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states the grounds of his differences with include Verden and Bremen. The gates
Prussia, in a clear, temperate, and digni- of the former place were shut against
hied manner, and defies the power, while the Prussians, who carried it by escalade,
he depicts the duplicity of the Court of It is now jointly occupied by conven.
Berlin. He states the conduct of that tion, until the thief and the receiver
Court, from the formation of the “ Coa- shall have come to an understanding on
Jition against the usurpation of Napoleon the subject.
Bonaparte,” to the late attack upon the

Swedish troops in Lauenburg, which
has “put the last seal to the real system

Denmark, we are happy to find, seems of the Prussian Cabinet." The occupa

little disposed to concur in the views of

France and Prussia. It has been inti. tion of Hanover, the exclusion of Bri.

mated that British ships with goods for tish commerce from the ports in the North of Germany, and the recent ar

the Continent, may go safely to Tonringen.

The Prussian Minister at Co. tack upon the Swedes, are declared to be the causes of the hostile measures to

penhagen having suggested to the Prince which his Swedish Majesty has had re

Röyai' the propriety of withdrawing the

troops from Holstein and Schleswig, the course against the innovation of Prussia.

Prince is said to have abruptly answer-, Two important facts are disclosed in this Declaration ; namely, that an Al.

ed, “ That shali be done, provided your liance subsists between Sweden, Great

Master sets me the example, and orders Britain, and Russia, and that the Emper titories, (which he wishes me to do),

his troops to evacuate, not his own terror Alexander had placed the troops

but those which belong to his neighwhich he had sent to Hanover under the

bours." orders of his Swedish Majesty. This

In answer to a demand from the latter circumstance evinces both the

Court of Berlin to that of Copenhagen, confidence which he places in the military talents of the King of Sweden, and

enforced by an application from the the intimacy of the relations by which

French resident, that the ports of Denthe two Governments are connected

mark should be shut against Great with each other, there is little room to

Britain, the government of Copenhagen

have replied--
doubt, that Sweden will be sustained
in the approaching campaign by a very

" That á secret but fundamental large proportion of the Russian army.

Treaty exists between the governments His Prussian Majesty, naturally con

of Russia, Sweden, and Denmark, bysidering this as a declaration of war, has

which the Baltic Sea is regulated, and

that the demands of the Court of Berlin retaliated as far as he is able, The Swedish ships in his ports have been de- i

are contrary to the stipulations therein." tained, and a corps of his army, under

Gen. Kalkreuth, amounting to 16000 It is generally believed that the Go-
men, has been ordered to enter Swedish vernment of Switzerland will undergo

an immediate change. What shape it is
On the 30 April the Swedish army to assume is not stated, but the Landam-
was assembled on a large plain near the man is accused by Napoleon of making
head-quarters at Greiswald, when the the country a warehouse for English goods,
King addressed them in a speech worthy of which the French army is stated to
of a Christian Hero. He applauded their have seized to the amount of several mil.
zeal and fidelity, regretted that the ob- lions, upon taking possession of Neufcha-
ject of their march into that country tel and Valengin.
had not been effected, but exhorted

INDIA, them to bow with submission to the

We are happy to announce that peace will of the Most High, and to supplicate las been concluded with Scindiah. The his grace that they might ever walk in

following Extraordinary Gazette was the paths of virtue and honour. This

published on Friday, May 16: impressive ceremony was concluded by

LONDON GAZETTE EXTRAORDINARY. prayers offered up in the field by the military chaplains.

Whitehall, May 16. Bonaparte, it appears, in his grant of A dispatch has been received at the Hanover to Prussia, did not intend to East-India House, from Sir George Hi


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laro Barlow, Bart. dated Illahabad the ing is a statement of our force at the 4th December 1805, of which the fol. Cape, and in India : lowing is an extract :

Cavalry-19th, 20th, 21st, 22d, 24th, “I have now the honour to inform and 25th regiments. Infantry-12th, your Honourable Court, that, on the 17th, 19th, 22d, 24th, 30th, 330, 34th, 220 November a Definitive Treaty was 47th, sist, 530, 56th, 59th, 63th, 66th, concluded between the Right Honour. 67th, 69th, 720, 75th, 76th, 77th, 78th, able Lord Lake and the Plenipotentiary soth, 81st, 830, 84th, 86th, 930, 94th, Agent of Dowlut Row Scindiah, upon and the regiment de Meuron.-Total, terms which appear to me to be calcu. 6 of cavalry, and 30 regiments of inlated to establish the relations of amity fantry. and concord between the two states Such a force, reinforced as it will soon upon the most secure and permanent be, will, we trust, long secure the tranfoundation.

quillity of our Asiatic possessions. Your honourable Court will also have the satisfaction to be apprised of the ex

