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satisfactory account:-L1 Tapageuse, of We are sorry to announce the loss of 14 guns, and 95 men, taken ;-wrecked his Majesty's brig Seaforth, Lieut. Steele. three beautiful corvettes, one of 18, one She was upset in a squall, oft Antigua, of 22, and one of 24 guns. The Pallas and only two of the crew were saved. did not lose a man, and had only three The number of Prussian vessels emwounded. The Pallas has also taken bargoed in our ports exceeds 400. Upthree, and destroyed two French mer wards of so vessels have been detained chant vessels.

and sent into Yarmouth since the emThe London Gazette announces the bargo. following captures :

The measures of the British GovernBy the Virginie, the Vengador Spa- ment in relation to Prussia are still nish privateer, of 14 guns and 82 men. marked with vigour and decision. Some By the Hind revenue cutter, after a modification of the general principle of running fight of 3 hours, the Intrepid the embargo has taken place.-Vessels French privateer of 14 guns. · Her Cap- under Papenburgh colours are allowed tain and two men were killed, and two to clear out for any por: in Holland or dangerously wounded: The Hind had Sweden, upon security being given that not a'man hurt. The privateer had, they will return to Great Britain, and made four prizes, two of which have not violate the blockaded ports. Vesbeen retaken. In the West Indies, by seis under Kniphausen colours are allowthe Grenada brig, after a close action of ed to clear out without any restriction, three hours, a French letter of marque,

---But on the other hand, the embargo of two 42, one 9 pounder, with several has been extended to the vessels of all swivels and blunderbusses, and 52 men. ports under Prussian influence. The enemy's guns were so mounted as Orders have been issued for allowing to enable them to bear at the same Hamburgh, Bremen, and Oldenburgi time in any direction, and the action ships to clear out for any port not blockwas prolonged by light winds, which aded, in giving bail for the return of the made the Grenada fall astern several vessels to a British port within three times. She had her master (Atkins) months. On the unth April, 20 ordur

everely wounded, and a boy mortally. was posted at Embden, " That no BriThe enemy had 3 men killed and 7 tish vessel arriving at that port with a wounded. By the Wolverine, a French cargo should be permitted to stay longer privateer of 3 guns and 50 men. By than 24 hours, and then to sail 'without the Heureux, a French schooner priva. landing any of her merchandize." teer of 3 guns and 60 men, and the Bel It is a remarkable circumstance, that lone, French privateer, of 14 guns and the three Commanders in Chief of the 117 men, with 8000 dollars on board.-- British, Spanish, and French Fleets at ---By the Loire frigate, the Princess of the glorious battle of Trafalgar, are all Peace, a very fine Spanish privateer dead: viz. Lord Nelson, Admiral Grapierced for 14 guns; but carrying only vina, and Admiral Villeneuve, who has one large 24-pounder, and 63 nien. committed suicide at Rennes. By the Conflict, gun-brig, the Finis At Maidstone assizes, Capt. Temple, terre, French lugger, of 14 guns, and 51 of the Theseus, was tried for the alled. inen. By the Colpoys hired brig and ged murder of a seaman belonging to Attack gun-brig, two chasse marees. that ship, on her passage from Jamaica, They had run up the river Donillan, and honourably acquitted. Wm. Honey. where they were covered by a battery man, alias Alex. Innes, a very young of two 12-pounders. Our tars landed, man, of a handsome appearance, was carrried the battery, spiked the guns, found guilty of forging a bill of exchange brought the vessels down the river, and for 80 l. destroyed the of Donillan. A person lately died in a village in By the Felicity privateer, the Josephine Staffordshire, who is stated to have deFrench privateer, of 3 guns and 37 men; clared on his death-bed, that he was hirhis Majesty's late lugger, Experiment, ed to set fire to the Boyne, of 98 guns, mounting 4 guns, with 30 men. Two burnt some years since at Portsmouth. Spanish gun-boats, cach carrying one He has left some documents, which

may 24-pounder, one 36 pounder carronade, serve to throw some light on this mystwo swivels, and 45 meni.

terious affair.



Scottish Chronicle.

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on a new warrant.

