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Line of road from Loch Moi- Prospective Account. dart, (in Inverness) to the Corran

Probable payment to. of Ardgour.

wards making the Line of road from Bunnessay.

Loch, na

Loch upon the west coast of Mull


to Auchacraig

Ditto Glengarry road. 4,250
Continuation of the Lochnagaul

Ditto towards build.
road (XXVII.) to Lochnevish.
Continuation of the Glengarry

ing Conan and Orin

bridges, and to
road, (XXV1.) lo Beroera."
References to tridges,

wards purchase of

the present Ferry 1. Bridge over the Conan, in the

over the Conan.

2,950 0 0 county of Ross, by Mr Telford,

Ditto towards building 2. Bridge over the Urrin, in the

the bridge at Dun county of Ross, by Mr Telford.

keid, and making 3. Bridge over the Beauly, coun

approaches thereto. 5,500 ty of Inverness, by Mr Telford.

Ditto towards Road
4. Bridge over the Spey at Focha-

at Crinan Quay. 140
bers, in the county of Banff.
5. Bridge over the Tay at Dunkeld,

in the county of Perth, by Mr

By Act 43d Geo. 111. c. 80, Telford.

the sum of L. 20,000 is granted for Expenditure of the Highland Roads: this purpose. Of this, the Commis

Survey and Estimate of Line of sioners have already received 10,000l.
Road from Loch Oich, up Glengarry and the rest is receiveable on appli-
to Loch Hourn.

cation to the Treasury.
Cash paid to James

Cash paid to Wil.

An Account of a curious MS. rela. liam Cuming, 35 7 6

tive to the Town of EDINBURGH in 86 8

tbe LIBRARY of the FACULTY of Surrey and Estimate of

Line of Road from Fort Wil.
liam, to Loch-na-Gaul.
Cash paid to James

W. 2. 25. THIS is a manuscript

towards the end of Donaldson, 55 II II

the 16th century, being extracts from Cash paid to Wil

the burgh records of the City of liam Cuming, 36 17 0

Edinburgh, from the earliest period

-92 O of their existence, down to the Cash advanced to James


1579. These extracts are not very Donaldson, on account

well written, and are arranged in the of Surveys and Esti

following order.

1. Acts concerning Offices and viz, Roads in Strath

Officers in Edinburgh. nairn, Ardnamurchan &

A number of curious points occur the Isle of Mull. 100 8 II

under this head. A few specimens Cash paid Mt Thomas

are given, Telford for Travelling

"15. Augusti 1487. The quhilk expences, directing the

day, the Provest, Baillies, Counsale Surveys, and other ge

and deikynis of the Towne, gart ye neral services.


commoune pypers of the Towne be 393 19 10


51 0 6

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2 II



feyit for the honour of the Towne, honestly in all tyme cuming, under
on yis wyse, that yai sall pas to all payne of Esheit of his wynes; and
honest personis of substance yat may be peyit tor his fredom L. 10.
sustene the same, and tak yair meit 20 Nov. 1567
of ilk ane of yame ane day of bout, 3. Acts made by the Council res-
and hip nane : and gif yai tak wedge, pecting the craiis, or trades of the
yat yai sustene yaitself, yairupun Town.
yat day, and at ye persoun that 4. Acts respecting fairs, markets,
gevis yame yair meit, gif to yame vivers, drink, &c.
IXd, on ye day, yat is to ilk pyper Under this, are comprehended the
IId. at


* regulations against regraters, fore-
19. Oct. 1492. It is ordainit, stallers, &c. of meal, fishi, or other
be ye hale dusane" (duodene Burgi) provisions.
“ of the Toune, yat gif any of ye 5. Acts concerning the rents of
durane beand wairnit, cumis nocht the common good, the privileges of
betymes for ye halding of ye Coun. the town, &c. Among these is the
sale, in ye working of ye commoune following enactment in February
proffeit; yat he sall pay for ilk defalt 1478.
VId. unforgevin, to be drukkin, be * It is thocht expedient, that
ye dusane ; and gif ye dene, or Baile the Provest of the towne, for honour
lies, or any

yame cumis not in due and worschip of the town, haif zeirlie tyme, yai sall dowbil as meikil unfor- to his fee L. 20. of the Commoune

purs : and to endure perpetuallie." “ It is statute and ordainit, be ye This chapter also contains a state Provest, Baillies and Counsale, yat of the Tack duties of the Customs all nicht houres within this Toune, and Harbour of Leith, and of the merchants and craftsmen, as yai ar mills, shops, and houses belonging to of power, till furnich torcise (tore the Town, so far back as the year ches) till pas and convey ye provest 1458. fra ye

Kirk till his awin hous eftir In the year 1527, is the following Evinsang, in the haledays of Zule, entry: “ The gaitt, dichting, and New Zeir day, and uphalyday un. dewteis yairof, is set yis zeir in to der ye payne of XVIII. S. to be cum, with the aventure of deid and tane of yame yat wantis torcise ; and weir, to Alexander Pennecuik, for at everie Deykin haif power till ye soum of L. 20. to be dicht and poind his craft for ye samin. 16. Nov. clengeit sufficiently, ilk VIII dayes 1535

anis, with a dosane of servands ; 2. Acts concerning Bargesses, and that he tak na mair of dewties Stallangers, Strangers, Freemen and for ye dichting yairof, except and unfree Merchants.

allenerly of fischc, fleshe, salt, and The following ininute appears a

victuals.” mong these acts.

