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must be seen, that the very tempta- affections merely, without exercised tion is an argument that injury will intelligence, the acts of intellect are arise from yielding to it. The disqui- difficult and painful. But to those in sition which is substituted for passion, whom intellect is cultivated, its action and the intelligence which takes the is so very easy and prompt, so compenplace of power, serve in their turn dious and comprehensive, that it seems saill more to withdraw the mind from to them a great gain to possess in it a its natural strength. To those who in substitute for the slow and labouring the simplicity of life possess natural movements of affection and passion.


No I.-The Cameronians.

For the Cameronians, those reliques lane is fringed chiefly by old plum-
of the stern enthusiastic Covenanters trees, and seeks its way to the east-
those resolute maintainers of the un ern extremity of the village, with
blemished purity and rights of the a difficulty which a stranger will soon
reformed church-those dwellers on be sensible of, should he be so hardy
the misty mountain tops-1 entertain as endeavour to thread this Cameronian
the greatest respect and reverence. It labyrinth. There is also a wide wil-
was my lot to pass the early part of my derness of gardens, hemmed in by
Le in the neighbourhood of their hill strong walls of rough free-stone. It
of worship-otten in the company of is a very defensible position; and, in
their leading men, and most admired case of retreat, the deep channels of
professors—and at all times in the so- two scanty streams present direct open-
diety of a portion of their number. ings to the upland holds; and these
Though the son of a man they abhor are covered ways—for the brooks con-
Teal as a sinful complier with estab- trive to maintain as many stately trees
lishments which they denounced as and flourishing bushes on their steep
destroying the dignity of religion, they and impassable banks, as would do
did not demand, as the price of their honour to mightier streams. Nor is
friendship, that I should either curse this a fantastic view of their choice,
the iron hand of patronage, or bewail the for I have heard many of the Came-
sinfulness of that state into which the ronians declare, they believed the day
Scottish Kirk had fallen in those days would come when they might have to
of time-serving compliance. They had vindicate their cause with cold steel.
hovered for many years about the To this rural encampment sever: 1
mountainous regions of the parish of hundreds resorted weekly to hear their
Kirkmahoe in Dumfries-shire; and as pastor's instructions; and at their
they began to confide in the kindness great midsummer Festival of the Sacra-
of their less rigid brethren, they com ment, several thousands usually as-
menced descending, step by step, from sembled, many of them from distant
large hill to a less, till they finally parts, even from Fife and Banff. All
swarmed on a small sterile mount, with around were objects to cherish their
a broomy glen at its foot, beside a little ancient spirit, and remind them of
village, which one of their number other days. The seat of their bitter
named “Graceless Quarrelwood.” This persecutor, General Dalzell, was with-
settlement was chosen with some skill, in two short miles—the grave of the
and, in the period of the persecution, cruel Laird of Lagg was visible from
might have done honour to the mili- their mount; and in the church-yard
tary tactics of John Baltour of Burley. of Dumfries, in the moors of Iron-
Quarrelwood is a long straggling vil- gray, and the moorlands of Nithsdale,
lage, built in open hostility to regular were buried, under broad and inscrib-

, or the graceful curves of ima- ed stones, some of the most renowned ginary beauty. The cottages which of the martyrs. With two of their compose it are scattered as if some preachers I had the pleasure of being wizard had dropt them down by ran- acquainted ; and I have also heard sedom; and thruugh the whole a stream. veral of the western professors preach let winds, and a kind of road infinitely during the continuance of the sacramore crooked than the stream. This mental holidays. Of their professore


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Vol. VI.



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I shall endeavour to render some ac- had received a bullet. “Jenny," said count. I still remember, with reve- he in a voice of thrilling emotion, rence, the thin long snowy hair and acknowledge this visible token of thy bald shining crown, and primitive look shame and repentance-sin no mori, of the patriarchal Farely; and it is im- and become as the righteous." The possible I should ever forget the famia congregation interchanged gratifieil liar and fervent eloquence of that de- looks with each other. And the old lightful old pastor. Towards the close iron faced zealot said in a bitter tone, of his life, which was unusually long, to a groupe of neighbouring girlshe was accused of cheering his decay Aye! aye ! ye may look pleased. ing spirits with other beverage than Conscience ! ye'll find him occasions what cold brooks afforded. Of this in- for kindness. -Oh Sandie Peden ! this firmity I have heard some of the stern- is a sad sliding away.” Alluding to est of his flock speak with unlooked, the rebuke which that famous profesfor gentleness; and I believe none of sor gave to the young girl in Gallohis fellow preachers chose to rebuke

way. him for this indulgence, from a just Of John Curtis, the regular pastor dread of his powers for keen dry sar- of the flock that frequented Quarrel

