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veyance of their sick, and the evacua- individuals, who have taken part in the tion of their magazines.

levying of troops, or the formation of An arrangement shall be made be. judicial or municipal administrations, or tween the high contracting parties re. in any other proceeding whatsoever, specting all war contributions, of what during the war, which inhabitants shali ever denomination, previously imposed not be prosecuted in their persons or on the Austrian provinces occupied by property. the French and allied troups; in con

They shall have permission, during sequence of which arrangement, the a period of six years, to dispose of their levying of the said contributions shall properties, of whatever description they cease from the day of the exchange of may be, to sell their estates, even those the ratification.

that have been considered inalienable, VII. His Majesty the Emperor of such as fidei commissa and majoratus, to the French, King of Italy, engages to leave the country, and to carry with give no obstruction tơ the importation them the produce of these sales, in speor exportation of merchandise into and cie, or effects of any other description, from Austria by way of the port of without paying any other dury for the Fiume ; this, nevertheless, not being same, or experiencing any difficulty or construed to include English goods or obstruction. manufactures. The transit duties on The same permission, and for the the goods thus imported or exported same period, shall be reciprocally allowshall be lower than upon those of all o- ed to the inhabitants and landholders ther nations, the kingdom of Italy ex.

in the territories ceded by the present cepted.

treaty. An inquiry shall be instituted to as. The inhabitants of the duchy of Warcertain whether any advantages can be saw, possessing landed estates in Ausallowed to the Austrian trade in the o. trian Gallicia, whether public officers or ther ports ceded by this treaty.

private individuals, shall enjoy the reVIII. The titles of domains, archives, venues thereof, without paying any plans, and maps of the countries, towns, duty thereon, or experiencing any oband fortresses ceded, shall be given up struction. within two months after the period of XI. Within six weeks from the exthe ratification.

change of the present treaty, posts shall IX. His Majesty the Emperor of be erected to mark the boundaries of Austria, King of Hungary and Bohe. Cracow, upon the right bank of the mia, engages to discharge the yearly in- Vistula. For this purpose, there shall terest, arrears, and capitals, invested in be nominated Austrian, French, and securities of the government, states, Saxon Commissioners. bank, lottery, or other public establish- The same measures shall be adopted, ments, by subjects, companies, or cor. within the same period, upon the fronporate bodies in France, the kingdom tiers of Upper Austria, Saltzburg, Wil. of Italy, and the grand duchy of Berg. lach and Carniola, as far as the Saave.

Measures shall also be taken to com- The thalweg (stream) of the Saave shall pletely liquidate the debts of Mont St determine what islands of that river Theresa, now Mont Napoleon, at Mic shall belong to each power. For this lan.

purpose, French and Austrian Commis. X. His Majesty the Emperor of the saries shall be nominated. French engages to procure a full and XII. A military convention shall be complete pardon for the inhabitants of forthwith entered into, to regulate the the Tyrol and Voralberg, who have ta. respective periods within which the va. ken a part in the insurrection, so that rious provinces restored to his Majesty they shall not be prosecuted either in the Emperor of Austria shall be evacua. person or property.

ted. The said convention shall be adHis Majesty the Emperor of Austria justed on the basis, that Moravia shall equally engages to grant a full and be'evacuated in fourteen days; that part complete pardon to those inhabitants of of Gallicia, which remains in possession the territories of Gallicia, of which he of Austria, the city and districts of Vireturns into possession, whether civil enna, in one month, Lower Austria two or military public officers, or private months, and the remaining districts and

territories, territories, not ceded by this treaty, We have ratified, and hereby ratify shall be evacuated by the French troops the above treaty, in all and every of the and those of their allies in two months articles therein contained; declare the and a half, or earlier, if possible, from same to be adopted, confirmed, and es. the exchange of the ratifications. tablished ; and engage that the same

This convention shall regulate all shall be maintained inviolable. that relates to the evacuation of the In confirmation whereof, we have hospitals and magazines of the French hereto affixed our signature, with our army, and tbe entrance of the Austrian own hand, being countersigned and sealtroops into the rerritories evacuated by ed with our imperial seal. the French or their allies; and also the

Given at our imperial camp at evacuation of that part of Croatia, ced- Schoenbrunn, Oct, 15. 1809. ed by the present treaty to his Majesty

(Signed) NAPOLEON. the Emperor of the French.

By the Emperor, XIII. The prisoners of war taken by

CHAMPAGNY, Minister for France and her allies from Austria, and

Foreign Affairs. by Austria from France and her allies,

H. B. MARET, Minister Se. that have not yet been released, shall

cretary of State. be given up within 14 days after the

Certified by us, exchange of the ratifications of the pre- The Arch-Chancellor of State, sent treaty.