A great many pages are occupied Charles Saudeman, cuik maid, in giving excerpts from the proto. Gild and Oblist; yat fra yat day cols of the different Town Clerks, or furth, he sall nocht be sine upoun Notaries, to shew the several pieces ye calsay as ye remanent commoune of property holding of the Burgh cuiks with meit to sell in commoune Regulations respecting Leith, and howses, bot sai caus his servands pas the different kinds of merchandise,' with ye sam : and yat he sal hald his and victuals arriving there : Orders Taverne on ye hiegait, fra Whitson. respecting the entering of ships carday furth nixt, and behaif himself

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goes, &c.


gars, &c.


7. Accounts and statements of 10'.25" after six o'clock in the morndifferent taxations or extents impo- ing, mean time *. sed upon the Town.

The planet Juno is situated in 8. Acts of the Town Council, longitude 5...26°..45', and latitude respecting “ Mettis, Mesouris, and 3o..c' South, Wechtis."

Wednesday, February sth. 9. Certane practiques or exampills of punishment, of all crymes within

The moon will eclipse & Leonis, a burgh, conforme to ye aulde use and star of the 4-5 magnitude, situated consuetude yairof yat it may be in the claws of the Lion, in longiknawin quhow ilk cryme of law or

tude 59..210..40'..17", and latitude consuetude owcht and suld now be 59.42'..0" South. The star will impunist according to the wecht and merge behind the enlightened limb of gravity yairof.

the moon at 32' after nine o'clock 10. Enactments respecting the in the evening, apparent time at Eordering of the Towne watches in dinburgh, at which time it is situatpeace, pest and war ; serving women, ed about 13 minutes South of the vagabonds, weaponshawingis, beg: moon's centre; after continuing eclip

sed for the space of 38 minutes, the 11. Many acts, from the year 1497

star will immerge from behind the to the year 1535,

obscure limb of the moon, at 10% penes

mundatio. nem ville," principally relating to

after 10 o'clock, when its distance those infected with the Grand-gure from the Moon's centre is 11 or Lues, who by an order of James South. At the middle of this occul. IV. at length inserted, are caused to tation, the Moon's horizontal paralbe sent along with “ the personis lax is 59.58", her horizontal semiqlks takis siç cuir upon yame, to

diameter 16'..21", and the time of Inch Keith,” yair to remane quhile her southing 2"...S' in the morning. God provyde for yair helth.” This On the same day, the right ascenorder is dated 22 Sept. 1497; and sion of the planet Ceres is at present on the 14 Oct, 1500, the Magis- 97°56', and her declination 31°...!' trates of the Burgh ordain, “ that all North. maner of personis yat hes ony guids Friday, February 7th. closit in hous within this Towne, quhilk hes ben infect or presumit in.

The planet Mars will be in con

junction with the Sun at 47 minutes to morne, and clenge yair guids and after 9 o'clock in the evening, in geir be fyre and wattir at ye rynnand longitude 10...180.31':.42", and latiburne ;" with intimation if they fail

tude 1°..5' South. that the goods shall be burned and

On the same day, the planet SAdestroyed.

TURN will be stationary in longitude 65..280..27', and latitude 20..36' North. He comes to the meridian

at 16 minutes after 4 in the mornCELESTIAL PHENOMENA for Febru


Saturday, February 8th.
Saturday, February Ist.

The planet Pallas is at present
THE first satellite of Jupiter will situated in right ascension 69°:37',

' immerge into his shadow at and declination 21°..54' North.

Tuesa * The Eclipses of Jupiter's satellites are computed to exact time, and the pther Phenomena to apparent time.

ary 1806.

Tuesday, February 14th.

On the same day, the longitude of The planet Juno is situated in lon. Juno is 5* 23o.2c', and his latitude gitude 59..259..19', and latitude

1.44' South. 29..22' North.

Sunday, February 23d. On the same day, the longitude of the GEORGIUM Sipus is 6'..25:35",

The first and third satellites of Ju. and his latitude 36' North. His de piter will be in conjunction at 47 clination is 99. 20' South, and the

minutes after 5 in the morning, on time of his southing 3"..50' in the the left hand-of Jupiter. The second morning.

and fourth are on the other side of

his disc, the second being nearest the Thursday, February 13th. planet. The Moon will be in conjunction On the same day, Ceres has 97o.. with ihe planet JUPITER at 3 mi- 10' of right ascension, and 31°..20' nutes after


o'clock in the evening. of North declination. Friday, February 14th.

