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we arrived at that place. Unhappily ven him in writing. The answers were there was a cheft of treasure drove a. read, and ordered to be inrolled in the fhore from the wreck, which the officers journals of the court.

Mr Pite's was wanted to preserve for the proprietors, in these words. and the people to divide; which occa “ Give me leave, Sir, to request the fioned great disputes, and was at last favour of you, to present, in the most divided in spite of the officers. This, expreffive terms, to the Lord Mayor, with a long pasiage, and scarcity of Aldermen, and Common Council of the provisions, made our condition worse city of London, the high sense I have than when we were on the island. A of the diftinguished honour they have biscuit sold for two dollars, and every been pleased to do me, in conferring on man had only an ounce and a half of me the freedom of the city. falt pork a day.

“ I have ever been zealoufly devoted When we got to Delagoa, we found to the support of the liberty, trade, and there the Role galley, Capt. Chandler, prosperity of that great and respectable belonging to Bombay, who gave us a body; and I am now proud and happy passage to Madagascar; where we found to have such cause to add the sentiments the Carnarvon, Capt. Norton Hutchin. of truelt gratitude for fo generous a son, bound to Madrass, who took us all mark of their favour, and for so unme. on board. We sold the floop to Capt. rited an approbation of my insufficient Chandler for 500 rupees; but she was endeavours to carry into effect the most feized at Bombay for the proprietors. gracious intentions and paternal care of Mr Powell came there ia her. "All the his Majesty, for the preservation and reft went to Madrass in the Carnarvon, happiness of his people. except Mr Collett, Gilbert Chain, Hen

And Mr Legge's in these. ry Sharp, and Leicester, a matross, who “ Give me leave, Sir, to beg the fa. died of fevers on board the Rofe galley. vour of you to return my fincerelt chanks Mr Collett loft his wife in the ship. After to the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, . and the struck, he went down, and brought Common Council of the city of Lonher upon deck in his arms; but the thip don, for having admitted me to the freefalling down at that time on her broadfide, dom of their corporation. and the decks falling in, he was separa “ So eminent a mark of distinction, ted from her, and never saw her after- derived from the most respectable city wards, until some days after we were in Europe, and to which so few have eon the island, when Mr Jones and he ver received the honour of admiffion, saw her body; but Mr Collett did not cannot but fill my heart with the higheft know it, though Mr Jones did, and had sense of gratitude and regard ; and though it buried without his knowledge. Mr it far exceeds the bare merit of means Jones took all the money and effects ing well, which is all I have to plead, from the people when he got on board must prove a strong incentive to those the Rose galley, and secured them for whom his Majefty hall hereafter think the proprietors.

fit to employ, to exert, with equal zeal,

much greater abilities in the service of ENGL A N D. At a common council of the city of I hope every part of my future London, held at Guildhall, June 15. conduct, confiftently with that which I Sir Thomas Harrison, the chamberlain, have hitherto endeavoured to hold, will acquainted the court, that he had wait- shew my firm attachment to the rights ed on the Rt Hon. William Pitt and and privileges of my fellow-fubje&s, as Henry Bilfon Legge, Efos, on the 24th well as to his Majesty, and his illuof May, and presented them with the itrious family, upon whose establishment freedom of the city in gold boxes the maintenance of those rights and pri[256.]; and he delivered the answers vileges does so effentially depend.” of chole gentlemen, which they had gi. The freedoms were finely written by


their country.

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Mr Joseph Champion, each on a sheet millions by annuities, to be charged on the said of vellum, beautifully ornamented round rates, duties, and sums of money; and for mathe margin by Mr Charles Gardner, king perpetual an act 2° Geo. II. intitled, An att

for the better regulation of attornies and folicitors ; with the city-arms on the top, the Lord and for enlarging the time for filing affidavits of Mayor's on the right side, and the the execution of contracts of clerks to attornies Chamberlain's on the left; and the ci- and solicitors, and also the time for payment of ty-arms were ingraven on the lid of each the duties omitted to be paid for the indentures box. The cost of the boxes and free- and contracts of clerks and apprentices. [301.)

