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BLAIR, REV. DR. An eminent minister of the Scottish Church: author of "Lectures on Rhetoric," etc. Born 1718; died 1800. BLAIR, REV. ROBERT. A Scottish divine, whose poem on "The Grave" has won for him a lasting renown. Born 1699; died 1746. BLAMIRE, SUSAN. An English poetess, who wrote a number of admired lyrics in the Scottish dialect. Born 1747; died 1794. BLANCHARD, LAMAN. A judicious editor and able magazinist. Born 1803; died 1845. BLESSINGTON, LADY. As remarkable for her literary ability as for her personal beauty. Among her most popular works are "The Victims of Society," and "Conversations with Lord Byron." Born 1789; died 1849. BLOMFIELD, BISHOP. An eminent scholar and theologian. Born 1786; died 1857. BLOOMFIELD, ROBERT. Author of the well-known rural poem-"The Farmer's Boy." Born 1766; died 1823.

BLUNT, REV. HENRY. Celebrated for his "Lectures on the History of St. Paul." Born 1794 died 1843.

BLUNT, REV. J. H. Author of " Directorium Pastorale," etc.

BOGART, ELIZABETH. An American poetess. BOGATZKY, KARL H. A German theologian: author of "The Golden Treasury." Born 1690; died 1774:

BOGUE, REV. DAVID. A Scottish divine, and one of the first editors of "The Evangelical Magazine." Born 1750; died 1825.

BOILEAU, NICOLAS. A distinguished French poet and satirist. His best productions are "The Reading-Desk" and "The Art of Poetry." Born 1636; died 1711.

BOIS, ABBE DU. A French missionary, who wrote, in English, "The Characters, Manners, and Institutions of the People of India." Born 1765; died 1848.

BOLEYN, ANNE. Queen of Henry VIII., and mother of Queen Elizabeth. Born 1507; beheaded 1536.

BOLINGBROKE, LORD. A renowned states

man and political writer: Pope pronounced him "the best writer of his age." Born 1678; died 1751. BOLTON, REV. ROBËRT. An English scholar and divine: author of "Helpes to Humiliation," etc. Born 1572; died 1631. BONAPARTE, PRINCE. An illustrious French naturalist: "Illustrations of the Italian Fauna" is his best production. Born 1803; died 1857. BONAR, REV. DR. Author of "Hymns of Born 1808. French poet.

Faith and Hope," etc. BONNARD, DE. A died 1784.



Born 1744;

Famed as an English actor,

and author of "The Death of Dido," a drama. Born 1681; died 1733.


BORROW, GEORGE. The friend of the Gipsy tribes: his most popular book is "The Bible in Spain." Born 1803. BOSQUIERI, PHILIP BOSSENT, JAMES B. Born 1627: died BOSSUET, BISHOP. A distinguished French divine and pulpit orator. Born 1627; died 1704BOSTON, REV. THOMAS. A Scottish Presbyterian divine: author of "Human Nature in its Fourfold State," etc. Born 1676; died 1732. BOSWELL, JAMES. The biographer of Dr. Johnson; Lord Macaulay styles him "the first of biographers." Born 1740; died 1795. BOUFFLERS, MARSHAL. An illustrious French commander. Born 1644; died 1711. BOURRIENNE, GENERAL. The private secretary and biographer of Napoleon I. Born 1769; died 1834.

BOWDLER, JOHN. Author of "Select Pieces in Verse and Prose," etc. Born 1783; died 1815. BOWLES, CAROLINE. A poetess universally

admired. After twenty years of friendship, st became the wife of Dr. Southey. Born 1787. died 1854. BOWLES, REV. WILLIAM L. An eminent English poet: author of "The Spirit of Discovery," etc. Born 1762; died 1850. BOWRING, SIR JOHN. An English statesman and linguist, rendered famous by his attainments in the Sclavonic languages. Born 1792. BOWYER, REV. THOMAS

BOYD, REV. DR. The popular author of "The Recreations of a Country Parson," etc.