CIRCUIT INTELLIGENCE. pear, was the only guilty person, he would
Jedburgb-April 25.

pass from the charge against the other

three, who were accordingly dismissed, LORD CRAIG.

and sentence of fugitation was pronounced Saber. Dun, accused of child - murder, against Colquhoun.

Ann Parker, alias Mrs Hepple, mid. land for life. No other business.

wife in Glasgow, accused of exposing an Dumfries- April 30.

infant female child, entrusted to her to be LORD CRAIG.

sent to nursing, in a common stair in TronWilliam Wright, for theft, was fugitat- imminent danger of its life. The prisoner

gate street, and deserting it there, to the ed. ---James M‘Dougall, and Alex. Brown,

was found guilty upon her own confession, for horse stealing. --Brown was dismissed and sentenced to three months imprisonfrom the bar, and M.Dougall recommitted Ayr— May 6.

Inverary-May 5.

LORD Craig,

Margaret Brown, for child murder, and
Hugh Hannay weaver in Balmiuttock,
and John Mitchell weaver in Stewarton, M'Gibbon, collector of the land tax for Ar-

William Bromfield, late clerk to Mr Niel both accused of murder or culpable homi: cide, and George Blair flesher in Irvine, for gyleshire, for fraud in the collection of said theft, were all fugitated for non-appear.

tax, were fugitate for non appearance.

Andrew Purdie, Catherine Brown, Arch. ance. No other business.

Brown, and Duncan M.Murchy taylor, ac(Lord Cullen, who should have accompanied Lord Craig upon the southern cir- ship lately wrecked on the island of San

cused of stealing part of the cargo of a cuit, has been detained in London by se

day ;-the three first were assoilzied, and vere indisposition for some weeks.]

M.Murchy found guilty, and sentenced to Stirling- April 26.

be transported for seven years.

Aberdeen-- April 23.
David Gardner, wright in Grangemouth,

for shopbreaking, was, after a long trial,
assoilzied and dismissed from the bar. John Watson, late servant to Adam Gora

don, Esq. of Cairnfield, was capitally tried, Glasgow - April 30.

for breaking into a room in the house of LORDS DUNSINNAN AND ARMADALE. Cairnfield, and stealing sundry small sums

Robert Berrie and John Gordon, for of money and papers. The Jury, by a plutheft, pleaded guilty, and received sentence rality of voices, found the indictment not of transportation, the first for seven, the sufficiently proven ; the pannel was therelatter for fourteen years.-George Stewart, upon dismissed from the bar. Wm. Dunfor fraud and imposition, also pleaded guil- can, late apprentice to the gardener at ty, and was sentenced to transportation for Cairnfield, who had been an associate with seven years.-Duncan Graham, labourer the pannel' in the commission of the crime, at the alkali works at Dalmuir-shore, for was committed to prison, as guilty of per. an assault upon the manager, also pleaded jury in giving his evidence on the trial. guilty, and was sentenced to imprisonment Helen Jeans, indicted for stealing two for nine months.-- Alex. Stewart and Mi- horses, pleaded guilty, and the Advocate chael Jamieson, accused of murder or cul- Depute having restricted the libel to an arpable homicide; the diet was deserted on bitrary punishment, she was sentenced to account of the absence of some witnesses.

be transported for 14 years. This female John and William Letham, Richard Farrie, horsestealer was disguised in man's apparel and Alexander Colquhoun, carters, accused when she committed the crime, and had of killing Thomas Laurie, weaver, in a she not been detected in the very act of squabble at Gallowgate toll.-The Advo. selling the stolen horses in a public fair, it cate depute stated, that as he had reason to would have been impossible afterwards to believe that Colquhoun, who did not ap. have identiled her persoja. May 1806.


