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Edinburgh Literary Miscellany,


With a Plate of the proposed TUNNEL under the FORTH.


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Register of the Weather for August, 570 Scottish Literary Intelligence, . ..613
High Water at Leith for September, : ib. Literary Intelligence, English and
Description of the Platė,
571 Foreign,

614 National Debt, . .


On Literary Duelling,

Celestial Phenomena for August, ib. Verses on the Death of Admiral
Memoirs of the Progress of Manu- Lord Nelson. By Dr Robert Cou.
factures, Chemistry, Science, and për,

615 the Fine Arts,

576 A - short Sketch of the Improved Continuation of the Trial of Lord Vis. State of Paisley, including the Ab

courit Melville,

617 bey Parish, for the year 1805, 577 Memoirs of Dr Alexander Pennecuick

Proceedings of Parliament, 626 of New Hall, 583 House of Commons,

ib. Remarks on a few Select Authors, $84 East India Budget,

631 Beattiana ; or Select Passages from

the Letters of Dr Beattie, 587 -Ossian's Poems,



Historical Affairs,
Pope's Essay on Man,

--Italy, -

ib. -Metastasio, .


-Prussia and Sweden,
Voltaire's Henriade,

-Naval Intelligence,

ib. Dialogue between Dr Franklin and


-Negociation for Peace,
the Gout,

-Delicate Investigation,

640 On the Harmony and Melody of the

Scottish Chronicle,

641 Old Scotch Tunes,


-Account of the Procession at Parisian Marriages,

laying the foundation stone for Account of the Climate of the Mo.

Lord Nelson's Monument at Glas. rea, and Character of its present


ib. Inhabitants,

-Proceedings of the High Court of
Justiciary at Edinburgh,

64% Scottish REVIEW.

Thunder Siorms,

Fires, :
1. Stark's Picture of Edinburgh, : .. 604 Civil Appointments,

646 11. The Poetical works of Sir David

Marriages and Births,

ib. Lyndsay of the Mount, Lyon King

Deaths, :

647 at Arms under James V. With a

Prices of Stocks,

648 life of the Author ; &c. By George

Prices of Grain per quarter Corn ExChalmers, F. R. S. S. A.

change, London,

ib. Prices of Grain at Haddington, ib.

ib. New Works published in Edinburgh, 613 Prices of Meal at Edinburgh,



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State of the BAROMETER, in inches and deci.

mals, and of Farenheit's THERMOMETER, in the open air, taken in the morning before fun-rise, and at doon ; and the quantity of rain-water fallen, in inches and decimals, from July 26. to August 25. 1806, in the vicinity of Edinburgh.

4 28


5 38

6 3

Th. 4

6 55

High Water at LEITH

Morn. Even.
H. M.

H. M. M. [ 4

6 Tu. 2

4.51 5 14 3

6 28 Fr. 5

7 So Sa. 6

8 48 917 9 47 M. 8 10 17

10 46 Tu. 9 II 15

II 43

012 O 40

8 I 34

1 2 55

7 22

8 19

Su. 7


52 52


68 55 63



W. 10 Th. 11 Fr. 12 Sa. 13 Su. 14 M. 15

2 28


3 21

3 48


4 41 5 35

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Tu. 16

17 Th. 18


6 30

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1806. Barom. Thermom. Rain. Weather. July

M. N. In, Pts. 2629.6 52 55 0.05

Rain 29.51 55 59 005

Ditto 28 29.3 52 59

Cloudy 29 29.45 70

Clear 30 29.5

Cloudy 31 29.56

0.06 Rain 29.57 54


Shower 29.59 53 65 0.01

30. 55




6 29.43


7 29.2

Ditta 8 29.1 54 77

Ditto 9 29.


60 0.81 Rain 10 29.3 53

Clear II 29.5 54 70

I 2 29.65


Ditto 13 29:78 5263


Rain 14 29.8


Clear 15

Ditto 16 29.85

Ditto 17 30.91 56 167

18 29.8.


Ditto 19.29.75


Ditto 20 | 29.6

0.08 Shower 21 29.5 54

61 о.об Rain 22 29.41


Ditto 23 29.3 57

61 0.1

24 29.1


Ditto 25.) 29. . 52 | 56



Fr. 19 Sa. 20

7/23 8 16 9 6 9 54 10 40 II 24


Su, 21 M., 22

4 14
5 8

2 6 56 7 49 841 9 30 10 17 II 2 1 45 o 7 O 49 I 3! 2 13 2 58 3 45

Tu. 23 W. 24 Th. 25.