An act for enabling his Majesty to raise the doms amounted to 251 1. 135.

fum of one million for the uses and purposes Great quantities of grain have been therein mentioned. imported. From the 8th to the 17th of An act for granting to his Majesty certain fums June inclufive, upwards of 14,000 quar certain monies remaining in the exchequer, and

f money out of the sinking fund, and applying ters of wheat were entered at the cu. ftomhouse of London. Mean while the fion of parliament for the pay of the troops of

the savings out of the monies granted in this fefpopulace continue to be tumultuous in Hanover, for the service of the year 1757; and several places, on account of the high for further appropriating the supplies

, granted in prices.

this session of parliament; and for relief of Claud In the gazette of June 18. the fol. Johnson, with respect to a bond entered into by

him, for securing the duties on tobacco imported lowing notice was given. "War-ofice, by George Buchanan and William Hamilton. June 18. 1757. In parsuance of the An act for allowing a further bounty on vef powers vested in the King by the present fels employed in the white herring fishery, act for recruiting his Majesty's land-fora ving liberty to alter the present form and size of ces and marines (62.], I do hereby give the nets used in the said fishery, and for other purnotice that the said act is suspended. ty of 30s. per tun, granted by the aft 23° Geo. Ii. By his Majesty's command, BARRING- (xii

. 177.] for fourteen years

, and continued for TON."

three years longer by an act 280 Geos li. 012 Letters from Portsmouth bear, that vessels employed in the white herring jujmery, is aug. Vice-Adm. Boscawen, in the Royal mented to 50 s, per tun; liberty is given to use such George, Capt Buckle, failed thence like quantity of netting in whole be carried on board for the bay, June 24. with the Royal each buss as the firft-mentioned alt directs; and the Sovereign, Capt. Boys; the Namur, regulation in the act 29° Geo. II. that the staves Capt. Denis ;. the Chichester, Capt. of all barrels in which white herrings and wet Willet; the 'Torbay, Capt. Keppel; least half an inch in thickness [xvii, 270.), is de and the Medway, Capt. Proby.

clared not to extend to barrels used in the white According to letters from the same herring fisheries, place of June 30. about twenty-five An act for the better ordering of the militiaWest-Indiamen are failed under


forces in the several counties of that part of G. of Com. Moore. His squadron is faid Britain called England. to confist of the Cambridge of 80 guns, captors of prizes, with respect to the bringing and

An act for the relief and encouragement of the the Devonshire and Buckingham, of 70 landing prize-goods in this kingdom. each, the Prince Frederick and Trident, An act more effectually to prevent the spreadof 64 each, the Norwich, of 50, and ing of the distemper now raging amongst the hornthe Amazon of 20. The Norwich did ed cattle in this kingdom. not fail with the fleet, but was to follow. improvement of the spawn and fry of fish in the

An act for the more effectual preservation and The royal affent was given, by com

river of Thames and waters of Medway, and for miffion, June 28. to the following bills, the better regulating the fishery thereof.

An act for the more effectual punishment of An act for granting to his Majesty several persons who fall attain, or attempt to attain, rates and duties upon indentures, leases, bonds, postelfion of goods or money by false or untrue and other deeds, and vpon news papers, adver- pretences, for preventing the unlawful pawning tisements, and almanacks, and upon licences for of goods, for the easy redemption of goods pawnretailing wine, and upon coals exported to fo- ed, and for preventing gaming in public houses reign parts; and for applying, from a certain by journeymen, labourers, servants, and aptime, the sumę of money arising from the sur- prentices. plus of the duties on licences for retailing spi. An act to render more effectual the several rtuous liquors, and for raising the sum of three laws now in being, for the amendment and pre


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fervation of the public highways and turnpike. I have had no other view, but to vin. roads of this kingdom.

dicate the just rights of my crown and An act to explain and amend an act 1 8° Geo. II. to prevent the misbehaviour of the drivers of carts fubjects from the most injurious inin the streets in London, Westminster, and the croachments ; to preserve tranquillity, limits of the weekly bills of mortality, and for as far as the circumstances of things other purposes in this act mentioned.

might admit; and to prevent our true An act to indemnify persons who have been friends, and the liberties of Europe, guilty of the unlawful importing, landing,

or from being oppressed or endangered by running of prohibited, vncustomed, or other goods or merchandise, upon certain terms therein mea- any unprovoked and unnatural conjunctioned.

tion. An act to enable the commissioners for building Gentlemen of the house of Commons, Westminster bridge, to widen the street or avenue leading from Cockspur Atreet, to the passage in which you have fo chearfully and una.

I thank you for the large supplies Spring Garden near St James's park. An act for building a bridge or bridges cross nimously given me.

It affords me great the river of Thames, from a certain place in Old pleasure, that the frugal use made of Brentford, in the parish of Ealing in the county che confidence reposed in me the last of Middlesex, known by the name of Smith or year, has been an inducement to you to Smith's hill, to the opposite shore in the county

the fame; and you may be assuof Surry.

