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122 Nassau street, Ne


"chosen people of God," and the locale of every event in their history, the sublime and varied descriptions of which in holy writ used, in early years, before the "ways of the world" took such an appropriating hold of almost we can not but augur well for its success. The journeyings to and fro of the every imagination, to charm our morning, our noonday, and our evening meditations, are treated of, in the book now before us, in a manner that will repay with interest the most fastidious calculator on the score of trouble and expense. The typography is extremely beautiful, and the pictorial illustrations, which are very numerous, possess, as works of art, the highest excel lence. They are not merely of an ornamental description, but exquisitelyfinished representations of costume, monuments of ancient art, and objects of natural history, and are the production of some of the finest artists of the present day.

From the Christian Herald.-This is indeed a valuable and splendid work, being neither a reprint nor a fresh compilation of old matter, but a new history altogether, supplying what was wanting in previous works. Such an undertaking would have appeared a few years ago in three or four ponderous. quartos, at a price beyond the means of all but the wealthy: it is here placed within the reach of the humblest class of book-buyers. The subjects of the wood-engravings consist of views showing the features of the landscapes, the cities, ruins, and natural curiosities of the country, and illustrating the customs, habits, dress, arts, and social condition of the people of Palestine; -the views are beautiful pictures, erlivened with figures, and executed in the most finished style.

From the Gospel Publisher.-Here is a work that will never cease to sell, or be admired by the lovers of the sublime and beautiful. The first part, on the Old Testament, is indeed a complete treasury of religious knowledge, so the various countries in which they have been dispersed. The pictorial. arranged as to form a complete history of the Jews," following them into illustrations consist of highly-finished wood-cuts, representing the aspect of the country, its cities, ruins, and natural curiosities, with the habits and customs, dress, occupations, and social condition of the people. The laborious and persevering editor intends to work those mines of information, the We can not withhold our most cordial good wishes that in every sense of depth and extent of which appear to have frightened all former compilers. taking may be crowned with complete success. the word, literary and commercial, this formidable, yet very desirable under

Circular.---Please Read! Addressed to all Clergymen, Superintendents and Teachers of Subbath Schools, Postmasters, and all persons who may wish to act as AGENTS in disposing of this new and beautiful volume. DEAR AND RESPECTED SIR: Having had some correspondence with you, and knowing you to be a true friend and patron of the great enterprise in which we are engaged, in the universal diffusion of useful and religious knowledge throughout every section of this wide-spread continent, we take the liberty of sending you this prospectus of our new and splendid pictorial work, entitled, "A NEW AND COMPLETE HISTORY OF THE BIBLE," two volumes (the Old and New Testaments), just published and completed in ond volume of 700 large octavo, closely-printed pages, new type, elegantly illus trated with new and beautiful engravings, and substantially bound in gilt and lettered. We feel anxious to introduce it, as soon as possible, into ever family throughout this wide-spread continent, who have the means to pro cure it. We therefore affectionately and respectfully ask of you either t act as Agent yourself, or appoint in your place some good and trustworth suit your convenience. substitute for your city, town, county, or place of residence, as may be

The whole work has been got up in the best and most finished style o modern book-making, and will be sold at Three Dollars. THREE DOLLAR for a large, elegant, illustrated volume, of 700 pages, handsomely boun II As the demand for this work is very great, Agents had better enga complete. To Agents the work will be put at the lowest possible price, a their districts, and order such a supply as they shall probably want therefo every facility will be afforded which shall aid them in the disposal of it. The Editor of this work has no hesitation in saying, that this is (for price) one of the most useful works on Biblical history ever offered to American public, forming within itself a complete "Commentary on the fulness; and YOUNG PERSONS of good education, whose natural inquisiti and New Testaments." It has been designed for utility and permanent u ness has been quickened by intelligence, are especially intended to be be fited by this work, aiding them in their studies, while seeking to underst more fully the saving doctrines of the Holy Scriptures.

This New and Complete History of the Old and New Testaments respectfully offered to the (hristian Churches of America; and, if wor will receive all the patronage it deserves- AND WE ASK NO MORE. Sev them to pronounce an opinion on such a work, declare their conviction it will be found appropriately seasonable in our eventful hut auspic times: for though daring Infidelity, with brutalizing immorality among portions of the people, and the specious system of Popery, are assu new forms in their opposition to Divine Revelation, multitudes of our y among all classes, far better and more extensively instructed than in fo days, are eagerly inquiring for SACRED KNOWLEDGE, and seeking deeply-felt interest for a more comprehensive acquaintance with the ORACLES OF GOD.

From the Editor of the United States Literary Advertiser-The most splendid
Gift Book of the season, and the cheapest and most useful Work ever issued
on either side of the Atlantic, is SEARS' "New and Complete
History of the Bible," deduced from the labors of the most renowned
Biblical scholars of all countries, incorporated with numerous original and
curious embellishments, engraved by the first artists,-which has just made
its appearance. This work proves not only an elegant, but a most interest-of our friends, whose learning and experience eminently qualify and en
ing and valuable volume. Evidently no pains or cost have been spared to
render it such; and when it is remembered that it is the production of the
well-known editor of the "Bible Biography" and other Pictorial Works,
which have had such an extraordinary popularity, we feel assured that the
most sanguine anticipations of the Christian Public will not fail of being
realized. From what we have seen of it, we predict this work will be pro-
nounced at once the most useful and splendid of all Mr. Sears' pictorial pub-
lications. Literature, profane and sacred, has been combined with the aid
of several hundred elegant embellishments to produce a work eminently
adapted as a FAMILY BOOK of the very best order; while we consider it also
one of the cheapest ever presented to American patronage. Of the descrip-
tive and explanatory letter-press, it is enough to say that the records of
ancient history, and the researches of the best theologians, have been put in
requisition for the elucidation of scripture difficulties, and the illustration of
obsolete customs, manners, &c.; and the fault will be with the public if
such a book fails of unexampled success.

From the Oxford (N. Y.) Republican.-Of all the illustrated works prepared
by Mr. Sears, the best them, is his "Pictorial History of the Bible,"
which we have now before ; and when we take into consideration
the great an absorbing interest which every cbject in the ancient "land of
promise," w ether of nature or art, possesses in the mind of every Christian,

In conclusion, if circumstances should prevent you from accepting agency of this work, you will please appoint some friend in your chu neighborhood. Humbly commending this work to the gracious bened of God our Saviour, and respectfully offering it to the patronage Christian pastors, instructers, and parents, the author trusts that it w thousands throughout the United States and elsewhere: as well as divinely countenanced as the means of edification and salvation to rendered conducive to the diffusion of CHRISTIAN KNOWLEDGE, pro the cause of evangelical piety, and becoming a lasting blessing to the present, and fututions

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