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80 forward whilst using this exertion, it expected astronomical facts. The author would be liable to lose its balance, and quit deduces the motion of the whole of our sys. its hold, had it only one toe behind; where. tem from the progressive motion of the sun as, by the contrivance of two, it is enabled itself ; a quality which, he says, must be strongly to adhere to the branch.

equally possessed by all the heavenly boPsittacus also has the pedes scansorii, and dies, resulting from the universally acknoivis actually a climbing genus 4 yet this con- ledged laws of gravitation. He 'argues, & firmation does not, in my opinion, in any priori, that from progressive motion rotamanner induce thereto. To say that Par- tion is produced, and, a posteriori, that a rots assist themselves with their beaks in body in free space, having rotation round climbing, would not argue the pedes scanso.. its own axis, is a clear indication of its berii to be of no' utility. Their real use to ing in progressive movement. This he cor-“ this genus seems to be not only to grasp roborates by the general belief now entertheir food (for the foot of a Parrot serves tained, that our sun and planets are advancthe purpose of a hand in that respect), buting towards the constellation Hercides. The to enable them to step securely from one opinion that the sun has progressive motion, branch to another, and likewise to hang was not entertained till long after its rotasuspended as they often do ; in which case, tory motion was discovered. Captain B.' the two toes before, and two behind, certain states his conviction, that if, from the discos ly give stability to their hold.

very of the sun's rotation, and the acknow.. With respect to the Pici, rather a clumsy ledged universality of gravity, its progrestribe, the very stiff feathers in the tail are of sion had been inferred, when Kepler first material service to prop them up in the act suggested that the planets moved round the of climbing ; not so the pedes scansorii, for sun by means of its atmosphere, the system the Nuthatch, without them, runs up trees of this philosopher would have obtained ime equally well. Of what use then can these mediate and lasting credit, and that the hybe to the Woodpecker ? I answer, that in pothesis of these bodies being continued in: boring trees, in which occupation the bird motion by an original projectile impulse, is often engaged for a considerable length of would not have been resorted to in accounto time, its weight is thrown backward, and ing for the phenomena of their motions. thus the supply of two toes behind is ren Potato. The general opinion is, that dered extremely necessary for its support this vegetable is indigenous in America, and What makes me think the wise Author of that it was brought from that Continent to Nature had this end principally in view is, Europe by the Spaniards, soon after the that the Nuthatch, from the want of this discovery of America by Columbus. A fact confirmation, is, when breaking nuts, under mentioned in the Transactions of the Linthe necessity of sitting with its head down nean Society, vol. xii. p. 585, may, perwards. It may be alleged, that its flexible haps, be considered as a corroboration of tail compels it to this position ; but, as I this opinion. Don Jose Pavon, of Madrid, have before observed, it runs up trees with one of the authors of the Flora Peruviana, equal or greater facility than the Woodpeck- states, in a letter to Mr Lambert, that he er, notwithstanding this disadvantage. and his companions, Ruiz and Dombey,

It would be a curious circumstance, and had found the potato (Solanum tuberosum) a conclusive argument in my favour, should growing wild in the environs of Lima, and it ever be ascertained that the three-toed fourteen leagues from thence on the coast Woodpecker (picus tridactylus), which has of Peru, as well as in Chili; and that it is only one toe behind, bores trees in the attie cultivated very abundantly in those countude assumed by the Nuthatch when break. tries by the Indians, who call it papas. ing nuts. REVETT SHEPHARD. Portable Gas Lamp.--The ingenious idea

of compressing gas for the purpose of renIllumination of Coal Mines. The inger dering it portable, and thus adapting it to nious plan for illuminating cities by the various economic purposes, appears to have means of an electrifying machine, appears been suggested by Professor Brande, in a well adapted for the use of coal mines, &c. lecture delivered May 1810. But the merit and bids fair to reduce the number of those of using condensed gas for economical purterrific explosions of such frequent occur poses, is due to Mr Gordon, who lately ob. rence in an inflammable atmosphere. The tained a patent for gas lamps, &c. electric fluid, in Professor Meinecke's ap: Phosphoric Acid in Vegetables.Mr Barparatus, acts on a similar principle to the ry, in making experiments on pharmaceutigalvanic column lately applied to the for- cal extracts obtained by carrying on the mation of a self-moving machine.

evaporation in vacuo, “ became acquainted New Theory of the Motions of the with the singular fact, that phosphoric acid, Planetary System.A curious commen. in a soluble state, was found in all the extary, or rather an attack upon the received tracts. On further investigation, it was assystem of the planetary motions, has re certained that this acid, besides that porcently been published, in a smal pamphlet, tion of it which exists as phosphate of lime, by Captain Burney, which is likely to is contained in a vast variety of vegetables. excite the attention of the scientific world; All those which are cultivated seem to conand may lead to the discovery of very un tain phosphoric salt in great abundance."

