Abbildungen der Seite

in trude, v a. & n. to enter without Mis donbt, v a. to suspect of desert

invitation by a kind of violence s. suspicion In trust, v a. to charge with a secret Mis give, v a. to give in a wrong In twine, v a. to twist together

way In vade, v a. to enter a country by Mis guide, v a. to guide ill assault

Mis judge, v a. to juige wrong In reigh, v a. to utter reproach Mis tay, va. to place wrong In vent, v a. to find out

Mis lead, v a. to misguide In vite, v a. to ask, to allure. Mislike, v a. to disapparove, s. disIn volye, v a. to comprise

approbation In ure, v a. to habituate

Mis match, v a. to match unsuitably In urn, v a. to put in a tomb Mis name, v a. to name wrong Bu wrap, v. a. to involve

Mis speni, v a. to spend ball
In wrought, a. adorned with work Mis place, v a. to place wrong
In wrenthe, v a. to surround as with Mis quite, v a. to quote falsely
a wreath

Mis rule, v a. ti govern wrong

Mis shape, v a. to shape ill
Ja pan, s. varnished work raised in Mis state, v a. to state wrong
gold and colours

Mis take, v 4. to act erroneously Japan, y 2. to embellish with raised -8. misconception figures

Mis teach, v a. to teach wrong Je june, a. empty, wanting

Miş term, v

a. to give a wrogs Jo cose, a. merry, airy

term Le

Mis luna, y a, to time ill La ment, v, n. to bemoan

Mis i rust, v a. to suspect s. dili; Lam poon, s. personal satire, v. a. dence to abuse with satire

Mo lest, v a. to disturb Les see, s. the person to whom a Mon soon, s a trade wind lease is given

Morass, s. a bog, moor

Mor, bose, a. not healthy
Ma chine, s. any complicated piece Mo rose, a. sour of temper

of workmanship Vain land, s, a continent

Neg lect, v a. to slight, s inattention Maia tain, v a. to preserve, vin. to No blesse, S. nobility, dignity assert as a tenet

North east, s. the point between the Main top, s. top of the main mast north and eist Mi lign, i. malicious, v.a. to regard North west, s. the point between the with mnalice

north and west Mimima, s. the fond word for mother

Ma tross, s. an under gunner 0 bese, a. loaded with fat
Ma ture, a. perfect by time, v a. to O bey, v a. to comply with

Oject, v a. to oppose -
Me seems, impersonal verb I think o blige, v.a. to bind, to gratify
Me thinks, defective verb, it seems Ob lique, a. not direct

Ob scene, a. immodest
Miss cal, v, a. to name improperly Od score, a, dark, abstruce, v a
Mis cast, v a. to make a wrong ac darken

Ob serve, v a. to regard attentively Mis chance, s. ill-fortune

v 2. to be-attentive Mis cite, y a. to quote wrong

Ob struct, v a. to hinder, to oppose Mis claim, s, a mistaken claida Ob trin, v a. to procure Mis deed, s. a bad action,

Ob test, y a. to beseech
Aliso, y a to do wrong

O5 trucke, v a, to thrust into by førge
Ob tund, va, to bluus


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to me

Ob tuse, a. dull, blunt

Pla toon, s. a body of musketeers Oc clude, v a. to shut up

Po lice, s. ciri government Oc cult, a. secret, hidden

Polite, a. of genteel manners Oc cur, v .n to happen

Pol lute, v a. to make unclean Of fence, s. scandal

Pe made, s. a sweet cintment Of fend, v a. to make angry Por tend, v a. to foretoken ( mit, v a. to leave out

Possess, v a. to rccupy. O paque, a. without light

Pre cede, v a. to go before Op pose, v a. to hinder

Pie ciude, v a. to shut cut Op press, V a. to overpower

Pre fer, v a. to regard, more Or dain, v a. to appoint

Pre fix, vâ. to place be iure Oat bid, v a. to bid a higher price Pre form, v a. to form before hand Outdo, v a. to excell, surpass Pre mise, v a. to lay down premises Out face, v a. to brave

