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and what did you give that fellow I saw standing alongside of you ?"

“We had a pint each ; why?”.

“Because he's been taken off to the lock-up for being the worse for drink, and fighting."

“That's no fault of mine; he must have had more after I left him."

“Well, I should think it a fault, to induce a fellow to drink. Why did you not give him the money the drink cost you ? He might then have done some good with it.”

Though I excused myself, I went home feeling very uncomfortable. I told my wife what I had done, and what I had heard. She tried to excuse me; but it wasn't much use—my conscience bothered me, and a voice kept whispering, “It's your pint of beer that's done the mischief.”

Next day Will was taken before the magistrates and fined for being drunk. He had no money to pay the fine with, so he had to go to prison, and thus lost his situation.

Upon inquiry, I found my treating him had done the mischief. I learnt my lesson and the meaning

of the words, “If meat make my brother to offend, FOR THE SAKE OF OTHERS.

I will eat no flesh while the world standeth, lest I make my

brother to offend." 'm a working man, and never could see any reason

My one pint had caused Will Smith to offend, and why I shouldn't have my two pints of beer

had injured his prospects in life; from that time I gave every day, a pint for dinner and a pint for

up the drink for the sake of others. supper; never more, never less. “ I'm a moderate man,” I've said many


many times ; " and I honour moderate men more than those who are obliged to take a pledge, because they can't be moderate men.”

So, quite satisfied with my position as a moderate man, I never thought of joining any teetotal society ; I was temperate, and that was enough.

I was going to the public-house one day during the dinner-hour (my work was too far away for me to go home to dinner) when I met Will Smith. I hadn't seen him for many years, and didn't even know he had come to my part of the world. We fell to talking, and I found he'd had hard times and little food, but he hoped to start off to work next day.

We stood outside the public-house while he told me all this, so I said, “ I'll stand you a pint to-day, Will, I'm going in for mine;" and we turned into the public together.

RIGHT AND WRONG. We drank our beer, and went out into the street in company, and Will walked a little way with me. I IGHTEOUSNESS keepeth him that is upright in thought he looked rather flushed when I said good-bye

the way: but wickedness overthroweth the at the corner of the street, but I noticed nothing par

sinner. ticular about him.

Wealth gotten by vanity shall be diminished : but I was returning home that evening and met a neigh he that gathereth by labour shall increase. bour, “What's come over you, Tom ?” he asked. “I Good understanding giveth favour: but the way of thought you boasted that you were a moderate drinker, transgressors is hard.

Proverbs xiii. and never took more than your pint for dinner and Who is wise, and he shall understand these things ? pint for supper?"

prudent, and he shall know them? for the ways of " No more I do."

the Lord are right, and the just shall walk in them: but “How much did you take at dinner-time to-day?

Hosea ziv. 9. the transgressors shall fall therein.

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The old man held a book- —a large, old book—and with GIVE ME YOUR HAND."

his thin, trembling finger he traced the lines, while he read these words in an earnest tone of voice, “Neither

is there salvation in any other. For there is none other UCH were the words of a dear little

name under heaven given among men, whereby we girl to her father, as he sat by her

must be saved.”
couch one evening after he had
bidden' her good-night.

Here he paused, and looked up into the face of the “Good-night; but give me your

listener; looked so longingly, so lovingly, that I felt it hand.” She wished to feel the

was with a whole heart he was pleading his Master's clasp of that father's hand till she

cause, and commending to this stranger a Saviour, fell asleep.

whom he himself had proved to be faithful and tender. How sweet to know that if an

I did not like to intrude by staying longer, so I earthly father delights to take the hand quietly passed on, thinking, “This indeed is seed sown of his little daughter as she is about by the wayside." dropping to sleep, much more does our A year or two has gone by since then, but even now

heavenly Father love to hold our hand in fancy I can picture that good old man, with his worn, in His as we go at night into the silent land of un- rusty clothes, his reverend white head, his solid stick, consciousness.

which had supported his tot“Like as a father pitieth his

tering steps to that quiet children, so the Lord pitieth

roadside seat. Even now I them that fear Him.”

