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Lord Melville gave, the Duke of other Managers, appointed by royal charBuccleuch.

ter, for the superintendence of tbat inThe Duke of Athole was given, who stitution. This building is to be erecpresided in the other roem.

ted on designs prepared by that ingeni. The Friends of Mr Pitt celebrating ous architect, Mr Robert Reid. The the day in other places.

general arrangement of these plans has Proved Friends and proved Systems, met with great approbation from intel.

May the Liberties of the People ne. ligent judges in different parts of Briver be crushed by Despotism, nor rent tain. in piecos by Democracy.

The foundation stone is laid in an May the Constitution, in Church and inclosure of four acres in extent, at State, be ever maintained by the prac. Morningside, about two miles from E. tical principles of Mr Pitt.

dinburgh. On the foundation stone was PRINCE OF WALES's Birth-Day, cut the following inscription :

The anniversary of the birth of his “ An Asylum for the cure or relief Royal Highness the Prince of Wales of mental derangement, founded June 8. was celebrated at Edinburgh in the As. 1809, by the Right Hon. William Coulsembly Rooms, George Street, on the ter, Lord Provost of the city of Edin. 12th of August. There were present, burgh." on this occasion, anong other respec.

In a hole, cut in the foundation stone, table individuals, the Earl of Lauder- was deposited a tin box, containing a dale, Lord Kinnaird, Lord William Rus- copy of the plan and elevation of the insell, the Hon. Henry Erskine, Lord tended building, of the royal charter, of Bannatyne, Sir John Lowther Johnston, the address to the public, &c. The ce. &c. ;--And the Lord Provost' and Ma- remony was concluded by an approprigistrates, the Lord Dean of Guild, and ate and impressive prayer from the the Convener of the Trades, attended Rev. Dr Campbell, one of the ministers as visitors of the Stewards. The Earl of Edinburgh. of Lauderdale presided.

The great object of this much want. Centenary Anniversary. Tuesday the ed institution is, to afford every possi6th of June, being the centenary anni- ble advantage in the treatment of in. versary of the Society in Scotland for sanity. The

rtunate patients may propagating Christian knowledge, a be put under the care of any medical most excellent discourse was preached practitioner in Edinburgh whom the rebefore the Society, &c. in the High lations may chuse to employ; while Church, by the Rev. Sir Henry Mon. paupers will be attended, gratis, by phy. crieff Wellwood, Bart. from Colossians, sicians and surgeons appointed by the

There is no institution what Managers. ever that has had so great an effect in

To the subscriptions already collecpromoting religion and virtue, and in ted at Edinburgh, for the erection of civilising the people in different parts this building, upwards of eleven hun. of the couptry, as this excellent Society dred pounds have lately been added from has had, during the hundred years in

Madras; but for completing the plan, which it has been established. Some farther aid is still necessary. gentlemen came upwards of forty miles UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH. to attend the centenary. After divine

On Saturday June 24. the Senatus service, the Society dined together at Academicus of the University of EdinOmau's tavern, the Right Hon. Lord burgh conferred the degree of Doctor Napier, his Majesty's Commissioner for ' in Medicine on the following gentlemen, the Church of Scotland, in the Chair. after having gone through the appoint, The Society spent a most agreeable ed examinations, and publicly defended. day, such as the feelings arising from so their inaugural dissertations ; benevolent an institution were calculated to inspire.

From Portugal.-John Climac dos Reys. LUNATIC ASYLUM.

From the West Indies.

1. H. Cutting, of Bar-Daniel Wane, Hugo On Thursday June 8. the foundation badoes

gins, of St Vincent stone of a Lunatic Asylum, at Edin- Jo. Carey, of Jamaica Patrick M.Kenzie burgh, was laid by the Right Hon. the James T. B. Watt, of Samuel Woodcock Lord Provost, accompanied by the Jamaica

11. Daniell

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Froin America.

of a collusion between him and the late

Wm. Bruce Almon John Watts
John B. Strachan, of Robert Bayard
William Gibson

From England.

