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vost, Magistrates, and Council of the exhibited in die course of the evening; a city of Edinburgh.

great proportion of these transparencies, Signed, in our name, by our appoint. and, in particular, those at the town and

court-halls and coffee room, were executed ment, and in our presence, and the seal of the said city is hereto affix

by Mess. Brooks, artists from Edinburgh,

whose taste and execution have given geed, at Edinburgh, this 25th day of

neral satisfaction. October 1809.

The collection, at St George's church, WM. COULTER, Provost., which is to be applied towards the educa

tion of the children of soldiers and sailors Addresses similar to the above have

in this city, amounted to 80l. been presented to his Majesty, from e

The Glasgow Public Observatory was very city, borough, and University in opened on the day of the jubilee, as one of Scotland.

the most wppropriate compliments to our JUBILEE.

Sovereign on the present occasion.

The Lord Advocate of Scotland walked

in the Glasgow procession from the Town At eight o'clock in the morning, the Hall to St George's Church, as Lord Recgreat bells of the city commenced ringing, tor of the College of Glasgow; and alterand continued till sen. At half past ten, wards gave a dinner, at Killerntont, to his the Lord Provost, Magistrates, and Coun tena nis, and another dinner to the workcil, with the Ministers of the city, in their

meu and other persons in Killermont; and gowns and bands; the Lord Dearl of Guild

in the evening a dance to all of them arid and members of the Merchants House; their families. the Deacon Conveyor and members of the

Sanie day the University of Glasgow Trades House ; the Lord Rector of the Un unanimously voted a congratulatory adniversity of Glasgow, and the Principal dress to his Majesty, on his entering the and Professors, in their gowns; the Officers 50th


of his reign, which was immediof the 1st, 4th, 5th, and 6ch Lanarkshire acely transmited, by the Lord Rector, lo local militia, assembled in the Town hall, his 'Grace the Duke of Montrose, their and went, in grand procession, to St

Chancellor, to be presented to the King, George's Church, where an excellent sermon was preached by the Rev. Dr Por

PERTH, OCTOBER 25. teous, from Chronicles, chap. xxix. ver. 20. « And David said to all the congregation; the local militia ; divine service in three

Ringing of bells ;-a feu de joye from Now, bless the Lord your God And all the congregation blessed the Lord God of of the established churches and in the their fathers, and bowed down their heads, Episcopal chapel; collection for the and worshipped the Lord and the King."

destitute sick, amounting to 731. On After the service, an appropriate hymn was the preceding Sunday, about 20l. was sang by the band, and the King's anthem collected for the purpose of making an in full chorus. The procession then return. extraordinary distribution amoig the ed, in the same order, to the Town-hall.

poor of the place in general, on the The streets were lined by the permanent 25th, that comfort, and gratitude, and staff of the before-mentioned regiments of loyalty, might be united in their minds, local militia. From ewelve to two, appro- and that they might have an opportuniiy priate tunes were played on the music bells. At six, the Magistrates gave a grand

of rejoicing as well as the rich. entertainment in the Town-hall, which

At four o'clock a very large assemwas most nunerously attended, enthusiasm blage of town and country gentlemen, and joy beaning in every countenance amounting to not less than 22c, sat down After a short address by the Lord Provost, to dinner. They occupied two spaciadmirably suited to the occasion, niany loy ous rooms, in one of which his Grace al and constitutional coasts, given by his the Duke of Athole presided, and in the Lordship, were drank with the most rap

other, the Provost of this city. The turous applause, the band of the Stirling- croupiers to the former were, General shire militia playing appropriate runes. Drummond of Strathailan, and James

During the entertainment, the music belis were playexi. . The company broka

Paton and John Young, Esqrs. The up at eight o'clock, when there was a bril. croupiers to the latter were Sir David liant display of fireworks.

Wedderburn, M. P. and David Morison The public buildings throughout the ci

and Thomas Bearson Esqrs. Among ty were splendidly illuminated, and a vast the persons of distinction present were number of beautiful transparencies were the Duke and Duchess of Athole, Lord



James Murray, Member for the coun. Ronald M‘Donald, was

indicted ty, the Ear) and Countess of Mansfield, for theft, and being habit and reLord and Lady Gray, Lord Ruthven, pute a thief; but, in the course of the Lord Rollo, Sir Alexander and Lady trial, the libei was restricted to an ar. M-Kenzie of Delvine, Sir David Wed. bitrary punishment; and, after a trial derburn, Member for the burghs, Ge- of some length, the pannel was found neral Drummond' of Strathallan, &c. ; guilty, and thereupon was sentenced to

transportation for fourteen years, which

finished the business. CIRCUIT INTELLIGENCE.

