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In the morning of the 26th arrived at corps belong to the grand army, and have Fountainbleau.

served with it during three campaigns.Both in Germany and France, all

This order is to consist, at the most, of 100 those who saw his majesty were of opi

grand knights, 400 conimanders, and 1000 nion that he never appeared in better

knights. The emperor is grand master. health; a circumstance which afforded

The imperial princes alone obtain admission an agreeable surprise, considering the

from birth. The other princes of the blood false rumours that had been in circula.

are only admissible after serving two years tion, and to which the journey of De

in the army, or during one actual campaign,

It may be conferred for services deemed Corvisant to Vienna annexed some de. worthy of it, on the grand officers of the gree of credit.

crown, the ministers, the presidents of the An incident of a singular nature has senate, and the immediate descendants of been for a considerable time the subject marshals. With these exceptions, none can of rumour in the continental journals. obtain it but such as have, in different ena They state, that about the beginning of gagements, received three wounds.—The August, Bonaparte, from extreme fa. emperor, nevertheless, reserves to himself tigue and want of rest, was seized at

the privilege of bestowing it upon those Schoenbrunn with a fever, accompanied who particularly distinguish themselves, by with a violent delirium, which became

the defence of their colours, being the first

in mount a breach, or other splendid atso serious, as to induce his attendants to

chievements. The memorable 15th of Au. send to Paris for the assistance of two

gust will be the anniversary of the order. eminent physicians. The journalists The following is a more particular list of add, that this circumstance was the the French ministers of state who have cause of considerable delay and hesita been created dukes :tion on the part of the Emperor of The Minister Secretary of State, Duke of Ausrria, in proceeding with the negoti.

Bassano. ation. Private letters from Hamburgh The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Duke of mention, that the disease with which he

Cadore. was attacked was a collapse (some call

The Minister of General Police, Duke of

Otranto, it an epilepsy,) and that he lay for thirty- The Minister of Finance, Duke of Gaeta. six hours in a kind of stupor, during all

The Minister of war, Duke of Veleteri. which time, his Marshal of the palace, The Minister of Justice, Duke of Massa Duroc, attended him. None but the and Carrara. physicians were admitted to his apart The following highly interesting, but ment, and the utmost care was taken to extraordinary note, we translate from the conceal liis situation from the army. Indicateur of the Soth Sept. published at We are not informed how long this ill.

Bourdeaux : ness lasted, but it is reported on the

PREFECT OF LA GIRONDE. same vague authority, that an imbecility

Bourdeaux, September 25. of mind has been the consequence. The

The prefect of the department of La Gin Moniteur admits that Dr Curvisant left

ronde, Chevalier of the Empire, to the Paris suddenly to attend his Majesty the

mayors of the department.

Gentlemen,--You have received my cirEmperor at Vienna ; but adds, that his

cular of the 26th August, relative to the Majesty, when he arrived at Fountain. Austrian prisoners of war; 100 prisoners, bleau, appeared in perfect health. composing the first detachment, will arrive

A variety of accounts, however, have at Bourdeaux the 20th October. You will been received from France, to a late date, engage the farmers (soumissionaires) to be which concur in stating that Bonaparte there on the same day, because these stranhad been affected with a serious illness, gers will be put immediately at their disa and that symptoms of insanity had beert posal. The circular states, that the goal perceived; —and his remaining so long at vernment will not interpose between the Fountainblean, without visiting Paris, con prisoners and the proprietors. It is, how:vince us that there is some truth in these ever, indispensable, that the mayor of the reports,

commune be a witness to the reciprocal aThe Moniteur contains an imperial de


If he finds that they wish to cree, issued by his majesty on his birth-day, take advantage of their condition, i. e. to the 15th of August, instituting a new order, obtain their services at insufficient prices, to be called the order of the three golden the mayor will be their protec:or.

He fleeces, and to be specially appropriated to will maintain their interest ; and, in any the rewarding of officers and soldiers, whose case where his representations are ineffec


tual, he will give notice to the under Pre. that las been ceded to us on the right tects. The clothing and feeding are char bank of the Saave, Dalmatia, and its isges which the proprietor must take on lands, shall hereafter bear the name of himself. He must, besides, give the pri. the illyrian provinces. soners a fixed salary; other prisoners from the same nation have already been placed is; the counsellor of state Duchy is ap.

The substance of the second decree here, and can convince the proprietors that they are faithful, ingenious, robust, and la

pointed intendant.general of the Illy. borious. Thus, many proprietors have so

sian provinces ceded to us by the treaty treated them as for ever to attach them.

of Vienna. This is the end to which the proprietors

Another decree of the 16th October should look; and they can only attain it by direcis, that the kingdom of Italy sball treating the prisoners in a manner due to be divided into six military divisions. the unhappy. They will do wrong in per The first will consist of the division of suading themselves that they are to be a

Agogno, Coni, Lario, and Adda, and bandoned at discretion. You will exact from the proprietors, who may obtain pri- second, of the departments of Mella,

the head quarters will be at Milan ; the soners, that they give you frequent accounts of their conduct; it will even be proper departments of the Mincio, Adige, and

Serjo, and Upper Po; the third of the chat you inform yourself, from these stran, gers, that they are treated with humanity.

