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tion he could afford ? When we sor- prevalent ? Look around this grand rowfully listen to the depraved lan- and improving metropolis, Sir, and gnage and sentiments of youth, and gratify your astonished sight with perceive them, on the seventh day, as the causes of destruction and disorea gerly engaged in worthlessness and der that every where strike the eye, idle disorder as on the sixth, is it wherever you go, and to whatever possible to avoid a retrospect to those quarter you turn. Can you proceed times when parents, however poor, 20 yards in any direction without were sedulous to preserve that day meeting with some of these respecho v, and by every precept and ex- table receptacles of idle debauchery ample to impress sentiments of piety which nové improve the morals and and moral order on the minds of their orderly conduct of the mobility ? To children? And when to all these whatever band you turn, through painful reflections we turn to the ori. whatever street, lane, or alley you ginal cause of this dereliction of eve- pass, are not these licenced haunts of ry thing good and respectable, can corruption, ornamented with the badwe possibly attribute it to aught but ges of their order, and hung out as the corrupted state of the parent? lures and incentives to every thing The only question, therefore, that that is destructive and disorderly? remains is, by what means have pa. And can our Magistrates wonder at rents been thus rendered so viciously the effects of their own institutions, depraved, and by what possible means and our Police conceive they can recan they be benceforth rendered more claim the morals or conduct of the worthy and beneficial to society? - inhabitants of Edinburgh, while the These are important questions, Sir, only cause which has produced the and well deserving the serious consi- disorder remains ? Do they really deration, not only of our present guar- conceive that, by sending a few har. dians of Police, but of all the moral, dened and corrupted individuals to pious, and considerate members of Bridewell, that every thing will be the community.

remedied, and that a few hours soli, I believe few will be hardy enough tary confinement, within the walls of to deny, that within these last 10 a prison, are to make impressions on or 12 years, the rapid progress of minds callous to every thing but the idle and worthless debauchery among exhilarating influence of whisky, and the lower orders of society in Scot- that all will be reclaimed to peace, land has been wonderful. Thousands, order, and propriety! As well inay and tens of thousands, have, from a they tell us that the stones of which state of patient industry and comfort, Bridewell is composed possess virtues been plunged into poverty, misery, to imbue the most vicious minds with and disorder ! Thousands converted the purest principles, and eradicate from morality and decorum to the the most depraved vices from the most abandoned depravity, and whole most callous breasts ; for they may families plunged into ruin and confu- rest assured, that no sooner are their sion, by a vice which every good ci. victims released from the chilling tizen, and every reflecting magistrate, haunts of their Seminary of improveought to liave checked by everyment, than a double portion of whisky means in his power. Will it be as- will be resorted to, and an increased serted that any one step has been disorder be stirred up as a compro. hitherto taken to accomplish this mise for past privations. great end? on the contrary, has not Beneficent and humane, as the in. every thing been done to increase the stitution mentioned in your

former evil, and render its influence more number unquestionably is, it must be


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evident, from what has been already formation? A system combining specified, that something more should punishment to vice, and encouragebe embraced to render it more ex. ment and assistance to the deserving, tensively and permanently advantage. would, of all tribunals of justice and ous. Without some effectual provi. humanity, be the most effectual to sion for neglected and corrupted remedy existing evils, and produce youth, it is next to impossible that future blessings to society. But, as vice can be checked, or society im- I before observed, this cannot be proved. Without instilling some.

effected without removing the causes thing into the minds of children, to which impede virtue and promote counteract the vicious habits and ex- worthlessness. Were our haunts of ample of the parent, corruption must corruption and disorder restricted ; continue to spread with all its ac-. were proper seminaries for the incompanying evils. Early impressions, struction of abandoned youth of both of all others, are the most likely to sexes established, and were rigid remain; and while education, blend- regulations adopted, to oblige paed with precept and example, is rents to send their children to these daily exercised and enforced, much schools, little doubt can remain of may be done to secure a portion of un- general improvement. As this lastshaken principle, even when surround- mentioned proposal embraces a varieed with depravity. Could any thing, ty of rules and regulations which consistent with the above institution, would necessarily extend this paper be adopted to effect this salutary beyond the usual limits of your misprovision for the hapless offspring of cellany, I shall recommend the reader pollution, incalculable blessings might to a careful perusal of an Essay on one day result to society. A picture, Female Schools for Cleanliness," neither romantic nor imaginary, might published some considerable time ago be drawn of future joys, and domes- in your magazine, which I cannot tic happiness, blended with industry, help thinking deserves particular nocomfort, and moral order, very differ. tice; altho', like every thing else reent from what the present tiines ex- lating to morais and manners in this hibit. By the regulations already gay metropolis, it has been disregardestablished by the Beneficent Society, ed by those who ought to be the it appears to me, that much may be guardians of both. done to accomplish this desired end.

