmGermanic confederation, the Emperor pire of Austria; and the Emperor of of Germany acknowledges them in that Germany shall possess them in full procharacter.

perty and sovereignty, but by the title VIII. The Emperor of Germany, as of a Duchy only. well for himself, &c. renounces the prin- XI. The Emperor of the French encipalities, lordships, &c. after speci. gages to obtain, in favour of the Archfied:

duke Ferdinand, Elector of Salzburgh, Cedes to the King of Bavaria the the cession, by the King of Bavaria, of margraviate of Burgau and its depen- the principality of Wurtzburgh, such as dencies, the principality of Eichstadt, it was given to his Majesty by the Dethat part of the territory of Passau be. putation of the Germanic Empire in longing to the Elector of Saltzburgh, Feb. 1803. The Electoral title of R. and situated between Bohemia, Aus- H. shall be transferred to this principatria, the Danube, and the Inn; the lity, which his R. H. shall possess in coutry of Tyrol, comprehending the full property and sovereignty, in the principalities of Brixen and Betzen, the same manner and on the same condi. seven lordships of the Voralberg, with tions that he possessed the Electorate their dependencies; the county of Ho of Salzburgh. And it is agreed that the henems, the counties of Konigsegg and new possessor shall stand charged only Rottenfels, the lordships of Tetuany with those debts resulting from loans and Argen, and the town and territory formally agreed to by the States of the of Lindau.

country, for its effective administration, To the King of Wirtemberg, five XII. The dignity Gra Master of cities of the Danube, viz.-Etlingen, the Teutonic Order, its rights, domains, Munderkengen, Rudlingen, Mengen, and revenues, which were dependen

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cies of Mergentheim, the chief place ofthe act of mediation, as well as the inde-
Order, shall become hereditary in the per- pendence of the Batavian Republic.
son and descendants in the direct male XIX. The prisoners of war made on
fine, according to the order of primoge. both sides shall be restored within 40
niture, in whichever of the Princes of days from the date of the ratification.
the Imperial Hjuse shall be appointed XX. All commercial communications
by the Emperor of Germany. The Em. and relations are re-established in the
peror Napoleon promises his good offices two countries, on the same footing as
to obtain, as soon as possible, for the before the war.
Archduke Ferdinand, a full and entire XXI. The Emperor of Germany and
indemnity in Germany.

the Emperor of the French, shall main-
XIII. The King of Bavaria shalloccu. tain between them the same ceremonial
py the city of Augsburgh and its territo. as to rank and etiquette as was observed
ry, and unite them to bis states, in full before the present war.
property and sovereignty. In the same XXII. Within five days from the ex.
manner the King of Wirtemberg may change of the ratifications of the present
occupy and unite to his states, the treaty, the town of Presburg, and its en-
county of Borndorff; and the Empe. virons, to the extent of six leagues,
ror of Germany engages to give no op- shall be evacuated. Ten days after the

said exchange, the French, and the XIV. The Kings of Bavaria and troops of the allies of France, shall evaWirtemberg, and the Elector of Baden, cuate Moravia, Bohemia, the Viertal shall enjoy over the territories ceded, Unter Vienner Wald, the Viertal Unter, as well as over their ancient estates, the Manhartsberg, Hungary, and the whole plenitude of sovereignty, and all the of Styria. In the ten following days rights resulting from it, which have they shall evacuate the Viertal Vienner been guaranteed to them by the Em- Wald, and the Viertal Ober Manhartsperor of the French, in the same man- berg; and finally, in the space of two ner as the Emperor of Germany and months from the exchange of the ratithe King of Prussia, over their German fications, the French troops, and the states. The Emperor of Germany, both troops of the allies of France, shall evaas Chief of the Empire, and as co-es- cuate the whole of the hereditary states tate, engages not to oppose any obsta. of the Emperor of Germany, with the cle to the execution of the acts which exception of the place of Brannau, they may have made, or will make, in which shall remain for one month at the consequence.

disposal of the Emperor of the French, XV. The Emperor of Germany, as as a depot for the sick and for the ar. well for himself, &c. renounces all right tillery. of sovereignty, without exception, over No requisition, of whatever nature, the states of the Kings of Bavaria and shall be made of the inhabitants during Wirtemberg, and ofthe Electorof Baden, that month. But it is agreed, that the and generally on all the states, domains, magazines left by the French army, in and territories comprised in the Circles the places which they shall evacuate, of Bavaria, Franconia, and Suabia. shall remain at its disposal ; and that

XVI. The titles of the domains and the high contracting parties shall make archives, the ns and maps of the dif. an arrangement relative to all contribu. ferent countries, towns, and fortresses, tions of war whatsoever, imposed on the ceded by the present treaty, shall be different hereditary states by the French given up in the space of three months army, in virtue of which the raising of from the date of the exchange of the the -said contributions shall entirely ratifications.

cease from the day of the ratifications, XVII. The Emperor Napoleon gua. The French army shall draw its provi. rantees the integrity of the Empire of sions and its sustenance from its own Austria in the state in which it shall be, magazines. in consequence of the present treaty of XXIII. Immediately after the expeace. .

change of the ratification of the preXVIII. The high contracting parties sent treaty, Commissaries shall be namacknowledge the independence of the ed on both sides, to give up and to reHelvetic Republic, as established by the ceive in the names of their respective

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