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In testimony whereof, the said Lewis Cass and Duncan M‘Arthur,

commissioners as aforesaid, and the sachems, chiefs, and warriors, of the Wyandot, Seneca, Shawnese, Delaware, Potawatoma, Ottaway, and Chippewa, tribes of Indians, have hereunto set their hands, at the foot of the Rapids of the Miami of Lake Erie, this twenty-ninth day of September, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventeen.



Runtunde, or War Pole,

Aronue, or Cherokee Boy,
Okemance, or the Young Chicf,

T. Aruntue, or Between the Logs,
Shinguax, or Ceder,

D. Wottondt, or Jno. Hicks,

T. Undetaso, or Geo. Punch,

Menonkue, or Thomas,
Sheginack, or Black Bird,

Undauwa, or Matthews.
Mintougaboit, or the Devil


Kithtuwheland, or Anderson,

Punchhuck, or Capt. Beaver,
Chemokeomon, or American,

Tahunqcecoppi, or Capt. Pipe,

Matwaash, or Heard Fell Down,

Aweallesa, or Whirlwind.

Pensweguesic, the Jay Bird,

Cateweckesa, or Black Hoof,
Weabskewen, or the White Man,

Biaseka, or Wolf,

Pomthe, or Walker,

Shemenetu, or Big Snake,

Chacalowa, or Tail's End,

Pemthata, or Perry,
W’ynemakons, or the Front,

Othawakeska, or Yellow Feather,

Wawathethaka, or Capt. Reed,


Quitewe, War Chief,

Cheacksca, or Captain Tom,

Quitawepea, or Captain Lewis.
Papekitcha, or Flat Belly,

Medonin, or Corn,
Saguemai, or Musketo,

Methomea, or Civil John,
Waweacee, or Full Moon,

Sacourewaeghta, or Wiping Stick,

Shekoghkele, or Big Turtle,

Aquasheno, or Joe,

Wakenuceno, White Man,

Samendue, or Captain Sigore,

Skilleway, or Robbin,



Tontagimi, or the Dog,

Misquegin, M.Carty,


Wabinsheway, White Elk,

Gabriel, or Gabiniai,






Chechalk, or Crane.


Kusha. Dunquad, or Half King, In presence of Wm. Turner, Secretary to the Commissioners. John Johnston, In

dian Agent. B. F. Stickney, Indian Agent. W. Knaggs, Indian Agent. G. God-
froy, Indian Agent. R. A. Forsyth, jr. Secretary Indian Department.

Sworn Interpreters.
William Conner, H. W. Walker, Jno. R. Walker, James M.Pherson, F. Duchou-
quet, A. Shaw, J. B. Beaugrand, Peter Ryley, Henry I. Hunt, Jos. Vance, Jonathan
Leslie, Alvan Coe, John Gunn, C. L. Cass, Lt. U. S. Army.

To the Indian names is subjoined a mark.

Schedule referrcd to in the foregoing treaty, and to be taken and

considered as part thereof. Appropriation

Three sections, to contain six hundred and forty acres each, are to of part of the be reserved out of the tract of twelve miles square to be granted to the lands granted to Wyandots. One of the said sections is to be appropriated to the use the Wyandots. of a missionary, one for the support of schools, and one for the support

of mechanics, and to be under the direction of the chiefs. Two sections, of six hundred and forty acres each, are to be granted to each of the following persons, being the chief of the Wyandot tribe, and his six counsellors, namely: Doouquod, or half king; Routoudu, or Warpole; Tauyaurontoyou, or Between the logs; Dawatout, or John Hicks; Manocue, or Thomas; Sauyoudautausaw, or George Ruuh; and Haw

dowuwaugh, or Matthews. Division of the

And, after deducting the fifteen sections thus to be disposed of, the remainder. residue of the said tract of twelve miles square is to be equally divided