Stirling, Sept. 25.--LORD MEADOWBANK. Aberdeen, Sept. 28.-LORD HERMAND.

James Christie and Nicol Robertson, Isobel Wood, lately servant at Tur. residing at Craigmill, in the parish of ner hall, was indicted for child murder; Logie, and county of Clackmannan, acand Elizabeth Wilson, daughter of cused of obstrueting and deforcing the George Wilson, merchant and sail-ma- officers of his Majesty's revenue. The ker in Banff, was indicted for adminis- jury, by a plurality of voices, found the tering poison to several persons. Those charges against them not proven, and two culprits having failed to appear, they were assoiizied simpliciter, and dis sentence of outlawry was pronounced missed from the bar. against them.

Glasgow, Sept, 28.-LORD MEADOWJohn Grant and Alexander Stables, two young lads, were indicted for an assault, with the intention of commit. George Stewart, John Armstrong, ting a rape, but, on account of particu: "and John Gordon Macintosh, accused lar circumstances, the diet was deserted of having, on the night of the 17th Oc. pro loco et tempore.

tober 1808, broke into the warehouse of James Cumming, soldier in his Ma. a callenderer in Glasgow, and stolen jesty's 94th regiment of foot, was in therefron 104 pieces of calicoe. Stew. dicted for murder; but, on account of art pleaded Guilty. After a trial, which an omission to fill up a blank in the in. lasted till eight in the evening, the ju. dictment, it was found that the trial ry retired, and next morning returned a could not proceed, and he was recom. verdict, finding the charge not proven mitted for trial on a new indictment. against Armstrong, but finding Stewart

Alexander Mitchell, servant to Sir and Macintosh Guilty. Macintosh's Archibald Grant, Bart. of Monymusk; defence was, that he was in Edinburgh James Sķene, farm servant to Thomas when the robbery was committed, and Wilson, shopkeeper in the Kirktown of 'that fact was sworn to by several wit. Monymusk, and tenant of the farm of nesses; but there was positive evidence, Damhead ; Alexander Jessman, servant that he actually dined in Glasgow that, to Alexander Singer, tenant of the saw- day with the other prisoners, and was mill of Monymusk, and shire of Aber. seen there late in the evening. The .deen; and John Burgess, weaver at Court passed sentence on George Stew. Byresfold, parish of Premnay, and shire art and John Gordon MʻIntosh, to be aforesaid, were indicted for being very executed, at Glasgow, on the 8th of ac ive or ringleaders of a mob or riot, November. which obstructed and prevented the

Willian Cook, for forging a Royal Deputy Lieutenants of the district from Bank note, which he did upon common executing the act of Parliament for raj. paper with a pen. He pleaded guilty, sing the local militia. After a long trial, and was sentenced to be transported for the whole were found guilty, by an una life. nimous verdict, and were sentenced to Two old women, Christian Buchanan, transportation beyond seas for seven and Grizel Campbell, accused of steal.

ing cloth from a printfield, were next Christian Murray, lately residing at brought to the bar. They pleaded oř near Strichen, was indicted for child Guilty, and the Advocate Depute re. murder;, but an objection to the indict. stricted the libel. They were sentenment was sustained, and she was dis. сed to be imprisoned for six months, du. inissed from the bar.

ring which time they are to stand once



in the pillory, and thereafter to be ba Spencer, Esq. (commonly called Lord Frane nished Scotland for life.

cis Almaric Spencer,) to be his Majesty's The last case' was one of a very in

Commissioners for the management of the

Affairs of india. teresting nature. Margarer Ferguson,

Queen's Palace, Oct. 18. The Right a young woman, from Hutcheson town,

Hon. William Wellesley Pole was, by his was accused of child.murder. It apr Majesty's command, sworn of his Majes. peared perfectly evident, however, that ty's Most Hon. Privy Council, on being she had never been with child. The appointed Chief Secretary of State for frecircumstances of the case are of a na. land. ture which prevents us from detailing Lieut. Col. Bunbury is appointed one of them. After the evidence was conclu. the Under Secretaries of Stace in the War ded, the Advocate-Depute said, that he Department, in the room of the Hon. F. not only did not insist for y verdict a. Robinson gainst the prisoner, but expected that,

John Manners Sutton, Esq. is appointed in justice to her character, they would Judge Advocate General, in room of the find an unanimous verdict of Not guil- Right Hon, Richard Ryder. ty. The audience expressed their ap: Temporal Peer, to represent the Peerage

The Earl of Rosse has been elected a probation of this issue of the trial by a

of Ireland in the Imperial Parliament, in general burst of applause. Upon this, the room of the late Earl of Normanton. the Lord Justice Clerk observed, that Lords Leitrim apd Rosse were the only if ever there was a case where the po- candidates. The numbers were-- For Lord pular feeling waspardonable, this was the Rosse, 30--Lord Leitrim, 17--Majority 13. She was accordingly acquitted,

His Grace the Lord Lieutenant of IreInverary, Oct. 3d--LORD JUSTICE Clerk. !and has, by his Majesty's command, con.