July 14. At St Andrew's, the Rev Mr Wm. Sainsbury

Stirling, minister of Cargill, to Miss Mar. B. F, Outrapi Thos. Haines Ban- William Bromet

garet Adamson. ping Charles M.Kenzie

17. At Stirling, Lieut. Donald Maclauch

lane, of che 75th regiment, to Mary Ann, From Ireland.

eldest daughter of Mr Archibald Sawers,

of that place. Samuel Allen Thomas Callanan 21. At Girvan, Mr John Rowan, mer George Gillichan

Richard Dancer chant, to Agnes, eldest daughter of Bailie John Holmes James Donegan

Thomas Ballantine. Thos. Carey Osburne Idward Dowling 21. At Lasswade, the Rev. James Young,

minister of Eckford, to Harriet, eldest Of Scotland.

daughter of Mr Hume, schoolmaster. John Thomson David Hay

24. At Myres, Fifeshire, Mr Jas. Thom. Thomas Elliot Adam Robertson

son, clerk to the signet, to Miss Moncrieff, David King Alexander Ross

daughter of the late Patrick Moncrieff of Henry Walker James Stenhouse Reidie, Esq. John Sanders Shand William Sibbald

24. At Stitchel, the Rev. David Gordon, Samuel Burd Walter Graham minister of Morebattle, to Janet, daughter John Lauder Robert Greig of the Rev. Andrew Scott, minister of Stit

chel. High School.- August 7. The anoualexamination of the High School of Edinburgh

25. At Edinburgh, Mr George Simpson, took place. The young gentlemen in the cast-iron founder, to Miss Sally Dilworth, different classes went through their exer. daughter of James Dilworth, Esq. of Labcises in a manner that did great honour to themselves and their masters. The gold

31. At ditto, Mr Henry Moncreiff, wria medal, value ten guineas, the gift of the

ter to the signet, to Miss Charlotte Ers. late Colonel Peter Murray, was adjudged kine Rollo, daughter of the late Hugh Jas. to Mr William Bain, dux of the highest

Paterson Rollo, Esq. class.

31. At Meadow Park, John Warden, Esq. merchant, Glasgow, to Bethia, eldest

daughter of James Carrick, Esq. Meadow CIVIL APPOINTMENTS.


At Catterick, James Kirkstopp, Esq. of Whitehall, July 21. The King has been the Spittal, Northumberland, to Eliza, pleased to appoint George Kekewich, Esq. youngest daughter of the late Sir Alexanto be his Majesty's Advocate-General at der Livingstone, Bart. of West Quarter. the Cape of Good Hope.

The Rev. Archibald Douglas, Rector of To present the Rev. James Foote to Carnallway and Oughtreach, in Ireland, to the church of Logie Pert, vacant by the the Right Hon. Lady Susan Drew, daughtranslation of Mr Alex. Peter to Dundee. ter of the late Earl of Dunmore. - To present the Rev. Adam Laidlaw

At Kinsale, Lieut, Joint of the Roscom to the church of Southdean, vacant by the mon militia, to Miss Fraser, daughter of death of Mr William Scott.

Lieut.-Colonel Fraser of the Fraser FenciTo present the Rev. John Russell to bles. the church of Muthill, vacant by the death Lately, at Cart's-dyke, Gilbert Stewart, of Mr John Scott.

to Widow M'Ewan, whose united ages 2. June 30.-The election of a Member of mount to 171 years, the one being, 87, and Parliament for the Glasgow district of the other 84. burghs, in room of Mr Campbell of Blyths- Aug. 1. At London, Lieutenant Gilbert wood, who has accepted the Chiltern Hunc Douglas, Royal Military College, to Miss drede, took place at Rutherglen, when A. Theresa Jarry, daughter of the late Gepelexander Houstoun, Esq. of Clerkington, ral Francis Jarry of High Wycombe. was elected. The burghs of Glasgow,

1. At Manse of Foveran, Mr John Booth, Dumbarton, and Renfrew, voted for Mr merchant in Aberdeen, to Jean, daughter Houstoun, and the burgh of Rutherglen for of the Rev. Mr Duff of that parish. William Stirling, Esq. of Eldershaw. A

1. At Cromarty, Lieut. Alexander Galprotest was taken by Mr Stirling against lie of the 78th regiment, to Miss Elizabeth the return of Mr Houscoun, on the ground MacGlashan.