An act for enlarging the times for the first meet- red, that it Mall be applied only to the ings of commissioners or trustees for putting in ex- purposes for which it was intended. ecution certain acts of this session of parliament. I shall be particularly attentive to re.

An act for enlarging the times limited for ex- duce all unnecessary expences, in order ecuting and performing several provisions, powers, the better to provide for the great and and directions, in certain acts of this festion of parliament. By this alt, any thing required or requisite services of the war. authorised to be dorie, by any ait of this senion, on My Lords, and Gentlemen, er before the day on which such act fall have paled , is required and authorised to be done on or before what is equally essential to your own

I have nothing to defire of you, but the fourteentb day after the day of passing the a&t.

To bills relating to a market in Southwark, Bed- interest, and to my service. Let it be ford level, draining grounds in the counties of your constant endeavour to promote har. Huntingdon, Cambridge, and Norfolk, regulations mony and good agreement amongst my in the city of Bath, five road-bills, and fix private faithful subjects ; that, by our union at bills. P. S. On the 4th of July the King pel and frustrate abroad, the dangerous

home, we may be the better able to re. made the following speech to both hou. designs of the enemies of my crown. fes of parliament.

Then the Lord Keeper, by his Ma. My Lords, and Gentlemen,

jesty's command, prorogued the parlia. After so long and diligent an atten: dance upon the public business, it

I R E LA N D. is time that I fould give you some recess. But I cannot put an end to the On the 19th of May the work for carsession, without expreffing my entire fa. rying on the inland navigation of the ri, tisfaction in the many proofs I have re ver Shannon, was begun at Athlone, ceived of your zeal and affection for my by a great number of hands; and 1000 person and government, and for your men are to be employed in that work all unfeigned concern for my honour and this summer. [xvii. 511.610.] real support.

Letters from Dublin, of June 7. bear, The fuccoor and preservation of my that the King had given 20,000 l. to dominions in America have been my buy corn for the poor of Ireland, which constant care. And, next to the fecu. was then hourly expected; and that the rity of my kingdoms, they shall con. Duke of Bedford, Lord Lieutenant, had tinue to be my great and principal ob- loaded three ships with grain for that jeći : and I have taken such measures, kingdom; one for Belfast, one for Deras, I truit, by the blessing of God, may ry, and one for some other port, the effe&tually disappoint the designs of my grain purchased low, and to be sold at enemies in those parts.





prime coft. The ship for Belfast was Answers were sent, addressed, To Anarrived, and had on board upwards of drew Wallace, Esq; Dean of Guild ar Stir1000 quarters.

ling. Copies of them follow. SCOTLAND.

SIR, On the 15th of June, Col. Haldane, Glve me leave, in this letter addressmember for Stirling, &c. waited of the ed to you, to present my sincere Rt Hon. William Pitt and Henry Bilson acknowledgnients to the brethren of the Legge, Efqs, at London, and deliver- guild of Stirling, for the great honour ed to each the freedom of the guildry they have been pleased to confer on me, of Stirling in a filver box [259.), and in admitting me to the freedom of a a letter, of which the following is a copy. guild-brother of that borough. SIR,

Conscious as I am of my unworthiI Am ordered by the guildry of this ness, I must always feel with the truest

borough to express, in their name, gratitude how highly I stand indebted the just sense they entertain of your me.

to their partial favour, in attributing the rit, in proposing, during your late ad. merit of real services to my very insufministration, the wise, virtuous, and ficient endeavours in execution of his frugal measures you was to have follow. Majesty's most gracious intentions, for ed in the conduct of public affairs, had the safety and happiness of his people. you continued in the management there.

I am, with the greatest regard,

of; measures extremely proper in them.
selves, but more particularly necessary

Your most obedient and at present, in order to retrieve former Whiteball, June 16. moji bumble servant,

1757 errors, whereby, through the faults of

W. Pitt. ministers, the honour and interest of his Majesty's crown and kingdoms have been neglected, corruption become are LET me beg the favour of you, to

return my sincere thanks to your most universal, and the national debt brethren of the guildry of Stirling, for increased to such a bulk, as to afford ve having done me the honour to admit me ry gloomy prospects to all true lovers of to the freedom of their society, and at their country, even in time of profound the same time to accept them yourself, peace, but much more so, when enga. for the peculiar share you have taken ja ged in a dangerous war with a powerful this transaction. enemy. This corporation, Sir, are Though the inducements which you persuaded, that, with the blessing of and they have acted upon, are much too almighty God, the methods you so partial to me, whose atmost merit is that wisely proposed, if followed out under of having endeavoured to execute the your direction, would have in a great office I lately held to the best of my cadegree removed those evils, prevented pacity, yet I shall always entertain a the same for the future, and thereby gateful sense of this public tefimony of have restored these kingdoms to their approbation which you have thought ancient felicity and glory: wherefore proper to confer upon me; and am, with they have ordered me to return you


great regard, thanks, flowing from hearts full of gra

SIR, titude for such laudable endeavours to

Your most obedient Save your country; and as a testimony of Daruning street, humble fervant, their respect, they beg you would be June 15. 1757.