Alexander Stewart, from the island ferred the order of St Patrick on the Marof Arran, accused of deforcing the offi- quis of Thomond, vacant by the death of

the Earl of Arran. cers of his Majesty's revenue, was found Not Guilty by the Jury, and he was as

Queen's Palace, Nov. 1. The King soilzied simpliciter, and dismissed from of Knighthood on Alexander Johnston,

was this day pleased to confer the honour the bar.

Esq. on his being appointed Chief Justice

of the Suprenie Court of Judicature in the CIVIL APPOINTMENTS.

jsland of Ceylon. On Francis Macnaghren, Queen's Palace, Oct. 28. His Majesty Esq. one of the Judges of the Supreme having been pleased to appoint the Right Court of Judicacure at Madras

. On Wil. Hon. Richard Ryder to be one of his Ma. lian Plomer, Esq. Alderman of the city of jesty's Principal Secretaries of State, he London. And on James Athol Wood, Esq. was this day, by his Majesty's command, Captain in the Royal Navy. sworn one of his Majesty's Principal Secre

Whitehall, Nov. 4. The King has been taries of State accordingly.

pleased to grant the dignity of a Barones The King . having been pleased to ap

of the united kingdom of Great Britain point the Right Hon. Henry John Viscount

and Ireland to the Right Hon. Charles Palmerston io be his Majesty's Secretary Flower, of Lobb, in the county of Oxford, at War, he was this day sworn of his Ma. and of Woodford, in the county of Essex, jesty's most Hon Privy Council.

Esq. Lord Mayor of the city of Londoo, Whitehall, Nov. 7. The King has been

and the heirs male of his body lawfully bepleased to constitute and appoint the Right goften. Hon. Robert Dundas, the Right Hon.

The King has also been pleased to grant John Jeffreys Earl Çamden, Knight of

to the Rev. William Howley, Doctor in the Most Noble Order of the Garter, Pre- Divinity, the office and place of Regius sident of his Majesty's Council; the Right Professor of Divinity in the University of Hon. Robert Banks Earl of Liverpool, the Oxford, together with the place and dig. Right Hon. Henry Earl Bathurst, and the nity of a Canon of the Cathedral Church Right lion. Richard Ryder, his Majesty's of Christ in the said University, properly three Principal Secretaries of scals; the belonging to the Regius Professor of the Right Hon. Spencer Perceval; Chancellor said. University, both being void by the and Under Treasurer of his Majesty's Ex

promotion of Doctor Charles Henry Hall chequer, George Percy, Esq. (commonly to the Deanry of the said Cathedral Church called Lord Lovaine :) the Righie Hon.

John Philp Wood Esq. is appointed John Baron Teignmouth, the Right Hon.

Auditor of Excise in Scotland, in room of Thomas Wallace, and Francis Almaric John Macdowall

, Esq. deceased.


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10. Mr R. B. Blyth, agent, to Barbara, Sept. 28. Ac Hales Hall

, Staffordshire, third daughter of Mr William Cooper, William Geddes, Esq. of Leith, to Char. Rosebank, near Edinburgh. lotte, third daughter of the late Thomas 11, At Glasgow, Mr David Brown, Turner, Esq.

bookseller in Edinburgh, to Euphemia, 29. At Edinburgh, Mr James Thomson, daughter of the late Mr Wm. Ramsay, merchant in Leith, co Jane, youngest daugh- Haddington. ter of the late Rev. Robert Walker, one of 12. At Edinburgh, Walter Cook, Esq. the Ministers of Canongate.

W. S. to Miss J. Moncrieff, second daugh-
29. At Salt-hill, near Galway, the Hon, ter of the late John Moncrieff of Sauchope.
Charles French, eldest son of Lord French, Wood, Esq.
to Maria, eldest daughter of John Browne, 13. Captain Walter Ross, Over Skibo, to
of Moyne, Esq.