among the following persons, namely: Hoocue, Roudootouk, Mahoma, Naatoua, Mautanawto, Maurunquaws, Naynuhanky, Abrm. Williams, sen. Squautaugh, Tauyouranuta, Tahawquevouws, Dasharows, Trayhetou, Hawtooyou, Maydounaytove, Neudooslau, Deecalrautousay, Iloutooyemaugh, Datoowawna, Matsaye-aanyourie, James Ranken, Sentumass, Tahautoshowweda, Madudara, Shaudauaye, Shamadeesay, Sommodowot, Moantaau, Nawsottomaugh, Maurawskinquaws, Tawtoolowme, Shawdouyeayourou, Showweno, Dashoree, Sennewdorow, Toayttooraw, Mawskattaugh, Tahawshodeuyea, Ilaunarawreudee, Shauromou, Tawyaurontoreyea, Roumelay, Nadocays, Carryumanductaugh, Bigarıns, Madonrawcays, IIaurauoot, Syhrundash, Tahorowtsemdee, Roosayn, Dautoresay, Nashawtoomous, Skawduutoutec, Sanorowsha, Nautennee, Youausha, Aumatourow, Ohoutautoon, Tawyougaustayou, Sootonteeree, Dootooau, IIawreewaucudee, Yourahatsa, Towntoreshaw, Syuwewataugh, Cauyou, Omitztseshaw, Gausawaugh, Skashowayssquaw, Mawdovdoo, Narowayshaus, Nawcatay, Isuhowhayeato, Myatousha, Tauoodowma, Youhrco, George Williains, Oharvatoy, Saharossor, Isaac Williams, Squindatee, Mayeatohot, Lewis Coon, Isatouque or John Coon, Tawaunnanocay or E. Wright, Owawtatuu, Isontraudee, Tomatsahoss, Sarrahoss, Tauyoureehoryeow, Saudotoss, Toworordu or Big Ears, Tauomatsarau, Tahoroudoyou or Two, Daureehau, Dauoreenu, Trautohauweetough, Yourowquains or the widow of the Crane, Caunaytoma, Hottomorrow, Taweesho, Dauquausay, Toumou, Hoogaudoorow, Newdeetoutow, Dawhowhouk, Daushouteehawk, Sawaronuis, Norrorow, Tawwass, Tawareroons, Neshaustay, Toharratough, Taurowtotucawaa, Youshindauyato, Tauosanays, Sadowerrais, Isanowtowtouk or Fox Widow, Sauratoudo or William Zane, Hayanoise or Ebenezer Zane, Mawcasharrow or widow M'Cullock, Susannah, Teshawtaugh, Bawews, Tamataurank, Razor, Rahisaus, Cudeetore, Shawnetaurew, Tatrarow, Cuqua, Yourowon, Sauyounaoskra, Tanorawayout, · Howcuquawdorow, Gooyeamee, Dautsaqua, Maudamu, Sanoreeshoc,

Hauleeyeatausay, Gearoohee, Matoskrawtouk, Dawweeshoe, Sawyoura

wot, Nacudseoranauaurayk, Youronurays, Scoutash, Serroymuch, Iloondeshotch, Ishuskeah, Dusharraw, Ondewaus, Duyewtale, Roueyoutacolo, Hoonorowyoutacob, Ilownorowduro, Nawanaunonelo, Tolhomanona, Chiyamik, Tyyeak wheunohale, Aushewhowole, Schowondashres, Mondushawquaw, Tayoudrakele, Giveriahes, Sootreeshuskoh, Suyouturaw, Tiudee, Tahorroshoquaw, Irahkasquaw, Ishoreameusuwat, Curoweyottell, Noriyettete, Siyarech, Testeatete.

The thirty thousand acres for the Senecas upon the Sandusky river, Division of the is to be equally divided among the following persons, namely: Syuwa- Jands granted to sautau, Nawwene, Joseph, Iscumetaugh or Picking up a club, Orawhaotodic or Turn over, Saudaurous or Split the river, Tahowtoorains or Jo Smce, Isponıduare Yellow-bay, Dashowrowramou or Drifting sand, Hlauautounasquas, Hamyautuhow, Tahocayn, Howdautauyeao or King George, Standing Bones, Cyahaga or Fisher, Suthemoore, Red Skin, Mentauteehoore, Hyanashraman or Knife in his hand, Running About, John Smith, Carrying the Basket, Cauwauay or Striking, Rewaureato or Carrying the news, IIalf up the IIill, Trowyoudoys or G. Hunter, Spike Buck, Caugooshow or Clearing up, Mark on his Ilip, Captain Ilams, Isetaune or Crying often, Taunerowyea or Two companies, Haudonwauays or Stripping the river, Isohauhasay or Tall chief, Tahowmandoyou, Ilowyouway or Paddling, Clouding up, Youwautowtoyou or Burnt his body, Shetouyouwee or Sweet foot, Tauhaugainstoany or Holding his hand about, Oharrawtodee or Turning over, Hlaucaumarout, Sarrowsauismatare or Striking sword, Sadudeto, Oshoutoy or Burning berry, Hard IIickery, Curetscetau, Youronocay or Isaac, Youtradowwonlee, Newtauyaro, Tayouonte or Old foot, Tauosanetce, Syunout or Give it to her, Doonstough or hunch on his forehead, Tyaudusout or Joshua IIendricks, Taushaushaurow or Cross the arms, Henry, Youwaydauyea or the Island, Armstrong, Shake the Ground, His Neck Down, Youheno, Towotoyoudo or Looking at her, Captain Smith, Tobacco, Standing Stone, Ronunaise or Wiping stick, Tarsduhatse or Large bones, Hamanchagave, llouse Fly or Maggot, Roudouma or Sap running, Big Belt, Cat Bone, Sammy, Taongauats or Round the point, Ramuye or Hold the sky, Mentoududu, Iownotant, Slippery nose, Tauslowquowsay or Twenty wives, Hoogaurow or Mad man, Collee-house, Long Hair.