BOYLE, HON. ROBERT. An illustrious philosopher and lover of science, who founded and endowed "The Boyle Lectures." Born 1626; died 1691.

BOYSE, SAMUEL. An English poet. Born 1708; died 1749. BOZIUS.

BRADFORD, REV. JOHN. A famous Protestant divine. Born about 1510; martyred 1555. BRADLEY, REV. CHARLES. Author of "Practical Sermons."

BRAINARD, JOHN G. C. An American poet and editor. Born 1796; died 1828. BRAINERD, REV. DAVID. The celebrated missionary to the Indians. Born 1718; died 1747. BRANDE, WILLIAM T. An eminent English chemist: author of an excellent "Dictionary of Science, Literature, and Art." Born 1788; died 1866.

BRANDON, LORD. A Court favourite. Died 1545

BREMER, FREDERIKA. A Swedish novelist of great ability. Born 1802; die d 1866. BRET, ANTOINE. A French littérateur. Born 1717; died 1792. BREWER, REV. DR. Author of "Theology in Science," etc.

BREWSTER, SIR DAVID. The illustrious astronomer: author of "More Worlds than One," etc. Born 1781; died 1868.

BRIDGE, REV. STEPHEN. A much-esteemed
English clergyman.

BRIDGES, REV. CHARLES. The well-known
commentator on Psalm CXIX.
Died 1869.


BRODIE, SIR BENJAMIN C. The distinguished English surgeon. Born 1783; died 1862. BRODRICK, REV. ÄLAN. Author of "Forest Poems," etc.

BROME, RICHARD. A popular_English_dramatist, originally a servant of Ben Jonson. Died 1652. BROOKE, REV. STOPFORD A. Author of "The Life and Letters of Frederick W. Robertson," etc. BROOKS, MRS. M. G. An American poetess. Born 1795: died 1845. BROOKS, REV. THOMAS.

A celebrated

Puritan writer: author of "Heaven on Earth," etc. Born 1608; died 1680. BROOKS, SHIRLEY BROOME, REV. DR. Beside the composition of his own poems, he contributed several books to Pope's translation of "The Odyssey." Died 1745. BROTHERTON, JOSEPH BROUGH, BISHOP

BROUGHAM, LORD. A popular British orator, statesman, and writer: author of "Historical Sketches of Statesmen of the Time of George III." etc. Born 1779; died 1871.

BROWN, FRANCES. The blind poetess. Born 1816.

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BROWNE, BISHOP. The distinguished expositor of the XXXIX. Articles. Born 1811. BROWNE, MARY A. "The Coronal" is her best poem. Born 1812; died 1846.

BROWNE, REV. H. J. BROWNE, SIR THOMAS. An eminent antiquary and physician: author of "Religio Medici, etc. Born 1605; died 1682.

BROWNING, MRS. A first-class English poetess: her chief work is entitled "Aurora Leigh." Born 1809; died 1861. BROWNING, ROBERT. Author of "The Ring and the Book," etc.

Born 1812.

BRUCE, MICHAEL. A singularly plaintive and elegant poet. Born 1746; died 1767. BRUCE, REV. ROBERT. An able Scottish clergyman. Born 1554; died 1631. BRUYERE, JEAN DE LA. An illustrious French writer and moralist. "Les Caractères de Theophraste" is his principal work. Born 1644; died 1696.

BRYAN, MICHAEL. Author of "A Biographical and Critical Dictionary." Born 1757; died


BRYANT, WILLIAM C. A well-known American poet. "Thanatopsis" is regarded by many as his finest poem. Born 1794. BRYDGES, SIR SAMUEL E. An able genealogist, topographer, and bibliographer, yet a man of eccentric character. Born 1762; died 1837. BUCHOLTZER, REV. ABRAHAM. A German divine, and an intimate friend of Melancthon. Born 1529; died 1584. BUCK, REV. CHARLES.

