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der of Coching, detached a force againft house on that account. The sentence.
the Dutch fort of Qution, and their upon him is, “ That he be calhiered,
factories of Porca ana Quilon in the and declared incapable of serving his
Travancore country. They were de- Majesty in any military capacity.” The
livered up without resistance; and we sentence is to be read at the head of e-
are now in poßeffion of all their settle- very militia regiment in the kingdom.-
ments on the continent of India." The King bas confirmed the sentence.
(End of the Gazettes.)

April 7. The trial of Admiral Corn-

wallis, for disobedience of orders, in not

proceeding to the West Indies, purtuant to There was felt on the 17th and 23d the inttructions of the Admiralty Board, February last, two violeni fhocks of an commenced on Board the Orion at earthquake at Lisbon. The inhabitants Portsmouth, at eight o'clock in the mornwere thrown into the greatest consterna. ing. tion, and quitted their houses, but the The charges were three in number. city sustained no damage. A fate similar The substance of them is as follows: to that of 1755 was apprehended. First, That Admiral Cornwallis, after

March 177 Admiral Christian failed having failed from England for the West from Spithead in the Thunderer inan of Indics, and proceeded a considerable war, with the Invincible, La Prompte way on his voyage, did return contrary and Albicore frigates, and several tran- to the orders he had received. Secondfports, for the West Indies.

ly, That not having a sufficient regard Bins, an Ernissary of the London Cor- to the importance of the fituation of a suíponding Society, who had been de- Commander in Chief, he omitted to shift livering lectures at Birmingham, has been his flag on board of some other ship after apprehended under a charge of feditious the Royal Sovereign had been disabled, practices, by a warrant from the Secre in order to proceed, as he ought to have tary of State's Ollice.

done, to the place of his destination; The Prince of Wales, and a board of but that, in tead of doing so, he gave general officers, have proposed to adopt his inftructions and the command of the an entire new form of dress and accou- convoy to another officer. And thirdly, irements for the cavalry. The swords That after his return, he disobeyed anoare to be lengthened, and the caribines ther order of the Board of Admiralty, thortened. The waistcoats are to reach by not hoisting his flag on board the a good way down the thighs. The boots Astrea frigate, and proceeding to the are to be inade so strong between the West Indies as had been ordered by their calf and the thigh, as to resist the stroke Lordships. of a fabre. Helmets instead of hats, in, The chief evidence confifted princia new form, are suggeîed: they are pally of the correspondence between the to clasp at the chin, like the old-fathion. Admiral and the Board, by which it aped hunting caps. An alteration, like- peared, he thought his health would be wite, is to take place in the saddles, and endangered by going out in a frigate, indeed in almost every part of the accou- and requested permission to wait till his tements and drei

flag fhip was repaired. Of the fourteen charges adduced a- The Admiral, in his defence, produgainst Colonel Cawthorne, the Court ced a paper or address, which was read found the prisoner guilty of eleven of by Mr Erskine. The main ground of it them, and part of the twelfth. The firft was, that he had acted according to the was, that of having withheld and appro- best of his judgment undercircuinftarces, priated to his own use the marching and did not conceive his presence in the guineas, which by Act of Parliament are West Indies was ablolutely necessary to allowed to militiamen. The other char- the expedition. es were generally of a similar nature, Mr Tibbit, ship-builder in Portsmouth, accusing him of peculation, of receiving described the damage the ship had sufnoney to excuse persons from serving in tained that she could not even be rethe militia, and putting it in his pocket, paired in harbour, and that the muit be without providing fubititutes, &c. It taken into dock and heaved down. is faid he received twenty guireas from Captain Whitby of the Royal Sovea waitcr at the Prince of Wales' Coilee.


reign, Mr Alexander the master of the ried by the current above the town. In fhip, and Mr Kain the Surgeon, were this situation he was attacked on the called to prove the anxiety of the Admi- morning of Tuesday, by all the gun-boats ral to have proceeded in the Royal So- and other vessels which the enemy could vereign to the West Indies, which was muiter; and after a gallant and even del rendered impossible by the damage the perate resistance, againit a force fo infihad sustained; that circumstances did nitely fuperior to his own, he found himnot permit the Admiral to change his felf at length obliged to surrender. We flag, and that his health would have been are happy however to find that he regreatly endangered by his going out in a ceived no injury in the conflict. frigate.

A cargo of Aax, the produce of our Some letters which had passed be- settlement in New South Wales, was tween the Admiral and the Board on the some time ago imported into Whitehan fubject were also produced ; and after ven. there had been read the trial closed be. fore one o'clock.


