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Beauty, truth, and rarity,
Grace in all simplicity,
Ilere inclos'd in cinders lie.

Death is now the phænix's nest;
And the turtle's loyal breast
To eternity doth rest,

Leaving no posterity:
'Twas not their infirmity,
It was married chastity.

Truth may seem, but cannot be;
Beauty brag, but 'tis not she;
Truth and beauty buried be.

To this urn let those repair
That are either true or fair;
For these dead birds sigh a prayer .


5 For these dead birds sigh a prayer.] We have no tradition for whom this very original and graceful elegy was intended : we have full faith in the ascription of it to Shakespeare, but in the work from which it is taken it stands by itself unexplained. Richardson, in his excellent Dictionary, quotes it as if it formed part of “The Passionate Pilgrim ;” but Chester's “ Love's Martyr” and “The Passionate Pilgrim ” are entirely different works, the first having been printed two years after the second.



ABJECTS, poor wretches, unresisting

enemies, iv. 228. 564; v. 265
Aboding, foreboding, iv. 209
Abominable, or abhominable, ii. 147
Absey book, A. B. C. book, iii. 131
Aby, to abide, to endure, ii. 223. 228
Accessary, contributory, vi. 240
Accite, to summon, iii. 453, 520; v. 8
Accost, to approach, to address, ii. 647
Aches, a dissyllable, i. 29; v. 219
Acknown, acquainted with, vi. 74
Acture, action, vi. 664
Adam Bell, the archer, ii. 16; v. 126
Adam Cupid, or auburn Cupid, v. 126
Addrest, ready, prepared, ii. 245. 300;

iii. 500; v. 332
Adornings, ornaments, vi. 162
Affection, or affectation, v. 524
Affectioned, affected, ii. 670
Affeer’d, confirmed, v. 442
Affined, allied, related, akin, iv. 494;

vi. 12. 54
Affront, to face, to confront, v. 530
Affy, to trust to, to betroth, iv. 73; v. 8
Aglet-baby, a tag-point, ii. 461
Agnize, to acknowledge, vi. 29
Aim, to cry, to encourage, i. 207. 212;

iii. 140; v. 87
Aim, to give, to direct, to give leave,

i. 159 ; v. 87
Alderlievest, dearest of all, iv. 6
Ales, holy, church-ales, vi. 387
All-hallown summer, iii. 330
All 'long of, caused by, üi. 710
Allons, let us go, ii. 146
Alms-drink, given drink, vi. 175
Althea's dream, iii. 454

Ambler, or Angel, ii, 502
Ames-ace, both aces, ii. 563
Amort, dead, dispirited, out of heart,

ii. 505; ii. 696
Anchor, hermit, anchoret, v. 543
Ancient, military colours, or the bearer

of them, iii. 395. 461
Angels, money so called, ii. 165
Anheires, on here, or, on heroes, i. 194
Apostle-spoons for infants, iv. 457
Apperil, peril, danger, v. 222
Apple-Johns, withered apples, iii. 459
Approbation, proof, ii. 274; iii. 38.

546; vi. 95. 158. 272
Approof, approbation, ii. 541
Approve, to prove, to try, iii. 390
Approve, to support, to confirm, i. 157;

iv. 400
Araise, to raise, to upraise, ii. 554
Arch, a chief, a leader, v. 649
Argosy, a large heavy merchant-ship,

ii. 267; iv. 155
Armiger, or manager, ii. 107
Aroint, begone, avaunt, v. 389. 681
Arrive, to attain, to arrive at, v. 303
Arthur's Show, Sir Dagonet in, iii. 483
Articulate, to enter into articles, iii.

404; iv. 627
Asia, hollow pampered jades of, üi. 464
Aspersion, sprinkling, i. 64
Assinego, an ass, iv. 507
Astringer, or a stranger, ii. 613
Atone, to reconcile, to be at one, ii.

430; iii. 225. 492; iv. 240. 694; v.