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Fr, 26



Sa. 27

SI 67 5463

I 52 2 35

Su. 28

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M. 29 Tu. 30

3 21 4 10

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Scots Magazine,




Description of the PLATE,
A Work, in the highest degree cu- “ At first, says Mr Grieve, one is

rious and important, is now in led, in this investigation, to Queens-
"contemplation for the improvement feriy, where, according to the latest
of this part of the united kingdom. chart of the Firth, published by Law.
This is no less than a Tunnel, or rie and Whittle, 12th May 1794, the
subterraneous communication, under breadth is only one mile. But we
the Frith of Forth, to be formed at are obliged soon to abandon this
a little distance from Queensferry. place ; for the metals there are whin-
The want of a land communication stone for more than half way over,
between the metropolis and the nor- wbich could not be mined through
thern districts is one of the greatest but at an enormous expeoce. ' Be-
inconveniencies to which Scotland is sides, the depth of the tide between
at present exposedTravellers are the ferries is, according to the said
often subjected to great delay in cros- chart, no less than 36 fathoms; and
ing; few post chaises cross, and no a Tunnel here, to make an equally
stage coach except the mail. Great easy road through it, would be longer
quantities of cattle, which are driven than at other places of lese depth of
South, must either go round by Stir- water.
ling, or cross with considerable risk The west side of this whinstone
and inconvenieoce, and always with ground reaches to within half a mile
delay. For all these purposes, the of Rosyth castle on the north shore;
projected improvement would be and to Springfield, Mr. Morison's
found of the greatest advantage. It house, on the east bank of the Linn-
would open too an agricultural in. mill burn on the south shore, and in a
tercourse between Fife and the Lo- line between these points is the rock
thians, and would facilitate the pas. in the sea called Beamer, which is al-
sage of the military. The number so whin rock.
of persons who, in these different Immediately to the westward of
ways, would and it their interest to Rosyth castle comes in the lime-
make use of this communication, rock, which is also to be traced a
could not fail to produce a rent am- cross the Firth. This time-stone
ply sufficient, not only to reimburse is worked at Duddingstone, on the
the expence of the undertaking, but south side of the Firth, and at the
also to afford a handsome profit. Mains of Rosyth on the north side.


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The rock in the sea called the Dove a cover proper for procședing to sea craig, is in the line between these with. points, and this rock is also limestone.

These covers will not need to be Miners choose to avoid limestone al. very thick, for there is a sleech upon most as much as whinstone. But there each shore which of itself supports is an additional reason for ayoiding water, while the metals below the this limestone ; it happens to be only sleech' are of the same kind with the good in parts, and what is bad or metals at Whitehaven, which support bastard of it is as hard to work as water without having any sleech upwhin, and equally good for nothing on them. The distance between Ro. when it is wrought. To go to the syth and the opposite shore is, both westward of this lime-rock would be by Mr. Ainslie's map of Fife, and carrying the road out of its course, by the chart above mentioned, called or farther from Edinburgh ; besides, 2 miles, but call it 1800 fathoms. the Firth widens very much to the The greatest depth of water in the westward for 10 or 12 miles, and the middle of the Frith there, is stated expence of tunpelling under it any- in the chart to'be 11 fathoms bewhere there would be greater. neath high water.mark, and 9 fa

The distance between the whin. thoms more will probably be found rock on the cast hand and the lime. to be cover enough for the Tunnel, rock on the west hand is little more Suppose the Tunnel 15 feet wide, than half a mile. The metals, in and 15 feet high arched, with a foot this distance, consist of free-stone, path on each side of three feet broad, and what the miners call passable to keep carriages in the middle metals ; these are the desirable me. breadth of 9 feet. tals for cutting the Tunnel in. The Suppose the parallel entries to present quarry at Rosyth, which sup the shores to be each 250 fathoms plies free-stone to the wet docks at long, and to descend ; in 25, so as Leith, is in the middle of this dis- the Tunnel may have a cover of 10 tance. Rosyth castlę, to which the fathoms above its sole, or 7 1 fathoms northern roads come easier than to above its top, before it proceeds to any other point, is about 400 yards Then its descent to the middle to the westward of the quarry, and of the Frith, or for goo


Or about 50 yards to the north ward of each side, will only be 1 in 72. the castle; there is an old free-stone Even supposing the depth from high quarry, where the Tunnel may enter water to the sole of the Tunnel in the ground, and be carried eastward the middle of the fair way to be 30 parallel to the shore with such a de. fathoms, the descent would only be clivity, that by the time it enters the 1 in 45. By the chart, the tide wet dock quarry, it may have cover seems to 'ebb half a mile from each enough over it for proceeding to sea shore, and the fair way at low water with.

is a mile broad. If a moated pit was This necessary cover will be ascer- sunk at low water on each side, and tained by the borings to be previous- the Tunnel carried on from north to ly made at that point, and all along south, as well as from south to north, the intended line of the Tunnel. it could be finished in 4 years ; for

Io like manner, on the south side the fair way or longest part of it, of the Frith, the Tunnel may enter being 900 fathoms, two fathoms of the ground immediately on the west each end of this could be done weekside of the Linn-mill burn, and pro- ly. The expence of making the ceed westwards parallel to the shore, Tunnel, would probably be about till, by its declivity, it has taken on 160,cool. or 170,000l., viz.



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