LYCURGUS. By the weekly visitations of those who inspect the different districts under their charge, not only will vice Indictment against JEAN MAXWELL, be detected, but whatever is worthy the Galloway Sorceress. and deserving be brought to light, To separate the vicious from the vir- JEAN MAXWELL, present prituous is no small benefit to morals, soner in the Tolbooth of - Kirk. for to prevent infection is doing much cudbright, you are indicted, &c. to check the malignity of disease, You the said Jean Maxwell did, at and establish general health and safe. Little Cocklick, in the parish of Urr ty. It is with infinite satisfaction I and stewartry of Kirkcudbright, prehear that the person who superintends tend to tell fortunes by tea cups, our police has proposed to co-oper- and the grounds of tea ; and did ate with the above-mentioned socie- tell to Jean Davidson, servant to ty; and were this co-operation to en- Francis Scott, farmer in little Cock. force what the precepts of morality lick aforesaid, that she would soon dictate, why should we doubt of re- bear a bastard to a certain young


man, Hugh Ratterton; which you said told the said Jean Davidson, that the you could prevent by certain means. Devil bad rejected two sixpences of And you the said Jean Maxwell cau- the money formerly sent him in sed the said Jean Davidson to rub, or the tail of the shift ; that he insisted anoint, her forehead and other parts in lieu of the sixpences to have two of her head, with a i quid contained shillings with heads on them ; and in a bottle produced by you, which that he was up and stirring, and must so much intoxicated and disordered be satisfied ; and the said Jean David. the said Jean Davidson, that she sun having furnished the shillings, you, would have done any thing that you the said Jean Maxwell, after stampthe said Jean Maxwell had askeding on the ground twice or thrice her to do : and you the said Jian with your toot, pretended to liand Maxwell, availing yourself of the them to Satan, as if he had stood besituation that she the said Jean Da- hind you. That on the twenty-ninth vidson was in, declared to her that day of December last, you the said the Devil would speedily appear and Jean Maxwell declared to the said tear her in p.eces, unless she obeyed Jean Davidson, that the Devil was you, the said Jean Maxwell, in every still up, and that he must have a particular. And you the said Jean man's shirt of plain linen, and in it Maxwell caused the said Jean Da- a shoulder of mutton; and the said vidson take oaths of secresy for the Jean Davidson, terrified by your pu.pose of copcealing your wicked ihreats, gave you a check shirt of and felonious purposes.

That on

the said Francis Scott's, her master, the said twenty-seventh day of De together with a shoulder of mutton, cember last, you the said Jean Max. also his property, tied up in the well caused the said Jean Davidson shirt ; and you the said Jean Masproduce a guinea note, wbich you well tied up these articles in your pictended to fold up in a small bit of own budget; and then telling the paper, putting round it some lint, said Jean Davidson that all this was and stitching in it nine pins ; after insufficient to lay the Devil, you askwhich, you gave it to the said Jeaned her for half a crown more ; and Davidson, and ordered her to cast it the said Jean Davidson, in confusion in the fire; which she did according- and fright, gave you a dollar, which ly. And you the said Jean Maxwell you said would do as well, and that then ordered the said Jean Davidson at any rate it must not be taken back to bring one of her shifts and three being once offered ; and then you the shillings with it, which you sewed said Jean Maxwell, went to the back up in the tail of the shift, and said of the byre at Little Cocklick aforethat the shift was to be consumed in said, and returned and told the said the fire, as an offering to the Devil, Jean Davidson, that you had laid who was to appear at the time of the the Devil so that he could not come burning of the shift in the shape of nearer her than the back of the byre, cither a bull or a swine ; and at the but cautioned her strongly not to same time, you the said Jean Max- travel that way, nor farther after it well gave to the said Jeao Davidwas dark. That on the said first son a powder, sewed up in a piece of day of Jannary last, you the said fine linen, and stuck through with Jean Maxwell returned to Little nine pins, which you injoined her Cocklick aforesaid, and told the said to wear at her breast till the day of Jean Davidson, that Hugh Rafferher death, and tell no mortal of it. ton was to be with her on the ThursThat on the 28th day of December day ensuing, very lovingly, and ready last, you, the said Jean Maxwell, to marry her, or do whatever she


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should ask of him : and moreover,

and told, that all was gone wrong ; you the said Jean Maxwell de

that the Devil had proved too strong clared, that if the said Jean David- for you the said Jean Maxwell, and son used Hugh Rafferton harshly, and had rent a check apron given you by refused to marry him, Hugh Raffer- the said Jean Davidson formerly ton would lose his reason, and go for a burnt offering ; and you the stark mad at the end of eight weeks ; said Jean Maxwell pretended to shew that in the mean time, however, you the distinct marks of Satan's claws, must have another Guinea note for and the mark of his thumb on your the Devil, with a faced shilling in it; arm, adding, that he could not be and the money was furnished by the laid without the aid of John Macsaid Jean Davidson ; when you the George, commonly called the Devilsaid Jean Maxwell clipped, or pre- raiser of Urr; and for that end, you tended to cut the note with scissars, the said Jean Maxwell demanded two pretending that in this manner it was notes more, and three pieces of to be presented to the Devil along flesh meat, one of them to be pork, with the faced shilling that soon which you proposed to roll up at after this, you the said Jean Maxwell great peril in the check apron ; and told the said Jean Davidson that the you the said Jean Maxwell also in. first note was not accepted, and that sisted to have the said Juan Davidyou must have an old and very tat- son's duffle eloak, but the said Jean tered note, and three shillings more; Davidson having by this time got which having been furnished by the the use of her reason, and got the betsard Jean Davidson, you the said ter of the terror of the oaths of seJean Maxwell bound up the note cresy imposed upon her by you the with paper and lint, and having stuck said Jean Maxwell, managed so as to it with nine pins gave it to the said detain