At Perth, on the morning of the itt « The Court having heard the evi- of April, an affair of honour was deterdence in support of the charges exhibit- mined between Captain W- and ad agzint the Hon. William Cornwallis, Lieut. C- -g, of the Princess of Vice-Admiral of the Red; and having Wales' Light Dragoons, quartered at heard his defence, and the evidence in Perth. The parties with thoir seconds (Matis behalf, and having maturely weigh- jor L----n and Captain W~~-t), ed and considered the fame, were of o- met on the North Inch ; when after an pinion,

exchange of fire, the seconds interfered, “ That with refpect to the two first and the parties were reconciled. charges, of his returning without leave,

On the 4th of April the remains of after having been ordered to proceed to Thomas Tod, Esq; were interred in the Barbadoes, and of his disobeying the or- burying place belonging to the Orphan ders he had received, MISCONDUCT Hospital. When the funeral proceflion WAS IMPUTABLE TO HIM, for not reached the hospital, it was met by the baving thifted his flag on boaru the Mars. Governors; and the boys and girls, or Minotaur, and proceeding in either of headed by their master, aifo joined in them to the West Indies; but in con- paying the last tribute of affection to their fideration of other circumstances, the worthy benefactor. The crowd of specCourt ACQUITTED HIM OF ANY tators on this occafion was uncommonly DISOBEDIENCE in his conduct on that

greit. occasion.

At Dumblane, on the 5th curt, the “ With respect to the third charge, juftices of peace of that district of Perthof his having, after his return, disobey- shire, fined several delinquents in the ed the orders of the Board of Admiral- sum of 6881. 108. 6d. for distilling whisky. ty, in not going out to the Weft Indies 9. This day a respite, during his Main the Astrea frigate, the Court were of jesty's pleasure, was received by the Lord opinion, that the charge WAS NOT Provoit for John O'Niel, under sentence PROVEN, and therefore ACQUITTED of death in the tolbooth of this city. Admiral Cornwallis upon that charge." On the rith, there were new potatoes

A letter was received at the Admiralty of this year's growing, digged in the oon the 19th init. from the first Licute- pen field, as large as crows eggs, upon nant of the Diamond frigate, off the coast the farm of Merkswood, about an Engof France, containing an account of the lith mile north of Paisley. capture of Sir Sydney Smith. Sir Sydney The Duc D’Angouleme and his suite in the night of Monday last, went in his attended the Theatre on the 14th, and boat to cut out a French lugrer in the were most cordially received by a very port of Havre. This he accomplished, crowded and fashionable audience The after some resistance, by which one french, decorations of the box fitted up for his man was killed; but, deterred from im. Royal Highness did credit to the taste mediately failing by the rapidity of the and liberality of the nainager. The current, he cast anchor. During the feftoons were a dark purple fattin, edged night, however, the drip drove from her with a deep silver fringe, and lined with anchor, the cable, it is said, having been white musin. His Majesty's arms, eiecat by one of the pritoners, and was car- ganti; finished, were placed at top.


we are

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On the 17th, the church of Cranston, of sheep will be encreased nearly one four miles fouth of Daikeith, was totally half this year. consumed by accidental fire, which was 22. The Dutch prisoners were remooccafioned by the beadle having left fome ved from the Castle to a large lodging at coals in the stove. It was observed in Fountain-bridge, in order to make room flames about half an hour after the con- for some French prisoners. gregation had left it, and by five o'clock By order of the Lord Provost and was all in ashes.

Magistrates, a general survey and exa20. A duty on wine being among the mination of the weight of bread took taxes brought forward on the 18th by Mr place, through thecity, extended royalty, Pitt, an exact account of the stock on Canongate, Potterrow, Bristo, Wester hand was taken this day.

Portburgh, and Leith; and The navy of this country, exclusive authorised to assure the public, that (one of the hired armed vessels for protecling or two instances excepted) the whole the coast trade, confifted on the gift of bakers were found to have their bread of March last of 170 thips of the line, 29 fufficient weight and quality. fifties, 188 frigates, 211 sloops, making 25. This day the Rev. Dr Erskine in the whole a navy of 598 fhips of war. preached before a very crowded congreWe have taken and destroyed, since the gation in St Andrew's Church, being commencement of the war, 153 ships of the first sermon for the benefit of the the French navy, of which 27 are line-of. Edinburgh Missionary Soceity. The battie fhips, not under seventy-fours, Society has met with the greatest enand we have added, of these captures, couragement. It has not existed much 64 to our own navy. The enemy have above a month, and it has already retaken and destroyed of our naval force 34, ceived upwards of 8ool. 5 of which are line-of-battle ihips. This 27. This morning an alarming tumult account extends to the 31st March last. took place in Glasgow, but by the time

