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[blocks in formation]

Sti pend, s. wages

Stor my, a. violent

Tav ern, s. a house of entertain


Taw ny, a. yellow

Stir rup, s belonging to a saddle Tem per, s, disposition

Streak y, a. striped
Stream er, s, a flag--
Strictly, ad, rigorously
Strip ling, s. a young man,
Strum pet, s. a prostitute
Stub born, a, obstinate -
Student, s. a scholar
Stu dy, v n, to muse
Stur dy, a. hardy
Stut ter, v n, to stammer
Sub tle, a. sly, artful

Sub urb, s. out-part of a city
Suc cour, s. assistance
Sud den, a. hasty
Suf fer, v a. & n. to bear.
Suf frage, s. a vote given
Sul len, a. gloomy.
Sul phur, s. brimstone
Sum mons, s. a citation
Sun dry, a. several
Sur face, s. the out side
Sur ly, a; rough, morose
Swin dle, v a, to cheat
Sym bol, s. a type
Symp tom, s. a sign
Syn tax, s. a part of grammar
Sys tem, s. a scheme

Ta cit, a, silent


Tac tics, s. the art of ranging
men in battle

Tai lor, s. a maker of clothes
Ta lent, s. faculty

Tan gle, y a, to confuse

Tem plar, s. a student in law
Ten der, a. delicate

Ten ter, s. a hook

Te nure, s. the terms on which an estate is holden

Testy, a. fretful

Tex ture, s. a web
Thick et, s. a small wood
Thiev ish, a. given to steak
Thrif ty, a, frugal
Ti dings, s. news
Til lage, s. husbandry
Ti mid, a. fearful
Tinc ture, s. colour

Tin ker, s. a mender of brass
Ti tle, s. general head
Toi let, s. a dressing table
Toil some, a. laborious
To ken, s. a sign
Tor pid, a. benumbed
Tor ture, s. pain
Tor vous, a. stern
Touch y, a. peevish
Toy ish, a. trifling
Traf fick, s trade
Tra gic, a. mournful

Trai tor, s. a betrayer of truge
Tram mel, s. a shackel
Trap pings, s. dress
Treaty, s. compact
Tres pass, s. offence.
Trin ket, s. a toy
Trou sers, s. long breeches
Tru ant, s. an idler
Tru ly, ad, indeed

Tan kard, s. a mug with a lid Trum cheon, s. a club

Tar dy, a, slow, dull

Tar nish, v a. to sully

Tart ness, s. acidity

assel, s. an ornament

Trus ty, a. faithful
Tu lip, s. a flower
Tu mor, s. a swelling
Tur ret, s. a little towe
Tu tor, s. a teacher

[blocks in formation]

Va cant, a. empty
Va grant, s. a vagabond
Vain ly, ad. proudly
Val iant, a. stout
Va lid, a. efficatious
Va lour, s. bravery
Va lue, s. price, worth
Va nish, v n. to disappear
Van quish, y a. to conquer
Va ry, v n. to change
Vas sal, s. a subject
Vast ly, ad. greatly
Vel lum, s. parchment
Ven der, s. one who sells
Ven om, s. poison
Verbal, a. oral

Ver dant, a. green

Ver dict, s. decision of a jury
Ver dure, s. green

Ver nal, a.. belonging to the

[blocks in formation]

Vi cious, a. corrupt


Wa ges, s. pay for services.
Wail ing, s. lamentation
Waist coat, s. a garment
Wait er, s. an attendant
Wan der, v n. to rove
Wan ton, a. sportful
War den, s. a keeper

Ward robe, s. a room for clothes
War rant, va. to justify

War ren, s. a place for rabbits
Wasp ish, a. peevish
Way ward, a. forward
Weal thy, a. rich
Wea ry, v a. to tire

Weather, s. the state of the air Wid ow, s. whose husband is dead

Win now, v a. to sift
Wise ly, ad. prudently
Wish ful, a. longing

Witch craft, s. practice of


Wit ness, v a. to attest
Wit ty, a. ingenious
Wiz ard, s. a conjurer
Wo ful, a. sorrowful
Wolf ish, a, like a wolf
Won drous, a. surprizing
Want ed, a usual

Wrath ful, a. furious

Wrin gle, v n. to move to & fro Wreath y, a. spiral

Vice roy, s, an officer under a Wrong ful, a. unjust


Vic tim, s, sacrifice

Vic tor, s, a conqueror
Vic tuals, s. meat &o
Vi gor, s. force

Vile ness. s. badness.

