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these calamities, resigns herself to despair, Mr David Watson, Recorder and Clerk. and dies of grief. Mr Alexander Cunningham, Jeweller and

The first three acts were listened to with great attention, and went off successfully. In the remaining part, considerable clamour was excited by some passages, which were thought exceptionable.

Mr Terry, in the character of Haco, was much applauded, and the figure and appearance of Mrs H. Siddons was altogether very interesting. Nor must we forget the scenery, which was appropriate and splendid.

The prologue and epilogue, which we have inserted in our poetical department for this month, were well received.

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Mr John Campbell, Translator of the Gaelic Language.


The Prince Regent Patron.

The Right Hon. the Lord Provost of
Edinburgh, ex officio.

Rev. Dr Buchanan, Rev. Dr Fleming,
Right Rev. Bishop Standford, and R. Scott
Moncrieff, sen. Esq.

Mr William Pattison, Treasurer.
John Campbell, tertius, Esq. Secretary.
Mr David Niven, joint Secretary and
Mr William Scott Moncrieff, Accountant.
Dr James Anderson, Physician.
Dr John Abercrombie, Surgeon.

Earl of Hopetoun has presented Mr John Smith, preacher of the gospel, to the church and parish of Bathgate, in the presbytery of Linlithgow, vacant by the death of the Rev. Walter Jardine.

The Magistrates and Council of Glasgow, have appointed the Rev. Mr William Muir, to be minister of St George's church in that city, in room of Dr William Porteous, deceased.

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William Macdonald, Esq. of St Martin's, Collins, Esq. a son.

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11. At Woodhead, the Lady of Captain Hamilton, of the 94th regiment, a daughter.

12. Mrs John Tennent, Glasgow, a daughter.

13. At Bath, the lady of LieutenantGeneral Gordon Drummond, a són.

At Ayr, Mrs George Reid, a


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14. At Leith, the Lady of Captain Kerr, ter of the Rev. Dr. Laurie, Newburn, royal navy, a son. Fifeshire.

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At Greenock, Finlay M'Phune, Esq. of Driep, to Miss Isobel Harkness, daughter of the late Thomas Harkness, Esq. of Clacharg, Argyleshire.

At Ayr, Captain Reid, of the Alexander, to Christiana, eldest daughter of Mr John Hunter, merchant.

At Maybole, the Rev. Hugh Davidson, to Helen, daughter of Mr Hutchison in Glenlewie, parish of Kirkoswald.

28. At Dnnkeld House, Major-General Oswald, jun. of Dunnikier, Colonel of the Duke of York's light infantry regiment, to Miss Charlotte Murray Ansley, eldest daughter of the late Lord Charles Ansley,

and niece of the Duke of Atholl.

At Glasgow, John Orr, Esq. of Forestburn, parish of Shorts, to Catherine, eldest daughter of David Forest, Esq. Forest.

Feb. 4. At Edinburgh, Mr Alexander Ross, jun. Bishopsgate street, London, to Anne Douglas, eldest daughter of the late Alexander Brown, perfumer, Edinburgh.


May 10. On his passage to Rombay, on board the Henry Addington East Indiaman, William Bromley Cadogan Stirling, Esq. fourth son to Sir John Stirling, Bart. of Glorat, in the artillery service of the Honourable East India Company. He was an uncommonly fine and promising young man, whose loss is most deeply felt by all his relations and friends, and sincerely regretted by all his acquaintance. He had nearly attained his twentieth year.

September. John, second son of John Campbell, Esq. of Ormidale, Argyllshire, was killed on board the Nereide frigate. in the gallant attack made upon four French frigates, near the Mauritius.

7. Dr Anderson, superintendant of the botanical garden at St Vincent's. His death is deeply regretted in the colony, and will be by his many friends in Europe.His funeral was attended by all the military and naval characters in the place.

Nov. 25. At St Thomas's West Indies, Lieut. Matthew Moncrieff Maxwell, of the 70th regiment, second son of William Maxwell, of Bradiland, Esq.

Dec. 2. At Fredericton, New Brunswick, in the 53d year of his age, universally lamented, Major-General William Balfour. The General entered the army in 1775, as Ensign in the 57th regiment, which corps he never quitted till his death, During

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At Montrose, in the 74th year her age, Mrs Ann Smith, relict of the late Adam Glegg, Esq.

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At Hillhouse, in the 79th year of his age, John Kerrel, Esq. of Hillhouse. 29. At Leith, Mrs Margaret M'Donald, wife of Mr John M'Donald.

At Nenagh, Adjutant Neil Murray, of the 6th garrison battalion. His death was occasioned by the wound of a musket ball, which he received in June last, whilst di recting the movements of the battalion in a sham fight near that town.

At Peterhead, Mr William Scott, merchant, aged 24.

30. At Edinburgh, Barbara Hill, third daughter of Mr Robert Hill, W. S.

George Woodford Thellusson, Esq. M. P. for Barnstaple, at the seat of his nephew, Lord Rendlesham.

30. At Hanover Street, Mr Patrick

23 At Peterculter, the Reverend George Macvicar, writer. Mark, minister of that parish.

At Colvend Manse, the Rev. James Little, minister of that parish,

At Edinburgh, Anne, the third daughter of Mr Mackenzie, writer to the signet.

At Edinburgh, in St John's Street, Stephen John Oliver, eldest son of the Reverend Mr Oliver, Corstorphine.

24. At London, Sir John Johnston, of Westerhall, Bart. M. P. for Weymouth.

27. General Francis Craig, Colonel of the 13th light dragoons, and Governor of Sheerness. He was in his 86th year, and was one of the oldest Generals in his Majesty's service.

