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Ye winds, that oft tempestuous sweep
The ruffled surface of the deep,
With us confess your GOD;

See, through the heav'ns, the King of kings,
Upborne on your expanded wings,
Comes flying all abroad.

Ye floods of fire, where'er ye flow,
With just submission humbly bow
To His superior pow'r,

Who stops the tempest on its way,
Or bids the flaming deluge stay,
And gives it strength to roar.

Ye summer's heat and winter's cold,
By turns in long succession roll'd,
The drooping world to cheer;

Praise Him, who gave the sun and moon
To lead the various seasons on,
And guide the circling year.

Ye frosts, that bind the wat'ry plain,
Ye silent show'rs of fleecy rain,
Pursue the heav'nly theme;

Praise Him, who sheds the driving snow,
Forbids the harden'd waves to flow,
And stops the rapid stream.

Ye days and nights, that swiftly born,
From morn to eve, from eve to morn,
Alternate glide away ;

Praise Him, whose never-varying light,
Absent, adds horror to the night,

But present gives the day.

Light, from whose rays all beauty springs; Darkness,-whose wide-expanded wings Involve the dusky globe;

Praise Him, who, when the heavens He spread, Darkness His thick pavilion made,

And light His regal robe.

Praise Him, ye lightnings, as ye fly,
Wing'd with his vengeance through the sky,
And red with wrath divine;

Praise Him, ye clouds, that wand'ring stray,
Or fix'd by Him in close array,
Surround his awful shrine.

Exalt, O earth! thy heav'nly King,
Who bids the plants, that form the spring,
With annual verdure bloom;

Whose frequent drops of kindly rain
Prolific swell the rip'ning grain,
And bless thy fertile womb.

Ye mountains, that ambitious rise,
And heave your summits to the skies,
Revere His awful nod;

Think how you once affrighted fled,
When Jordan sought his fountain head,
And own'd th' approaching GOD.

Ye trees, that fill the rural scene,
Ye flowers, that o'er th' enamell'd green
In native beauty reign;
O! praise the Ruler of the skies,
Whose hand the genial sap supplies,
And clothes the smiling plain,

Ye secret springs, ye gentle rills,
That murm'ring rise among the hills,
Or fill the humble vale;

Praise Him, at whose almighty nod
The rugged rock dissolving flow'd,
And form'd a springing well.

Praise Him, ye floods and seas profound,
Whose waves the spacious earth surround,
And roll from shore to shore ;
Aw'd by His voice, ye seas, subside,
Ye floods, within your channels glide,
And tremble and adore.

Ye whales, that stir the boiling deep,
Or in its dark recesses sleep

Remote from human eye;

Praise Him, by whom ye all are fed, Praise Him, without whose heav'nly aid Ye languish, faint, and die.

Ye birds, exalt your Maker's name,
Begin, and with th' important theme
Your artless lays improve ;
Wake with your songs the rising day,
Let music sound on every spray,
And fill the vocal grove.

Praise Him, ye beasts, that nightly roam
Amid the solitary gloom,

Th' expected prey to seize ;

Ye slaves of the laborious plough,
Your stubborn necks submissive how,

And bend your weary'd knees.

Ye sons of men, His praise display,
Who stampt His image on your clay,
And gave it pow'r to move;

Ye that in Judah's confines dwell,
From age to age successive tell
The wonders of his love.

Let Levi's tribe the lay prolong,
'Till angels listen to the song,
And bend attentive down;
Let wonder seize the heav'nly train,
Pleas'd, while they hear a mortal strain,
So sweet, so like their own.


you, your thankful voices join,
That oft at Salem's sacred shrine,
Before His altars kneel;
Where thron'd in majesty He dwells,.
And from the mystic clouds reveals
The dictates of His will.

Ye spirits of the just and good,
That, eager for the blest abode,
To heavenly mansions soar;
O! let your songs His praise display,
'Till heav'n itself shall melt away,
And time shall be no more.

Praise Him, ye meek and humble train,
Ye saints, whom His decrees ordain
The boundless bliss to share ;
O! praise Him, 'till ye take your way...
To regions of eternal day,

And reign for ever there.

Let us, who now impassive stand,
Aw'd by the tyrant's stern command
Amid the fiery blaze;

While thus we triumph in the flame,
Rise, and our Maker's love proclaim
In hymns of endless praise.


FATHER of all! Eternal Mind,
In uncreated light enshrined,

Supremely good and great!

Thy children formed and blest by Thee,
With filial love and homage, we

In low prostration wait.

Thy Name in hallowed strains be sung,
every heart and every tongue


The solemn choir combine;

In loving, serving, praising Thee,
We find our chief felicity,

But cannot add to Thine.

Thy righteous, mild, and sovereign reign,
Throughout creation's ample plain,

Let every being own.

LORD, in our hearts, where passions rude,
With fierce tumultuous rage, intrude,

Erect Thy peaceful throne.

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