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THE RAILWAY LIBRARY. Price ONE SHILLING each, Boards, except those specified.



LIST.OF THE SERIES. 1. Cooper's Pilot, ls. 6d.

49. Curling's Soldier of Fortune 2. Carleton's Jane Sinclair

50. Crowe's Susun Hopley, 2s. 3. Cooper's Last of Mohicans,ls.6d. 51. Goldsmidt's (Miss) Viola 4. Cooper's Pioneers, ls. 64.

52. Ward's (Mrs.) Helen Charteris 7. Cooper's Spy, 1s. 6d.

53, 54. Whitehali, by the Author of 8. Austen's (Miss) Sense and Sen

“Whitefriars," 25. sibility

55. Reelstal's Polish Lancer, 1s. Cd. 10. Austen's(Miss) Pride & Prejudice 56. Grey's Passion and Principle 11. McIntoshi's (Miss) Charms and 57. Maillard's Compulsory Marriage Counter Charls

58. Dorsey's Woodreve Manor 12. Cooper's Lionel Lincoln, ls. Cd. 59. Scott's (Lady) The Heppecked 14. Carleton's Clarionet, &c.

Husband, Is. 60. 16. Gleig's (G. R.) Light Dragoon 60. Dumass Three Jusketeers, 2s. 17. Mackay's Longbeard, ls. Cd. 61. Kingston's Albatross 18. Sedgwick's (Miss) Hope Leslie 6. Ainsworth's Windsor Castle 19. Crowe's (Mrs.) Lilly Dawsoul,

03. Johnstone's Clan Albyn, 2s. 1 s. 60.

64. Ainsworth's Rookwood, ls. 6d. 20. James's Dark Scenes of History

65. Godwin's Caleb Willianis ls. 60.

66. Ainsworth's Saint James's 21,22. Grant's Romance of War, 2s 67. Cæsar Borgia, by the Author of 23. De Vigny's Cinq Mars

“Whitefriars,” 2s. 24. Grey's (Mrs.) The Little Wife 68. Porter's Scottish Chiefs, 2s. 25. Dupuy's (Miss) Julie de Buary 69. Rockingham, by Author of 26, 27. Grant's Aidc-de-Camp, 2s.

Electra 28, 29. Whilefriars, by the Author 70. Porter's Thaddeus of Warsaw, of “Whitehall," 2s.

ls. 6d. 30. Hawthorne's Scarlet Letter 71. Bulwer's Pelham, Is. 6d. 31. Hawthorne's House of the Seven 72. Ainsworth’s Crichton, 1s. 6d. Gables

73. Bulwer's Paul Clifford, ls. 60. 32. Porter's Knight of St.Johın,13.6d. 74. Gore's (Mrs.) Money Lender 33, 34. Ward's (Mrs.)Jasper Lyle,2s. 75. Bulwer's Engeue Aram, Is. 6d. 35. Adelaide Lindsay, edited by the 76. Hannay's Singleton Foutenoy, Author of “Emilia Wyndham"

ls. 60. 36, 37. Grant's Scottish Cavalier, 2s. 77. Bulwer's Last Days of Pompeii, 38. McIntosh's Grace and Isabel

18. 6. 39. Porter's Reclust of Norway,ls 6d. 78. Ainsworth's Lancashire Witches 40. Stewart's (Miss) Lilias Davenant

2s. 41. Goldschmidt's Jew of Denmark 79. Bulwer's Rienzi, ls. 6d. 42. Brunton's (Mrs.) Discipline 80. Mrs. Grey's Young Prima Donna 43. Brunton's (Mrs.) Self-Control 81. Bulwer's Pilgrims of the Rhine 1s. 6d.

82. Mrs. Gore's Pin Money, 1s. 6d. 44, 45, Crowe's (Mrs.) Night Side 83. Bulwer's Last of the Barons, 2s. of Nature, 2s.

84. Mrs. Gore's Dowager, Is. 6d. 46. Maillard's Zingra the Gipsy 85. Bulwer's Ernest Mal ravers, 47. Marryat's (Capt.) Valerie

1s. 6d. 48. Harris's Martin Beck, Is. 6d. 86. Ainsworth's James the Second.

The Publishers have the pleasure to announce that the whole of Sir Edward Bulwer Lyttou's Novels will be issued in the Railway library.

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The kind and disinterested manner in which you have furnished the materials of the following tale merits a public acknowledgment. As your reluctance to appear

before the world, however, imposes a restraint, you must receive such evidence of gratitude as your own prohibition will allow.

Notwithstanding there are so many striking and deeply interesting events in the early history of those from whom you derive your being, yet are there hundreds of other families in this country, whose traditions, though less accurately and minutely preserved than the little narrative you have submitted to my inspection, would supply the materials of many moving tales. You have every reason to exult in your descent, for surely, if any man may claim to be a citizen and a proprietor in the Union, it is one that, like yourself, can point to a line of ancestors whose origin is lost in the obscurity of time. You are truly an American. In your eyes, we of a brief century or two, must appear as little more than denizens quite recently admitted to the privilege of a residence. That you may continue to enjoy peace and happiness in that land where your fathers so long flourished, is the sincere wish of your obliged friend,


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