Pre pare, v a, to make ready Out last, y ar to surpass in "dura. Pre sage, v 3. to forebode tion

Pre sent, v a. to lay before Ont lig, v a. to exceed in lying Pre scribe, v a. to direct Out five, y a. to survive

Pre sent, v a. to introduce. Outrin, v a. to excel in running

Pre zerve, v a. to defend

S. Out sail, v a. to leave behind in sail preserved whole in sugar ing

Pre side, y n, to rule over Out sell, va, to sell for more Pre sume, vrh to renture Out shine, v a. to excel in lustre Pre tence, s. false claim Oyt stretch, y a. to. Sprinom vui

Diotend, i aivan faisery Out strip, v a. tó out go

Pre vail, v a. to overcome Out swear, v a, to out do in swear. Pre vent, v a. to hinder ing

Proceed v n. to go forward
Out vote, v a. to exceed in roting Pro claim, v a. to teil penly
Out wear, v a. to wear longer Pro fane, a. polluteci, v a. to violate
Out-weigh, exceed in weight Pro fess, v a. to declare
Out wit, v a. to cheat

Profile, s. the side face

Profuse, a. exuberant
Pa rade, s. military order

Prolix, a. long, tedious
Pa role, s. a word given as an assur- l'ro tore, v a. to lengthen out

Pro mcte, v a. to forward
Pa trol, s the act of going the rounds Pre pense, a. inclined

in a camp to keep order Propese, v a. to cffer Per ceive, v a, to discover

Pro pound, v a. to offer to considéraPer chance, ad perhaps

tien Per force, ad. by violence

Pro pugn, v a. to vindicate Per form, v a. to execute

Pro tend, v a. to hold out Per fume, y a. to scent

Pro test, v a. toxieclare Per fuse, v a. to overspread

Pro tract, va, to draw out [ward Per laps, ad. it may be so

Protrude, v n. to thrust itself forPer mit, v a. to suffer

Pro vide, 1 a. ir supply Per plex, v a. to enbarrass

Pro voke, * a. to intense "Per spire, v n. to be excreted by the. Pur sne, a: to follow after skin

Pur suit, ser deavour Per tain, v n. to belong

Pur rey, v n. to buy in provisions Per vade, v a. to pass through

R Per verse, a. stu!ati'n)

Ra goot, s. mezt stewed

and high Per vert, v a. to corrupt

ly seasoned Pe ruse, y a, to read over

Rat torn, 3. a West India for Pis tple, $, a cena

Rebates v n, ta blunt


Ke bound,

v n. io spring back Re lease, v a. to set free, s. a re- * S s.

s. the act of flying back mission of claim Re-buff, v ar to nece beck,

Re lent, v n, to soften Re buke,

Relief, s. succour ? vt to reprehend

S s refrehension Re lieve, v a. to assist Re call, vão to l'evoke

Re main, v n. to continue Re cant, v a. to Petract

Remark, v a, to observe s. obstp -Re cede, v n. to fall back

vation Pe ceipt, 6. act of receivihg Re inind, v a to bring to recollection Receive, v a. to take

Re miss, a. siotlıful Recess, s. retirement

Re mir, v a. to forgive Re charge, v a. to attack again Re morse, s. sorrow Recite, v a. to rehearse

Re mote, a. distant Re claim, v a. to retorn

Re move, v n. to change plate Recline, va. & n to lean back, to Re new, v a, to repeat repose

Re nounce, v a. to disown, v n'to Re clude, v a. to open

deciare renunciation Re cluse, s. one shot up

Re nowni, s. praise widely spread
Re coil, vm. to fall back

Re pair, v a. to nend, s. reparation
Re count, v a. to reiate in detail Re past, s. a meal, food
Re course, s. application

Re peai, v a. to abrogate, s. revo-
Re cruit, v a. to repair s. a supply cation
Recur, r n. to have recourse to Repeat, v a. to recite
Re eem, vā.to ransom

Re pel, v a. to drive back
Re doubt, s, a fortification

Re pine, v n. to be discontented Re dound, v n. to conduce in the Replace, v a. to put back or in a consequence

new place Re dress, v a, to remedy, s. relief, Re plete, a. compleatly filled remedy

Reply, y n. to answer Re duce, v a. to diminish

Report, v a. to poblish, s. rumour Re fine, vå, to porify.