Author of "A Theological Dictionary," etc. Born 1771; died 1815. BUCKE, CHARLES. An eloquent English writer author of "The Beauties, Harmonies, and Sublimities of Nature," etc. Born 1781; died 1847

BUCKINGHAM, JAMES S. A celebrated English traveller and temperance lecturer. Born 1786; died 1855.

BUCKLAND, REV. DR. Distinguished more as a geologist than as a divine. His principal work is "Geology and Mineralogy Considered with Reference to Natural Theology." 1784; died 1856.


BUCKLE, HENRY T. A political and historical philosopher: author of "The History of Civilization in Europe." Born 1822; died 1862. BUCKMINSTER, REV. JOSEPH S. A gifted American divine and competent scholar. 1784; died 1812.


BUDGELL, EUSTACE. An able contributor to "The Spectator," etc. Born 1685; drowned 1736. BUFFON, COMTE DE. Said to be "the most eloquent, if not the most accurate, of naturalists.' Born 1707; died 1788.

BULLINGER, REV. HEINRICH. A Swiss pastor and reformer; his works are chiefly controversial. Born 1504; died 1575. BULLOCK, REV. CHARLES. Editor of "Our Own Fireside," etc.

BUNSEN, CHEVALIER VON. An illustrious German theologian, historian, and archeologist: author of "Egypt's Place in Universal History," etc. Born 1791; died 1860. BUNYAN, JOHN. Styled "the Bishop of the Baptists." His " WPilgrim's Progress" has won for him a world-wide and lasting popularity. Born 1628; died 1688. BURKE, EDMUND. A most illustrious statesman, orator, and political writer. Among his chief works is "An Inquiry into the Origin of our Ideas of the Sublime and Beautiful." Born 1730; died 1797.

BURLEIGH, LORD. An eminent English statesman. Born 1520; died 1598.

BURNET, BISHOP. A British historian of considerable renown. Born 1643; died 1715. BURNS, REV. J. D. Author of "The Vision of Prophecy," etc.


BURNS, ROBERT. "The national poet of Scotland." Born 1759; died 1796. BURRILL, JAMES. An American lawyer and senator. Born 1772; died 1820. BURRITT, ELIHU. Styled "the Learned Blacksmith:" author of "Sparks from the Anvil," and "A Voice from the Forge." Born 1811. BURROUGHS, REV. JEREMIAH. Author of "Gospel Conversation," and other devout works which were highly esteemed. Born 1599. died 1646. BURTON, REV. ROBERT. A celebrated English humorist and philosopher; universally known by "The Anatomy of Melancholy." Born 1576; died about 1640.

BURY, BISHOP DE. Author of "A Treatise on the Love of Books." Born 1287; died 1345. BUSH, REV. PROFESSOR. A famous American commentator. Born 1796; died 1860. BUSHNELL, REV. DR. His most important work is "Nature and the Supernatural as together constituting the One System of God." Born BUSSY-RABUTIN, COUNT DE. A distin guished French wit and satirist. Born 1618: died 1693.


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CÆSAR, JULIUS. "Dictator of Rome." Born 100 B.C.; fell beneath the daggers of political conspirators, 44 B.C. CAIRD, REV. DR. A Scottish minister and pulpit orator of great note: author of "The Religion of Common Life," etc. Born 1822. CALDERON. A famous Spanish dramatist. Born 1601; died 1681.

CALDERWOOD, REV. DAVID. A celebrated Scottish divine: author of "A History of the Church of Scotland." Born 1575; died 1651. CALDWELL, ROBERT. A modern English poet.

CÁLENIUS, WALTER. A noted Welsh his

torian, who flourished about 1120. CALTHROP, REV. GORDON. Author of "Words Spoken to my Friends.'

CALVIN, JOHN. The distinguished reformer and commentator. Born 1509; died 1564. CAMDEN, WILLIAM. An eminent English antiquary: his most celebrated work is "Britannia sive Regnorum Angliæ," etc. Born 1551: died 1623.