The reduction of the price of oat- ous interference of the magistrates, with meal is an agreeable circumstance. In the aid of the military, the rioters were the market of the 12th, the best kind dispersed, and peace was again restored fold at il. Is. 6d. per boll, which was to the city. The cause of disorder seems tiree Thillings and one penny half penny to have originated from some country cheaper than last week. The magistrates people in the butter and egg market therefore ordered the peck to be sold at asking extravagant prices for their goods. seventeen pence, which is twopence low. A proclamation has been issued by the er than it was last market day.

magistrates, offering a reward for the The Magistrates have lowered the af- discovery of the rioters. size of bread. It is expected to be soon 30. The Russian Admiral Tate arrive further lowered.

ed this evening in Leith Roads, along The countries which, by the existing with a two-decker and two frigates. He laws in France, conftitute the French has made the fignal for convoy to the territory, are; 1. France, as it stood at Baltic trade. the commencement of the war.–2. The There has been of late a very great French colonies in the West Iridies still importation of grain into Leith and ooccupied by France.—3. The islands of ther ports in the Frith; of consequence France and Mauritius.--4. Martinico and a further reduction may be immediately Tobago.-5. The whole island of St Do- looked for. mingo.--6. Pondicherry, Chandenagore, Carical, Mahe, and the other French 19. The House of Lords gave judgeeliablishments in India.—7. Avignon, menit in the cause of Stein v. Steuart, and the county of Venaiflin.--8. Princi- Somervail, and Co. merchants in Leith. pality of Montbeliard, and Bishoprick of The interlocutors of the Court of Seffion Porentrui.-9. Savoy, Nice, and Mo- were ordered to be reversed, and a proof naco.-10. Austrian Flanders and Bra. of certain of the articles of the appelbant, and generally, whatever belongs lant's condescendence allowed; and on to the Emperor on this fide the Rhine.-- the proof being taken, that the Court 11. MaeftrichtVenlo, and Dutch Flan- of Sellion should re-hear the cause. ders.-12. The Bishoprick of Liege.

It has been computed by fome, that The extreme degree of mildness which from the mildness of the winter, and ta- has continued uniformly throughout this vourable season for the lambs, the lock month, has not been equalled in the



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memory of man. Of consequence the

FIARS.-CROP 1795. farmer has had every opportunity he

Aberdeenshire. could wish for sowing and labouring, and Great oats with fodder L. 6 18 the fields wear a most pleasing and pro- Ditto without fodder

O 16 mising aspect. Excepting a few showers Brocked oats with fodder O 14 between the ift and roth, the weather Ditto without fodder has not only been fair, but clear and Small oats with fodder warm. On the 18th, the thermometer Ditto without fodder

8 ftood as high as 54° before sun rise; and Bear with fodder it was at 70° several days at noon in Ware bear with fodder the shade. Fith continue in abundance, Ditto without fodder

o 18 especially turbit, and so low as is. of Farm or market bear without a moderate size. Beef and mutton ra- fodder ther scarce and dear, best 7d.--veal 6d. White meal, 9 stone and 7d. Bread and potatoes have fallen. Farm meal, 8 stone

O 18 The English report for March states, Market malt that the appearance of the next crop of Peale

o 18 wheat, in every part of the kingdom, is Wheat exceedingly promising. The feed-time Rye

O 16 was never known to be so forward as in

Mid-Lothian. the present feafon, and it has generally Best wheat, per boll succeeded so well, that a most abundant Second ditto harvest may reasonably be looked for. Best barley

3 Oats are also in great forwardness; the Second ditto

6 land is in excellent condition for barley; Third ditto

6 and the beans come up remarkably Belt oats

O 19 6 strong.