EUGENE NAPOLEON. XIV. His Majesty the Emperor of the French, King of Italy, Protector of Such is the definitive treaty of peace the League of the Rhine, guarantees concluded between France and Austria. the inviolability of the possessions of It appears that the cessions of Austria his Majesty the Emperor of Austria, divide themselves principally into three King of Hungary and Bohemia, in the parts ; those to the sovereigns of the state in which they shall be, in conse- Rhenish league generally; those to Bo. quence of the present treaty.

naparte ; and those to the king of SaxXV. His Majesty the Emperor of ору individually. Austria recognises all the alterations To one of the first of these, the king which have taken place, or may subse- of Bavaria, she resigns Saltzburg and quently take place, in Spain, Portugal, a portion of Austria, ext and Italy,

Danube from Passau to the vicinity of XVI. His Majesty the Emperor of Lintz.-Bonaparte acquires for himself Austria, desirous to co-operate in the but little territory : further to extend restoration of a maritime peace, accedes his limits is, he knows, to weaken his to the prohibitory system with respect strength; but the possession of the to England, adopted by France and coast of the Adriatic being a great obRussia, during the present maritime ject to the furthering his designs against war. His Imperial Majesty shall break Great Britain, he very wisely retains off all intercourse with Great Britain, it, and has therefore reserved Fiume and, with respect to the English Go- and Trieste, with the whole of the coun. vernment, place himself in the situation try to the south of the Saave, till that be stood in previous to the present war. river enters Bosnia--And to the last, a

XVII. His Majesty the Emperor of few villages in Bohemia, and (to be u. the French, King of Italy, and his Ma. nited to the Duchy of Warsaw), the jesty the Emperor of Austria, King of whole of Western Gallicia, extending Hungary and Bohemia, shall observe, from the frontiers of Silesia, to the Bog, with respect to each other, the same ce.

together with Cracow, and a district remonial, in regard to rank and other round it in Eastern Galicia. Saxony points of etiquette, as before the pre- will thus become a power of the first sent war.

magnitude.-The interests of Russia XVIII. The ratifications of the pre- have been but little consulted in the sent treaty shall be exchanged within treaty, a loose cession of as much territory six days, or sooper, if possible.

in Eastern Galicia as will comprise J. B. NOMPERE DE CHAMPAGNY. 400,000 souis, is all she obtains for her

base subserviency to the general conJOHN PRINCE OF LICHTENSTEIN. queror. There are not wanting some

on the


indications of the discontent of Russia had previously boasted to the worlé at these pacific arrangements.

that he would extort. Not long before Of the more painful of the stipula. the commencement of hostilities, he tions wrung from the Emperor Francis

, vauntingly proclaimed that he would in relation to external politics, is that reduce Austria to a condition in which by which he acknowledges the sove. she would never more disturb the peace reignty of Joseph Bonaparte, to whose of the continent; yet he has left in her clevation to the crown of Spain it was possession an army of 200,000 men, be. nevertheless not in his power (after sides an armed levy en masse. Soon af peace was made) to oppose any formi- ter bis entrance into Vienna, he expli. dable obstruction; and with regard to citly declared his intention of severing this country, there is an article which Hungary from Austria, by offering her stipulates the co-operation of the em. what he calls independence and a king; peror of Austria in procuring a mari- yet the sceptre of Francis still sways time peace, and for that purpose, prohi. ihat ancient realm. His haughty, insulbits his intercourse with England.- ting and menacing language toward This last article is more offensive in its the princes of the house of Austria suf. form than prejudicial in its effects ; for ficiently indicates, that, if they still hold after the surrender of Fiume and Trieste, a place amongst the sovereigns of Eua correspondence between Austria and

rope, it is not his clemency, but his this country would have been no very want of power, which has suffered them easy matter, even if it had not been

to preserve their dignities. And jud. prohibiteď by treaty. In place of giv- ging from the immense works constructing up the Tyrol'to a prince of the ed at Vienna, Bonaparte had at one house of Austria, that country is still time little intention of speedily evacuato remain annexed to the kingdom of ting that portion of his Majesty's domiBavaria. A provision, however, is made nions ; yet, as soon as a war contributhat Bonaparte shall procure a

tion is paid, the French troops are to be plete and full pardon" for her brave in- drawn from the capital and from Ausbabitants.