The tract of ten miles square at Wapaghkonetta is to be equally Division of the divided anong the following persons, namely: The Black Iloof, Pomthe tract at Waor Walker, Piaseka or Wolf, Shemenutu or Snake, Othawakeseka or

paghkonetta. Yellow feather, Penethata or Perry, Chacalaway or the End of the tail, Quitawee or War chief, Sachachewa, Wasew weela, Wasewecla or Bright horn, Othawsa or Yellow, Tepetoseka, Caneshemo, Newabetucka, Cawawescucka, Thokutchema, Setakosheka, Topee or James Saunders, Meshenewa, Tatiape, Pokechaw, Alawaymotakah, Lalloway or Perry, Wabemce, Nemekoshe, Nenepemesliequr or Cornstalk, Sheshe, Shawabaghke, Naneskaka, Thakoska or David M Nair, Skapakake, Shapoquata, Peapakseka, Quaghquona, Quotowame, Nitaskeka, Thakaska or Spy buck, Pekathchseka, Tewaskoota or James Blue Jacket, Calavesa, Quaho, Kaketchheka or W. Perry, Swapee, Peektvo or Davy Baker, Skokapowa or George M.Dougall, Chepakosa, Shemay or Sam, Chiakoska or Captain Tom, General Wayne, Thaway, Othawee, Wecasesaka or Captain Reed, Lewaytaka, Tegoshea or George, Skekacumsheka, Wesheshemo, Mawenatcheka, Quashke, Thaswa, Baptieste, Waywalapec, Peshequkame, Chakalakce or Tom, Keywaypee, Egotacumshequa, Wabepee, Aquashequa, Pemotah, Nepaho, Takepee, Toposheka, Lathawanomo, Sowaghkota or Yellow clouds, Meenkesheka, Asheseka, Ochipway, Thapaeka, Chakata, Nakacheka, Thathouakata, Paytokothe, Palaske, Shesheloo, Quanaqua, Kalkoo, Toghshena, Capowa, Ethowakosee, Quaquesha, Capea, Thakatcheway, The man going

up liill, Magotha, Tecumtequa, Setepakothe, Kekentha, Shiatwa, Shiab. wasson, koghkela, Akopee or a lieep of any thing, Lamatothe, Kesha, Pankoor, Peitehthator or Peter, Metchepelah, Capeah, Showagame, Wawaleepesheeka, Meewensheka, Nanemepahtoo or Trotter, Painitchepetoo, Chalequa, Tetetee, Lesheshe, Nawabasheka or white feather, Skepakeskeshe, Tenakee, Shemaka, Pasheto, Thiatcheto, Metchemetcle, Chacowa, Lawathska, Potchetee or the Man without a tail, Awabaneshekaw, Patacoma, Lamakesheka, Papashow, Weathaksheka, Peway

pee, Totah, Canaqua, Skepakutcheka, Welviesa, Kitahoe, Neentakoshe, Division of the Oshaishe, Chilosce, Quilaisha, Mawethaque, Akepee, Quelenee. The tract at Ilog tract of five miles square, at IIog creek, is to be equally divided among Creek.

the following persons, namely: Peeththa, Onowashim, Pematheywa, Wabekesheke, Leeso, Pohcaywese, Shemagauashe, Nehquakahucka, Papaskootepa, Meamepetvo, Welawenaka, Petiska, Ketuckepe, Lawitchetce, Epaumee, Chanacke, Jose, Lanawytucka, Shawaynaka, Wawa

tashewa, Ketaksosa, Shashekopcah, Lakose, Quinaska. Division of the The tract of forty-eight square miles, including Lewistown, is to be tract including equally divided among the following persons, namely: ShawnoeseLewistown.