Vine yard, s. a place where vines are planted

Vir tue, s. moral goodness
Vi sion, s. sight.


Yawn ing, s. gaping

Yean ling, s. a lamb
Year ly ad. every year

Yel low, a. of the colour of gold
Yeo man, s. a gentleman
Yon der, ad. at some distance
but in view
Youth ful, a young


Za ny, s. a merry andrew

Zea lot, s. one ardent in a cause

Ze nith, s. the point over head
Zeug ma, s. a figure of gram-



Words of two syllables of similar sound but different in spelling & signification, accented upon the first syllable.

[blocks in formation]

Ber ry, s. a small fruit
Bu ry,v a. to put into the grave
Breach es, s. broken places
Breech es, s. a garment worn by
men, often contended for
Bo rough, s. a corporate town
Bur row s. a place for rabbits,

Can non, s. a large gun

non, s. an ecclesiastical law
Ca pi tal, a. the chief
Ca pi tol, s. the tower of Rome
Cel lar, s. a room under ground
Seller, s. one who sells

Cen ser, s. the pan in which incense is burned Cen sor, s. an officer appointed

to correct manners

Ces sion, s. resignation
Ses sion, s. an assembly of sena-

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Li nea ment, s belonging to the


Li ni ment, s. medicine


Man ner, s. custom, habit. Man ors. a Lordship.

Mar ten, s. the name of a bird

Mar tin, s. a man's name
Me tal, s. gold, silver &c.
let tlc, s. briskness, spirit

Pa late, s. the roof of the mouth
Pa let, s. a small bed
Pe ter, s. a man's name
Pe tre, s. a kind of salt
Prin ci pal, a. the chief
Prin ci ple, s. the first rule
Pro fit, s. advantage
Prophet, s. a foreteller

Words of two Syllables

A base, v a. to cast down
A bash, v a. to make ashamed
v a. to lessen v n. to
A bate


Jgrow less

[blocks in formation]

accented upon the second.

Ac cept, v a. to receive
Ac cess, s. liberty of approach
v a. to make agree
Ac cord,

v. n. to agree

Ab duce, v a. to take one part Ac cord, s. acompact

from another

A bet, v. a. to support,

Abhor v a. to hate

A bide}

Ac cost, v a. to salute

Ac count

v a. to esteem s. a

f computation

v a. to wait for, v n. to Ac crue, v n. to arise from


[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Ad dress, s. manner of approach-
Ad duce, v a. to bring a support
A dept, s. one skilled in any art
Ad here, v a. to stick to,
Ad join, v a. to unite to
Ad journ, v a. to put off to an-
other day
Adjudge, v a. to sentence
Ad just, v a. to regulate [love

Ab buse, s. the ill use of any Ad mire, v a. to regard with


[ocr errors]

A byss, s. a great depth

Ac cent, y to pronounce

Ad mit, v a. to grant in genera A dopt, v a. to select in prefer.


at random

Adore, v a. to worship
A dorn, v a. to beautify.
A drift, ad. floating
A droit, a. dexterous
Ad vance, v n. to come forward
Ad vice, s. counsel
Ad vise v n. to consult
Af fair, s. business
Af firm, y a, to declare
Af front, s. insult offered
A fraid, a fearful

A gain, ad. a second time
Ag griove, v a. to give sorrow
v 2. to put an end to
A gree strife, v n. to be in

A greed, part, a. settled by con

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]
[merged small][ocr errors][ocr errors][ocr errors]

Arraign, v a. to set in order

range, v a. to put in order
Ar ray, s. order of battle [dat
Ar rest, v a. to seize by man-
Ar rive, v n. to come to a place
As cend, v n. to mount upward
As cribe, v a. to attribute
A side, ad. to another part
As kaunt, ad. obliquely
A sleep, ad. sleeping
A slope, ad. with declivity
As perse, va. to spatter with
Aspire, v n. to desire eagerly
As sail, v a. to attack
As sault, s. a violent attack
As sent, s. agréement
As sert, v a. to maintain
As sess, v a. to lay a tax
As sign, va, to appoint
As signs, s. they to whom trust
is given
As sist, v a. to help

As size, s'a court of justice
As sort, v d. to range in ordet
As suage, v a. to mitigate

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