Janet Fraser, wife of James Laing, mason the charge, and the Advocate Depute, af. in Banff, and Janet Hepburn, a lodger in ter stating to the Court the enormity of his house, for stealing or resetting a variety the offence, agreed, on account of the priof articles of wearing apparel. Janet Hep- soner's age, he being about eighty, his long burn pleaded guilty, and was banished services in the army, and other circumstanScotland for seven years. Janet Fraser was ces, to restrict the pains of law to an arbi. assoilzied.

trary punishinent. The Advocate Depute The Court decided three' appeal cases, adduced two of the Bailies of Tain, and a one of which is of general importance, viz. Minister, who stated, that the prisoner had the right of Magistrates of hurghs, and been in the practice of bringing a number keepers of their tolbooth, to exact jail fees of certificates, for their signature, purportfrom incarcerated debtors; being an appeal ing to be for out pensioners who resided in from a sentence of the Magistrates of Aber the country, but who were not able, as he deen, at the instance of Robert Stewart in alledged, to appear and make affidavit on Burngallie of Mortlach, against Thomas account of their age or infirmities'; and the Hutcheon, keeper of the Aberdeen tol witnesses not suspecting any fraud, had atbooth. The appellant had been detained in tested these certificates. Lord Meadowprison by the keeper for payment of the bank pointed out to these gentlemen the jail fecs, after his creditors had agreed to impropriety of their conduct, which might his liberation, and was under the necessity have been made the ground of a criminal of paying said fees under protest, and prosecution against them, and admonished bringing an action of repetition against the them to abstain from such a practice in jailor therefor, founding on the decision time to come. Vass was sentenced to be put of the Supreme Court, “7th Dec. 1803, upon the pillory at Inverness, the 16th of M-Whinnie against the keeper of the prison May next, with a label on his breast, bearof Ayr,” in which the Court had found ing this inscription—" For defrauding his that Magistrates, or keepers of a county King and Master by forged and faise certia jail, are not entitled to exact dues from in. ficates," -and thereafter banished Scotland carcerated debtors.” The Magistrates as during all the days of his life. soilzied the defender from the action of re John Macpherson, also an out pensioner petition of the dues exacted, being ul. 16s, of said Hospital, was indicted, for procuring 6d. at the rate of 6d. per night for the time by false pretences, certificates or attestations, Stewart had been in prison : against which under the hands of the said Justices of Peace sentence he appealed to the Circuit Court, and Ministers of the Gospel, and using such and his Lordship, after hearing counsel on false certificates in defraud of his Majesty, both sides, In respect of the general impur. This case was not capital, it not being tance of the case to the Royal Burghs, and charged that the prisoner frged the certiof the Magistrates of Aberdeen having a ficates. He was also convicted, on his own greed to defray the expence of both parties, confession, and sentenced to be put upon certified the same to the High Court of the pillory, along with the other prisoner, Justiciary at Edinburgh.

having a label on his breast, bearing this Inverness~ April 29.

inscription" For defrauding his King and

Master by false certificates," and thereafter LORD MEADOWBANK.

banished Scotland for seven years. Janet Hoys, wife of James Austie, baker Alexander Dow M.Donald, lately residin Forres, for theft, was outlawed for not ing at Fort William, was indicted for false. appearing

hood and perjury; but, on account of the Geo. Davidsoni, journeyman weaver, for absence of some material witnesses, the diet a rape, being put to the bar, the Advocate was deserted against him pro loco et tempeDepute stated, that from certain circum re, and a new warrant of commitment grantstances which had come to his knowledge, ed. He afterwards found bail for his aphe was induced to desert the diet; Davido pearance, and was liberated. son was accordingly dismissed from the bar.

Perth-May 6. Nicholas Vass, an out-pensioner of Chelsea Hospital, was capitally indicted for ob.

LORDS JUSTICE CLERK AND MEADOWtaining a forgery of a great number of the certificates required from out-pension. Thomas Black, tenant at Forenaught, ers, to entitle them to receive their pen- charged with falsifying and altering bank sions, and fraudulently using such certifi notes of sl. to 10 l. and fraudulently using cates, knowing them to be forged; and al the same, was outlawed for not appearing. so, for procuring, by false pretences, attes John Westwater, flax-dresser in Kinghorn, tations on said certificates, under the hands accused of murdering John Orr, flax-dresof Justices of Peace, and a Minister of the ser there, by stabbing him with a knife in Gospel. The prisoner pleaded guilty to the side, denied the charge. The Jury unaa