Fanny, eidest daughter of William Munro
The Hon. Edward Harbord, second son of Achary, Esq.
of Lord Suffield, to the Hon. Georgiana 16. At Duff House, Richard Wharton
Vernon, only daughter of Lord Veroon. Duff of Orton, Esq. Comptroller of Excise

Ac London, Rear Admiral Sir Sidney for Scotland, to the Right Hon. Lady Anne
Smith, to Lady Rumbold, widow of Sir Duff, second daughter of the Earl of Fife.
George Rumbold, Bart.

16. At Selvieland, Mr Andrew Vannan, Mi Hunter Dewar, to Miss Theodosia merchant in Paisley, to Janet, daughter of Desaill of Hammersmith.

the late Mr Alexander Duulop, of JamOct. 2. Ac Scarborough, Mr Andrew pherstock. Craig M Lehose, writer to the signet, to 16. At Edinburgh, Mr William Ford, Miss Mary Goodrum, eldest daughter of merchant, to Janet, daughter of the dethe late Mr John Goodrum of Shropham, ceased Mr Robert Spalding: Norfolk.

17. At London, Lieut.-Colonel Harris, 2. At Shawfair, Robere M Kearlie, Esq. 73d regiment, eldest son of General Har. Ordnance Scorekeeper, Edinburgh and ris, to Miss Dick, daughter of Dr Dick, of Leith, co Marion, second daughter of Mr Hertford Street, London, and Tullimet, in Handyside, Shawfair,

Perthshire, 4. John Stewart, Esq. of Stenton, co Jo.... 17. Ac Aberdeen, the Rev. Laurence anna, eldest daughter of the Rev. David Glass, to Margaret, eldest daughter of Mr Moncrieff, minister of Redgorton, near Scott, upholsterer there. Perth.

19. At Barlington house, Chiswick, 4. At Edinburgh, the Rev. Alexander his Grace the Duke of Devonshire, to LaSmall, Stair, to Catharine, daughter of the dy Elizabeth Foster, The ceremony was late James Murison, Esq. of Dunbrae. performed by the Rev, Mr Priddy, Chap

5. Ac Islington, the Rev. Robert Young, lain to his Grace, in the presence only of D, D. Minister of the Scats Church, Lon- two gentlemen froin Doctors Commons. don-Wall; to Mary, eldest daughter of the 21. At Kirkwall, James Stewart of late Johe Stiother Ancrum, Esq. Canon. Brugh, Esq. co Marion, daughter of James bury Grove, near London.

Strong, Esq. Leith. 5. At Haddington, Mr John Dunlop, Ac Bothwell Park, Thomas Edingmerchant, I.eith, to Jean, second daughter ton, Esq jun. of Glasgow, to Anne Hamilof Mr William Shiells, brewer, Hadding ton, eldest daughter of the late Alexander

Gray, Esq. Attorney General of Quebec, 5. Ac Eaglescairnie, the Rev. Dr An. and grand-daughter of William Hamilton, drew Stewart, minister of Bolton, to the Esq. of Bothwell Park. Hon. Margaret Stuart, daughter of the late 30. At the collegiate church, Manches. Alexander Lord Blantyre.

ter, Mr Thomas M.Douga!, to Frances 6. At Edinburgh, Mr David Bridges, Weslow, fourth daughter of the Rev. Kojun. merchant, to Flora, daughter of Norbert Jack. mand Macdonald, Esq. of Scalpa.

30. A. Hamilten, William Drysdale, Esq. 9. Mr James Caird, writer, Stranraer, to younger of Pitteuchar, writer to the sigIsabella, daughter of Mr Archibald M. net, to Miss Fleming, only daughter of the Neil, in California.

Rev. Dr Flemning, one of the Ministers of 9. At Dundec, James Young, Esq. sugar. Hamilton, and one of his Majesty's Chaprefiner, Leith to Christian, second daugh- lains in Ordinary for Scotl nd ter of James Duncan, Esq. merchant, Dun. 80. vtt Glasgow, Lieut. Young, 42d redee.

giment, son of the late Rev. Dr Young, of 10. The Rev. George Monro, minister Hawick, to Margaret, daughter of Lieut. of Carstairs, to Margaret, daughter of Mr Dongail, Stirling shire Militia. John Smith, Glasgow.

30. Ac Ayr, George Torrance, Esq. son



of Henry Torrance, Esq. late of Kirktown

At Rome, in his 74th year, Colin Mo. hill, to Mrs M‘Mikin Buchan of Kilsaint: rison, Esq. ninian.