AMERICA. pectation which I confidently entertain It appears from the American papers, of a speedy and favourable termination that a resolution against the importation of hostilities with Jeswunt Row Hol. of certain articles, the produce or manukar, and of the consequent important facture of Great Britain, has passed the reduction in the military charges of the House of Representatives, and that a several presidencies inseparable from a bill has been brought in upon it. It is state of war.

doubted whetherthe Senate will sanction I have the satisfaction to inform your the hostile spirit which appears to actuHonourable Court, that tranquility pre- ate this proceeding. The conduct ci vails in every quarter of the Company's the faction which carried this obnoxious dominions ; and I am not aware of the resolution is very generally disapproved probability of any occurrence of a nature of in the United States. The articles calculated to disturb it, or to impair the probibited are as follow :fundamental sources of the British power

“ All articles of which leather is the and prosperity in India.”

material or chief value ; all articles of Dispatches have been also received which tin or brass is the material or from Sir G. H. Barlow, dated Illahabad, chief value, tin in sheet excepted; all the 24th December 1305, from which it articles of which hemp or flax is the appears, that, in consequence of the material or chicf value ; woollen cloth treaty of peace with Scindiah, and the whose invoice prices shall exceed confident expectation of a peace with woollen hosiery of all kinds; window Holkar, orders had been issued for the glass, and all other manufactures of return of the troops belonging to the glass; silver and plated wares ; paper presidencies of Madras and Bombay, ofalldescriptions; nails and spikes; hats; within the limits of those governments cloathing ready made; millinery of all respectively, where they were to be kinds; playing cards; beer, ale, and distributed in cantonments, and placed porter; pictures and prints.' on a peace establishment."

The above resolutions having passed Thus far the Gazette. The private in the House of Representatives, by a letters say that Holkar had sent Va- majority of 87 35, were presented to keels to the camp of Lord Lake, sup the Senate, where they likewise passed plicating for peace upon such terms as on the roth of April, by a majority of his Lordship's justice and humanity 20 to 9. An exemption has been made might dictate. Thus are all the projects in favour of black glass bottles. This of our enemy against our possessions non importation act is to take place on in that quarter defeated. Should any of the ist of January 1807. . This extraorhis squadrons have reached India, they dinary proceeding has occasioned a viohave nothing to do but come back again lent ferment through all the ports of the mif they can.

It will be seen from our United States. Maritime Department, that all appre The exports from America, of her hensions of any attack on the Cape, or own produce and manufactures, during St Helena, are removed. The follow the last year, was valued at 42,205,961


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dollars, of which this country took Majesty's Ship Foudroyant, at Sea,
16,459,766, being more than a third part the 14th of March 1806.
of her entire produce. Of her exports, Sir-I request you will communicate
generally, Britain and her colonies took to their Lordships, thai, at half past
22,063,277 dollars; France and her co three A. M. on the 13th of March, his
lonies, 8,245,013; Holland and her co- Majesty's ship the London, which I had
lonies, 5,523,423 ; and Spain and her stationed to windward of the squadron,
colonies, 4,533,539..

having wore, and made the signal for A secret expedition has sailed from some strange sails, I directed the squaNew York, under Gen. Miranda, a pa. dron to wear likewise upon the larboard tive of Mexico. It consists of the Le- tack, the wind being at W. S. W; and, ander and two other vessels, the object as day-light appeared, made the signal of which is positively said to be the re for a general chace ;-soon afterwards volutionizing of South America; it seems the London was observed in action with to have been planned with some address. a large ship and a frigate, and continued He kept the American Government in supporting a running fire with those total ignorance of his designs, whilst se ships, which were endeavouring to esveral of their agents were employed in cape, until half past seven, when the enlisting men to man his ships, under Amazon, being the advanced ship, pur. the belief that he was employed by the sued also, and engaged the frigate, Government. A number of persons which was attempting to bear away. have been arrested, and are to be tried, The remainder of the squadron approachas accomplices of Miranda.

ing fast upon the enemy (and the action Samuel Ogden, a merchant of New having continued from before day-light York, has been ordered to tind bail be- until 43 minutes after nine A.M.), the fore the Circuit Court of that State, to line of battle ship, bearing the flag of a the amount of 20,000 dollars, and two Rear-Admiral, struck; and at 53 mi. sureties for 40,000, to stand his trial for nutes past the above hour, the frigate being concerned in this expedition. also followed her example, when an offi

Captain Roberts of one of the Ameri. cer came on board the Foudroyant with can frigates, in consequence of some Admiral Linois's sword, and informed dispute with Captain Gale, commanding me that the ships which had surrendered the marines on board his ship, ran the to his Majesty's colours were the Malatter through the body with his sword. rengo, of so guns, 740 men, and the He expired immediately. - Capt. R. Belle Poule, of 40 guns, 18-pounders, has been arrested. It is stated that and 320 men, returning to France from some years ago le stabbed a seaman for the East Indies; these ships being the looking pale, during an action with a remainder of the French squadron which French frigate.