Lower Po, head.quarters Mautua ; the The proprietors will be discharged from

fourth of the Reno, Rubicon, Panaro, 1. Il responsibility for the desertion of any

and Crostola, headquarters Bologna ; prisoner, provided he immediately give no the fifth, of the departments of the tice to the mayor of the commune, who Metauro, Muiano, and Trenta, headwill, thereupon, give advice to the armed quarters Ancona; the sixth, of the de. force. For this purpose, the mayor will partments of the Bocchiglione, Brenta, preserve a list of the prisoners in his com Piave, Tagliamento, Adriatic Sea, and mune, descriptive of their persons. If any Paseriano, head.quarters Venice. prisoner fail in his respect for local authorities, or to che proprietar who employs him, the mayor may order him into con

NAPLES. finement for 24 hours. The same function. ary is bound to denounce to the tribunals, The following is a copy of a decree the prisoner who is guilty of any punish lately issued Murat, King of Naples :able offence.

GERY. Joachim Napolcon, King of the Two Sicia


Considering that the motives which inITALY.

duced our illustrious predecessor to sup

press certain religious orders by the law of On the 19th Oct. the senate of the The 13th of October 1807, still retain their kingdom of Italy assembled, in virtue force with respect to the existing religious of a decree of the viceroy. A dispatch

institutions from his imperial Highness was read,

Considering that the suppression of these announcing several decrees issued at

orders is imperiously called for from pre

sent circumstances, and that it ought to oSchoenbrunn, which create 16 new se.

perate not only without prejudice to the nators, 8 members of the legislature, 6 individuals who compose them, but even counsellors of State, 15 counts of the to ameliorate their condition, by allowing kingdom of Italy, 45 barons, 3 chamber.

them as great a pension as the finances of lains of the king, 4 ladies of honour to the state will permit, and proportioned to the queen, several grand dignitaries of the property wherewith the effect of this The iron crown, and a great number of suppression will augment the mass of the knights.

national domains The official paper of Milan of the Upon the report of our ministers of worn 21st October, contains two decrees, ship, of justice, and of finances, we have

therefore decreed, and do decree as foldated Schoenbrunn, October 14. The

lows: first is as follows: The circle of Villach, Carniola, the

Throughout our whole kingdom the fol.

lowing religious orders are suppressed : provinces of Istria, formerly Austrian, The Dominicans, and all the detached the provinces of Fiume and Trieste, monks of their order, the Minorites, the the countries known by the name of the third order of St. Francis, the Minists, the Littorale, the part of Croatia, and all two Carmelite orders, the brethren of St.



Peter of Pisa, the Servites, and brethren a new nobility, and settle the style of ade of St John of God, the Trinitarians of Mere dress; the present titulars will be allowcy, Spanish and Italian, the Augustins, the ed to make good their claims, by producing Sylvestrians, the Basilians, the Meatins, ancient diplomas. the Regular Minorites; the Cross-Bearers, A decree, abolishing all councils, except the Clerks of the Mother of God, the Ba. that of state. malites, the Samasckians, and the Priests of A decree, depriving all placemen of their St. Roche.

places, for which they will have to sue 2gain.

A decree, directing nó part of the pub. SWITZERLAND.

lic debt to be considered as such, but what Several cantons have comnienced a atrong shall have been proved and acknowledged opposition to a law enacted by the govern, within the term of one month. This irinient of Basle, forbidding all persons in of- cludes the Vales, which are to be stamped fice under it internarrying with persons professing the catholic faith, under pain of A decree, enacting that the individuals forfeiting their right of citizenship. The employed in the royal chapel are comprised protestant cantons of Vaud and Zurich, the in the number of those who are to sue acatholic cantons of St. Galle and Argovie, gain for the places they hold at present. have declared that this prohibition is con A decree, abolishing the tax called Vote trary to the principles of the act of medic de Santiago.

ation, and of sound toleration, and have A decree, establishing a central adminisI demanded that it should be annulled. On tration of hospitals.

the other side, it has been seen, with great And decrees, suppressing the administrasurprise, that several catholic cantons, par- tion of the post office, and the boards of ticularly Schwytz, Onderwald, and Soleure, trade, mint, and mines. have adopted the Basle system, and declar In consequence of the edict of the relia ed against mixed marriages. At the late gious king, Joseph Bonaparte, in Salaman. session of the diet, in which this business ca, they have made an inveutory of the va, was discussed, but not determined, the en

luable effects of the convents, to the weight voy, of the canton of Soleure disapproved of 300 arrobes, among which there is a cona of the indulgence granted to marriages in siderable quantity of the precious metals. the diocese of Constance, the bishop of The priest. Salgado was commissioned which is the prince primate of the confe- for this purpose; and he has executed his deration of the Rhine.

charge so scrupulously, that not a chalice could escape : and in recompense for his

services he is appointed to the dignity of SPAIN

bishop of Salamanca. Seville, September 21.