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LONDON. The Second part of Mr Galt's Life of A manuscript of undoubted authenticity, B. West, Esq. President of the Royal Aca. calculated to excite an extraordinary degree demy, will shortly be published, forming of interest, has just reached this countrythe Life and Works of Mr West subsequent it is already in the hands of a translator

, to his arrival in England, compiled from and will be published both in English and materials furnished by himself ; . with a Por- in the original French during the ensuing trait, from an original picture painted by month ; it is entitled, “ DOCUMENTS Mr West some years since.

HISTORIQUES ET REFLEXIONS SUR LE Mr James Wilson has in the press, & GOUVERNEMENT DE LA HOLLANDK Journal of two successive Tours upon the" PAR LOUIS BONAPARTE Ex ROI DE Continent, performed in the years 1816, HOLLANDE.” 1817, and 1818; containing an account of This work contains every event relating the principal places in the south of France; to the political or financial situation of Hol

. of the great road over the Alps, and of the land, from the commencement of the reign chief cities and most interesting parts of of Louis until the close of his government; Italy ; accompanied with occasional Re. Sketches of the invasion of Italy and Expemarks historical and critical.

dition in Egypt, in both of which the author In a few days will be published, Original was present=Relations of most of the im. Miscellanies, in prose and verse; by John portant events in Spain, and his refusal of Laurens Bicknell, F. A.S. This volume the crown of that kingdom on the renunciacontains a dedication to the members of a tion of Charles 4th to Ferdinand his son, society instituted under the auspices of the and the formal cession of the latter to Naauthor's late lamented friend, the Rev. Dr poleon-copies of the letters of Charles 4th Burney, and a preface, including strictures to Ferdinand, relating to the conspiracy of upon many of the novel writers of the day. the latter against his father. The hitherta The first subject of the book is a burlesque secret motives of the marriage of the author novel, entitled Sarah Lloyd, in which the with the daughter of the Empress Josephine, heroine and the incidents are placed in a and their subsequent mutual agreement to ludicrous point of view, something in the a separation. The events which occurred on style of " the Musical Travels of Joel Col. the separation of the Emperor Napoleon and lier, ," written by the author's father. A the Empress Josephine. The various Prin. complete analysis of the play of Hamlet

cesses proposed to Napoleon, and the reason follows--a plan which the author proposes of his selecting the daughter of the Emperor to pursue with the rest of the plays of of Austria. Numerous characteristic and Shakspeare, if he can find leisure for the highly interesting letters from Napoleon to employment ; and the present specimen the author, exposing his views, situation, and shall be found useful to the readers of our

purposes. An indisputable genealogical immortal berd. The burletta of the “Siege history of{the family of Bonaparte, extracted of Troy," hitherto published anonymously, from various histories of Italy and other and a selection of poems and a drama, form public documents, all of which prove bethe remainder of the volume.

yond doubt the illustrious rank they held in Should the present volume be fa. Italy even in the 12th Century, and it is vourably received by the public, the author somewhat singular that:600 years ago, Anintends to print a small volume of the drolius Bonaparte was Grand Podesta or writings of his late father, the writer of the Governor of Parma, where is now the wife beautiful poem of the Dying Negro, which of Napoleon as Grand Duchess! "An im. was the composition of the late Mr Bick- portant letter from the Duc de Cadore, exnell, the barrister, and corrected by the late plaining the intentions of the Emperor reMr Day.

lating to Holland, the various united pro

positions of France and Russia to accommo· The Rev. John Jebb, author of a volume date with England, and a variety of anec. of Sermons, is preparing for the press, Cri- dotes of the author of Napoleon and of his tical Observations on Select Passages of the family, New Testament; the style and structure of Although this work may contain many which are examined and illustrated, ac events already known to the public in 3 cording to the principles of poetical and general way, yet coming from the hand of sententious parallelism, established in the

one who was on a throne, and who had an prelections of the late Robert Lowth, D. D. immediate share in all that occurred, joined Lord Bishop of London.

to his universally acknowledged probity and Mr Fuseli, Professor of Painting in the good faith, form together an unanswerable Royal Academy, is about to reprint his three motive for giving it the preference over Lectures on Painting formerly published, every other modern publication, and it is with three additional ones that have not assuredly next in point of interest to a work yet appeared.

from the pen of Napoleon himself. It is

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already inquired after with eagerness upon

