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« in which the horrid absurdities of all, who, • under pretence of being more rational in reli• gion, reject the counsel of God, are exposed in

a moft masterly manner 8.' Such is the character of the Author, among those who know his abilities; and such the efteem which this performance of his has obtained.

The style of the English translation, which, on account of its many inaccuracies, represented the work to great disadvantage, the Editor has attempted to correct; and, where it did not affect the argument, he has abridged the book, that the size and price of it might be reduced. He has also taken the liberty, in some places, of throwing in an additional thought; with a view, either to elucidate the Author's meaning, or to enforce his argument.- How far his endeavours to render the book more generally known, and the translaa tion of it more agreeable, may obtain the approbation of the religious public, he cannot pretend to say. He is not, however, without a pleasing persuasion, that many will read the work with delight and profit-that many, who “ love “ our LORD Jesus CHRIST in fincerity,” will rejoice to see his Divine Dignity so well defended, against the insinuating artifices of pernicious error, and the bold attacks of open blafphemy. And it is his ardent prayer that GOD OUR SAVIOUR, to whom the Author de


§ Exam. of Dr PRIESTLEY's Address on the Lord's Supper, po 22, 23. Note,

dicates the work *, would condescend to use it as a mean of his own glory, and of the church's good. To Him, therefore, “ WHO IS OVER ALL, “ GOD BLESSED FOR EVER,” it is once more commended.

* See the paragraph which concludes the work.

Goodman's Fields,
January 1, 1777.


Page 31. linc 15. for paricide, read parricidoon.
Page 75. line 35. for lead, read led,
Page 223. line 19. for wberof, read whereof.
Page 236. linc ult. for Pbaroab's, read Pharaob's
Page 252. line 32. after bell, a colon,
Page 286, linc 29. for orber, read tbe orber ,




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Mr Thomas Bell Mr Thomas Ainge, Banbury Mr Robert Booth, Annesley. Mr John Alvey, Kirkby Wood- Woodhouse house

Mr Edward Browning, Deal Mr

Abbis, Dudley Mr George Bagster Mr W. ). Abdy

Mr James Bean Mr G. A.

Mr Samuel Blythe Mr J. A.

Mr Thomas Booth, Cranbrook B.

Mr John Bowers Thomas Smalley Browning, Esq; Mr William Branton, Holl Rev. William Button, 2 Copies Mr Samuel Browne, Homertoa Rev. Joseph Bromehead, A. M. Mr Thomas Burford Hoxton

Mr Samuel Burford Rev. Bingham, Dedham,

C. 6 Copies

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William Cooper, M.D.
Rev. Edw.Briggs,Sutton-Alhfield Mt George Carrick
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Mr James Bardley, Nottingham Mr Wm. Christian, Sheepshead
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way, 6 Copies Mr Tho. Bradley, sea. Kirkby- Mr Thomas Clarkson Athfield

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