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Aug. 1. At Glasgow, Mr Hugh Foulds, very of his health, in his 21st year, Charles bleacher, Arthurlee, to Clementina, daugh- Stuart, Esq. second son of Sir John Stuart ter of Ronald Macdonell, Esq. of Scothouse. of Allanbank, Bart.

2. At Edinburgh, Mr James Auld, late May 9. 1809. At Barbadoos, R. Stewart, of the island of Jamaica, to Miss Nicholas Ensign in the Royal West India Rangers, Campbell, Union Street.

and Assistant Secretary to General Beck2. At ditto, Lieut. Alexander Aitken, with, son of Mr Patrick Stewart jun, merMadras infantry, to Janet, only daughter chant, Perth. of the deceased John Aitken, Esq. of Thorn- 15. At Edinburgh, aged two years, A.

lexander; and on 28th July, aged four years, 7. At Jedburgh, Mr William Borthwick, Thomas, sons of Mr Thomas Mason, Remerchant there, to Miss Robison, daughter gister Office, Edinburgh. of Mr Richard Robison.

June 5. At Fort Royal Martinique, af. 7. At Cardoness House, Andrew Wat- ter an illness of four days, of a violent feson, Esq. younger of Bridge Castle, writer ver, Miss Ramsay, aged 18, only daughter to the signet, to Miss Harriet Maxwell, of General Ramsay, Adjutaut-General to third daughter of Sir David Maxwell, Bart. the Forces in the Leeward and Windward of Cardoness.


8. At in America, Thomas Paine,

the celebrated author of many singular poBIRTHS,

litical works upon republican principles. July 14. the Lady of Brigadier-General 15. At Manse of Aberdour, the Rev. Skinner, a son.

Andrew Youngson, minister of that parish, 20. At Bath, the Lady of Capt. A. G. in the 83d year of his age, and 43d of his Fisher, a daughter.

ministry. He was long and severely dis21. At the Vice Regal Lodge, Phenix tressed, but bore his afflictions with the Park, Dublin, her Grace the Duchess of greatest fortitude. Richmond, a daughter.

18. At Irvine, in the 89th year of his 22. At Edinburgh, the Lady of Major age, Charles Fleeping, Esq. of Montgo. Innes, 24th regiment, a son.

meryfield. At an early period of his life 24. Near Edinburgh, Mrs Campbell, he went out in the expedition to Carthawife of Major Colin Campbell, late of the gena, under Admiral Vernon, as a surgeon 60th regiment, a son.

in the navy: when the fleet returned to 28. At Bræhead; Mrs Dennistoun, young: Jamaica, his ship, with many others, was er of Colgrain, a son.

lost in the dreadful hurricane that happen29. At London, the Lady of Alexander ed at that time; he then came to Europe, M'Leay, Esq. of the Transport Office, of but was taken on his passage,

and carried a son, being her fifteenth child.

into Morlaix, from whence he soon after 30. The wife of. John Mackelvie, collier came over, and settled, in Irvine, as a surat Hurleford, parish of Riccarton, of two geon (in the year 1745,) where he has e. girls and a boy, who, with the mother, are ver since continued to practise, with much all doing remarkably well.

success and reputation, till within a year or 31. At Meadow Place, Edinburgh, Mrs two of his death. Colonel Lauriscon, a daughter.

28. At Cadiz, Mr Alexander Eccles, a. Aug. 1. At Dunbar barracks, the Lady ged 22, of the house of Gordon, Shaw, and of Capt. Walter Brown, of the Edinburgh Co. son of the late Mr John Ettles of lamilitia, a daughter.