seem to hear the earnest tones How blessed to feel that in

of his tremulous voice, as his answer to the prayer, “Good

finger traces the lines. night, Lord; but give me

He was poor, his whole Thy hand,” He will not leave

Friendly Greetings


showed that he us nor forsake us; that in

could not give money to help the grasp of that Father's

in the

on the Master's work. He hand His children may sleep

Words of Scripture.

was old and feeble, he could the sleep which God gives

not engage in active service. to His beloved. If we take

He was not a highly-educated

THE BLESSING OF THE in that Hand which

man-his accent in reading

LORD BE UPON YOU. was pierced for us upon the

plainly told that. cross, even the night of ad

But there was still

GOD BE GRACIOUS UNTO versity will be to us a good

thing for which he was fit,

THEE night. And in the valley of

one thing that even a poor, the shadow of death we need

old, feeble, and ignorant man fear no evil: “Even there shall


could do for the Lord who Thy hand lead me, and Thy


had done so much for him. right hand shall hold me.”


Silver and gold he had none, That hand will lead us in

but such as he had he gave. safety to that land of love,

With a heart full of love to where the parting words,

Jesus, and to those whom “Good - night,” shall be no

Jesus died to save, he sat by longer spoken, for “there will

the wayside, and read a verse be no night there,” and “the Lamb is the light or two, and said a few earnest words to any who thereof."

might be passing

Dear friend, among the many cares and employ

ments of life, surely there is something that you can do AN OLD SOWER.

for the Master. You may have few advantages, few was walking one day along a high road in a gifts, but those which you have are enough, if rightly suburb of London.

a pretty road, used, to do a share of God's work in the world. shaded on one side by beautiful trees, which You may not be a minister, or a missionary, or even sheltered me from the hot sun, and rustled their green a Sunday-school teacher; for all these may be regarded leaves refreshingly over my head.

as regular sowers who have whole fields of their own, Under some of the trees there were benches, and, and scatter the grain in handfuls. But at least you as I sauntered slowly on, I came to one where an old can be like this old man of whom I have been telling man was sitting, while a younger man who had been you; you can drop your few seeds by the wayside, driving a cart, had left it and his horse in the road, with an earnest prayer that they may take root, and and now stood close to the bench, listening attentively. | spring up unto life eternal.




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It was

M. E. R.

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cuses, he was angry with the men who made them. THE GREAT SUPPER.

God is displeased with those who do not accept His of

fered mercy in Christ. He sees through their excuses. READ LUKE xiv. 16–24.

They may deceive themselves, but they cannot deceive HIS parable was spoken by our

Him. The anger of the master in the parable was shown Lord while sitting at meat in in his telling his servants to go and call in other

First guests instead of those who would not come. the Pharisee's house, by way of answer to what one of those

they were to go into the streets and lanes of the city, present had said, “Blessed is he

and bring in “the poor, and the maimed, and the halt, that shall eat bread in the king

and the blind ;” and when there was still room left, dom of God.” Those words

they were to go “into the highways and hedges, and therefore help us to understand the parable. compel them to come in.” As for those who had made They plainly refer to a spiritual feast,

excuse, they should not taste of the supper. They and so does the parable.

who neglect the Gospel are in great danger of having The “certain man means Almighty God; the

the Gospel taken away from them. They are awful “great supper” means the provision which God has words, “I say unto you, that none of those men which made for our souls in the Gospel ; the “ many" who

were bidden shall taste of my supper." Think what. are bidden to it, mean all to whom the Gospel comes.

they mean : men invited, refusing or neglecting, and

then shut out! God has made a great supper, the Gospel plan of

There is something in the salvation. It is great in every way. It supplies a

word “excuse very

that great need, it is large enough for all, it will fully

seems strange in this case. Men generally excuse satisfy all who partake of it; it is rich and plentiful,

themselves from something hard or painful, from a and will not only feed those who are spiritually hungry, disagreeable duty, or a troublesome task ; but in the but will make them happy too. It is also a great parable the men excused themselves from a feast. And

those who excuse themselves from the Gospel, excuse because the guests are many; for though supper,

themselves from the greatest of all blessings. Yes, many refuse, yet great numbers accept the invitation. Already the whole body of believers throughout the

the greatest of all blessings; in fact, all blessings are

contained in what God offers to us in Christ—a free world is large; but what will the number be, when all the guests, of every age and country, are gathered pardon, a full salvation, a quiet conscience, the peace together at the feast above !

of God, eternal rest and glory. We are bidden to this supper.