289; vi. 270
Attask'd, taxed, taken to task, v. 645
Aunt, a bawd, a prostitute, iï. 65

Availful, or veil full, i. 337
Away with, I cannot, I cannot like, or

endure, iij. 481.
Aweful, standing in awe of, i. 138
Ay, or I, the affirmative, iii. 275
Ayword, or Nayword, a byeword, a

password, ii. 669

Backare, or back there, a.check, ii. 472
Bale, sorrow, iv. 606
Balk'd, laid up in a ridge, iii. 323
Ballow, a pole, a staff, v. 712
Ban, to curse, to interdict, iii. 7241;

iv. 42. 67; v. 528
Banbury cheese, thin cheese, i. 173
Banks and his horse, ii. 103
Banquet, a dessert, vi. 175
Base, to bid the, to challenge, in speed,

i. 97; vi. 494
Base, or prison-base, a game, vi. 351
Batten, to feed, v. 555
Baucis and Philemon, ii. 23. 399
Barbazon, a fiend, iii. 559
Barber's forfeits, i. 348
Bargulus, an Illyrian pirate, iv. 74
Baring the beard, shaving it, ii. 594
Barm, yeast, ii. 200
Bases of armour, vi. 411, iii. 133
Basta, enough, ii. 459
Bastard, a sweet wine, i. 310; iii. 355
Bate, to flap the wings, as hawks, ii.

499 ; iii. 595; v. 155
Bauble, a fool's, ii. 611; v. 74
Bavin, a faggot of brushwood, iii. 379
Bawcock, beau coq, iii. 19
Bay, or bait, v. 355
Bay of building, i. 286
Bay-windows, bow-windows, ii. 707
Bear hard, to be severe upon, v. 308.

Bear in hand, to keep in suspense, to

lead to suppose, iii. 435; vi. 361
Beated, beaten, or bated, vi. 618
Bechilled, or distilled, v. 486
Beck, or back, v. 533
Bed-fellow, intimate friend, iii. 562
Bedlam-beggars, mad beggars, v. 658
Beetle, a three man, iii. 441
Beg a fool, to ask in wardship, ii. 167

Beggar and the King, a ballad, ii. 103.

125; iii. 301
Behests, commands, ii. 153
Beholding, or beholden, i. 334 ; ii. 270.

469; iv. 432
Beray, to befoul, ii. 493; ïïi. 705
Bergomask, a rude dance, ii. 253
Bermoothes, the Bermudas, i. 24
Berrord, a bear-ward, ii. 22
Besmirch'd, soiled, dirtied, üïi. 612
Beshrew, to curse, ii. 152
Bessy, come o'er the bourn, a ballad,

V. 685
Bestraught, or distraught, ii. 449
Beteem, to bestow, to suffer, to allow',

ü. 191; v. 484
Bevis of Hampton, iv. 364
Bewray, to betray, to disclose, iii. 704;

iv. 122 ; v. 651
Bezonian, a needy ragged soldier, iii.

524; iv. 75
Bid, to invite, v. 223
Bide upon't, to rely upon it, iii. 24
Biding, or building, vi. 411
Bilbo, a sword, i. 174
Bilboes, fetters, v. 595
Bills, to set up, to post bills, ii. 10
Bills, battle-ares, ii. 360 ; v. 707
Bird, heard to sing, a phrase, iii. 530
Bisson, blind, iv. 631. 657; v. 526
Bitum'd, pitched, vi. 431
Black and Yellow, a tune, ii. 693
Blacks worn at funerals, iii. 20
Blank, the white in archery, v. 622
Bleaded, fruited, v. 434
Bleeding afresh at the sight of a

murderer, iv. 232
Blench, to start from, i. 336; iii. 27;

iv. 482. 512; v. 528; vi. 638
Blent, blended, ii. 312. 658
Block, mould, ii. 11
Block, or plot, v. 710
Blood, inclination, disposition, V. 260
Blood-bolter'd, clotted, or matted with

blood, v. 436
Blood, drawing from witches, iii. 668
Blooded, having tasted blood, iv. 314
Blown, puffed, bollen, or bolne, vi. 25)
Blue-coats, the ancient dress of ser-

vants, iii. 662
Bob, a blow, i. 403; ii. 382; vi. 308
Bodg’d, botch'd or budy'd, iv. 129

Bruited, noised, rumoured, reported,

iii. 677 ; v. 460
Buckle, to bend, to bow, to strive, to

contend, ii. 431. 658. 724; iv. 130
Bucklers, to give the, a phrase, ii. 78
Buff, the dress of sergeants, iii. 226
Bug, a bug-bear, ii. 467; iii. 52; iv.