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At the advanced age of 96 years, David Fraser, late farmer of Barnyards, near Beauly. He served as a piper to Simon, Lord Lovat, and fought at the battles of Falkirk and Culloden, Notwithstanding his very great age, he retained his faculties entire; he was never heard to complain of indisposition, and it was only for a few days before his death he was obliged, owing to debility, to confine himself to bed.

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28. At Ovenden, in Kent, after a few days illners, the Countess Dowager Stanhope, in the 93d year of her age. Her Ladyship was the relict of the late Earl

31. Captain Shelly, member for Lewes, and formerly Aid-de-Camp to General Hulse.

At Inverness, in the 85th year of his age, Ensign Donald Fraser, late of the Canadian Loyalists.

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Kensington, universally regretted and beloved, Dr Patrick Wilson, F. R. S. late Professor of Astronomy in the University of Glasgow.

Jan. 1. At Kirkland of Kirkinner, the Reverend Dr Robertson, assistant of that parish.

At Broughton Loan, Mrs Ann Sommers, widow of the deceased Mr John Fortune, vintner in Edinburgh.

2. At Verreville, Mrs Christian Robertson, spouse to John Geddes, Esq. 3. The infant son of Mr Hope, W. S. Queen Street.

Mrs Jean Bryce, wife of Hugh Crawford, writer, Greenock.

4. At Callander,John Breadalbane Campbell, Esq. of Glenfalloch, aged 10 years.

5. At Edinburgh, Sarah, widow of the late Lieutenant-Colonel William Duncan, of the 1st regiment or royals.

6. At Edinburgh, Mrs Isobel Yule, relict of Mr John Yule, late farmer at Black, dykes, East Lothian.

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At Walston, Mrs Jean Tweedie, reStanhope and the mother of the present lict of George Stodart, Esq. 6. At


6. At Edinburgh, William Jackson, Solicitor of Excise for Scotland.

7. At Datchet, Miss Scott, aged 56 years, aunt to Lord Montague, of Ditton Park. 8. At Stonehall, Mrs Hamilton, of Aitkenhead.

14. Miss Christian Welsh, daughter of William Welsh, Esq. of Mosfennan, in her 16th year.

-At Edinburgh, Mrs Mary Aitken, spouse of Mr William Deas, silk-dyer.

At Edinburgh, Mrs Jean Lyon, wife

At Aberdeen, Mrs Christian Crombie, of Mr James Brown, wright, Chapel Street. relict of Mr James Johnston, Loch-head in the 59th year of her age.

9. Mrs Jean Simpson, wife of Mr Alex. Wise, grocer, South Castle Street.

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At Wallington, near Foreham, Hampshire, Colonel Robert Paton of Kin aldy, Fifeshire, late Governor of St Helena, whose just and mild government called forth, from the garrison and inhabitants, their first public tribute of gratitude and approbation. When they found, on his return to England, that they must not expect him to resume that command, which had tended so much to their happiness, they presented to him a very valuable piece of plate, inscribed with their sentiments, in language which could not be more gratifying to his feelings, than was deserved by his merits. Mirs Paton died on the 31st of December, just fourteen days before her husband.

15. At Drogheda, Lieut.-Col. John French, late of the 71st.

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19. At Leith, Mrs Jean Todd, widow of the late John Scougall, Esq. merchant there.

20. At St Andrews, Mr John Clarkson, many years an eminent teacher of dancing there, and at Kirkaldy, Cupar, and Dunfermline.

21. Martha Morris, of the Isle of Cinder, Leeds, aged 104.

22. At Perth, Alexander Fechney, Esq. of Ardargic, late Provost of that city, much and justly regretted.

-At Ardno, Lochfineside, Duncan McCallum, in the 86th year of his age. He was 60 years tenant on the estate of Ardkinglas, and was the first born, and the first that died of his father's family, the rest, a brother and a sister, are still living, in that neighbourhood. He left 6 children, 28 grand-children, and 13 greatgrand-children.

-At Edinburgh, Mr James Moffat, writer, much and justly regretted.

24. At London, the Countess of Beverley.

At Brompton, Dame Amy Johnston, aged 87 years, widow of the late Sir William Johnston, of Caskieben, Bart. and mother-in-law to the present Sir William Johnston, of Caskieben, Bart.

At Howard Place, Mrs Elizabeth Watson, wife of Captain James Watson, of the royal navy, most deeply lamented. In the Forest of Birse, James Brown, aged 103. Also, lately in the same place, Christian Catnach, aged 101. And a short time after her death, died her brother, Donald Catnach, aged 94. These persons had lived many years in the Forest, and retained their faculties to the Last.

25. At Gayfield Place, Mr Thomas Hutchison, merchant in Edinburgh. This gentleman has long carried on an extensive business in Edinburgh, and was aTongst almost the oldest citizens. He filled the office of Treasurer to the Merchant Maiden Hospital for the last seventeen years, with great credit to himself, and with signal usefulness to the institution; no less by his unremitting desire to enlarge its comforts, and improve the system of education in it, than by his unwearied and disinterested attention to its funds.

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At London, William Brodie, Esq. one of the Magistrates of Marlborough Street office. He had officiated in the business of the office, and took a walk after office hours. On his return he appear ed in a state of stupor; soon after he reached his drawing-room he was seized with a paralytic stroke, and after remaining in a state of insensibility two hours, he expired.

2. At Nairn, Captain Simon M‘Kenzie, late of the 78th regiment.

At Kingston, near Taunton, Lieutenant-General Chapman, of the Royal

25. At Aberdeen, Mr Alexander-Fiddes, Artillery, aged 68. This gentleman had merchant.

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been in his Majesty's service upwards of fifty years.

3. At Kelso, Mrs Fraser, widow of the late Captain Fraser, 42d regiment.

The Lady of Major Scott Waring


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