CAMIENS, LOUIS DE. A famous Portuguese poet. Born 1524; died 1579.

CAMPBELL, LORD. An illustrious British lawyer and statesman: author of "The Lives of the Chancellors of England," etc. Born 1779:

died 1861.

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CAREW, THOMAS. An English poet and royal favourite. Born 1589; died 1639.

CAREY, REV. DR. A celebrated orientalist and missionary. Born 1761; died 1834. CARLETON, WILLIAM. A famous Irish novelist: his "Traits and Stories of the Irish Peasantry" is an exceedingly popular book. Born 1798; died 1869.

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CARLISLE, EARL. Author of "A Diary in Turkish and Greek Waters.' Born 1802; died 1864.

CARLYLE, THOMAS. The distinguished British essayist, historian, and speculative philosopher. Born 1795.

CARPENTER, DR. Editor of "Popular Readings." Born 1813.


CARTWRIGHT, REV. WILLIAM. An English poet and eloquent preacher. Born 1611; died 1643.

CARY, ALICE. An American authoress, who has obtained considerable popularity in Europe as well as in her own native land. Born about 1822. CARYL, REV. JOSEPH, Author of "An Exposition of Job." Born 1602; died 1673. CASAS, BARTOLOMEO DE LAS. A celebrated Spanish prelate, whose "General History of the Indies" is invaluable. Born 1474; died 1566. CASSIODORUS, MAGNUS A. A Roman senator and historian, subsequently a monk. Born about 468; died about 570. CATHERALL.

CATO, MARCUS P. Denominated by Cicero "the Father of his Country." Born 95 B.C.; ended his life by falling on his own sword, 46 B.C. CAUNTER, REV. H.

CAUSSIN, NICOLAS. A celebrated French writer and Jesuit. His work entitled "The Holy Court" met with an immense circulation. Born 1582; died 1651.

CECIL, LORD. An able and upright statesman: author of "The State and Dignity of a Secretary of State." Born 1563; died 1612.

CECIL, REV. RICHARD. One of the most eminent preachers of the English Church. Beside a series of sermons, he wrote "The Life of the Rev. John Newton." Born 1748; died 1810. CERVANTES, MIGUEL DE. "The Shakspeare of Spain," and the famous author of "Don Quixote." Born 1547; died 1616.

CHALMERS, REV. DR. A divine and writer "on whose like Scotland will not soon look again." Born 1780; died 1847

CHAMBERS, DR. WILLIAM. "Essays," etc.


Author of

CHANNING, REV. DR. An eloquent divine. and advocate of peace and liberty. Born 1780; died 1842.

CHAPIN, REV. DR. A distinguished American preacher and orator: author of "Humanity in the City," etc. Born 1814.

CHAPLIN, REV. JEREMIAH. President of Waterville College, Maine. Born 1776; died 1841. CHAPMAN, GEORGE. An English dramatist and translator. Born 1557; died 1634. CHAPONE, HESTER. An English authoress of considerable merit: her "Letters on the Improver ent of the Mind" are greatly prized. Born 1727; died 1801.

CHARLES I. King of England. Born 1600; beheaded 1649.

CHARLES XII. King of Sweden. Boin 1682; killed 1718.

CHARLESWORTH, MARIA L. The popular authoress of "Ministering Children," etc. CHARNOCK, REV. STEPHEN. Celebrated for his "Discourses on Providence." Born 1628; died 1680. CHARRON, PIERRE. An eminent French philosopher and priest. His principal work is a Traité de la Sagesse." Born 1531; died 1603. CHATEAUBRIAND, VISCOUNT DE. An illustrious French writer: author of "Genie du Christianisme. Born 1768; died 1848. CHATHAM, LORD. A renowned and eloquent statesman. Born 1708; died 1778. CHATTERTON, THOMAS. An English poet of considerable promise, but whose life was cut short by poison. Born 1752; died 1770. CHAUCER, GEOFFREY. "The Father of English Poetry." The celebrated "Canterbury Tales" are reckoned his best compositions. Born 1328; died 1400.