Colonel Lewis, Polly Kizer, Theueteseepuah or Weed, Calossete, Vamauweke, Waucumsee, Skitlewa, Nayabepe, Wosheta, Nopamago, Willesque, Salock, Walathe, Silversmith, Siatha, Toseluo, Jemmy M•Donald, Jackson, Mohawk Thomas, Silverhcels, John, Wewachee, Cassic, Atshena, Frenchman, Squesenau, Goohunt, Manwealte, Walisee, Billy, Thawwamee, Wopsquitty, Naywale, Big Turtle, Nolawat, Nawalippa, Razor, Blue, Tick, Nerer, Falling Star, IIale Clock, Hisoscock, Essquaseeto, Geore, Nuussome, Sauhanoe, Joseph, Scotowe, Battease, Crow, Shilling, Scotta, Nowpour, Nameawah, Quemauto, Snife, Captain, Taudeteso, Sonrise, Sowget, Deshau, Lettle Lewis, Jacquis, Tonaout, Swaunacou, General, Cussaboll, Bald, Crooked Stick, Wespata, Newasa, Garter, Porcupine, Pocaloche, Wocheque, Sawquaha, Enata, Panther, Colesetos, Joe. Senecas — (Civil John, Wild Duck, Tall Man, Molasses, Ash, Nahanexa, Tasauk, Agusquenah, Roughleg, Quequesaw, Playful, IIairlip, Sieutinque, IIillnepewayatuska, Tauhunsequa, Nynoah, Suchusque, Leemutque, Treuse, Sequate, Caumecus, Scowneti, Tocondusque, Conhowdatwaw, Cowista, Nequatren, Cowhousted, Gillwas, Axtaca, Conawwehow, Suttcasce, Kiahoot, Crane, Silver, Bysaw, Crayfiste, Woollyhead, Conundahaw, Shacosaw, Coindos, Ilutchequa, Nayau, Connodose, Coneseta, Nesluauta, Owl, Cou

auka, Cocheco, Couewash, Sinnecowacheckowe or Leek. Division of the

The tract of three miles square for the Delaware Indians, adjoining tract for the the tract of twelve miles square upon the Sandusky river, is to be Delawares. equally divided among the following persons, namely: Captain Pipe,

Zeshauan or James Armstrong, Mahawtoo or John Armstrong, Sanowdoyeasquaw or Silas Armstrong, Teorow or Black Raccoon, HIawdorowwatistie or Billy Montour, Buck Wheat, William Dondee, Thomas Lyons, Johnny Cake, Captain Wolf, Isaac Hill, John IIill, Tishatahoones or widow Armstrong, Ayenucere, Iloomaurow or John Ming, Youdorast.


DUNCAN MCARTHUR, } Commissioners.


Between the United States and the Creek nation of Indians, made Jan. 22, 1818.

and concluded at the Creek Agency, on Flint river, the twenty. Proclamation, second day of January, in the year of our Lord one thousand March 28, 1818. eight hundred and eighteen.

JAMES Moxror, President of the United States of America, by David Brydie Mitchell, of the state of Georgia, agent of Indian affairs for the Creek nation, and sole commissioner, specially appointed for that purpose, on the one part, and the undersigned kings, chiess, head men, and warriors, of the Creek nation, in council assembled, on behalf of the said nation, of the other part, have entered into the following articles and conditions, viz:

Art. 1. The said kings, chiefs, head men, and warriors, do hereby The Creeks agree, in consideration of certain sums of money to be paid to the said cede two tracts Creek nation, by the government of the United States, us hereinafter of land to U. S. stipulated, to cede and forever quit claim, [and do, in behalf of their said nation, liereby cede, relinquish, and forever quit claim, Junto the United States, all right, title, and interest, which the said nation have, or claim, in or unto, the two following tracts of land, situate, lying, and being, within the following bounds; that is to say : 1st. Be Bounds of tho ginning at the mouth of Goose Creek, on the Alatamahau river, thence, first tract. along the line leading to the Mounts, at the head of St. Mary's river, to the point where it is intersected by the line run by the commissioners of the United States under the treaty of Fort Jackson, thence, along the said last-mentioned line, to a point where a line, leaving the same, shall run the nearest and a direct course, by the head of a creek called by the Indians Alcasalekie, to the Ocmulgcc river; thence, down the said (cmulgee river, to its junction with the Oconee, the two rivers there forming the Alatamahau; thence, down the Alatamahau, to the first-mentioned bounds, at the mouth of Goose creek. 21. Beginning at the high shoals of the Appalachee river, and from

Second tract. thence, along the line designated by the treaty inade at the city of Washington, on the fourteenth day of November, one thousand eight hundred and fifteen, to the Clcofouhatchie, it being the first large branch, or fork, of the Oemulgee, above the Seven Islands; thence, up the eastern bank of the Ulcofouhatchie, by the water's edge, to where the path, leading from the high shoals of the Appalachie to the shallow ford on the Chatahochie, crosses the same; and, from thence, along the said path, to the shallow ford on the (hatahochie river; thence, up the Chatahochie river, by the water's edge, on the eastern side, to Suwannee old town; thence, by a direct line, to the head of Appalachie; and thence, down the same, to the first-mentioned bounds at the high shoals of Appalachie.

Art. 2. It is hereby stipulated and agreed, on the part of the United Payment for States, as a full consideration for the two tracts of land ceded by the Creek nation in the preceding article, that there shall be paid to the Creek nation by the United States, within the present year, the sum of twenty thousand dollars, and ten thousand dollars shall be paid annually for the term of ten succeeding years, without interest; making, in the whole, eleven payments in the course of eleven years, the present year inclusive; and the whole sum to be paid, one hundred and twenty thousand dollars.

said cession.

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