. Repose, v n. to rest, s. quiet Re fit, « a. to repair

Re press, v a. to crush
Reflect, va & a. to throw back Re prie e, v a. to respite after ser
Re form,

a. to grow better s. a tence of death, s. respite change

Re proach, v a to censure, s. ce-
Pe frain, v n. to forbear
Re fresh, v a. to relieve

Re proof, s. reprehension
Re fund, y a. to pour back

Re, pulse, v a. to beat back, s, a det Re fuse, v a. to deny

Reute, v a. to prove erroneous Re pute, v a, to account, s. opinion
Re yun, v a, to recover

Re quest, v a. to intreat, s. à petition:
Re gale, v a. to entertain * Require, v a. to demand
Regard, v a. to value s. respect Requite, y a. to recompence
Re gret, s. bitterness of reflection Re sen:, v a. to take ili
* 1. t) repent

Re serve, v a. to keep in store
Rehearse, v a. to repeat

Re side, v n. to dwell Reject v.a. to cast : off

Re sign, v a. to give up
Rejoice, va,to exhilaraté, v n. to Re sist, v a. to oppose
be glad

Resolve, v a. to determine, s. rega
Re lapse, ” 11. to fall back, s, a fal olution
Ting back

Resort, v n. to frequent, s. recourse
Relate, y a. to tell

Re sound, v a. & n. to echo Relax, v a. to slacken voi to be Re source, s. expedient mila

Respect, v a. to regard


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Sub duce,
Sub duct,

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Sub ject,
Sub join,


Re spire, v n. to breathe

Sin cere, a. honest, uncorrupt Re spond, v n. to answer

v a. to withdraw Re sponses. an answer Re store, v a. to give back

Sub due, va to conquer Re straih, v a. to repress

va. to reduce, a. liable Re straint, s. limitation

v a. to add Re strict, ý a. to confine

Sublimé, a. lofty, high Re sult, s. consequence v 3. to fol- Sub mit, v a. to resign to authority low as a conseguence

Sub orn, v procure by indireci Resume, v a, to take again Re tail, v a. to sell in small parts Sub scribe, v a. to write under Re tain, keep

Sub scribe, v a. to give consent Retard v a. to keep back

Sub serve v a. to serve under ke tire, vn. to withdraw

Sub side, v n. to sink down
Re tort, v a. to return an argu- Sub sist, v n. to exist

Sub tract, v a. to withdraw
Re tract, v a. unsay, recant Sub vert, y a. to overturn
Re treat, s. retirement, vn. to retire Succeed v a. to follow
Re trench, v a. to cut off, v. n. to live Suc cess, s. good luck
with less elegance

Su perb, a.-stately
Re triere, v a. to recover

Su pine, a. negligent Return, v n. to come back, v a. to Sup ply, v a. to fill up, s. relief repay

Sup port, s. maintainance, v a. Lo Re turn, s. act of coming back

Re venge ,s. an injury, v a. to injure Suppress, v a. to conceal
Re vere, v a. to venerate

Sup pose, v a. to imagine
Re verse, s. change, y a. to overturn Su preme, a. highest
Re vert, v n. to return

Sur charge, v a. to över-load Re view, s. examination, v a. to, ex- Sur mise, v n. to think amine

Sur mount, v a. to overcome Rè vile, v a. to vilify

Sur prise, v a to astonish Re vise, v a. to review

Sur round, v a. to encompass Re vive, v a. to bring to life again, Sur vey, v a. to view, s. a prospectie v n. to return to life