Author of "Lectures

on the Pilgrim's Progress," etc. CHENEDOLLE, CHARLES J. DE. An eminent French poet: his principal poem is entitled "Le Génie de l'Homme." Born 1769; died 1833


CHESTERFIELD, LORD. An English statesman of brilliant accomplishments, but intense vanity and ambition: his fame as an author rests on his "Letters to his Son." Born 1694; died

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CHEYNE, DR. A famous Scotch physician and essayist. Born 1671; died 1742.


CHILLINGWORTH, REV. WILLIAM. eminent divine and controversialist: author of "The Religion of Protestants," etc. Born 1602; died 1644 CHRYSOSTOM, ST. A pre-eminent Greek Father, designated "the Golden-Mouthed:" his writings consist of commentaries, treatises, and sermons. Born 347; died 407.

CHURCH, REV. R. W. Author of "Sermons on Great Texts."

CHURCHILL, REV. CHARLES. Known more as a poet than as a divine. "The Conference," a poem, is his master-piece. Born 1731; died 1764. CHURCHYARD, THOMAS. An English versifier: author of "The Worthiness of Wales," etc. Born about 1520; died 1604.

CIBBER, COLLEY. A witty English dramatist and actor. Born 1671; died 1757.

CICERO. "The Prince of Roman Orators." Born 106 B.C.; murdered 43 B.C. CLARE, JOHN. The Northamptonshire peasantpoet. Born 1793; died 1864. CLARENDON, LORD. An illustrious English historian and statesman: author of "The History of the Rebellion and Civil Wars." Born 1608 died 1674.

CLARKE, REV. DR. ADAM. An eminent theologian and orientalist. Born 1762; died 1832. CLARKSON, REV. DAVID. "A divine of extraordinary worth." Born 1622; died 1686. CLAY, HENRY. A famous American statesman and orator. Born 1777; died 1852. CLEVELAND, JOHN. An English poet and noted political writer Born 1613; died 1659. COBBETT, WILLIAM. Universally known as a vigorous political and miscellaneous writer. He was the friend of the poor. Born 1762; died 1835. COBDEN, RICHARD. The distinguished senator and advocate of free trade. Born 1804; died 1865. COCHRANE, EARL. Author of a valuable work, entitled "The Application of Chemistry to Agriculture," etc. Born 1749; died 1831.


COCKTON, HENRY. A popular English novelist: author of "The Life and Adventures of Valentine Vox." Born about 1808; died 1853COGAN, DR. An eminent English physician: author of "A Philosophical Treatise on the Passions," etc. Born 1736; died 1818. COKE, SIR EDWARD. Distinguished as a lawyer and a judge: his fame as an author rests on his "Institutes of the Laws of England." Born 1552; died 1633. COLERIDGE, HARTLEY.

An English poet and miscellaneous writer. Born 1796; died 1849.

COLERIDGE, SAMUEL T. A philosopher,

theologian, and poet of the highest order of attainments. Born 1772; died 1834. COLEY, REV. SAMÚEL. A popular English minister.

COLLET, REV. DEAN. A very learned man,

and an eminent forerunner of the Reformation; he was also the founder of St. Paul's Schools. Born 1466; died 1519. COLLIER, JEREMY. An able writer and historian. His chief work is "A Short View of the English Stage." Born 1650; died 1726. COLLINS, WILLIAM. Highly gifted as a lyric poet; author of "An Ode to the Passions," etc. Born 1720; died 1756.

COLLYER, REV. DR. An English divine, celebrated for his several lectures on the Scripture. Died 1854.

COLMAN, GEORGE. Styled "the Younger;" a distinguished wit and dramatist. Born 1762; died 1836.

COLTON, REV. CALEB C. The eloquent but unfortunate author of "Lacon." Died 1832. COOMBE, DR. ANDREW. An eminent physician and medical writer. Born 1797; died 1847. COMBE, WILLIAM. Author of "The Devil on Two Sticks." Died 1823.