had committed so much depredation u-
pon the British commerce in the Eastern


I have much satisfaction in stating the

meritorious and gallant conduct of CapThe career of this active, and hitherto tains Sir Harry Neale and William fortunate Commander, his at length Parker, supported by the zeal and brabeen arrested. His fourth rencontre very of the officers and crews of their with a British force has proved fatal to respective ships, who claim my warm. bim : chance has thrown the Marengo est thanks and acknowledgements; and and her consort into the power of Sir' whose exertions, I hope, will recomJ. B. Warren. This grateful intelli mend them to their Lordships' particugence was brought by the John Bull lar notice and favour. cutter, which arrived at Plymouth on the I cannot, however, avoid regretting 2d of May.—The Official dispatches that the force of the enemy did not af. were published in the Gazette of the 6th, ford to the officers and men of the other

Admiralty Office, May 6. ships of the squadron,'who shewed the Copy of a Letter from Sir John Borlase most earnest desire to have closed with

Warren, Bart, and K.B. Vice Ad. the enemy, an opportunity of displaying miral of the Blue, &c. to Wm, that valour and attachment to their Marsden, Esq. dated on bard his King and country, which, I am confi.


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dent, they will be happy to evince upon lieve that he had taken the precaution some future and more favourable occa. to send home part of his wealth in Amesion.

rican vessels. After the action the AdI have inclosed a list of the killed and miral went into St Jago to refit. wounded on board his Majesty's ships, Sir John Warren arrived at Portsas well as their defects; and have like. mouth on the 14th of May, with his wise forwarded a particular statement of squadron and prizes, the Marengo and the ships captured, together with an ac. Belle Poule. They encountered a most count of the loss sustained by the ene violent gale on the 23d April, in which my, being the most correct that could the Marengo got totally dismasted, and be ascertaned from the role d'equi. the Ramilies lost her 'mizen and main page. Kear-Admiral Linois is among top-masts. But for these disasters their The wounded, as well as several other cruize would have been longer. No. officers. I have the honour to be, &c. thing of value has been discovered on

Joun BOR LASE WARREN, board the prizes. The Marengo is a Killed on board the London, MrWm.

beautiful ship, and very large. Admi. Rooke, midshipman, and 9 scamen and

ral Linois is recovering of his wound, as marines. On board the Amazon, Mr

is his son, whose wound was of a singuRicbard Seymour, First Lieutenant, Mr

lar kind ;-a búllet entered the angle of Edward Prior, second Lieut. of ma

bis jaw, knucked out the row of teeth

on one side, wounded his tongue, and rines, one seaman and one marine. Wounded on board the London, Mr

came out at his mouth! W. Faddy, Lieutenant, Mr J. W. Wat.

The Gazette of May 17. announces sun, midshipman, and 18 seamen and

the capture of a French frigate, at the marines.-On board the Amazon, Geo. Cape of Good Hope, under circumstan. Marcus, Quartermaster, and 5 seamen.

ces which render the acquisition more Killed on board the Marengo and valuable, as it throws some light on the

movements of the enemy, in a quarter Belle Poule, 65-Wounded, 80. Ad. miral Linvis, and several other officers

where it was feared that they might do

some mischief, and warrants the expec, were among the wounded.--Force of the Marengo, so guns and 740 men; of

tation of more important results. Sir the Belle Poule, 40 guns and 320 men.

Home Popham's letter, announcing the

capture, is to the following effect: Thus far the Gazette. It appears by “ In the morning of the 6th of March, private letters that the action took place a ship was discovered coming from the Dear the Cape de Verd islands. The south ward under a press of sail, and French Admiral almust ran on board of soon after two more, which proved to the London in the night; he supposed be the Raisonable and Narcissus. At our squadron to be an East India con. eleven the headmost ship hoisted French voy, and did not perceive his mistake colours, and passed within hail of the until the London was close alongside, Diadem. The latter instantly changed otherwise he must have escaped from his her Dutch colours for English, and desuperior sailing, as the Marengo is rec sired the Frenchman to strike, which koned the finest sailing man of war in he very properly did immediately. She the world. Lieutenant Seymour, of the proved to be the Volontaire French friAmazon, received his fatal wound to.. gate, of 1100 tons, carrying 46 guns and wards the end of the action; he suffered 360 men, and, we are happy to add, the amputation of his left thigh with had on board detachments of the Queen's great fortitude, but died soon af!er. and 54th regiments, consisting of 217 Lieut. Prior of the marines, was cut in men, who were taken in two transports

Linois was wounded in the leg; in the Bay of Biscay." tis son, while holding his hand to his The Volontaire parted with the French face, and crying for his father, had all squadron off Teneriffe, and intended to his foreteeth carried away by a shot. put into one of the Cape de Verd islands; His first Captain lost his right arm. but discovering a strange sail, whose ap

It is supposed, from the number of pearance she did not like, she steered valuable prizes taken by Linois, that a for the Cape, where the Dutch colours great quantity of treasure is on board having been kept flying, she ran in with. The Marengo, but there is reason to be out any suspicion.