tria Proper.-From these facts it is Amidst all the losses wbich Austria most certain, that the Austrian war has has sustained, all the varied events of not closed in a manner either fatal to the last continental war, one thing is the hopes of Europe, or gratifying to indisputable, that the Austrian armies the wishes of the tyrant who meditates have never been completely, defeated. its entire subjugation. Austria is still The victories of Bonaparte in the cam. left a substantive power, and what is paign will not bear a comparison with more than all, France has learned, all his former atchievements, nor can he Europe has learned, that the subjects of with justice inscribe on the triumphal that monarchy glow with loyalty to árch he has erected at Paris to comme.. their sovereign, and are ready at all morate his exploits, in the same line times to arm in his cause. Austria is with Marengo, Austerlitz, and Jena, confident in herself, since she has bethe victories of Echmul and Wagram, held the zealous devotion of her subIn a military point of view, Bonaparte jects; and France will learn to respect returns with less glory to France than her, now she has proved that she cannot ever before accompanied him. He separate the people from their country leaves behind him a numerous hostile and their lawful monarch. The age is army, unbroken in spirit, and high in now past in which the French were discipline; and he takes with him the able to precede their campaigns by sow• mortifying feeling of one defeat sus. ing civil dissensions, under tbe prerence tained, and the guilt of a false military of giving liberty to the subject, and obstep, which, had it not been for great liging governments to peace who were local advantages, would have gone far represented as the advocates of eternal to have cost him his army. He has ac. war. The real author of continental quired territory from Austria ; he may wars is now discovered: in the presence have forced her to make considera- of French armies the people see only ble concessions as the price of peace ; bands of robbers; and in their own subbut, peither so extensive, nor are jugation only the miseries of extortion, those concessions so humiliating, as he conscription, and grinding despotism.

out rausom.


Russia shall evacuate West Bothnia, and reThe following is an abstract of the trea- pass the river Tornea, ty between Russia and Sweden, signed at All the prisoners of war, made on either Fredericksham, on the 17th of Septen- side, and all the hostages delivered during ber 1809.

the war, shall be restored in mass, and with “ The King of Sweden binds himself to promote the conclusion of peace between The Fins now in Sweden, and the Swedes Sweden, France, and Denmark, by the ne. now in Finland, to be at liberty to return gociation now going forward.

into their respective countries, and to disThe King of Sweden promises to adhere pose of their property, without paying any to the continental system, with such' modi. duty on removal, any other impost. fications as shall be more particularly sci

There shall henceforth be a perpetual ob. pulated in the negociation which is about to livion of the past, and a general amnesty be opened between Sweden, France, and for those whose opinions may have renderDenniark. Meanwhile he engages, from ed them suspected or liable to punishment. the exchange of the ratification of the


The titles, domains, archives, &c. and the sent treaty, to order that the ports of the plans and charts of fortresses, towns, and kingdom of Sweden shall be closed, both to territories, devolved to Russia, including the ships of war and merchantmen of Great the charts and papers in the Surveyor's OfBritain, with the exception of the importa. fice, to be delivered up within six months, tion of sale and colonial productions, which

or at the latest within one year. habit has rendered necessary to the people All sequestrations which may have been of Sweden. The Emperor of Russia pro- placed on the property or revenue of the mises to consent to every modification which respective inhabitants of the two countries, his allies may consider just and fit to be ad. and the public establishments therein situamitted in favour of Sweden, with respect led, to be removed. to commerce and mercantile navigation. The subjects of either of the contracting

The King of Sweden, for himself and his parties, to whom inheritances may fall in "successors, renounces, in perpetuity, in fa- either of the states, may take possession of vour of Russia, all his rights and titles to the same, and enjoy them under the prothe governments hereafter specified, which tection of the laws. have been conquered from Sweden by Rus. The duration of the treaty of commerce sia in the present war,-Kymenagard, Nye between the contracting parties being liland and Tavastchus, Abo and Bjørneborg, mited to the 17th (29th) Oct. 1811, the Emwith the isles Aland, Savolax and Corelia, peror of Russia consents not to reckon its Wasa, Uleaborg, and part of west Bothnia interruption during the war; and that the extending to the river of Tornea.

said treaty shall continue in force until the The sea of Aland, the gulf of Bothnia, 1st (13th) of February 1815, with respect and the rivers of Tornea and Muonio, shall to every thing not contrary to the disposihereafter form the frontier between Russia tions of the commercial manifesto issued at and Sweden. The nearest islands at an St. Petersburg January 1. 1809. equal distance from the main land of Aland The Fins shall have the power of importand Finland shall belong to Russia, and ing from Sweden, ore, smelted lime, stones those which are nearest to the Swedish coast for building, smelting furnaces, and, in ge. shall belong to Sweden. The most advanc- neral, all the other productions of the soil ed points of the Russian territory at the of Sweden. In return, the Swedes may exmouth of the river of Tornea, shall be the port from Finland, fish, corn, cloth, pitch, isle of Bjorken, the port of Renteham, and planks, wooden utensils of all kinds, wood the peninsula on which the town of l'ornea for building, and, in general, all the other stands. The frontier shall then be extend productions of the soil of the grand duchý. ed along the river Tornea to the confluence This traffic shall be re-established and main. of the two branches of that river, near tained to the 1st (13th) of October 1811, Kengis. It shall then follow the course of precisely on the same footing as it was bethe river Muonio, passing in the front of fore the war, Muonioniska, Muonio Orsreby, Palajoens, The annual exportation of 50,000 tscheta Rultane, Enourekis, Kelotijorsoi, Paitiko, werts of corn, purchased in the ports of the Nunnaka, Rannula, and Kilpisjaure to Nor- gulf of Finland, or of the Baltic, belonging way. In the course of the rivers Tornea to Russia, is granted to the King of Sweand Muonio, such as it has been described, den free of the export duty. Years of scarcithe islands situated to the east of the Thal- ty, in which the exportation shall be prowag shall belong to Russia, and those to hibited, are excepted; but the quantity in arthe west of the Thalwag to Sweden. rear, in consequence of such order, may be