until a Constable was Jean Davidson, who threw it into sent for, who took you into custody, the fire ; and you the said Jean Max. and carried you before the Reverend well, after stamping on the ground, Doctor James Muirhead of Logan, handed the three shillings behind you, one of his Majesty's Justices of the so that Satan might receive them Peace for the Stewartry of Kirkcud. as you pretended he had received the bright. former presents ; that these things

Verdict of the Jury. being done, you the said Jean Maxwell, left the said Jean Davidson at her At Kirkcudbright, the 21st day father's house at Killymingan, in the of June, 1805, the assize being inparish of Kirkgunzeon, on the said closed, did make choice of Alexfirst day of January last, declaring ander Melville of Barwhar to be their that Hugh Rafferton should wait on Chancellor, and William Mure, Facher in deep humility on the Thurs- tor for the Earl of Selkirk, to be day ensuing ; and that all the money their Clerk ; and having considered offered to Satan should be returned the indictment raised at the instance into the said Jean Davidson's chest of Robert Gordon, Writer in Kirkon the subsequent Friday morning cudbright, Procurator Fiscal of court by sun-rising ; and that all should be, for his Majesty's interest, against and really was, perfectly right. - Jean Maxwell, present prisoner in That on the said eighth day of Jan- the Solbeoth of Kirkcudbrighi, the uary last, you the said Jean Maxwell Pannel, with the interlocutor of the again waited on the said Jean David. Steward depute of the Stewartry of son, at the house of the said Francis Kirkcudbright thereon, and the whole Scott, in Little Cocklick aforesaid, proof adduced, they unanimously


And the said Jean Maxwell guilty of Sandwich I-lands are now reduced the crimes charged against her in the under his power, with the exception said indictment. In testimony where. of two small ones to the northward, of, &c.

which are still held by the rightful Alexr. Melville, king, a prince rendered moderate and (Signed)

Chancellor. just by adversity.

Will. Mure, Clerk. Among other remarkable particu. Court adjourned for a Week.

lars of this unfortunate monarch, our

author mentions that he spoke the Kirkcudbright, 28th June, 1805. English language with considerable The Steward-depute having con sidered the verdict of the assize bear; for the British pation, and as proof

He professed a high regard ing date the 21st day of June current, of it had taken to himself the name and returned into court that day a.

of King George ; and to his children, gainst Jean Maxwell, the pannel, who were numerous, he had given whereby she is found guilty of pre- those of the present Royal Family tenuing to exercise Witchcraft, Sor- in Britain, beginning with the Prince cery, Inchantment, aod Conjuration, of Wales, and descending to the and of undertaking to tell fortunes, youngest branch of that family. contrary to the enactments and pro. visions of the act of Parliament passed the assistance of some Englishmen

This prince and his followers, by in the 9th year of the reign of King residing among them, constructed George the II. chapter fifth, in the

a ship, in which they intend to emi. manner charged against her in the Indictment, at instance of the Procura- island, in case Tamahama should in

grate to China, or to some other tor Fiscal of court; the Steward-de- vade and overpower them. pute, in respect of the said verdict,

Tamahama is one of those remarkdecerns and adjudges the said Jean able characters which, owing to a Maxwell to be carried back from combination of fortunate circumthe bar to the tolbooth of Kirkcud

stances, become, as it were, land. bright, and to be imprisoned therein marks in the history of their spes for the space of one whole year, with

cies. out Bail or Mainprize ; and once in We shall extract the account given every quarter of the said year, to

of him for the entertainment of our stand openly upon a market-day in the

readers : Jugs or Pillory, at the market.cross

" His palace is built after the of the Burgh of Kirkcudbright, for European style, of brick, and glazed the space of one hour, &c.

windows, having European and Ame. (Signed) Alexr. Gardon.

rican artificers about him of almost every description.

Indeed his own Account of Tamahama, Chief of the subjects, from their intercourse, with

Europeans, have acquired a great SANDWICH ISLANDS,

knowledge of several of the mechaniFrom Turnbull's Voyage round the World.

cal arts, and have thus enabled him THE Sandwich islands are at this

to increase his navy, a very

favourite period under the dominion of object with him. I have no doubt Tamahama, another Bonaparte and that in a very few years he wilļ erect Peter the Great conjoined in one, among these islands a power very

far who is at once extending his power from despicable. over all his neighbours, and urging “ The circumstances of this en. forward the civilization of his people terprizing Chief were greatly chan, with amazing activity. All the ged since the visit of Capt. Vancou.


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