Second ditto

o 17 6 These excellent appearances, added Beft oatmeal

6 to a considerable foreign supply, have Peafe produced, in the course of the last two Beans weeks, a proportionate reduction of the

East Lothian. prices of wheat. At Mark-lane, it fell Best wheat, per boll on Monday from 125. to 145. per quar. Second ditto

4 4 ter, making, with former reductions, Third ditto

04 upwards of twenty shillings. In the west Belt barley

S and north it has fallen in nearly an equal Second ditto proportion, and in some places the mar. Third ditto kets have been glutted. Barley and Oats Best oats have also experienced a very dull fale, Second ditto

019 and the prices have considerably fallen. Third ditto

O 18 Indeed, these last articles, from the large Best pease

4 ftock in hand, promise to be unusually Second ditto

o 18 abundant. While grain has thus lower. Third ditto

017 9 ed its price, butcher's meat and pota.


hire. toes are on the advance. The former Oatmeal, per boll

LI have advanced since last month nearly a Wheat

2 6 penny per pound. Cattle in general Barley bear

,6 keep high and searce, and find a ready Blanded bear

O 19 10 fale in all the principal fairs. Sheep Muirland bear

O 18 have actually advanced nearly one third Great oats in value fince this time last year, and Small oats

O 15 few good ones are to be bought at any Pease

O 17 6 price. Good horses find a ready fale Malt

6 6 at very high prices, notwithstanding the

Forfar. reduction of the fencible cavalry. The Wheat

4 9 cultivation of potatoes from shoots has Oat-meal

O 7 been successfully practised in various Barley parts of the island, and found to be highly Chester bear

O 19 6 advantageous.


915 VOL. LVII.


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County of Stirling.

Commissariot of Glasgow. Oatmeal, per boll


o Meal, per boli Whrat

o Bear Common malt :

College of Glasgow. Kerle bear


o Meal Dryfield bear

o Corn

O 14 Muirland bear,

o Bear Pease and Beans


Commisariot of Hamilton and Campsie. Kerse oats o Meal

3 Dryfield oats

1 3 3 Brocked oats Grey oats


LISTS. Ayr feed oats

O 18 Kerfe barley


Dryfield barley
Barley malt

At Chuna Gar, in the East Indies, William

9 Clackmannan.

Preston, Esq; Captain of infantry, to Miss Wheat, per boll

Charlotte Harvey, of Golden Square, Lodó 5

don. Kerfe bear

March 21. At Ayr, Mr Andrew Wilson, Drytield bear

merchant, Renfrew, to Miss Janet M‘DerMuirland bear

019 Meal

mait, daughter of the late Mr MDermait,

minister of Straiton. White Kerse oats

30. At Edinburgh, Mr Francis Napier, Dryfield oats

W.S. to Miss Hamilton, daughter of the late Black oats

o Colonel Archibald Hamilton. Pease

At Liverpool, Andrew Hunter Aiken, Malt

7 o Esq; to Miss Freeland, daughter of the late Nairn.

Peter Freeland, Esq; Wheat

At London, Mr John White, merchant, Barley

o Edinburgh, to Mifs Ann Lambe, daughter Oats

© 19 o of John Lambe, Esq; of Petter- lane. Oat-meal

O 18

April 4. At Logan, in Wigtonshire, Capt. Peast, beans, and rye

O 18 o John Hawthorn, of Castlewigg, to Miss HeOats with fodder

len M.Dowall, daughter of John M‘Dowall, Barley with ditto


• Esq; of Logan. Elgin and Forres.

12. The Rev. Ralph Henry Brandling, Wheat


second son of Charles Brandling, Esq; M. P. Pease, beans, and rye

O 18

to Miss Emma Bowles, fourth daughter of Barley or bear

Oldfield Bowles, Esq;

I Oats ('s firlots to the boll) I

19. At Montrose, Mr Robert Jamieson, Oat-meal (9 ftone Dutch to the

Writer to the Signet, to Miis Jane Christie, boll)

O 18

daughter of the late Alexander Christie, Esq; Perth.

Provost of Montrose, Beft wheat


At London, Edward Wilbraham Bootle,

3 Second

Esq; M P. for Westhury, to Miss 'Taylor,

5 Beft bear


daughter of the Rev. Edward Taylor, of BiSecond

frons, Kent. o 19

6 Pease and iye

23. At Kinnaber, Captain Carnegie, of the Best oats

North British dragoons, to Miss Fullarton of

Kinnaber. Second

0 14 Meal by weight

2*. At Seven Oaks, Kent, Mr Taylor, I 8

surgeon, to Lady Stanhope, daughter Meal by measure


6 of Earl Stanhope. Berwick.

BIRTHS. Wheat, per boll

3 4 Merfe barley

At London, the Lady of Colonel F. H. I 3

6 Lammermuir barley

Mackenzie of Seaforth, a son. Rough bear

April 3. Mrs Forbes of Blackford, a son... Merse oats

9. At Teddington, the Lady of Wm Dou a

Ο 19 Lammermuir oats

glas, Esq; a son.

O 17 Pease

At London, the Lady of the Hon.

I Meal, 8 stone a boll

0 Lieut. Col Forbes, of the Colditrean foot O guards, a son.


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