Within four weeks after the exchange of made up, when the probibition shall be rethe rarifications of the treaty, the, troops of moved. November 1809.


With respect to salutes at sea, the two By accounts from Gottenburgh, of the contracting parties agree to regulate them 7th November, we learn, that Admiral on the footing of perfect equality between Sir James Saumarez, with his fleet, had the two Crowns.

arrived at Carlscrona, which had exci

ted strong apprehensions in the governa Few observations occur to us upon the ment that he meditated an attack on the above treaty

The second and third Swedish ships there, and that they had a. articles that succeed the introductory dopted measures for their defence: That matter, may engage some attention. - each of the Swedish ships have two or By the first of these it appears, that the three large guns on the deck, with their mediation of the Emperor of Russia is muzzles pointed towards the hold, with to be employed to obtain a peace be. a view to sink the vessels, should it be tween the king of Sweden, the emperor impossible to defend them. The suspiof the French, and the king of Denmark; cion so strongly manifested in these are but it is manifest from previous circum- rangements, appear, however, to be constances, that one of the objects of the fined to the executive. The people, coalition of these four powers will be who have profited by our intercourse our exclusion from the Baltic Sea. From and friendship, are disposed to maintain the second it will be observed, that this them at greater sacrifices than it is profavourite purpose is contemplated in bable the government may consider it the present arrangements. We are there prudent to expose them. told that “ his majesty the king of Sweden promises to adhere to the Continen. tal system, with such modifications as

FRANCE. shall be more particularly stipulated in

The following account of Bonaparte's the negociation which is about to be opened between Sweden, France, and

journey from Germany to France, is pub

lished in the Moniteur. Denmark." The article relating to the British flag and commerce, however, is

Paris, October 9. not so comprehensive in its exclusion His majesty left Munich on the 22d, as was reported; there being an ex

at five o'clock in the morning; at four ception in favour of the importation of he received intelligence that the ratifisalt and colonial produce. Considering cations of the treaty of peace had been the circumstances under which this trea- exchanged at Vienna, between Count ty was negociated, it is, on the whole, Champagny, and the first chamberlain, as favourable to the weakerstate as could Count Urbna. At noon his Majesty well have been expected. The power arrived at Augsburg, and alighted at and territory of Sweden are undoubted.

the residence of the late Elector of ly greatly reduced by this arrangement; Treves.,, As it was Sunday he attended but so completely was she at the mercy

He supped at U!m with the Ba. of her rival, that it is a wonder she was

varian commissary, Van Gravensoult. allowed to preserve even the shadow of His majesty travelled all night, and on independence that is left to her. the morning of the 23d, at seven o'clock, The loss of territory and population sus

arrived at the palace of Stutgard, where tained by Sweden in the present war, is

he passed the whole of the day. After thus stated in the foreign journals:-Wis. being present at the representation of inar, six square miles, and 11,000 inhabitants, one of Paesiello's operas, which the Pomerania and Rugen, 70 square miles and King of Wirtemberg caused to be per. 70,000 inhabitants, Finland, 3500 square formed by his company, he set out at miles, and 700,000 inhabitants. Total, 3576 ten in the evening, and again travelling square miles, and 781,000 inhabitants; or

all night, arrived at ten in the morning in other words, 1-1th of her whole terri

at Strasburgh, after having visited by tory, and 1-6th of her population. We have no further accounts of the fu- Grand Duke of Baden, who was then

· the way, at Radstadt, the family of the ture fate of the late King Gustavus, or his Queen; the former is still confined in the

there. His Majesty left Strasburg at Castle of Gripsholm, the latter at Haga. noon, and alighted at Bar, the residence The new Constitution has been presented

of the lady of Marshal Oudinot. At to the Swedish Diet. We shall give an

seven in the evening he passed through abgeract of it in our next numbes. Epernay, where he supped, and at nine


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