He was a great favourite with wood, I do not remember so much as the Cameronian ladies, old and young, I do of Mr Farely. He was a man unand his reputation with them was not affectedly pious, rather than eloquent, at all diminished, by the renown he and was deservedly and warmly beacquired by his ability in inflicting the loved. He adorned his discourses with discipline of his sect on fair trespas- that melodious tone which some call

An exhibition of this kind at the Cameronian drawl, and which the tracted much noticem and the prudent pious Cowper complained of in the divine had the pleasure of seeing the Conventicles. Each sentence has & usual beauty of the softer part of his kind of starting note ; and I can disa flock augmented by the fair adherents cover remains of this old puritanical of a laxer kirk. I once, and but once, fashion in the eloquence of Wilberonly saw him employed in this thank-force and also Lord Milton. It would less and ungentle task; and I shall require some constraint in a pious never forget it. I see yet the vener- stranger to listen, without an inward able man rise in his place, the sun smile at least, to this continually rebeaming on his smooth bald head, and curring chorus. With a gifted preacher the scanty locks of white hair which I it is less ungraceful, for he contrives lamented' to see every year made thin- to make it tell in better time than an ner, hanging loosely on his neck; even ordinary man-still it might be spared; his dark-gray coat, with its huge hair but a very sensible divine told me, he buttons, must make a part of the pice dared as soon renounce predestination ture. Before him stood the miserable

as part with the "

twang;" it was as transgressor-she was in the bloom of dear to his flock as the memory

of youth, the only daughter of a respect- Richard Cameron. John Curtis, for áble farmer, and her fall had broken he abominated the prelatical designathe heart of her mother--as she arose tion of “ Master," was not an unfrea she trembled much, and looked im- quent, or unwelcome guest at my famoveably on the ground. The soft ther's house.--His coming was a visivoice of the pastor made her start like tation, for it came over our mirth as a the hiss of a serpent; she gave one cloud. He invariably was invited on wild look upward, and lifting a large week days ; Sunday was a day that blue mantle with both hands, dropped had higher duties ; his coming was the it over her head and body like a signal for seven children, I was one of shroud. I saw many an eye wet

, and them, to cease their play and pranks, mine did not remain quite dry. An and mix trembling with their mirth. old childless man, with an aspect of We became as quiet as a brood of cast-iron, said audibly," tear the cloak chickens over which the hawk is hofrom the harlot," and passed several vering. Even the nuts or raisins which rows of the hearers to remove it. The filled the pockets of this primitive perface of the preacher, which was not son, and which he divided among us without moisture, lowered down at

with many a clap on the head and beonce, and a look of bitter scorn and nediction, failed to inspire confidence. loathing arrested the intruder, as if he The last time I saw him was on &

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sunny knoll, at the end of his dwel- men and active men drawn up in a reling, airing one of the “ Pious Rem- gular confusion---the whole listening nants” flags which had been captured to the eloquence of my old friend by General Dalzell. It had remained Farely. Tħis, with a clear day and a unbeeded many years among the Ge- bright sun, must make an impression neral's descendants ; found its way, I of devotion on the most obtuse intelknow not how, into the hands of an inn- lect. But as the mason said of the kemper, and under this ancient and ho- wise men who sung, “Snow is beaunoiù able banner mine host was found tiful in its season, My certes,” said retailing spirits to the wondering rustics he, “it was easy for him, with his at the shooting for the Dumfries silver lasses and his wine, to sing so, had he gun. It was instantly purchased, and been a poor freestone mason, he would deposited in the hands of the pastor, by have sung another sang." For the whoin it was annually submitted to an weather. seemed sometimes to inherit airing, and the examination of the the rancour of the bloody Claverhouse, chosen, as I have described. The or the renowned chieftain of Lagg, to preacher who succeeded John Curtis, this persecuted race; and, instead of was Mr James Thomson ; he was re June giving one of her brightest and markable for a rapid delivery, I can balmiest days for the Sacrament, I have not say of very elegant sentences—and witnessed the heavy rain come down the “ tone" seemed a serious impedi- sans intermission for four stricken ment in his way. I heard him preach hours, as if ambitious to measure its the introductory, or, as the Camero- mercies by the length of the “ Action nians more properly call it, the “ AC- Sermon.” By some this circumstance tion Sermon” to a sacrament, and I was hailed as a divine acknowledgeendured him for four weary hours. ment of their presence and influence; He was singularly mysterious and con- and after some very dry weather I have troversial. He was, however, a fa- heard Mr Farley turn a timely thunvourite with the flock, and might have der shower to good account, by aposbeen esteemed, at his death, worthy of trophizing the Deity for his kindness ranking with some of the renowned to * this dry barren land.” On anoleaders

of the covenant. But by deep ther occasion--the morning was semeditation it was his destiny to dis rene during the introductory discourse, cover, that Scripture warranted belief and just as my friend Farley began to in a place of lesser punishment than administer the sacrament, a huge black hell; and though he backed it by cloud sailed from the westward, and quotations, it came on his flock with hung heavy and ominous over the cona clap and a cry wiich the charge of gregation. Ere the ladies could raise General Dalzell's dragoons would have their plaids, it descended perpendicufailed to excite. They looked on it as lar plump down, and the huge drops a supplemental purgatory—or as one of splashed off the bald crown of the the Cameronians said, “it was setting preacher, in a manner that Kemble up a chamber for wantonness in the would have envied in acting King pit,” or “ drawing," said another,