nimously found him Guilty. He received The Magistrates and company having sentence to be executed at Kinghorn on the gone on board, a gun was fired as a signal 21st June. Margaret Cunningham, widow to unmoor, when the vessels proceeded toof the late John Mason, flux-dresser in wards the Dock, and at 20 minutes past Pachhead, and John Skinner, butcher there, three, the Fifeshire packet, belonging to the were indicted for the murder of the said Union Shipping Company, entered, followJohn Mason. Skinner having absconded, ed by the Buccleugh, belonging to the Edinwas outlawed. The Jury unanimously hurgh and Leith Shipping Company, afound Margaret Cunningham Guilty of the midst the reiterated acclamations of an immurder of her husband, by feloniously ad mense number of spectators, and repeated ministering to him a quantity of arsenic, discharges of artillery from the Fort at which, on a repetition of the dose (the first Leith, his Majesty's ships of war in the having failed), quickly occasioned his death. Roads, and guns stationed at the Quays The prisoner's Counsel moved the Court of the Dock. The two vessels were atto delay sentence against her, in respect that tended by the Barge of Admiral Vashon, she is pregnant, and craved their Lordships commanding on this station, with that of to take the course which in such a case Mr Bruce of the Naval Yard, and several should appear to them to be proper. The others all manned by their respective crews, Court certified the case to the High Court and finely decorated for the occasion, and of Justiciary, to meet at Edinburgh on the followed by the Edinburgh packet. Capt. 26th May, and granted warrant for trans Hall, another Sniack belonging to the mitting the prisoner from Perth to Edin Union Shipping Company, and a fine burgh.Betty Murray, alias Barclay, for Brig, called the Prescott, belonging to Mr housebreaking and theft, in the county of John Hay. „Forfar, pleaded Guilty. She was sentenced The two Smacks were afterwards moorto be transported for seven years.

cd on the south side of the Dock, when Donald M'Craw, formerly serjeant in the the Lord Provost and Magistrates were ad42d Regt. now merchant in Perth, accused dressed by the Master of the Merchant of the murder of Euphan Couper, daughter Conipany of Edinburgh as follows:-of James Couper, baker in Perth, a girl be

“ MY LORD PROVOST-- In the name of tween 9 and 10 years of age. The circun. stances attending the commission of the

the Company of Merchants of Edinburgh,

the Chaniber of Commerce of Edinburgh, crime, being repugnant to common decency, and the Traffickers of Leith, who have the strangers were excluded. The Jury, un:nimously found the prisoner Guilty of murder, deepest interest in the splendid work which and the Court passed sentence, ordaining

we have been contemplating, I beg leave, him to be executed at Perth, on Friday the

upon this occasion, to offer our most cor27th of June.

dial congratulations to your Lordship. In the cases of appeals before the Court; pletion of an undertaking from which

“ We now, my Lord, behold the comthe result of one may be of some general he greatest advantages must accrue to the importance, viz. Murray v. Kelt, respect. City of Edinburgh and its Port of Leith; ing the right of an out-going tenant to carry away with him çertain beams belonging advantages will not be confined 10 euro

and it is a pleasing anticipation, that these to a threshing machine, which he had eo rected at his own expence, and which were

selves and our posterity ; while the Wet

Dock of Leith offers safety and every acinserted into the barn wall. The Sheriff found the tenant liable, but the Court al.

commodation to the ships of all nations tered that judgment, and found they were

resorting to our port, the benefits arising part of the machine, and that the tenant

from it, according to the beneficent nature was entitled to carry them away, on his

and tendency of honourable Comnerce, paying for repairing the walls.

must be diffused to the most distant regi

ons, as extensively as are the commercial OPENING OF THE NEW WET DOCK AT connections of our industrious and enterLEITH.

prizing traders. On Tuesday May 20th, the Lord Pro

“ I have only to add, my Lord, what 1 vost, Magistrates and Council of Edinburgh, has witnessed the soleninities of this day,

am sure has been f. It by every one who and a numerous company of Ladies and Gentlemen, met at the Assembly, Rooms, taking, and the perfection of the executior,

that the magnitude and utility of the underLeith, and about 3 o'clock moved in pro- reflect the greatest honour upon, and will cession to the Ferry-Boat-Stairs, preceded I trust, to latest ages, remain a monument by a band of music, where two very fine

of the wisdom, the spirit, and the patriotSmacks, decorated with the colours of the different European nations, lay ready to re

ism of the Magissacy of Edinburgh.” 'ceive them.