199; vi. 351
Bum-bailie, a bound-bailiff, ii. 697
Bung, a cut-purse, iii. 463
Burgonet, a helmet, vi. 150
Burst, to break, ii. 443; iii. 484
Burying face upwards, ii. 45
Bush, for the sale of wine, ü. 433
Busky, or bosky, woody, i. 66; iii. 402
But, except, unless, iii. 156; vi. 223
But and not confounded by printers, i.

389; ii. 174; iii. 161 ; iv. 549
Buttery bar, the place for procuring

drink, ii. 647
Buttons, it is in his, a familiar colloquial

phrase, i. 213

Bodkin, a small dagger, v. 532
Bodkin, God's, an asseveration, v. 526
Bolds, emboldens, v. 719
Bollen, or bolne, swollen, blown, puffed,

ii. 324; vi, 569
Bolted, sifted, iii. 82
Bolters, sieres, iii. 385
Bolting-hutch, a sisting-bin, üi. 366
Bombards, vessels for liquor, i. 46; iii.

366; iv. 461
Bombast, stuffing, ii. 176 ; iii. 362
Bone-ache, the Neapolitan, iv. 517
Bones, by these ten, an oath, iv. 21
Bonny sweet Robin, a ballad, v. 576
Boot, something thrown in, iv. 318
Boots, to give the, a phrase, i. 90
Bo-peep, a game, vi. 281
Bosky, or busky, woody, i. 66; iii. 402
Both two, both of them, v. 274
Bottled spider, or bottle-spider, a spider

like a bottle, iv. 247. 319
Bought and sold, overreached, i. 386
Bounty, or lenity, iv. 656
Bow-strings, hold or cut, a proverbial

phrase, ii. 198
Boy and the Mantle, a ballad, iii. 461
Brach, a bitch or dog, ii. 444; iv. 509;

v. 637. 686; vi. 46
Braid, hasty, sudden, ii. 599
Brakes, or breaks, i. 281
Brave, to dare, v. 695
Bravery, finery, i. 274
Brawl, a French, a dance, ii. 116
Break up, to carve, ii. 125
Breast, voice, ii. 664
Breed, interest of money, use, ii. 280;

V. 220
Brentford, Gillian of, i. 232
Bribed-buck, a stolen, and perhaps a

divided buck, i. 250
Brief, a short statement, in short, ii.

243; iii. 137
Bring to, a colloquial phrase, iv. 492
Brize, the gad-fly, iv. 495 ; vi. 198
Brock, a badger, ii. 679
Brogues, shoes, vi. 337
Broken-mouthed, toothless, ii. 562
Brooched, or broached, ornamented, ii.

537; vi. 232
Brown groves, or broom groves, i. 65
Brownist, a puritan, ii. 689
Bruit, noise, report, iv. 192; v. 284

Caddis, worsted galloon, iii. 76. 354
Cæsar, Kiesar, and Pheazar, i. 180
Caged, or a chafed, lion, iii. 161
Cain and Damascus, iii. 661
Cake is dough, a phrase, ii. 519
Caliver, a hand-gun, iii. 482
Callat, a drab, a low wench, iii. 45; iv.

19. 146; vi. 101
Callino castore me, a tune, iii. 614
Canary, a lively dance, ii. 116. 554
Canst thou not hit it, a tune, ii. 127
Canstick, candlestick, iii. 373
Cantle, piece, corner, iii. 372; vi. 197
Cantons, songs or cantos, ii. 659
Canvass, to sift, iii, 661
Capable, or palpable, ii. 404
Capitulate, to enter into articles, iii. 380
Capocchio, a dolt, loggerhead, iv. 551
Caps, statute, ii. 160
Captious, capable of taking, ii. 549
Carack, a ship of bulk, vi. 19
Carbonado, broiled meat, iii. 412
Carcanet, a necklace, i. 383
Card of ten, a ten-card, ii. 482
Carded, mired, iii. 379
Carduus benedictus, the herb called

blessed thistle, ii. 53

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