Lear. A Cameronian with an umstake and ryse dyke through the ever- brella, at that tiine an unusual thing lasting lake.” Death stept in and ar in the country, arose and stretchrested the preacher's discoveries, and ed it over the Professor's head, reclosed the clamour of his flock. gardless of himself. At this visible

The chief revolution in the affairs interposition between him and heaof the Cameronians of Dumfries-shire ven, the preacher was wroth, and said was affected at the death of John Cur- audibly, - Take the Pope's cap off tis. They had been driven by perse- me," and his conduct was highly apcution to preach on the mountains, plauded. and though persecution had ceased, on To such a congregation, after the the mountains they remained. Now, decease of John Curtis, my friend of it was certainly a beautiful and impres- the un ella ma a proposition to sive sight to see a congregation wor- have a chapel erected. And I question shipping God on a mountain side or a much if a proposal to go to mass would wild glen; to see the upright pulpit- have excited a stronger commotion rows of bared, and white, and bald particularly among those whom the heads decently ranged around

and measure meant to protect--the old and more extended ranks of beautiful wo infirm. He of the umbrella offered

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“ Shall we,

to subscribe largely himself, and pro morn to a stranger a grand and solemn mote the subscription among others, spectacle. hinting that many of the mernbers of The last time I was present at this the kirk favoured the cause, and would meeting I was invited to breakfast at be glad of an opportunity to display it. the house of a respectable and recentThe motion was well timed too, name- ly converted member of the “ Broken ly, at the close of one of those four- Remnant," a warm-hearted weaver, hours benedictions from a thunder a man of rare conversation-ready wit, cloud, which had urged its way through and cutting dry sarcasm. He was also the broad bonnets and thick plaids of as much celebrated for his poetry as the most obstinate believers. I cannot the unrivalled productions of his loom. enumerate to you all the bitter and His birds-eye, his barley-pickle, his brief exclamations of dismay and in- lowland plaiden, and fine linen, were dignation which this proposal excited. the theme of praise among the young The decided wrath of one old moorland maids in danger of being married--and dame I shall long remember, “ Foul to their praise I add mine. I have fall ye,” said she, starting up and hurl- proved his hospitality, and proved the ing her heavy clasped black print labours of his loom. I sat down to an Bible at the proposer's head, “foul ample breakfast with this Cameronian fall ye, ye deserve to be brained with worthy-his wife lively always, and the word ye hae abused;" and had once handsome his two sons inherithe of the umbrella not caught this ing their father's powers even to overreligious missile, as the Curtal fryar's flowing, and a solemn browed Camedogs caught the outlaw's arrows, name ronian from the borders of the moorly, as it tiew, he might have been num lands. This family auxiliary underbered with the martyrs.

took to pronounce a blessing on our said she, “who were hounded like good cheer; a serious trial of my deer to the mountains, there to wor- patience and appetite. I endured ship God in fear of evil men, shall we, his sermon for many minutes ; it was whom he marvellously protected there, in its nature controversial. He touchdoubt his providence, and descend to ed on the adventure at Drumclog, and keep yer coupled timber-yer covered addressed Providence in strong and cushions—and yer canopieid, fringed, familar terms anent the disaster at and painted prelatical pulpits—and yer Bothwell Brig. I looked piteous but walls of hewn stane—far frae me--fit resigned, and the good wite poured places are they, not for the word, but forth the tea. But then there came for ye ken what;”—and so she sat headings and hangings, and finings and down. The more sensible part reflect- confinings, and sad travels and sore toring, however, that the showers of tures. The good wife placed a plate of spring were cold—that the winds of smoking and savoury cake before him, autumn were not always gentle--and but he was not to be tempted ; she that winter indulged them with va threw a passing curse or two on parious and dubious blessings, under the tronage, still he was distant from our semblance of shows and sleets, and day half a century at least : I looked sudden thaws, resolved, that the erec with an imploring øye, and my entertion of a house of worship was a justi- tainer closed his, but I could see by fiable measure ; and a house was ac the sarcastic curl at the corners of his cordingly built. But the eloquent mouth that he was inwardly enjoying dame of the moorlands introduced a my misery. Once I stretched my hand, salvo, by which the sacrament was di- for I had half a mind, like the renownrected to be administered in the open ed and impatient goodman of Drumair, and so it still continues. Many breg, on a time of similar trial, 10 of the opulent and sympathizing mem- seize my cup with a cry of' “ ye have bers of the established kirk contributed done brawly man,” and cut short all largely to the expense, after warm and explanation by falling to. I endurineffectual remonstrances from the a ed it to an end however, and an exforenamed lady.