CONDER, JOSIAH. Publisher of "The Modern Traveller," etc. Born 1789; died 1855. CONFUCIUS. The immortal Chinese sage, who flourished 550 B.C.; died 478 B.C. CONGREVE, WILLIAM. A witty and original English dramatist: his best composition was "The Mourning Bride." Born 1670; died 1729.

COOK, ELIZA. An exceedingly popular English poetess. Born 1817.

COOKE, THOMAS. A celebrated actor. Born 1781; died 1848.

COOPER, REV. EDWARD. Author of "Sermons," etc.

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COXE, BISHOP. An eminent American divine: author of "Christian Ballads," etc. Born 1818. CRABBE, REV. GEORGE. A well-known English poet and divine: author of "The Borough," etc. Born 1754 died 1832. CRADOCK, REV. WÄLTER. Born 1600; died 1651.

CRAKANTHORPE, REV. RICHARD. An elegant Puritan preacher: his best work is "Defensio Ecclesiæ Anglicanæ." Born 1567; died 1624. CRANMER, ARCHBISHOP. A zealous promoter of the English Reformation. Born 1489; burnt 1556.

CRASHAW, RICHARD. A poet of considerable merit. Born 1615; died 1650. CRAWLEY.

CREASY, SIR EDWARD S. A celebrated English lawyer and historian: author of "The Rise and Progress of the English Constitution."

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Presbyterian divine. Born 1837; died 1867. CROLY, REV. DR. A popular poet and miscellaneous writer: his "Catiline" is considered "a splendid performance. Born 1780; died 1860. CRUDEN, ALEXANDER. The well-known compiler of "A Concordance of the Scriptures." Born 1700; died 1770.

CULLEN, DR. A distinguished physician and medical writer. Born 1712: died 1790. CUMBERLAND, RICHARD

CUMMING, REV. DR. A voluminous theological writer: author of "Voices of the Day," etc. Born 1810.

CUNNINGHAM, ALLAN. A Scottish poet and critic. Born 1785; died 1842. CUNNINGHAM, REV. JOHN W. Author of The Velvet Cushion," etc. Born 1780; died 1861. CURRAN, JOHN P. A brilliant Irish barrister. Born 1750; died 1817.

CUVIER, BARON. The illustrious zoologist and anatomist: author of "Lectures on Comparative Anatomy," etc. Born 1769; died 1832. CUYLER, REV. DR. A popular American


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DANA, RICHARD H. An American poet and essayist of note. Born 1787. DANBY, CECIL

DANIEL, SAMUEL. A meritorious but neglected English poet and historian. Born 1562; died 1619.

DANTE. The most distinguished of the Italian poets. Born 1265; died 1321.

DARLEY, GEORGE. An Irish poet and mathematician. Born 1785; died 1849.

DARU, COUNT. An illustrious French statesman, historian, and poet: author of "The History of Venice," etc. Born 1767; died 1829.

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DAVIS, THOMAS. An Irish poet and politician. Born 1814; died 1845. DAVY, SIR HUMPHREY.

The inventor of the Safety Lamp, and one of the most famous of modern chemists. Born 1778; died 1829. DAWES, RUFUS. An American poet of some eminence. Born 1803.

DECKER, THOMAS. An English dramatist of the sixteenth century.

DEFOE, DANIEL. A popular English writer

and an original genius: author of "Robinson Crusoe," etc. Born 1661; died 1731. DELAVIGNE, JEAN F. C. A distinguished French dramatist. Born 1793; died 1843. DEMING, MRS. H. A.

DEMOCRITUS. One of the famous Greek philosophers he was styled "the Laughing Philosopher." Born 460 B.C.; died 360 B.C. DEMOSTHENES. The immortal Greek orator. Born about 382 B.C.; died 322 B.C.

DENHAM, SIR JOHN. Deservedly considered one of the Fathers of English poetry. Born 1615; died 1668.


