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“The pipe would play a cheering march, the banners round

[blocks in formation]

“ And for his king and country dear with pleasure he would

66 die!”

66 But I will hope to see him yet in Scotland’s bonny bounds, “ But I will hope to see him yet in Scotland’s bonny bounds, «« His native land of liberty shall nurse his glorious wounds, " While wide through all our Highland hills his warlike name

66 resounds : “ His native land of liberty. shall nurse his glorious wounds, 66 While wide through all our Highland hills his warlike name.

“ resounds."







When Willr Pitt, as he thought fit,

Did rule and guide us a', man, And furious War his iron car

Drove o'er the nations a', man ;
Then BUONAPARTE e'en took a start

To visit Africa, man,
The Malta Knights, those feckless wights,

Resistance made but sma', man,

While on their rocks, the Gallic cocks

Did stoutly strut and craw, man ; The reaver band despoil'd the land,

Took a' their gear awa', man; Wi' saints of gowd, in siller row'd,

O wow but they were braw, man ! The isles of Greece they next did fleece ;

Sic rugging ye ne'er saw, man. * See Explanation of the Scotch words in this song, P. 414.

But L'Orient's hulk had room and bulk

To haud and stow it a', man;
To Egypt come, they beat their drum,

Hoist up their flag and a', man ;
The Crocodile forsook the Nile,

And fled wi' fear awa', man; The river horse beheld their force,

And sair did snort and paw, man.

The Musselmen forsook their den,

And to the mosque did draw, man; Their Prophet great they did entreat,

And said a prayer or twa, man. But to be brief, the wily chief

Wha came from Corsica, man, Had gart them trow, I kenna how, ,

He had nae creed at a', man, And gin they please, their minds to ease,

He'd tak’ their Prophet's law, man.

The mighty Turk dislik'd the work,
Wi rage his lips did gnaw, man,

, And tell’d our King sae fause a thing

He could na bide at a', man: A renegade, that made a trade

Of spuilzieing friends and a’, man, To set his foot, or raise his snout,

In Pharaoh's ancient ha', man.

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Gi'e him a bield in that same field

Where Israel gather'd straw, mang 'Twas one to ten but he came ben

As far as Mecca's wa', man. Our Monarch's nod, like Neptune's rod,

That sways the Ocean a', man, Sent out a fleet their ships to meet,

Near Alexandria, man.

At Aboukir, withouten fear,

As Nelson's line did draw man, His hearts of oak their hawsers broke,

They did na wait to jaw, man ; Tri-colour'd flags came down like rags,

, Where Nelson's guns did ca', man, Till glory's light sae drown’d his sight,

'Twas utter darkness a', man !

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They left the sea like Antony,

And to the Nile did draw, man: As rockets fly, that mount the sky,

When conquest glads us a', man, So L'Orient fair gaed through the air,

Like shooting stars that fa', man. With dying cries they pierc'd the skies,

And griev'd our heroes a', man.

The Mamalykes came frae their nooks,

To see the low sae braw, man ;'

On wings of flame high mounted Fame,

And loud her trump did blaw, man, 'Till Gallic faith, and a' their skaith,

Was kent in Asia, man; And Nelson's fame and Britain's name

Rejoic'd and fear'd them a’, man.


A', all.
Awa', away.
Ben, forward.
Bield, a house, a footing.
Blaw, blow.
Braw, fine.
Ca', strike, drive.
Craw, crow.
Fa’, fall.
Fause, false.
Fear'd, struck terror into.
Feckless, destitute of spi-

rit and courage.

Frae, from.
Gaed, went.
Gart, made, forced.
Gi'e, give.
Gin, gif, if.
Gowd, siller, gold, silver.
Ha', hall.


Haud, hold, contain.
To jaw, to talk, to brag.
Kenna, know not.
Kent, known.
Low, flame.
Nae, na, no.
Reaver, robber.
Rugging, pulling, tear-

Sae, so.
Sair, sore, greatly.
Skaith, loss, disaster.
Sma', small,
Spuilzieing, robbing.
Tak, take.
Twa, two.
Wa, wall.
Wi', with.
Wha, who.
Wow, an exclamation.


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