cellent breakfast, which would have exThe religious festival of the sacra tracted praise from Sir William Curment is commenced after due private tis, the potent king of good cheer, enapreparation by prayers of unwonted bled me to endure the infliction of a length, and the lonely broomy hollow return thanks," eminently curious where it is held exhibits on Sabbath and controversial. We then sallied

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forth to the preaching--the pastor had take of either Ram-Jam, Mid-Row, or
already commenced; it might be half Pinkie, three denominations of ale,
past nine o'clock. I was struck with for which the landlord was become
the magnitude and repose of the con- deservedly famous, and in the brew-
gregation. Besides the sodded seats ing of which, weak nerves, as well as
which held the oldest and most re a good head, had been doubtless con-
spectable members, the broom then, I sulted ;-and, thirdly and lastly, a
think, in full bloom, with all its per- dark-eyed damsel from the mountains
fume about it, was bent down for many wished for my private opinion anent
acres to form rural seats to Cameronian the sinfulness of dancing, and to in-
dames, and dames indeed of all per- struct me in a near road over the hills
suasions. There were many dressed to her father's house, which stood in
in the latest fashion; the old sim a remote glen on the stream of Ae.
ple mode of dress however prevail. While deeply employed in taking a
ed. Though all shewed deep symp- chart of this desart path, I could not
toms of devotion, and many of awe, avoid remarking with what particular
the young women by no means confin- gravity all were drinking, and many
ed their eyes, and many had bright ones, getting drunk. Consolation had been
to the contemplation of the preacher. poured forth in no stinted tide, for a
This festival always attracts an immense huge wall of empty vessels flanked the
multitude; and though the Cameronians entrance. The proprietor of this house
are the only communicants, all sects of call for the thirsty, was a ruddy
and denominations of Presbyterians carroty-headed rustic, who had con-
crowd to the place and occupy the va-

trived to draw down his cheeks for
cant ground. I saw many of the Ca- the occasion in a manner unusually
meronians with whom I had a personal solemn. He sat apart busied, or ap-
acquaintance, and a silent squeeze of parently busied, with that chief of all
the hand, or an acknowledgment, an sage books, the Young Man's Best
austere one, of the eye was all the re- Companion; while his daughter, as
cognition to be obtained. The list of active a girl as ever chalked a score to
offences and sects excluded from com a thirsty man, managed the business.
munication is extensive and curious. But his mind had wandered into a
they call it “ debarring"-Socinians, long and studious calculation of the
Arminians, Unitarians, Episcopalians, probable profit of his fermentations,
false teachers, promiscuous dancers, and the Book, which was only put
and playhouse frequenters. I cannot there as a decoy to the godly, was ne-
inflict the whole of this tremendous ca- glected. I contrived to withdraw it
talogue upon you. One prudent and unperceived from before him, and for
warning exclusion I cannot omit to this feat I was rewarded by a grim
mention, namely, that of all wives who smile from a broad bonneted son of
disobey their husbands.

Cameron, and a snuff from a Tuphorn
In the green hedge-row lane, lead- with a silver lid. On returning to
ing to the tent of the preacher, various the meeting, the stars were beginning
stalls were established by persons who to glimmer amongst the thin mist of
thought-as godliness was great gain, the summer evening, and I could see
great gain was godliness. Here re groupes, already at some distance, of
freshments of all kinds, particularly the spectators retiring home. Far
liquid consolation, abounded, and one differently demeaned themselves the
tent, rivalling in dimensions the ta- pious remnant. They crowded round
bernacle of the preacher, looked pre- their preacher's tent after the repose
sumptuously down from the very crest of a brief intermission, and I left
of the hill on its more devout neigh- them enjoying a mysterious lecture
bour below. Here the owner of a on Permission, Predestination, Free
neighbouring public house had esta- Grace, The Elect, and Effectual Cal-
blished himself, and into this canvass ling.
- mansion in a moment of weakness I was I am now, and I say it with sor-
tempted to enter. I had sundry rea row, far removed from the society of
sons for this piece of backsliding ; - those exemplary and pious people; and
first, I had become wearied with the I heard, I confess, with something of
unexampled length and tediousness of an old Cameronian, spirit and regret,
the before mentioned four hours ser that a proposition has been made to
- mon ;-secondly, I was desirous to para remove the meeting House into the

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