SIEGE OF GERONA. The following decrees have been issued

Gerona, September 6. by the usurper, from the 13th to the 23d The respectable batteries which were

constructed near the cathedral and the oA decree, for suppressing the religious cher points, opened, on the 28th' of last orders, directing every member of these or month, a tremendous fire on a large batders to return to his native place, where tery which the enemy had erected on the he shall receive the allowance promised in olive ground, which was so roughly handFebruary

led as to be almost entirely destroyed; and (This allowance, which was then limit., consequently an end was put to the exed to ten reals, was shortly after curtailed treme fury with which bombs, grenades, to six, and is probably reduced at present to and balls were thrown into the town. nought.)

The first was one of the happiest and A decree, forbidding them to preach, or most festive days which Gerona has expe-' to hear confession, until they have obtain- rienced during a four months siege. On ed fresh licences; they may hold curacies, that day, we saw a succour enter our gates, prebends, &c.

which our country had procured us at an A decree, anthorising the bishops to make immense expense, and saw it arrive with a rise of the convents, if wanted, for divine facility truly astonishing ; 1250 beascs of worship

burden entered the place, with 2000 quinA decree, to prevent the sale of any part tals of flour, some wine and brandy, sheep, of the property of hospitals or charitable a number of bullocks, and other articles. institutions.

The whole was escorted by about 4000 inA decree, abolishing the class of the gran- fantry, and 460 horse, under the orders of dees, and all titles. His majesty will create Major general Jayme Garcia Conde, rein.


of August.

forced by about 1000 men, who marched dizabal and Carrera, charged with the out of the place to meet them. The place greatest spirit and gallantry, routed the continues to defend itself with the utmost heroism, notwithstanding two practicable enemy, and retuok, at the point of the

bayonet, six gups, of which the enemy breaches have been made; and the communication with those neighbouring places the division of our cavalry. The van

possessed himself during the retreat of whence provisions might be drawn is again intercepted.

guard this charge cominitted great September 15.

slaughter amongst the enemy, taking The troops of this brave garrison, not from them one eight-pound gun, with a withstanding the excessive fatigue to which quantity of ammunition. After a long they are exposed, the total want of wine, and obstinate contest, the enemy, being and scarcity of bread, performed, this morn unable to gain a foot of ground, began ing, a most heroic achievement. The ene

to give way on ail points. About three my, to the number of 180 infantry, with o'clock in the afternoon, the enemy be. five officers, occupied the houses adjoining took himself to a precipitate and disorthe tower of Gironella. But forty of our soldiers dislodged them, with disgrace,

derly flight. from that post, having killed the commande

The loss of the enemy, as far as we ing officer and nine men.

have been yet able to ascertain, exceeds Duhesnie, who left Barcelona, and march.

1000 in killed and prisoners. The ed to Martorell, with almost the whole numbers of the wounded must be very garrison of the former place, to succour considerable. the army besieging Gerona, was obliged Our loss has been comparatively very to retreat precipitately to Barceiona with trifling, not exceeding three hundred. considerable loss, and hotly pursued by Se One imperial eagle; one s-pounder nor Aranda.

brass gun; three ammunition waggons ; The Spaniards have obtained another twelve drums, with four or five thou. partial victory over the French, of which sand stand of arms; an immense quanthe following official account was publish-tity of ball cartridge ; carts of provied in the London Gazette of Nov. 11. Foreign office, November 11, 1809.

sions, and knapsacks loaded with plunA letter, of which the following is an

der, fell into our hands. extract, was this day received by No language can do sufficient justice Earl Bathurst, his majesty's principal to the gallant and intrepid conduct of secretary of state for foreign affairs, the troops on this memorable day; it from Lieutenant-colonel Carrol, dated would be impossible to make any disarmy of the left, camp on the heights

tinction in the zeal and ardour of the of Tamames, October 19, 1809.

different corps, for all equally panted I have the honour to acquaint you,

for the contest. The vanguard and that the army of Marshal Ney, now first division, however, had the good commanded by General Marchand, ad.

fortune to occupy those points against vanced on the morning of yesterday,

which the enemy directed his principal in force 10,000 infantry and' 1200 ca.. efforts, and to add fresh laurels to the valry, with 14 pieces of artillery, to at. wreaths they acquired in Lugo, San Ja. tack this army, which was most judi. go, and San Payo. ciously posted on these heights.

