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“So farewell to the land, where the clouds love to rest,
Like the shroud of the dead, on the mountain's cold breast,
To the cataract's roar where the eagles reply,
And the lake her lone bosom expands to the sky.”—Rob Roy.

I am partial to Scotland, and to the primitive manners of most of its people. Its political union with England is complete, more so, than that of all, or any of the United States, with each other, and yet enough of nationality, rivalry, and historical reminis. cences of ancient animosities, remain to render the present contrast between them and the present friendly footing and feeling, piquant and agreeable. I prefer the women to the men,—the one are lively and openhearted, the other, close and reserved. I attribute the difference partly to the marriage-law of the country, partly to the love the men have for metaphysics, or

ee-sics, as they call it, otherwise moonshine, which they worship, more than almost anything else. Besides, an Englishman in Scotland is made more of than a Scotchman is in England,—the collateral object of the one party is to spend money, the certain object of the other is to make it.

I have thus summed up the heads and tales, the sulphat of our late tour. If you should be able to extract any amusement from it, I shall be glad.






“The greatest preparations were made at Alton Towers, the princely residence of the premier Earl, for the reception of her Majesty. The Talbot Gallery,' a most magnificent room, on a line with the Armoury, Picture-gallery, and Octagon, was, for the first time, thrown open upon the occasion. Flags and banners streamed from every turret; festoons of laurels and flowers hung along the walls; mottoes and shields, with heraldic bearings, were suspended at intervals, and a beautiful triumphal arch, ornamented with a crown of flowers, was placed at the entrance of the gardens. The banqueting-hall was superbly decorated

• Bowls on the board, and banners on the wall.'

“Her Majesty was met at Quickshill Lodge by a numerous party of gentlemen, on horseback, headed by Prince Borghese, and his brother, Prince Aldobrandini, Lord Waterpark, Captain Powys, &c. The tenantry followed the carriages, and altogether, there could not be fewer than from 300 to 400 horsemen. There were many flags and banners in the procession, and every horseman wore a rosette-(N.B. That's a romance, not a reality).

“ The day was beautiful, and the procession had a most imposing effect as it approached the lawn, where an immense crowd had assembled, who greeted her Majesty with loud cheers. The Earl and Countess, and a distinguished party of visitors, received her Majesty at the grand entrance. On alighting from her carriage, she took the arm of the noble Earl, and passed on to the drawing-room, through the suite of galleries. A brass band was placed in the Octagon, and played God save the Queen.' Dinner was

“ served up about seven, and in the evening the whole

house was lighted up, and the effect was truly magical. The grand suite of apartments, including the Armoury, Talbot Gallery, &c., 500 feet in length, was one blaze of light. The lamps in the conservatory were variegated. The state apartments in the western wing, including the library, music-room, &c., were, likewise thrown open.

“The following were invited to meet her Majesty:E. Buller, Esq., and Mrs. B.; Lord and Lady Waterpark; Sir T. C. Shepherd and Lady S.; J. W. Patten, Esq., M. P., and Mrs. P.; Sir Henry Hunloke, High Sheriff of Derbyshire; Sir W. and Miss Boothby; Rev. J. P. Jones; Mr. and Lady Louisa Bromley; Mrs. and Miss Granville, and the Rev. Court Granville; J. B. Phillips, Esq. (Heath House), and Mrs. P.; T. Gilbert, Esq. (Cotton), and Mrs. G.; John Bill, Esq. (Farley), and Mrs. B.; Captain and Mrs. Hibbert; Miss Tickborne ; Captain and Mrs. Powys; Townley, Esq. (of Lancashire); P. H. Howard, Esq., M. P. (of Corby); Holford, Esq.; Mrs. Whyte, Barrow Hill, &c. &c. &c.

"On Thursday her Majesty inspected the house, with its admirable collection of paintings, statues, &c.; and also the gardens, which are now in their

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