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The Volontaire belonged to the squa. learning at sea that a Freneh squadron dron under Admiral Guillamet and Je had appeared off the coast of Cuba, he rome Bonaparte, who are probably now returned to Jamaica, from whence, af. on their return home ; for had their ob ter being reinforced by three sail of the ject been to go direct to the Cape or line, he sailed a second time for Cape the East Indies, they would not have Maize, where the enemy were said to loitered so long on the passage. They have been seen; but finding the inforremained cruizing in the latitude of St mation to be incorrect, he steered his. Helena for six weeks. An American course for Europe, and joined Lord ship saw them about 150 leagues from Collingwood off Cadiz. The rest of his. that island on the 4th February; a car squadron (the Canopus, Donegal, Spentel with Dutch prisoners saw them off cer, with the Jupiter and Alexander, the island on the 20th March. It should prizes) have arrived at Portsmouth and seein from this, as if their object had Plymouth. The Braave, of 74 guns, the been to intercept some of the outward third prize, foundered in a violent gale or homeward bound East India fleets. off Newfoundland, all the people saved..

It is however stated that this fleet has The Agamemnon was left at Barbadoes. actually proceeded for India.—No ap The Superb of 74 guns, Admiral Sir prehensions seem, however, to be enter.. J: T. Duckworth, from the West Intained respecting the safety of our Ori- dies, but last from the fleet off Cadiz, ental possessions. Our naval force in has arrived at Plymouth.--She left the that quarter is thus distibuted:

fleet all well. The Spaniards were reSir E. Pellew is on the Malabar and fitting their ships in Cadiz very slowly, Coromandel coasts, with the Culloden, as they were in want of the necessary Russell, Tremendous, Albion, each 74 ; stores of every kind. Grampus and Cornwallis, 50; Diana On the 17th of May, the following 38 ; Pitt, Dedaigneuse, and Concorde, ships arrived at St Helen's :--The 36 ; Terpsichore, 32; and the Sea- Dreadnought, of 98 guns, Rear. Admiral flower, Victor, Drake, and Rattlesnake the Earl of Northesk, Captain Conn; sloops of war. Sir Thomas Trowbridge and Britannia; 1oo guns, Captain Bullen, bas the eastern station, with the Blen in company with the San Ildefonso, 74 heim and Sceptre, 74 ; Lancaster, 64; guns, Capt. Quillam; Bahama, 74 guns, Phaeton 38, Caroline 38, Sir Edward Captain Stewart; and Swiftsure, 74 guns, Hughes 38; St Fiorenzo 36, Wilhelmi. Captain Digby; three of the prizes cap. na 36; Fox 32, Greyhound 32 ; and tured off Trafalgar; the other captured the Dasher, Harrier, and Albatross sloops ship, the Berwick, 74 guns, remains at

Gibraltar as Admiral Knight's flag ship. Sir Richard Strachan's squadron ar

A letter from Lord Cochrane, comrived at Plymouth on the 6th of May, manding the Pallas frigate, states, that after a three months cruize as far as having learned the situation of the cor. Madeira, without ever seeing a single vettes in the river of Bourdeaux (the ship of the enemy. His fleet having Garonne), on the evening of the 5th been refitted with uncommon dispatch, April, the Pallas was anchored close to the Admiral sailed again on the 19th the shoal of Cordovan, and a national with seven sail of the line, and three fri- corvette, which had the guard, was gates; his destination said to be direct boarded and cut out by the boats, within for India.

two heavy batteries, in spite of all resisOur troops at the Cape, at the date of tance. At day-light a general alarm the last accounts, were in good health, and was given; a sloop of war followed, bus perfect tranquillity prevailed through. was soon obliged to sheer off

, with ccaout the settlement. The Dutch priso. siderable damage. In the morning. ners had been embarked for Holland. while waiting for the boats, three ships

Various accounts have been received were observed bearing down towards of another French squadron having ap the Pallas,, which she chaced, and drove peared in the West Indies, but they ap. the whole ashore, where they were pear to be unfounded. Admiral Duck. completely wrecked. Txir masts went worth, in the Superd, with the Acasta by the board, and they were involved in frigate, and his three prizes, sailed from a sheet of spray. Of this flotilla, thereJamaica on the 24th of February, but före, Lord Cochrane gives the following

of war.

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