The Mock Moralist ; a Novel; by Mr the continent, in Holland particularly, as it Wm Gardiner, author of Sultana, a tragedy, is known to contain an accurate statement &c. of the political and financial situation of Elements of the History of Civil Governthat country during a most important pe- ment; by James Tyson, Esq., will shortly riod; and as it is written with the utmost be published. candour, and is totally exenipt from any Nearly ready for publication, Brief expressions which might offend the most Thoughts on the early obstacles to the propartial Bourbonist, it will find a wide circu- gress of the Fine Arts in Great Britain and lation in France, where the author, being Ireland ; by Mr Wm Carey. known to be somewhat opposed to his bro Hedin, or the Spectre of the Tomb ; a ther's government, it will be read with equal Tale ; by the Hon. William Herbert. 8vo. avidity by the most decided ultras.

38. 6d. Mr Ormerod's valuable History of the The Fall of Jerusalem, a Tragedy; by County palatine and city of Chester is now H. H. Millman, M. A. author of Fazio. completed. It has been published in ten 8vo. parts, forming three handsomely printed The Principles of Political Economy confolio volumes,

which are highly embellished sidered with a View to their Practical Apby one hundred and ninety four engravings plication ; by T. R. Malthus. 8vo. on copper and on wood, inclusive of no less Travels through Holland, Germany, and than three hundred and fifty seven armorial part of France in 1819, with reference to subjects which are attached to the pedigrees. their Statistics, Agriculture, and Manufac

The Rev. Philip Bliss has completed his tures ; by W. Jacob, Esq. F. R. S. 4to.
new edition of Anthony or Wood's Athena The Palace of John Bull; a poem, con-
Oxonienses, in four quarto volumes. This trasted with the Poor House that Jack
valuable body of English Biography con- Built, illustrated by plates.
tains upwards of two thousand two hundred In a small octavo volume, Taxidermy ;
lives, and there are very few of that large or, a complete Treatise on the art of pre-
number which have not received either cor- serving every object of Natural History for
rections or additions from the pen of the Museums.
present editor.

Sunday School Sketches ; a memoir, de.
In the press, in two octavo volumes, the scriptive of these institutions.
Iliad of Homer, literally translated into An Historical and Statistical Account of
English Prose, with Explanatory Notes ; by the Principalities of Wallachia and Molda-
a Graduate of the University of Oxford. via; by Wm. Wilkinson, Esq. late his Ma-

The Fudge Family in Italy; by the Au- jesty's consul there.
thor of the Fudge Family in Paris.

Journal of a Tour in Greece, Egypt, and The Faith, Morals, and Discipline of the the Holy Land; by W. Turner, Foreign Church of England defended.

Office, in 3 volumes octavo. - On the 1st March next will be published, A History of Ireland, under the title of the Beauties of the River Meuse ; to be “ The Chronicles of Ulla'd ;” by Roger completed in eight numbers, containing each O'Connor. six plates, from drawings on the spot; by Tales of the Heart ; by Mrs Opie, in 3 G. Arnald, A. R. A.

volumes. The Radical Triumvirate; or, Tom The Poetical Works of Mr James MontPaine, Lord Byron, and Surgeon Lawrence, gomery, in 3 volumes foolscap 8vo. colleaguing to expel religion from the earth, An Expostulary Epistle to Lord Byron; and emancipate mankind from all laws, hu- by Mr Cottle. man and divine; by an Oxonian.

A small volume of Poems, entitled, A Catechism of the Evidences of Chris “ Sacred Lyrics ;" by James Edmestone. tianity ; by Dr Yates.

An Account of the Introduction of ChrisMemoirs of M. Obelin, Lutheran Pastor tianity into Great Britain, with the Welsh of Walsbach ; by the Rev. Mark Wilks. Nonconformist Memorial; by Dr Richards.

Heraldic Visitation of the County of The Sketch Book ; by Geoffray Crayon, Durham ; by William Flower, Esq., ' in new edition, with alterations and additions. 1755. Edited by R. J. Philipson, Esq. Giovanni Sbogarro ; a Venetian Tale, in

A new periodical work, by Dr John 2 volumes 12mo.
Walker, entitled “ The True Monthly Ma In two handsome octavo volumes, a Voy-

age to South America, performed by order A second volume of Sermons; by the of the Government of the United States, in Rey. Dr Busfield.

the Frigate Congress ; by H. M. BrackenAn elementary work on Astronomy; by ridge, Esq. Mr James Mitchell.

