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3. Whether we sleep or wake,

To Thee we both resign;
By night we see, as well as day,

If Thy light on us shine.
4. Whether we live or die,

Both we submit to Thee ;
In death we live as well as life,
If Thine in death we be.

J. Austin, 1668.




1. CALM me, my God, and keep me calm,

While these hot breezes blow ;
Be like the night-dew's cooling balm

Upon earth's fevered brow.
2. Calm me, my God, and keep me calm,

Soft resting on Thy breast;
Soothe me with holy hymn and psalm,

And bid my spirit rest.
3. Yes, keep me calm, though loud and rude

The sounds my ear that greet;
Calm in the closet's solitude,

Calm in the bustling street ;

4. Calm in the hour of buoyant health,

Calm in my hour of pain ;
Calm in my poverty or wealth,

Calm in my loss or gain ;

5. Calm in the sufferance of wrong,

Like Him who bore my shame,
Calm 'mid the threatening, taunting throng

Who hate Thy holy Name;

6. Calm as the ray of sun or star,

Which storms assail in vain
Moving unruffled through earth's war
Th' eternal calm to gain !

Horatius Bonar.


The Heavenly Treasures.

OUR portion is not here, O Lord,

Our riches are in Thee;
And where our wealth is safely stored,

There, too, our hearts would be.
2. Where moth and rust corrupteth not,

Nor thief breaks through to steal,
Where change and trouble are forgot,

Our treasures we conceal.
3. For naught can take Thy peace away,

Nor aught Thy grace impair,
And naught can make Thy love decay ;

And all our wealth is there.
4. No tarnish comes upon our gold,

Our silver is most fine;
Our raiment never waxeth old,

Our jewels, Lord, are Thine.
5. Then let us hold on cheerfully

The path which Thou hast trod;
Our wealth in Thee, our hearts with Thee,
All hid with Christ in God.

Walter C. Smith.


All things for Good.


1. WHEN gladness gilds our prosperous day,

And hope is by fruition crowned,

“O Lord," with thankful hearts we say,

“How doth Thy love to us abound !” 2. But is that love less truly shown,

When earthly joys lie cold and dead,
And hopes have faded one by one,

Leaving sad memories in their stead. 3. God knows the discipline we need,

Nor sorrow sends for sorrow's sake ;
And though our stricken hearts may bleed,

His mercy will not let them break. 4. O teach us to discern the good

Thou sendest in the guise of ill ;
Since all Thou dost, if understood,

Interpreteth Thy loving will. 5. For pain is not the end of pain,

Not seldom trial comes to bless,
And work for us abundant gain,-

The peaceful fruits of righteousness. 6. Then let us not, with anxious thought,

Ask of to-morrow's joys or woes ;
But, by His word and Spirit taught,
Accept as best what God bestows.

W. H. Burleigh.



A Prayer in Sorrow.
1. WHEN Thou rebukest me for good,

My Father, tell me so;
That I, in all Thy better ways,

With willing heart may go.
2. And when Thy ways are in the deep,

Thy footsteps all unknown,
Then give me, Lord, to feel, to know,

I am not left alone.

3. And when Thy heavens shine on me,

O teach me what they say, —
How winsomely they ask my heart

To joy in God alway.
4. And when my tasks are sad and hard,

O teach me what they mean,-
How earnestly they ask my soul,

Alone on God to lean.
5. Yea! every hour, and in all things,

May I my Father see ;
And live a life of child-like trust,-

My heart at rest in Thee. J. P. Hopps.




TILL will we trust, though earth seem dark and

dreary, And the heart faint beneath His chastening rod; Though rough and steepour pathway, worn and weary,

Still will we trust in God. 2. Our eyes see dimly till by faith anointed,

And our blind choosing brings us grief and pain ; Through Him alone who hath our way appointed,

We find our peace again. 3. Choose for us, God ! nor let our weak preferring

Cheat our poor souls of good Thou hast designed; Choose for us, God ! Thy wisdom is unerring,

And we are fools and blind. 4. Let us press on, in patient self-denial,

Accept the hardship, shrink not from the loss; Our portion lies beyond the hour of trial, Our crown beyond the Cross.

W. H. Burleigh.


The Limitations of Knowledge. 7s. 1. MANY things in life there are

Past our understanding far,
And the humblest flower that grows

Hides a secret no man knows.
2. All unread by outer sense

Lies the soul's experience ;
Mysteries around us rise-

We, the deeper mysteries !
3. While we may so little scan

Of Thy vast creation's plan,
Teach us, O our God, to be

Humble in our walk with Thee !
4. May we trust, through ill and good,

Thine unchanging Fatherhood,
And our highest wisdom find

In the reverent heart and mind !
5. Clearer vision shall be ours,

Larger wisdom, ampler powers,
And the meaning yet appear
Of what passes knowledge here.

F. L. Hosmer.





AUTHOR of good to Thee I turn ;

Thy ever-wakeful eye
Alone can all my wants discern,

Thy hand alone supply.
2. O let Thy fear within me dwell,

Thy love my footsteps guide ;
That love shall vainer loves expel,

That fear all fears beside.

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