Aug. 5. At sea, on his passage home, Mr Oct. 30. At Glasgow, Thomas Grahame, James Tulloch, surgeon of the Hon. Ease Esq. to Hannah, second daughter of Alex. India Company's ship Ceres, and eldest son Dunlop, Esq. Glasgow.

of Mr Tulloch, Montrose. 30. At London, by special licence, Ed 23. At Philadelphia, Mrs Ann Stewart, ward Ellice, Esq. to the Right Hon. Lady spouse of James Arrot, Esq. merchant there. Hannah Bettesworth.

31. At Perth, Willian Ross, Esq; - James Dove, Esq. of Wexham House, writer, keeper of the Register of Sasines, near Windsor, to Catherine Rachel, third and Procurator-Fiscal of the county of daughter of Archibald Douglas, Esq. of Perth. From Nature this gentleman had Midshiels, Roxburgh-shire.

received numerous advantages. To a form 31. At Glasgow, Dr James Corkindale, whose strength and symmetry seemed to to Mary, youngest daughter of the late promise many years of enjoyment, and to Robert Mann, Esq. formerly one of the a fine countenance, the index of an open Magistrates of Glasgow.

and ingenuous mind, she had added a heart . At Taunton, Captain Charretie, of overflowing with well-directed kindness, the 64th regiment, eldest son of Philip especially to those near connections, with Charretie, Esq. of Brunswick Square, to whom he exhibited a pleasing example of Miss F. Douglas, daughter of the late Ge dwelling in unity;" but with that equaneral Douglas.

lity of distribution which Nature observes in Nov. At Clienaig, Mr Duncan Stew. her allotments, what she had given lavishart, writer, Edinburgh, to Janet, youngest ly, she refused to give long. In him this daughter of the deceased, Major Ranald city has to lament the third person of pubMacdonell, Keppoch.

lic eminence, and high in popular favour, 1. At Kelso, the Rev. 'John Willis, mi- all, too, of an age when life is reckoned nister of the relief congregation at Earls most secure, of whom it has been deprived toun, to Miss Pringle, daughter of the late in little more than a twelvemooth. By Mr Pringle, Earlstoun.

the county with whose concerns Mr R. was 6. At Edinburgh, William Horne; Esq. entrusted, by the friends whose society he younger of Stircoke, advocate, to Elizabeth, gladdened, but above all by the numerous daughter of the deceased John Riddell, Esq. relatives whom he cherished and protec. 'merchant in Glasgow.

ted, he will be permanently and sincerely 6. At Kippenross, Ludovic Houstoun, mourned. Esq. younger of Johnstone, to Ann, eldest Sept. 8. At Oporto, from a fever caughe daughter of John Stirling of Kippendavie, at the Hospital, John Aire, M. D. Surgeon Esq.

of his Majesty's 31st' regiment of foot, el1. At Edinburgh, Mr Alexander Simp- dest son of the late Lieut. John Aire of the son, jun. Teller in the Royal Bank, to Miss "Royal Navy. Katharine Miller, daughter of Mr Janies 21. At Badajos, of a fever, Capt. Aler. Miller, writer in Edinburgh.

Thompson, Paymaster of the 53d regiment.

27. At Baronwood, sincerely regretted BIRTHS.

by his brother officers, Major Bird of the Oct. 14. At Croydon, Surry, the wife of 18th regiment of foot, quartered in GlouLieut. Col. Henry Haldane, a son.

He was only 30 years of age, of 23. At Carradale House, Mrs Campbell, which 15 have been passed in the active

service of his country. At Rankeillor, Fifeshire, the Hon.

27. At Hackney, aged 23, Miss Henriet. Lady Hope, a son.

ta Stewart Braidwood, eldest daughter of

Mrs J. Braidwood.
Nov. 4 At Edinburgh, the Lady of
Archibald Graham Campbell, Esq. of Shir-

27: At Walmer, after a few days illness, van, a daughter.

Thomas Bateson, Esq. Colonel in the 12th 8. At Kiroughtree, Lady Heron Mar. Light Dragoons, the only surviving son of well, of Heron and Springkell, a son.

the late George Bateson, Esq. Captain in the 3d regiment of Guards.

29. At Meadowfield, near Edinburgh, DEATHS.

Mr Charles Mackie, surgeon, Dalkeith. Yune. In the island of Cuba, Mr Sinclair

29. At Inveresk, Mrs Frances Ruther. Willianison, merchant, Ocho Rios Bay, St furd, daughter of the deceased John Ru. Ann's, Jamaica.

therfurd, Esq. of Bowland, wife of A- At Malta, Mr John Fletcher, Assist- lexander Schaw, Esq. retired Storekeeper ant-surgeon, Royal Navy, son of Mr James of Ordnance at Dublin. Fletcher, of the Excise, Canongace.

At Grangehouse, James Forrester,



a son.


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