H. B. LEGGE. pleased to accept of the freedom of their society, herewith sent you.

by an advertisement, of date June 20. SIR,

the trustees of the turnpike-roads in the Tour mo obedient and Stirling, May 25.

county of Edinburgh gave notice to all most humble servant, householders in South and North Leich, 17:57

A. WALLACE, D.G. and in the suburbs of Edinburgh, that VOL. XIX

3 A

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it was agreed to take from each of them, of January last, on their return from for this year, a composition of eighteen the Lewis fishing, off of Zetland, when pence Sterling, for the fix days statute- endeavouring to make a harbour, they work, three days before and three after met with a violent storm, which drove harvest, which all householders in the them to the northward. The storm concounty are obliged by law to work upon tinued all day with great violence ; and the roads.

about midnight they shipped a great sea, The Hudson's-bay fieet, viz. the which carried away all their masts and Old Rupert, Fowler, of 18 guns; the fails, and washed Capt. Burton and three New Rupert, Squirrel, and the Sea of his hands overboard. There now rehorse, Norwich, of 14 guns each ; and mained on board only Mr Ross, two the Hudson's bay, Fowler, of 10, came men, and a boy; who were tossed at into Leith road on the 3d of June, and the pleasure of the waves, having neiproceeded thence on their voyage upon ther fails nor rigging, for three weeks the 8th.

and five days, and were then drove a. Three English East-India fhips came fhore on an island 60 leagues north of into Leith road June 26. viz. the Suf. Dronthein in Norway, with six feet folk, Capt. Wilson; the Godolphin, water in the hold. Here they remainCapt. Hutcheson ; and the Houghton, ed three months before the ice broke Capt. Walpole. On the oth of March, up: they then got a passage to Dronbefore they doubled the cape of Good thein in a fishing boat, and came thence Hope, they had a smart engagement to the Orkneys. with two French men of war; one a In a letter from Glasgow, of June 19. two-decker, with fourteen ports in her we have the following account. lower tier; and the other a frigate of Monday last, the Rev. Mr Whitefield, 26 guns; whom they obliged to theer at the desire of several of our magi. off, having carried away the maintop strates, preached a charity-sermon for the maft of the largest ship. By shot lod- benefit of the poor of this city, from ged in their hulls, it was found, that Mark vi. 34. &c. At the conclufion of the great ship carried 24 and 12 pound. his discourse he pressed the charity with ers, and the small one 12 pounders. many solid arguments. It was collectThe Godolphin expended 310 shot and ed with decency and folemnity. A num. 13 barrels of powder; one of her mid. ber of the magistrates and elders stood shipmen lost a leg, and two other men up to collect at the outside of the conwere wounded ; but they all recovered. gregation ; who went away with reguFor their bravery the crew of each ship larity, and gave

their contributions

very is to receive 2000l. in pursuance of a chearfully. The whole amounted to resolution of the company, to give a 58 1. Sterling, which is all to be applied bounty to that extent to every crew to the relief of our poor. After sermon which should defend their ship when at the magistrates waited on Mr Whitetacked by the enemy's ships of war. field, and thanked him for this good of. These ships are visited by valt numbers fice, which has given great and general of people of both sexes from Edinburgh, fatisfa&tion.” and from the country on both fides the A discourse, in honour of the memo. frith. They get a deal of money for ry of Dr Clerk, lately deceased [278.), china ware, tea, fiiks, &c. and there was pronounced in the hall of the royal are many diverting scenes between the infirmary, Edinburgh, on the 24th of purchasers of the India goods and the June, by Dr Cullen, before a numecustomhouse-officers.

rous audience, composed of persons of Mr Ross, late mate of the of the first distinction. The whole comLeith, Robert Burton master, arrived pany expresied great satisfaction, as well at Leith, June 12. from the Orkneys, with the discourse, as with the justice and gives the following account of the done to the character of the great phylors of that hip. About the beginning sician who was the subject of it.


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