You will never be happy without it. The things.

The man in the parable bade many. God also has invited many, He

which form your excuse do not, can not, make you has invited us, for we have heard the Gospel, and it is

happy. A little pleasure for a little while is all they

can give, and much of vexation and disappointment is in the Gospel that the call is given. The invitation is

mixed with it. Nothing will make you truly happy, quite free, there is nothing to pay. Just as we are, we

nothing will make you even safe, but that which God are invited to go to Christ, and in Him are offered to us freely pardon, life, salvation, peace, heaven.

offers you so freely in Christ. What is it that keeps This invitation has come to us; but, more than that,

you from accepting it? What is it that you make it does still come to us continually. The parable re

your excuse? Whatever it is, put it away. Excusepresents one message only, when the feast was actually yourself no longer

. Your excuse is a vain one, and

you know it. The Word of God tells you so, and conspread, “Come, for all things are now ready;" but we

science tells you so too. What will become of your are always receiving the message of the Gospel afresh. Every time we hear the preaching of the Word, every

excuses in the great day? Will you dare even to

mention them? And if they will be worthless then, time we open the Bible, the gracious cali comes to us

must they not be worthless now? They are worthless. again, in one shape or another, “Come, for all things

Be deceived by them no more. God calls you: obey are ready.” What have we done, and what are we doing, with

the call. God invites you: accept the invitation..

You are not yet shut out, though you have neglected regard to the Gospel call? That is the main point in

the invitation too long. Go in while you may, andi the parable. Those to whom the message was sent, “Come, for all things are now ready," “ with one con

you will still be welcome through Jesus Christ. sent began to make excuse." This does not mean that they agreed among themselves what to do and say, for PRECEPT.-Be filled with the Spirit. Ephesians v. 18. they were not together when the message was brought, it came to each separately. But the meaning is, that

PROMISE.—If ye then, being evil, know how to give they were all of one mind in the matter, none of them good gifts unto your children: how much more shall had any wish to be at the supper, all alike tried to

your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them. find an excuse.

that ask Him! The excuses were various, but the mind was the same : they would not go.

PRAYER.-Restore unto me the joy of Thy salvation ; The master of the house did not accept these es- and uphold me with Thy free Spirit.

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Luke xi. 13.

Psalm li. 12.

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Ar comes this fragrance on the summer breeze, Why leaps the streamlet down the mountain's side,

The blended tribute of ten thousand flowers, Hastening so swiftly to the vale beneath,

To me, a frequent wanderer 'mid the trees To cheer the shepherd's thirsty flock, or glide That form thúee gay, though solitary bowers !

Where the hot sun has left a faded wreath; One answer is around, beneath, above;

Or, rippling, aid the music of the grove ! The echo of the voice, that God is Love !

Its own glad voice replies, that God is Love !

Why bursts such melody from tree and bush,

The overflowing of each songster's heart, So filling mine, that it can scarcely hush,

Awhile to listen, but would take its part? 'Tis but one song I hear where'er I rove, Though countless be the notes, that God is Love !

In starry heavens, at the midnight hour,

In ever-varying hues at morning's dawn,
In the fair bow athwart the falling shower,

In forest, river, lake, rock, hill, and lawn,
One truth is written : all conspire to prove,
What grace of old revealed, that God is Love :

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HERE was a cabman in London who and that was what he was always doing. At night, if

loved his horse. We have all seen a it was ever so late, he always made his horse comgreat many drivers who did not, if fortable before he had his own supper; in short, he we might judge from their kabits of ruled by love, as I have said ; and do you think the flogging and scolding, and, alas ! too horse did not know it? Of course he did, and he

often swearing. However, this horso worked all the better for it, as every creature you have was a happy one to have such a kind to do with will do if you go upon that plan.

master. He knew exactly what the horse Years went on, and at last the horse began to fail. could do, and he never urged him beyond it. See how He was not up to a busy London life any more, though carefully he is attending to his wants in the picture, he might still do something lighter. “But,” said the

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