Mr Leigh Hunt has ready for publicaThe History of Parga, translated from tion, a Translation of Amyntas, a Tale of the Italian MŠof Hugo Foscolo.

the Woods, from the Italian of Torqualo Mr Gorham's History of St Neot's, in Tasso ; with an Essay on the Pastoral one thick octavo volume.

Poetry of Italy. The work will be embel-
Ad inquiry into certain errors respecting lished with a highly engraved portrait of
Insanity; by Dr Burrows...

Tasso, by Worthington.
Vol. VI.

4 E

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Mr Philip of Liverpool is about to pub- the celebrated Letters of Janius, after relish a new Life of Whitefield. The matea tiring from office, employed himself in write rials of this memọir have been collected ing * The Memoirs of his own Life," from various British and American sources. which, when completed, his Grace carefully The work will be ornamented by an elegant sealed up, and, by an injunction in his will, print, from an original picture, &c. strictly prohibited his heirs, on any account

, In February will be published, Retro- to open the envelope during the reign of the spection, a rural poem;

by Tho. Whitby, late king ; but after that monarch's de. author of the Priory of Birkenhead, a tale mise, to make the memoir known to the of the 14th century.

world. It is supposed to contain a full de In the course of a few weeks will be pub- velopement of all the great political events lishod, Letters from North Wales; to which and private history of the court

, at that in are added, Memoranda of a Visit to Me teresting period, and, in all probability, rionethshire, in 1819 ; together with seve will, for the first time, divulge to the public ral anecdotes and sketches, illustrative of the real name of Junius, which, it is una Welsh history and manners.

derstood, had been made known to his Curious Circumstance. The Duke of Grace, under a pledge of honour not to Grafton, who was Prime Minister to his late communicate the secret to any person liv. Majesty soon after he came to the throne, ing, in the lifetime of King George the and who makes so distinguished a figure in Third.

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SERMONS on Infidelity, by the Rev. Andrew the most authentic sources. The civil and
Thomson, Minister of St George's Church, religious state of the province, climate, soil

Edinburgh, will speedily be publisheda and agriculture, is carefully drawn up from

The Rev. Alex. Stewart, author of the materials furnished by the author's brother,
Lives of Dr Blair, Dr Robertson, and other who has been twenty years resident in the
Elegant Works, has now in the press a country, and a member of the government
History of Great Britain, from the accession Speedily will be published, by subscrip-
of George III. to the present time.

tion, in one volume 12mo, 3s. 6d. common
To be published by subscription, in paper, fine paper 5s. ; Heath Flowers

, or 12mo, at 10s. 6d. Elgiva, an historical Mountain Melodies ; consisting of Poems poem, in six cantos, with other poems; by and Lyrical Pieces ; by George Scott. John Gordon, surgeon in Keith, who was In the press, and immediately to be pubdrowned while bathing with some of his lislied, Medical Notes on Climate, Diseases, companions in the river Isla, in the summer Hospitals, and Medical Schools, in France, of 1819.

Italy, and Switzerland ; comprising an inIn the press, and speedily will be pub- quiry into the effects of a residence in the lished, a Visit to the Province of Upper south of Europe, in cases of pulmonary Canada, in 1819;; by James. Chalmers, consumption, and illustrating the present bookseller, Aberdeen. The work will con state of medicine and medical practice in tain every kind of information which an those countries ; by James Clark, M.D. emigrant can desire to obtain, derived from Resident Physician at Rome.

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ARCHITECTURE. ARCHITECTURAL Antiquities of Normandy, in a series of 100 Etchings, with Historical and Descriptive Notices; by John Sell Catman. Part I. folio. £3, 38..

Wilson's Complete Dictionary of Astro-
logy. 14s.

A Catalogue of 12,000 Tracts, Pamph-
ets, and unbound Books; by Thomas
Rodd, sen. Parts 1. and I1.

A Catalogue of Old Books; byw.

Baynes and Son. Part I. comprising Thea

A Supplement to J. H. Bohte's Cata-
logue of Classics and German Literature.

Longman and Company's Catalogue of
Old Books for 1820. Part I.

Memoirs of Oliver Cromwell, and his
Sons Richard and Henry; with originał
Letters and Portraits; by Oliver Cromwell,
Esq. a descendant of the family. 4to. £3,35

The Life and Studies of Benjamin West,
Esq. Part. II.

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The Annual Biography and Obituary, for Battey's Italian Scenery. No XII. and
1820. 8vo. 158.

last. 8vo. 10s. 6d.
County Biography: or, Lives of Remark. Views in Paris and its Environs, from
able Characters, born or long resident in Drawings made on the Spot; by Mr Fred.
the Counties of Norfolk, Essex, and Suf. Nash ; with descriptions, by Mr John Scott.
folk. No l. 2s. 6d.