Sur vey, y a. to measure Re yoke, v a. to recall

Sus pect, v a, to imagine
Re volt, v n. to fall off

Sus tain, v a. to bear
Re volve, v a. to consider
Re ward, v a. to recompence, s. Tra duce, v a. to columniate.
a bounty

Trans fer, v a. to convey
Robust, a. strong

Trans fix, v a. to pierce through Ro mance, s. a forged story Trans form, v a. to change Ro tund, a. circular, round

Trans fuse, v a. to pour out of one S

vessel into another Se cede, v n. to withdraw

Trans gress, v a. to violate Se clude, v a. to confine from Trans mit, v a. to send from one Se crete, v a. to put aside

place to another Se cure, a. safe, careless, v a. to Trans mute, v a. to change from one protect

nature into another Se dan, s, a kind of coach

Trans pire, v a. to emit in vapour Se date, a. calm, quiet

VI. to come into Dorice Se duce, v a. to inisiead

Trans place, v a, to remove Se lect, v a. to choose, a. nicely cho- Trans plant, v a. to rem sve

Trans port, v a. to carry from one Shal loon, S. woollen stuff

place to another


Trans port, s. rapture, ecstacy Un less, conjunct. except
Trans place, v a. to change place Un ripe, a. not maturo
Tre pan, v a. to catch, to ensnare Un safe, a. dangerous
Tri une, a. at once three, and one Un shod, a. having no shoes

Un taught, a. not instructed
Un apt, a. not apprehensive Un til, ad. to the time that
Un bar, y a. to unbolt

Un true, a. false, not real Un bent, a. relaxed, not bent Un truth, s. falsehood Un bind, 'v a. to loose

Un veil, v a, to disclose Un bolt, va, to unbar

Un wise, a. foolish Un born, a. not, brought into life Un wrought, a. not manufacture ! Un bred, a. not educated Un case, v a. to uncover

Ver bose, a. exuberant in words Un chain, v a. to let loose

Vouch safe, v a. to grant, v n. to Un chaste, a. libidinous

condescend Un clasp, v a. to loose a clasp

. W Un couth, a. strange, odd

Weak side, s. a foible, inarmir Un done, a. not done, ruined Where as, ad. when on the contrary Un dress, va. to strip, s. a loose Where at, ad, at which dress

Where by, ad. by which Un due, a. not legal

Where in, ad. in which Un fit, a. improper

Where of, ad. of which Un firm, a. weak, feeble

Where on, ad. on which Un fold, v a. to display

Where to, acl. to which Un furl; v a. 'to expand

Where with, ad, with which Un horse, y a, to dismount

With all, ad. likewise Unjust, a. iniquitous

With draw, vn. to retreat Unkind, a. not favourable

With hold, v a. to keep fon Unknown, a. not known

With in, prep. in the inner part


Words of three syllables, accented upon the first

Abject ly, ad. in an abject manner Ad vo cate, s. one who pleads for Ab ject ness, s. meanness

another Able gate, v a. to send abroad Af fa ble, a. easy of manners Able ness, s. force, vigour

Af fa bly, ad. courteously Ab ne gate, v a. to deny

Af flu ence, s. riches, plenty Abro gate, vs. to repeal

Af flu ent. a. wealthy Ac ci dent, s. casualty.

Af ter ward, ad. in succeeiung time Accu ræte, a. exact, nice!

A gen cy, s. the quality of acting Ac tive ly, ad. busily, nimbly Ag gran dize, v a. to make great Ac tu al, a. real in act

As gra vate, va. to provoke Ac tu ate, v. a. to put m action Ag gra gate, v a to collect many Acu ate, y a. to sharpen

into one number Ad a mant, s. a diamond

A go nize, v n. to be in pain A de quate, a equal to

A go ny, s. the pang's of death Adjective, s. a word expressing the Al chy mist, s. a professor of alchyquality of a noun

my Ad ju tant, s. an officer

Al chy my, s. the transmutation @f Ad ju vant, a. helping

metal Ad mi rad, s, an officer of the navy

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