To which his Lordship made the follow structed that every stone forms part of an ing reply:

arch. « GENTLEMEN I return you my sincere This Dock is only the first part of a most thanks for the honour you have done me magnificent plan extending to Newhaven, in your congratulations upon the accum. where the principal entrance is intended to plishment of a work of such general utility be made to the largest dock, which will as the Wet Dock of Leith.

have depth of water sufficient to contaio fri" When so much of the prosperity and gates of the first size; and the whole, when strength of this country depends upon the completed, will form one of the finest ranextension of commerce, and the facility ges of docks in the world. with which navigation is carried on, the The present Dock, and other works conaccomplishment of a measure so well cal nected with it, have occupied five years culated to answer these important ends, as in the execution, the first stone having the admirable work we have just beheld, been laid on the 14th May, 1801, under will be looked upon as no inconsiderable the Magistracy of Sir William Fettes, who advantage towards the accomodation of in has also had the singular good fortune to dividuals, and the gradual increase of the preside on the present occasion. wealth and prosperity of the United King The plans of this work are the produce dom.

tion of Mr John Rennie of London, Civil “ Other Nations, also, will participate in Engineer, and they have been executed the advantages of such a work; and we under the superintendance of Mr John Pashall have the pleasure, I hope, soon to be terson, of whose unremitting attention, as hold an increase of shipping to this Port, residing engineer, the style in which the from the comparatively great accommoda works are finished, which has met the ap: tion which the Wet Dock offers over the probation of every one who has seen them, present harbour of Leith."

will afford a lasting proof. The money alThe company afterwards returned to ready expended upon this immense underthe Assembly Rooms, where an elegant taking exceeds L. 100,000. entertainment had been prepared, and the A guard of the Argyleshire, Aberdeenevening was spent with the utmost convi. shire, and Galloway Militia, lined the viality.

streets, and kept the quays of the Docks; This Dock, the first of the kind in and it gives us much pleasure to add, that North Britain, has been wholly executed no accident whatever happened on the oco within high water mark, which added casion. greatly to the difficulty and expence of the On Thursday May 22d, the Edinburgh undertaking. The space occupied by the and Leith Shipping Co.'s smack Hazard Dock is above five acres, but including the from London, entered the Wet Dock, and ground on its sides and ends, upwards of discharged her cargo, being the first loadfifteen acres have been taken from the sea; ed vessel that has entered and paid the on these parts it is proposed to construct dock dues. graving docks, building slips, shades, and warehouses. The sea-wall of this Dock being expos

Civil APPOINTMENTS. ed to the accumulated swell from the Ger Carleton House, April 22.-His Royal man Ocean, required to be very strong; it Highness the Prince of Wales has been is accordingly' one of the strongest pieces pleased to appoint the following Nobleof Masonry we have seen, and is wholly men and Gentlemen to be State Council. composed of large ashler stones, from Ros lors for the Principality of Scotland: syth quarry, belonging to the Earl of Hope The Marquis of Bute,-Earl of Laudertoun, laid in a mortar of Pozzolano. The

dale. -Earl of Eglinton.- Earl of Breadal. stones on the outside of the wall are bound bane. -Earl of Cassilis.--Earl of Moira. together by chain bars of iron, inserted in -Earl of Stair.-Wm. Adam, Esq.- Adam the different courses horizontally, and con Gillies, Esq.- And David Cathcart, Esq. nected by vertical bars of the same metal; Robert Ādair, Esq. is appointed Envoy thus uniting the whole in one common extraordinary to the Court of Vienna. -mass. The binding the work in this man. The Right Hon. Bowes Daly and Thos. ner with iron was a very necessary mea Sheridan Esq. are appointed muster.masters bure, as during the building of the wall, it general of Ireland. frequently happened that stones of several On the 30th of April, John Davidson of tons weight were displaced by the heavy Ravelrig and Thos. Gloag of Chapeltown, eastern swell. The quay walls, and those Esqrs. were elected Joint Collectors of Cess of the entrance lock, are also fine massy pie. for the county of Edinburgh, in room of ces of masonry, and the whole are so con Mr Cranstoun of Dewar, deceast.


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