Part I.
The Confessions of J. J. Rousseau, 4. yols

£1, Is

A New Geological Atlas of England and
Memoires pour servir à l'Histoire de la Wales, Part II. containing Gloueester, Sur-
vie privée, du retour, et du régné de Na- rey, Suffolk, and Berks ; by William Smith,
poleon, en 1816. Par M. Fleury de Cha- 21s.
boulon, ex-secretaire de l'Empereur. 8vo.

2 tomes. 24s.

A Synopsis of the History of England's
A Translation of the above. 2 vols NYÓ. by Tho. Ketehan. Rs. 6d.
£1, 4s.

A Short History of France; by Mrs

Moore. 12mo. 7s.
Withering's Arrangement of British A New History of Spain; by F. Thurtle.
Plants. ' Sixth edition. 4 vols 8vo. £2, 8s. 8s. Od.

A Chronological Chart of Europe, from A Concise and Practical Treatise on the
the Norman Conquest to the present time, on Culture and Management of the Carnation,
a Sheet. 58.

Auricula, Ranunculus, Tulip, and other
The Chronology of the last Fifty Years. Flowers ; by Thomas Hogg, gardener,
Royal 18mo. 12s.


A Compendious Practical Assistant in
On the Trade to China, and the Indian proceedings in the King's Bench. 8vo.
Archipelago; by C, Assey. 8vo. 38, 10s. 6d.

Booth's Tables of Simple Interest, on a An Essay upon Marine Evidence in the
New Plan. 4to. 36s.

Courts of Law and Equity. 8vo. 108. 60.

A Practical Treatise on the Law of Dila.
Treatise on Adulteration of Food, and pidations, Wastes, Reinstatements, &c. by
Culinary Poisons, by Fred. Accum. 12mo. James Elmes, architect.

A Practical Treatise on the settling of

Evidence for Trials, at Nisi Prius s hy
The New Dramatic Censor. No I. 2s. Isaac Espinasse, Esq. of Gray's Inn. 8vo.
Grove's Theatrical House that Jack Built, 12s.
with 13 Cuts. 1s.


Observations on the Nature and Cure of
A New and Practical Method of Steno, Cancer; by Charles Aldis, Esq. surgeon,
graphy; by Richard Farr.

4s. 6d.
Conversations on Algebra; by W. Cole. The Quarterly Journal of Foreign Medi-
12mo. 78.

cine and Surgery, No VI. 3$. 6d.
Results of Experience in the Practice of A Supplement to the Pharmacopeias ; by
Instruction; by W. Johnstone, A.M. S. F. Gray. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

Report upon the Establishment of M. de A Treatise on Midwifery; by J. Power.
Fellenberg; by J. Attersole. 38. 6d. 8vo. 8s. Od.

New Mathematical Demonstrations of Medico-Chirurgical Transactions, Vol.
Euclid; by W. Williams. 7s.

X. Part II. 7s.6d.
An Abridgment of Dr Goldsmith's His . A Defence of the Scriptural Doctrine of
tory of England, Translated into French; Life, as applicable to Physiology and Me-
by J. T. Edgecombe. 4s.

dicine; by J. G. Mansford. 1s. 6d.
Present State of the British Empire, for An Essay on the Chemical History and
1820.; by the Rev. J. Goldsmith. 58. 6d. Medical Treatment of Calculous Disorders ;

Lectures on Writing; by Mr Carstairs, by A. Marcet, M.D. F.R.S. 2d edit. royal
with Plates. 12s.

8vo. plates. 18s.
Adams's History of Great Britain, from

Julius Cæsar, to the death of Princess An Essay on Magnetic Attractions : Par.
Charlotte. 4s. 6d.

ticularly as respects the Deviation of the

Compass on Ship-board, occasioned by the

on Entomology, in which the Local Influence of the Guns, &c. With
Forms and Habits of Insects, are familiarly an Easy Practical Method of observing the
explained; with 25 Engravings. 12mo. same in all parts of the World ; by Peter
12s. Plain.-18s. Coloured.

Barlow, of the Royal Military Academy.

Miscellanies ; by the Rev. R. Warner.
Views taken in the French Capital and 2 vols 12mo. 10s.
its vicinity; by Captain Battey. Imp. 8vo. Sporting Anecdotes, Original and Select-

ed ; by Pierce Egan. 12mo. 9s.
Six Views of the City of Bath, in Colours, General Rules for Repairing Roads, with

a plate. 8vo. 2s.

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Part 1. 12s.

£1, 10s.

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