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2. Not for the fleeting joys that earth bestows,

Not for exemption from its many woes ;
But that, come joy or woe, come good or ill,
With childlike faith we trust Thy guidance still,

And do Thy holy will.

3. Teach us, dear Lord, to find the latent good

That sorrow yields, when rightly understood;
And for the frequent joy that crowns our days,
Help us with grateful hearts our hymns to raise,

Of thankfulness and praise.

4. Thou knowest all our needs, and will supply :

No veil of darkness hides us from Thine eye,
Nor vainly, from the depths, on Thee we call ;
Thy tender love, that breaks the tempter's thrall,
Folds and encircles all.

W. H. Burleigh.


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550. Blessed are they that Mourn.
ODEEM not they are blest alone

Whose lives a peaceful tenor keep;
The Power who pities man has shown

A blessing for the eyes that weep.
2. The light of smiles shall fill again

The lids that overflow with tears ;
And weary hours of woe and pain

Are promises of happier years.
3. There is a day of sunny rest,

For every dark and troubled night;
And grief may bide an evening guest,

But joy shall come with early light.

4. For God has marked each sorrowing hour

And numbered every secret tear ;
And Heaven's long age of love and power
Grows out of all we suffer here.

W. C. Bryant.




GIVE me, O Lord, a heart of grace,

A voice of joy, a shining face,
That I may show, where'er I turn,

Thy love within my soul doth burn!
2. Though life be sweet and joy be dear,

Be in my mind a quiet fear ;
A patient love of pain and care,

An enmity to dark despair ;
3. A tenderness for all that stray,

With strength to help them on the way;
A cheerfulness, a heavenly mirth,

Brightening my steps along the earth;
4. A calm expectancy of death,

Who bloweth out our human breath ;
Who one day cometh in Thy name

And putteth out our mortal flame!
5. I ask, and shrink, yet, shrink and ask :

I know Thou wilt not set a task
Too hard for hands that Thou hast made,

Too hard for hands that Thou canst aid.
6. So let me dwell all peacefully,

Content to live, content to die,
Rejoicing now, rejoicing then,
Rejoicing evermore. Amen.

Rosa Mulholland,



Bear on !
1. BEAR on, my soul ! the bitter cross

Of every trial here
Shall lift thee to thy heaven above,

But shall not enter there.
2. Bear on, my soul ! on God rely ;

Deliverance will come ;
A thousand ways the Father hath

To bring His children home.


The Recompense of Reward.


1. How shalt thou bear the cross that now

So dread a weight appears?
Keep quiet to God, and think

Upon the eternal years.
2. Brave quiet is the thing for thee,

Chiding thy scrupulous fears ;
Learn to be real from the thought

Of the eternal years.
3. Thy cross is quite enough for thee,

Though little it appears :
For there is hid in it the weight

Of the eternal years.
4. He practises all virtues well,

Who his own cross reveres,
And lives in the familiar thought
Of the eternal years.

F. W. Faber,


HOU, who our faithless hearts canst read,

And know'st each weakness there,

Poor, trembling, faint, with Thee we plead,

O turn not from our prayer !
2. We cannot grasp from hour to hour

The truths Thy gospel saith ;
Then aid us by Thy heavenly power,

And so increase our faith,
3. That we may trust Thy guardian care,

When no kind hand we see ;
That we may lift our souls in prayer

Undoubtingly to Thee.
4. Help us to gaze on things unseen

By eyes of mortal sight;
To pierce through earth's dark veil, and glean

Some beams of heavenly light.
5. Thy glorious presence may we see,

When earth's last tie is riven ;
In faith then trust our souls to Thee,
Till we awake in heaven.

J. Baldwin Brown.




HOPE on, hope on, the golden days

Are not as yet a-dawning ;
The mists of night

Precede the light,
And usher in the morning.
2. Hope on, hope on, though black the clouds
Black shadows intertwining,

Yet calm and still,

O'er heath and hill,
The stars will soon be shining.


3. Hope on, hope on, through frost and snow, Through trouble, toil, and sorrow;

Through wind and rain,

And tears and pain,
The sun shall pierce to-morrow.
4. Hope on, hope on, though friends be few,
And dark the way before thee,

A God of love

From heaven above
Shall shed His radiance o'er thee.

Godfrey Thring.
Love and Sympathy.
A Prayer for Love.

O LORD! Thy heart with love o'erflowed,

Love spoke in every breath ;
Unwearied love Thy life declared,

Love triumphed in Thy death.
2. And Thou hast taught Thy followers here

Their faithfulness to prove,
And show their gratitude to Thee,

By living still in love.
3. May we the law of love fulfil

In every act and thought ;
Each angry passion be subdued,

Each selfish aim forgot.
4. Teach us to help each other, Lord,

Each other's sorrow share ;
Let each his friendly aid afford,

And feel his brother's care.
5. In holy love may we increase,

By Thy good Spirit's grace ;
Till we Thy perfect image bear,

And see Thee face to face.

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