Wewnesday, February 26th. The planet Ceres is situated in

The planet Pallas is situated in right ascension 97°..13', and North right ascension 73°,45', and declinadeclination 310.22'.

sion 169.. 10' South. Sunday, February 16th.

Thursday, February 27th. Ar a quarter before 6 in the morn

The planet SATURN is stationary ing, the first and third satellites of in longitude 6..28o...', and latitude Jupiter will be in conjunction on the eastern side of his disc, the fourth is

20.40' North. situated in the same side, but farther Friday, February 28th. from the planet, and the second on the The Moon will eclipse fs Geminoother side of Jupiter.

rum, a star of the third magnitude, Monday, February 17th. situated in longitude 3...2..35-38", The right ascension of Pallas is and latitude 50'..24" South. The at present 71°..26', and her declina- occultation will commence at 10% zion 19°3' South.

minutes after 2 o'clock in the mornWednesday, February 19th.

ing, the star being about 15 mi.

nutes south of the Moon's center; The Sun enters the sign Pisces at and after continuing eclipsed for 24 a1 minutes after 6 o'clock in the minutes, the star will immerge from morning.

behind the enlightened limb of the On the same day, the longitude of Moon, at 42 minutes after 2 o'clock, Jupiter is 99..20.14', and his lati. when it is 13 minutes south of her tude 19 minutes North. He has

centre. About the middle of this 23°..8' of south declination, and occultation, the Moon's horizontal souths 7..50' in the morning.

parallax is 59'..47", her horizontal Friday, February 21st. semidiameter 16'..18", and the time The Moon and Venus will be in of her southing 7..10' in the eve. conjunction at 33 minutes after 5 ning. o'clock in the morning. Venus being then stationary in longitude o..1".. Murray.field, 2

D. B. 461.

Jan. 29th 1806. $


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Strictures on " a Tour thro' some of dustrious and frugal, he has the, the ZETLAND Islands in 1804." means of enjoying much more of the

comforts and conveniences of life (Concluded from our last, p. 916.)

than his ancestors 50 years ago could FOR OR the sake of such readers as command, with the most industrious

Dever have attended to the sub- dispositions. The original intention ject before, I shall give as short and of the landlords, in paying attention clear an account as I can, of the pre- to the fishing, was to increase the sent state of the connection between gross produce of their estates, that the proprietors of Zetland and those they might have better opportunities of their tenants who are fishers, both than formerly of having their rents because those fishers compose the regularly paid. greater part of the tenantry of Zet- On the greater part of the lands land, and because their condition is in Zetland, every occupier of land more liable to be misrepresented holds his little farm immediately of than that of the other renters of the proprietor. In no other part of land.

Great Britain is it so much the inThe landlord advances to the ten. terest of the proprietor to attend to ant the necessaries of fishing, gener. the welfare of each individual on his rally at prime cost, frequently under estate as in Zetland, and in no other it. When crops or fishings bave part will there be found so great a been bad, the landlord advances the number of neighbouring proprietors, necessaries of life to the tenant, in so systematically attentive to proexpectation that he will be able to mote the interests of every one who repay in more fortunate years, and lives on their lands. It has been frenever charges any interest on the quently observed, that the owner of debt': if there is a balance in favour a few acres, when obliged to sell his of the tenant, he receives it in cash land to his richer neighbour, has, at the settlement of accounts, or on while a tenant on the very samne spot, any future occasions in such portions attained to comfortable-circumstanas he chooses. The tenant is bound ces, tho' while a proprietor he had to deliver all his merchantable fish been always needy. to the landlord's factor, at fixed There is one circumstance howe. prices, who is bound to receive them, ver, the consequences of which coun. cures them on an extensive scale, by teract these good effects very much. far the best mode of curing, and the It is to be regretted that it has not landlord takes his chance of the fo. been done away, especially as it is reign market.

not in the least necessarily connected The good effects of this system with the system I have been describ. have been, that the tenant feels the ing, and by means of which the vicissitudes occasioned by unfortunate Zetland islands have been much im. seasons less than he otherwise would; proved in spite of its operation. It that he is always sure of a good is this, the rents are so excessively market in his immediate neighbour. below the real value of the lands, hood, for whatever he may produce ; that the landlords have been obliged that he can pursue the fishing in the to make up the deficiency, by not proper season uninterruptedly; that allowing the tenants a price for their the quality and price of Zetland salt fish equal to their full value. Thus, fish, the principal production of his the tenant is under every temptation industry, have been raised much to break through the paction with above those of the salt fish of any · his landlord, and to sell his fish clanother country. In short, if he is in- destinely to others, and that almost Jan, 18.6.


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