DENTON, REV. THOMAS. Author of a Poem entitled "The House of Superstition," etc. Born 1724; died 1777.



An illustrious English states

DERZHAVIN, GABRIEL R. A Russian cele brity: author of "An Ode to the Deity," etc. Born 1743; died 1816.

DESCARTES. A distinguished French mathematician and philosopher. Born 1596; died 1650. D'HENAULT.

DICK, REV. DR. An eminent Scottish writer: author of "The Christian Philosopher," etc. Born 1772; died 1857.

DICKENS, CHARLES. The popular English novelist. Born 1812; died 1870. DICKENSON, ELIZABETH

DINNIES, ANNA P. A volume of poems— "The Floral Year," is her best production. DIOCLETIAN. A famous Roman emperor. Born about 245; died 313..

DIODORUS. A distinguished historian. lived in the first century, B.C.


DION, CASSIUS. A celebrated Roman historian and senator: author of The History of Rome.' Born about 155.

DIONYSIUS. A noted Greek historian and critic. Born about 70 B.C.

DISRAELI, ISAAC. Author of "The Curiosities of Literature," etc. Born 1766; died 1848. DISRAELI, RIGHT HON. BENJAMIN. An illustrious English statesman: his last work is "Lothair." Born 1805.

DIXON, W. HEPWORTH. An able and popular writer: author of "Her Majesty's

Born 1821.

Tower," etc. DODDRIDGE, REV. DR. A well-known expositor and biographer. Born 1702; died 1751. DONNE, REV. C. E.

DONNE, REV. DR. An eminent English divine and poet. Born 1573; died 1631. DORAN, REV. DR.

DORSET, EARL. Distinguished both as a writer and a statesman. Born 1536; died 1603. DOUBLEDAY, THOMAS

DOUDNEY, REV. DR. Editor of "The Gospel Magazine," etc.

DOWNHAM, REV. GEORGE. Author of "A Treatise on Justification," etc. Died 1634. DRAYTON, MICHAEL. An English poetlaureate his principal composition is "The Poly-Olbion." Born 1563; died 1631.

DRENNAN, DR. An Irish poet and political writer. Born 1754; died 1820.

DREXELIUS, JEREMIAH. A German Jesuit and orator. Born 1581; died 1638.

DRUMMOND, REV. D. T. K. Author of "Last Scenes in the Life of our Saviour,"


DRUMMOND, SIR WILLIAM. A British scholar and clever writer. Died 1828.

DRUMMOND, WILLIAM. A Scottish poet,
whose works are replete with delicacy and ten-
derness. Born 1585; died 1649.
DRYDEN, JOHN. An English poet-laureate
and royal historiographer. The Ode for St.
Cecilia's Day" is regarded as his finest poem.
Born 1631; died 1700.

DUDLEY, LORD. Author of "The Life of
Horne Tooke." Born 1781; died 1833.

DUFF, REV. DR. An eminent Scottish missionary author of "India and Indian Missions," etc. Born 1806.

DUFFERIN, LORD. He published a work, entitled "Letters from High Latitudes," which is justly commended. Born 1826. DUMOULIN. DUNCAN, REV. DR. The founder of Savings'Banks, and author of "The Sacred Philosophy of the Seasons," etc. Born 1774; died 1846. DUNDLISON, DR. Distinguished for his profound and varied learning. Born 1798; died 1869.

DUNS, REV. DR. Author of "Science and Christian Thought."

DUPORT, PAUL. A popular French dramatist. Born 1798.

DWIGHT, REV. DR. A famous American orator and writer: his "Theology Explained and Defended is confessedly one of the best systems of theology extant. Born 1752; died 1817. DWIGHT, REV. SERENO E. Author of "Discourses." Born 1786; died 1850.

DYER, REV. JOHN. A British poet of considerable repute. Born 1700; died 1758. DYMOND, JONATHAN. An eminent English moralist and essayist, and a member of the Society of Friends. Born 1796; died 1828.

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