3. At Louth Hall, the Lady of the Right Ac Montego Bay, Jamaica, William Hon. Lord Baron Louth, a son and heir. Tharp, Esq. Lieutenant-Colonel of the St

4. At Edinburgh, the Lady of George James's regiment of militia, who, on his reBell, Esq, surgeon, a son.

turo from reviewing the regiment, was 8. At ditto, Mrs Graham Stirling, of thrown by a young restive horse, and conDịchray and Auchyle, a son.

veyed speechless to his house, in which state he remained till his dissolution.

July 6. Ac Arndilly, Mrs Johanna MaDEATHS.

ria Murray, widow of John Stewart, Esq.

Judge Advocate General of Bengal. March 1808. On his passage to the Cape, 7. Mr William Barclay Mountney, of where he was going for the recovery of his thc Melpomene frigate, nephew of Sir Rohealth, Mr Francis Strahan, of the Hon. bert Barclay, Bart. He lost his life in a East India Company's service, Madras. recent gallant action with the Russian flo

Dec. 20. Henry Brown, Esq. Commercial tilla in the Baltic.
President at Ramnaad, India.

8. At Paisley, aged 16, Mr John Thom. On his passage from India, for the reco. son, stone engraver.

10. AS our next.

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July 10. At London, Col. Francis Car- 24. At Dublin, Thomas Fleming, Esq: ruthers, late of the 61st regiment.

one of the Aldermen of that city. His 12. At Fairley, near Winchester, Mr death was occasioned by a melancholy acDavid Pitcairn, late of Kinniamond. 'cident : He was preparing to make a sum.

14. At Vallay, North Uist, Mrs Mac- mer excursion to Wexford, and was exadonald, sen. of Vallay.

mining his travelling pistols, previous to 17. At Herbertshire Printfield, Mr Ro- his setting out, when one of them went off, bert Čarnie, son of Mr Neil Carnie. and the ball entered below his nostril, pe

18. At Gorgię, Mr Walter Somerville, netrated the brain, and produced immediate baker in Edinburgh.

death. He died in very affluent circum20. At Edinburgh, Miss Catherine Neil- stances, and was a very useful, upright, and son, daughter of the deceased John Neil- active Magistrate. During the dreadful son, Esq. of Corsock.

year of 1798, he was Lord Mayor of Dub21. Ai Girvan, Ann Rodger, aged 96. lin, and eminently serviceable to his fel.

21. At Oxford, in the 27th year of his low-citizens in that period of peril and difage, the Rev. Alex. M.Kenzie of Christ ficulty. Church, A. M. and son of John M.Kenzie, 24. At Balquhain, in the 62d year of his Esq. Bishopgate Street, London.

age, Mr Alexander Hall, merchant, Fisher21. At Melrose, Mr Hugh Cairncross, architect, Edinburgh.,

25. At Blandfield, Christiana Warwick, 21. At Glasgow, Mr John Scrymgeour, eldest daughter of Mr Thomas Jameson, bookseller, and printer to the Universisy. Leith.

21. At Northbar, Robert Corse Buch- 25. At Edinburgh, Mrs Janet Reid, wife aran, only son of James Buchanan, Esq. of of Mr Allan Bar, manafacturer. Northbar, in the 13th year of his age. 26. At Dundee, in the 17th year of her

22. Mr William Keonedy, late merchant age, Miss Mary Doig, daughter of the Rev. Berbice.

Robert Doig, minister of Trinity Chapel

, 23. At Edinburgh, Mrs Penelope Hazell, Aberdeen. wife of Dr Hazell of South Carolina, and * 27. At Bachgate, Mr John Dick, tanner. daughter of the late Bentley Gordon Bent- 30. At Sherriffston, John Forsyth, Esq. ly, Esq.

late merchant, and agent for the Bank of 23. Ac Milntown Priatfield, Mr Robert Scotland in Elgin. Miller.


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We shall be happy to insert, in our next, the communication relative to the

Orphan Hospital.
The curious article, which the Earl of Buchan has done us the honour to
transmit to us, will also appear

Several other pieces are received, and are under consideration.

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