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LIST OF THE SERIES. 1. Cooper's Pilot, ls. 6d.

49. Curling's Soldier of Fortune 2. Carleton's Jane Sinclair

50. Crowe's Susun Hopley, 2s. 3. Couper's Last of Mohicans, ls.6d. 51. Goldsmidt's (Miss) Viola

52. Ward's (Mrs.) Helen Charteris

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er, 13. 64. inciple Marriage enpecked teers, 2s. Castle

n, 2s.

13. 60. us es's Luthor of


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43. Brunton's (Mrs.) Self-Control

la Donn 13. 60.

e Rhin 44, 45, Crowe's (Mrs.) Night Side

of Nature, 23.
46. Maillard's Zingra the Gipsy
47. Marryat's (Capt.) Valerie
48. Harris's Martin Beck, Is. 6d.

The Publishers have the pleasure to announce that the whole of
Edward Bulwer Lytton's Novels will be issued in the Railway library.

82. Mrs. Gore s umowy, ls. 6 83. Bulwer's Last of the Barons, 84. Mrs. Gore's Dowager, Is. 6d. 85. Bulwer's

Ernest Mal ravis 1s. 6d. 86. Ainsworth's James the Second

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