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4. On the lone mountain side,

Before the morning's light,
The Man of Sorrows wept and cried,

And rose refreshed with might.
5. O hear us, then, for we

Are very weak and frail ;
We make the Saviour's name our plea,
And surely must prevail.

C. H. Spurgeon.


A Morning Song.


1. O Lord of life, Thy quickening voice

Awakes my morning song ;
In gladsome words I would rejoice

That I to Thee belong.
2. I see Thy light, I feel Thy wind !

Earth is Thy uttered word ;
Whatever wakes my heart and mind,

Thy presence is, my Lord.
3. Therefore I choose my highest part,

And turn my face to Thee;
Therefore I stir my inmost heart

To worship fervently.
4. Lord, let me live and act this day,

Still rising from the dead ;
Lord, make my spirit good and gay-

Give me my daily bread.
5. Within my heart, speak, Lord, speak on,

My heart alive to keep
Till the night comes, and, labour done,
In Thee I fall asleep.

G. Macdonald,



The Day's Beginning.
1. BEGIN the day with God!

He is thy rising sun;
His is the radiance of thy dawn,

His the fresh day begun.
2. Sing a new song at morn;

Join the glad woods and hills;
Join the fresh winds and seas and plains;

Join the bright flowers and rills !
3. Awake, cold lips, and sing ;

Arise, dull heart, and pray ;
Lift up, O‘man, thy heart and eyes ;

Brush slothfulness away!
4. Cast every weight aside ;

Do battle with each sin ;
Fight with the faithless world without,

The faithless heart within !
5. Look up beyond these clouds,

Thither thy pathway lies ;
Mount up, away, and linger not,
Thy goal is yonder skies!

H. Bonar,



Daily Bread.
1. O God, Thou giver of all good !

Thy children live by daily food;
And daily must the prayer be said,

“ Give us this day our daily bread !”
2. The life of earth and seed is Thine ;

Suns glow, rains fall, by power divine ;
Thou art in all; not e'en the powers
By which we toil for bread are ours.



3. What large provision Thou hast made !

As large as is Thy children's need :
How wide Thy bounteous love is spread !

Wide as the want of daily bread.
4. Since every day by Thee we live,

May grateful hearts Thy gifts receive;
And may the hands be pure from stain
With which our daily bread we gain.

Samuel Longfellow. 719.

HIGH in the heaven th' industrious sun

Already half his race hath run;
He cannot halt nor go astray,

But our immortal spirits may.
2. Lord ! since his rising in the east,

If we have faltered or transgressed,
Guide, from Thy love's abundant source,

What yet remains of this day's course.
3. Help with Thy grace, through life's short day,

Our upward and our downward way;
And glorify for us the west,
When we shall sink to final rest.

William Wordsworth.


720. Morning, Noon, Evening.
1. THE morning walks upon the earth,

And man awakes to toil and mirth ;
All living things and lands are gay-

Dear God, walk with me through the day.
2. Sweet is the breathing of the world,

As in Thy love it lies enfurled ;
And blue and clear the immortal sky;
'Tis thine, and Thine its purity.

3. Now noon sits throned, her golden urn

Pours forth the sunshine ! Laugh and burn
Cornland and meadow, lake and sea !

Lord of my life, pour love on me.
4. Slow comes the evening o'er the hill,

The labour of the world is still ;
Homeward I go, and muse of Thee-

Father of Home, abide with me.
5. Now droops the dark, but worlds of light,

Hidden by day, fulfil the night !
Infinite Stillness, silent sea

Of Truth and Power, flow over me.
6. O Thou, whose love the night has made

Outwearied earth and man to aid ;
Who givest labour, and then rest,-
Give me the peace that fills Thy breast

Stopford A. Brooke. 721. Morning Prayer.

O FATHER, hear my morning prayer,

Thy aid impart to me,
That I may make my life to-day

Acceptable to Thee.
2. May this desire my spirit rule ;

And as the moments fly
Something of good be born in me,

Something of evil die.
3. Some grace that seeks my heart to win,

With shining victory meet,
Some sin that strives for mastery,

Find overthrow complete.
4. That so throughout the coming day

The hours shall carry me
A little farther from the world,
A little nearer Thee.

Frances A. Percy.



Another Day.



O GOD! I thank Thee for each sight

Of beauty that Thy hand doth give,--
For sunny skies and air and light;

O God, I thank Thee that I live !
2. That life I consecrate to Thee ;

And ever, as the day is born,
On wings of joy my soul would flee,

And thank Thee for another morn.
3. Another day in which to cast

Some silent deed of love abroad,
That, greatening as it journeys past,

May do some earnest work for God.
4. Another day to do, to dare ;

To tax anew my growing strength ;
To arm my soul with faith and prayer,
And so reach heaven and Thee at length.

Caroline A. Mason.





O LORD, our God, o Light of light,

Who art Thyself the day,
Our chants shall break the clouds of night;

Be with us while we pray.
2. Who madest all, and dost control,

Lord, with Thy touch divine,
Cast out the slumbers of the soul,

The rest that is not Thine.
3. Each sin to Thee of years gone by,

Each hidden stain lies bare :
We shrink not from Thine awful eye,

But pray that Thou wouldst spare.

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