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SCENE changes to the Street. Enter ANTIPHOL LS of Syracuse, a Merchant, and

DROMVO. Mer: Therefore give out you are of Epidamnum, Lest that your goods too soon be confiscate. This very day a Syrasusan merchant. . Is apprehended for arrival liere; And not bemg able to buy out his life, According to the statute of the town, Dies ere the weary fun fets in the west. There is your money that I had to keep.

Ant. Go bear it tô- the Centaur, where we holi, And stay there,. Dromio, 'till I come to thee: Within this hour it will be dinner-time; *Till that I'll view the manners of the town, Peruse the traders, gaze upon the buildings, And then return and fleep within mine inn; For with long travel I ana stiff and weary. Get thee away. · Dro. Maay a man would take you at your word, And go indeed, having so good a means. (Exit Dros

An. A trusty villain, Sir, that very oft,
When I am dull with care and melancholy,
Lightens my humour with his merry jests.
What, will you walk with me about the town, :;
And then go to the inn and dine with me?

Mer. I am invited, Sir, to certain merchants,
Of whom I hope to make much benefit:
I crave your pardon. Soon at five o'clock,
Ikafe you, I'll meet with you upon the mart,

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daughter's senses and inclinations must have been perverted by the Moor's practices, speaks not a little in confirmation of my friend's conjecture.

Judge me the world, if 'tis not gross in sense,
That thou hast prallised on her with foul charms,
Abused her delicate youth with drugs, or minerals,
That wcaken

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