The steady intrepidity displayed by The enemy divided his force into the second division, ihrough whose ranks three columns, which advanced against the party of retreating cavalry passed, the right, centre and left of our line ; and the spirit and promptness with which it soon became evident that the princi it pushed forward against the enemy, pal object of attack was to force and who had at that moment turned our left, turn our left, it being the point in which is deserving of the highest approbation. our position was weakest.

The entire of the cavalry, with the The enemy at the commencement exception of the party attached to the gained some advantage of position on vanguard, about three hundred, who, our left, in consequence of the retreat from being overpowered, were obliged of a small party of our cavalry, destined to retreat, evinced the greatest steadi. to cover the left of our line. This ness and resolution in maintaining the success, however, was momentary, as post alotted them, and keeping the ene. the vanguard, led on by Generals Men my's cavalry in check.

comfited enemy.

It is however to be lamented that our Julian was made an ensign, and he recavalry did not find themselves in a si- ceived orders to augment his party to tuation to enable them to take advan. the number of 50 men, of which it now tage of the enemy's disorderly flight a. consists. They give quarter to none, cross the plain between these heights and excepting to such as give information the village of Carrascalejo, a league in for the destruction of the enemy. He extent; for had 5 or 600 horse charged daily comes to the camp, with an ac. the fugitives, the victory would have count of 16, 20, 50, and 80, that have been most decisive.

fallen beneath his hands; and if two The vanguard of General Ballasteros's days should pass over without his bedivision is in sight; we only wait his ar ing seen among us, we fear some accirival to pursue and annihilate the dis dent has happened him, by his undaun

ted courage, On the evening, when it From prisoners we learn that General was supposed we should engage Ney, Marchand proclaimed at Salamanca his Julian proceeded to the vanguard with intention of annihilating, by two o'clock his 50 pikemen, and rushed upon 'sevenon the 18th, 30,000 peasant insurgents; ty French dragoons, who had separated his orders to his army were, on pain of themselves from the main army, three death, to possess itself of the heights by leagues, on a furaging party. Of these twelve o'clock, as he proposed proceed

he killed 60, took 4 prisoners, and 6 ing to destroy Ballasteros's division, af only escaped, He is now hovering ter having dispersed and annihilated round the rear-guard of the enemy. this army.

The French General cer. The day before yesterday he killed 26, tainly appears to have held this army and took prisoners two physicians, and - very cheap, judging from his plan of a member of the commissariat. Among attack, which was far from judicious, the dead was a commissioner, in whose but executed to a certain point with the suit of clothes I saw one of the pikemen greatest bravery, and with that intrepi. last night. In a village he surprized dity which the confidence of success in. and destroyed 21 of the enemy, not one spires.

of them being left to tell the tidings to Our light troops pursued, and hung their friends.--At this moment we have on the enemy's rear; several parties of an account of his having entrapped so which, among whom were 200 of the others. My friend, these traits of perregiment of Ballastro, have not yet re sonal valour ought to be made known. turned, having expressed a determina This herdsman has just been appointed tion of hanging on the enemy's flanks

to the rank of Captain, and it is expecas long as the cover of the woods afford. pected he will be nominated Lieut. col. ed a facility of so doing.

It is remarkable, that of his 50 men he The number of the enemy's dead al has not lost one; the only misfortune ready found and buried amounts to up

that has occurred, was the lodgment of wards of 1100.

a pistol ball in one of his party, which

is extracted, and the man cured. A letter from San Felices de los Gal

Lisbon, October 1. legos, in recounting the events of the

Lord Wellington is recovered from his

illness, and is to be one of the regency. new system of warfare in Spain, gives

The army has now all the necessary prothe following interesting anecdotes : visions and stores from Lisbon and Abran

Julian, a native of this neighbour But the hospitals at Elvas and Badahood, was five months ago a herdsman; joz are full of sick and wounded; the sick under the direction of the general in alone are said to amount to more than 4000, chief, he, wich six other youths, on a calculation which, it is hoped, is much horseback, and with no other arms but over-rated. A great many of the wound: pikes, formed a little party to molest

ed at Talavera have arrived here within the patroles of the enemy, which, in dif. these few days; some with only a leg or ferent parts of Castile, were plundering sabre wounds. Such is unfortunately the

one arm, others with dreadful shot and the inhabitants. He was so far successful, that in a short time he made 100

deficiency of conveyance, that these poor

fellows, supported by their comrades, who cavalry prisoners, who were conducted

were little better than themselves, were under escorts to Ciudad Rodrigo. Sub. led from the place where they landed to sequent to this extraordinary success, the general hospital, à distance of more


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